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A number of years ago when Phil was banned and the Killer Bs were running the asylum the Shill ensured that his petty interests were satisfied and Edmonton Eskimos and Northlands Park thoroughbred racing kept miles apart because in his arrogant useless opinion thoroughbred racing couldn’t and shouldn’t compete with the Eskimos.


Thank goodness that Richard Andersen had the good sense to do what Rachel Notley should be doing. Get the metre wide push broom out and sweep the deadwood back to where the sun don’t shine.

The current management at Northlands Park aren’t afraid of their own shadow understand how to get fans to the track and were rewarded with a gorgeous late summer with the frost not quite on the pumpkin and one of the better crowds of thoroughbred racing and football fans co-mingling and wagering on the thoroughbred races.

Only thing missing were the fried Wyoming onions for the hot dogs.

The march from Northlands Park to the game was rather impressive and Phil’s sure the Food Bank benefited from the donations. Wonder if Northlands Park had any produce from the urban garden for sale.

Phil was wandering if Century Downs will copy this successful promotion but that’s a long trek to McMahon Stadium. Then it dawned on Phil. Groundhog Day the 8 or 10 jiggies fans can trek over to watch Balzac Billy unless they’re scared of his shadow.

When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better.
Mae West

I Got You Babe

Crain’s Detroit Business – Anglebrandt – Time for Plan B: When businesses have to reverse major decisions

But the experts’ inability to convincingly beat mindless guessing strategies doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad predictors. As Stuart points out, predicting wins and losses in the N.F.L. may just be a hopeless endeavor, even for advanced models. “I think there is just too much randomness and unpredictability in the N.F.L. from season to season, and too much in-season variance, to make the predictions much more accurate,” he said.

NY Times – Olanoff – The Folly of N.F.L. Predictions

A Reminder of what American Pharoah accomplished by winning the Triple Crown in 2015

“For the American people, for Serena, for the Grand Slam, but today’s my day. Sorry, guys.”

ESPN – Garber – Serena Williams upset by Roberta Vinci in US Open semis

NY Times – Clarey – Roberta Vinci Ends Serena Williams’s Grand Slam Run at U.S. Open

Hard work beats all the tonics and vitamins in the world.

Colonel Sanders

Why did the chicken cross the road?

COLONEL SANDERS: I missed one?


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Belmont Park
Pick 6    $40,617.00
Churchill Downs
Pick 6    $4,542.00
Pick 7 Jackpot    $1,202.00
Fort Erie
Pick 5    $3,755.00
Super High Five     $3,137.00
Gulfstream Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $11,663.00
Hastings Racecourse
Pick 6    $42,297.00
Laurel Park
Pick 5    $5,400.00
Pick 6    $582.00
Monmouth Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $1,256.00
Prairie Meadows
Pick 4    $1,037.00
Pick 5    $777.00
Presque Isle Downs
Pick 6    $953.00
Pick 6    $2,129.00
Super High Five Jackpot    $25,104.00

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Indiana Grand Race Course
Pick 6    $3,791.00

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Louisiana Downs
Pick 5 Jackpot    $9,616.00
Northlands Park
Super High Five Jackpot    $10,000.00

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pick 6 Jackpot    $187,877.00
Super High Five Jackpot    $20,612.00

Guaranteed Pools

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Northlands Park
$10,000  — Pick 4

Equibase Carryovers and Guaranteed Pools

Phil’s Vignette of Canadian History

The Corelian Dilemns – The forgotten legacy of Steve Fonyo

CTV News – Cancer runner Steve Fonyo stripped of Order of Canada

Edmonton Journal – CP – Szklarski – Doc maker hopes to remind Canada of Steve Fonyo’s heroic cross-country run

National Post – Steve Fonyo on his ups and (considerable) downs, 30 years after famed one-legged cross-Canada run

Time Loves A Hero

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Haigh -Michael Dickinson: how I plan to make a better life for my horses


The Globe and Mail – Chretien -Canada must reclaim its role as a world leader

Racing Post – Clower – Jockey given 90-day ban for dropping his hands

The Weight

Alberta Breeders’ Fall Classic

The best Alberta-bred horses come together for one of the province’s most exciting race days. Come for the racing, but also enjoy great prizes and a marketplace featuring Alberta vendors!

September 19
Post Time: 1 p.m.

Nominations for the 20th Running Of  The Fall Classic Distaff

20th Running Of The Fall Classic Distaff
Sponsored by Highfield Stock Farms Ltd.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
BLAMEITONTHEKNIGHT dk b/.f.3 M & P Equipment Inc., Met Set Consulting Ltd. and Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders
BRADY’S TOMBOY b.m.7 M & P Equipment Inc., Met Set Consulting Ltd. and Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders
FORDY EIGHT CUSH dk b/.m.5 Dale Ellson Jerri R. Robertson
SAINT SASSY SUE b.f.4 Derby Quest Farms Ltd. and Shot In The Dark Racing Corp. Greg Tracy
SMILE AGAIN THETA dk b/.m.7 Heather Chieffo and Jerri R. Robertson Jerri R. Robertson
TEMPERED SKY (Mosqueira) dk b/.m.6 Lora & Wendy & Shelley & Dennis Barton Jennifer Shafer


Nominations For the 20th Running Of  The Red Diamond Express

20th Running Of  The Red Diamond Express
Sponsored by Red Diamond Stables
$50,000 Estimated
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
BOND JAMES BOND b.g.7 Riversedge Racing Stables Ltd. Tim Rycroft
CAFEINE COWBOY b.g.6 Don Gilkyson and Triple “K” Stables Don Gilkyson
CLEVER SPEED dk b/.g.5 Kelly Campbell, Tom & Emily Lees and David Lovlie Marcos Malvaez
KILOHANA ch.g.6 Eagle Rock Racing Stable Jerri R. Robertson
LUCY Q dk b/.f.4 Amanda & Gary & Lesley Gregory Amanda Gregory
OUR DANDY’S BOY (Mosqueira) b.g.4 Rocky Ridge Racing Stable Kirsty Luft-Nault
R VALENTINO dk b/.g.3 Ken Tingle Ken Tingle
TINY GIANT dk b/.g.8 Mickey Demers, Gary Mailloux and Viking Stables Joan Petrowski
WATER WAGON dk b/.g.3 M & P Equipment Inc., Met Set Consulting Ltd. and Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders
WILD CRUSH ch.g.7 Barb Saunders Dale L. Saunders
WILD ROMEO ch.g.4 Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders

Nominations For The 37th Running Of The Alberta Oaks

37th Running Of The Alberta Oaks
Sponsored by True North Holding Inc.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
ALMOST NINETY dk b/.f.3 Mitch Klimove, Judy Frost and Jerri R. Robertson Jerri R. Robertson
BLAMEITONTHEKNIGHT dk b/.f.3 M & P Equipment Inc., Met Set Consulting Ltd. and Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders
BLAZING JEAN (Espitia) dk b/.f.3 Flash Tail Racing Rob Chabot
GINGER JOJO ch.f.3 True North Stable Craig Smith
LAST FLIGHT dk b/.f.3 Holm-Bred Farm Ltd. Tim Rycroft
LIFE OF FREEDOM dk b/.f.3 Darren Fish Darren Fish
QUEENOFTHEFOREST dk b/.f.3 Curtis & Darrell Landry, Red Diamond Stable and Highfield Stock Farm Greg Tracy
TAWOW b.f.3 Doug Ladouceur Jr. and Karen McKoen Doug Ladouceur Jr.
VIENTO DRACO ch.f.3 Dragon Reach Stables Amanda Gregory
WILD DEUCES (Mosqueira) dk b/.f.3 Wilde Racing Ryan McLean

Nominations For the 34th Running Of The Sturgeon River

34th Running Of The Sturgeon River
Sponsored by Adena Springs North
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
FAST FORWARD GAL b.f.2 RLC Racing and Steve Hollar Deanne Davies
HAYTHORNE PLACE ch.f.2 Charlie Maze Craig Smith
HIGH DOLLAR GAL dk b/.f.2 Derby Quest Farms Ltd. and Shot In The Dark Racing Corp. Greg Tracy
IRISH HEART gr/ro.f.2 Lenore Dubois Lenore Dubois
LEENA (Mosqueira) dk b/.f.2 R & M Stable Robert A. MacDonald
ONESTARATATIME dk b/.f.2 Curtis & Darrell Landry, Red Diamond Stable and Highfield Stock Farm Greg Tracy
PADES ROYAL TIME dk b/.f.2 Darrell Landry Greg Tracy
PADESROYAL JANDAYA ch.f.2 Darrell Landry Greg Tracy
ROYAL TREASURE ch.f.2 Don Gibb Rodney Haynes
WILA’S SECRET dk b/.f.2 Barry & Tim Jeffrey Rick Hedge

Nominations for The 36th Running Of The Alberta Premier’s Futurity

 36th Running Of The Alberta Premier’s Futurity
Sponsored by Horse Racing Alberta
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
CANDY TRADER ch.g.2 Riversedge Racing Stables Ltd. Tim Rycroft
CHARPETTI (Espitia) dk b/.g.2 Ron and Sandra Kirchner Joan Petrowski
FALLS SESSION dk b/.c.2 Marie Neubuhr Jim Neubuhr
GO WILD b.g.2 Barb Saunders Dale L. Saunders
HUCKELBERRY COUNTY ch.g.2 Steele Valley Farms Jerri R. Robertson
MODERNOTIS dk b/.g.2 Derby Quest Farms Ltd., Shot In The Dark Racing Corp., Curtis & Darrell Landry Greg Tracy
MONUMENTAL MAX b.g.2 Bar None Ranches Ltd. Ron Grieves
MOONLIGHT MALICE (Mosqueira) ch.g.2 Mark Gems International Ltd. Jennifer Shafer
MUDDY GOOD dk b/.g.2 Harlequin Ranches, Don Buchanan, John Gattey and Cindy Shipton-Gattey Ron K. Smith
NORTHERNLOCOMOTIVE gr/ro.g.2 Mickey Demers, Gary Mailloux and Viking Stables Joan Petrowski
REMARKABLE WHISKEY ch.g.2 Vanderwal Ranch Twylla Bensmiller
RIPPLE gr/ro.g.2 Jim & Carole Barker and Red Diamond Stable Ron K. Smith
SCHRAMSON ch.g.2 J & G Murphy Holdings Ltd. Robert C. Kingston
VICTORY DAY dk b/.g.2 Riversedge Racing Stables Ltd. Tim Rycroft
WHISKEY BIRD dk b/.g.2 Country Diamond Ranch Rodney J. Cone
WILKO WHISKY dk b/.c.2 Stronach Stables Jose Corrales
WINESTEIN dk b/.g.2 Doug Clement and Darlene Harder Danny Jones

Nominations For The 33rd Running Of  The Beaufort Stakes

33rd Running Of  The Beaufort Stakes
Sponsored by Peaceful Valley Stable
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
BOOK OF FIVE RINGS b.g.3 Rob Chabot and Joshua Schayer Rob Chabot
CENTREFIRE ch.g.3 Curtis & Darrell Landry, Red Diamond Stable and Highfield Stock Farm Greg Tracy
HOLLER AT THE MOON ch.g.3 Riversedge Racing Stables Ltd. Tim Rycroft
KISSINTHETHEATER b.g.3 D.J. King and Dylan Heppner Robertino Diodoro
MANOR LANE ch.g.3 Reid Racing Stable Rodney J. Cone
R VALENTINO dk b/.g.3 Ken Tingle Ken Tingle
REGAL ORCHID dk b/.g.3 Running Fawcett Thoroughbreds Ltd. and Dialed In Racing Stable Craig Smith
RELEASE THE KRAKEN dk b/.g.3 Amanda & Gary & Lesley Gregory Amanda Gregory
TIMELESS TALES (Mosqueira) ch.g.3 Wilde Racing, Amber Buniak and Ryan McLean Ryan McLean
VICTORY STORM dk b/.g.3 James H. Hoffman James H. Hoffman
WATER WAGON dk b/.g.3 M & P Equipment Inc., Met Set Consulting Ltd. and Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders
XTREME DENIGRAY dk b/.g.3 Ted Graling Twylla Bensmiller

Nominations For the 19th Running Of The Alberta Breeders’ Handicap

19th Running Of The Alberta Breeders’ Handicap
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
BARFLY’S SURVIVOR (Mosqueira) b.g.6 Steele Valley Farms Jerri R. Robertson
BUD TIME dk b/.g.7 Almac Racing Stable Rick Hedge
CAFEINE COWBOY b.g.6 Don Gilkyson and Triple “K” Stables Don Gilkyson
FOR CASH ch.g.5 Southview Ag (1998) Ltd. Dale Greenwood
KEENE ON DEMAND dk b/.g.5 Tom Rycroft and Lewis Mailer Tom Rycroft
NORTHERN YANKEE b.g.6 IndyRock Racing, Dialed In Racing Stable, Jennifer Smith, Jim Gibbons and Meadow ‘n Hills Farm Craig Smith
WATER WAGON dk b/.g.3 M & P Equipment Inc., Met Set Consulting Ltd. and Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders
WILD CRUSH ch.g.7 Barb Saunders Dale L. Saunders
WILD LEGEND dk b/.g.4 Barb Saunders Dale L. Saunders
WILD ROMEO ch.g.4 Dale L. Saunders Dale L. Saunders

Phil has a question:

If Century Downs is as enthused as they say they are about thoroughbreds running at their track in 2016, then why didn’t they put their money where their mouth is and sponsor a race on Fall Classic Day.

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – Fans Know Knowledge Is Power

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Classic Roundup: Liam’s Map will be the one to catch

Louisville Courier-Journal – Classic-qualified Noble Bird out until 2016

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – Should Zayat Be Rolling Classic Dice?

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – American Pharoah nominated to Churchill stakes

TwinSpires Blog – Pugh – American Pharoah is owed the chance to make history

Breeders’ Cup Challenge

Sep 13 Moyglare Stud Stakes The Curragh Juvenile Fillies Turf
Sep 13 Canadian Stakes Woodbine Filly & Mare Turf
Sep 13 Ricoh Woodbine Mile Woodbine Mile
Sep 25 Shadwell Rockfel Newmarket Juvenile Fillies Turf
Sep 26 Awesome Again Stakes Santa Anita Park Classic
Sep 26 FrontRunner Stakes Santa Anita Park Sentient Jet Juvenile
Sep 26 Zenyatta Stakes Santa Anita Park Longines Distaff
Sep 26 Rodeo Drive Stakes Santa Anita Park Filly & Mare Turf
Sep 26 Chandelier Stakes Santa Anita Park Juvenile Fillies
Sep 26 Juddmonte Royal Lodge Stakes Newmarket Juvenile Turf
Sep 26 Vosburgh Invitational Stakes Belmont Park TwinSpires Sprint
Sep 26 Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Invitational Belmont Park Longines Turf

Date Race Name Track Division
Oct 2 Stoll Keenon Ogden Phoenix Stakes Keeneland TwinSpires Sprint
Oct 2 Darley Alcibiades Stakes Keeneland Juvenile Fillies
Oct 3 Santa Anita Sprint Championship Santa Anita Park TwinSpires Sprint
Oct 3 Shadwell Turf Mile Stakes Keeneland Mile
Oct 3 Thoroughbred Club of America Stakes Keeneland Filly & Mare Sprint
Oct 3 Flower Bowl Invitational Stakes Belmont Park Filly & Mare Turf
Oct 3 Claiborne Breeders’ Futurity Keeneland Sentient Jet Juvenile
Oct 3 Frizette Stakes Belmont Park Juvenile Fillies
Oct 3 Foxwoods Champagne Stakes Belmont Park Sentient Jet Juvenile
Oct 3 Jockey Club Gold Cup Invitational Belmont Park Classic
Oct 4 Total Prix Marcel Boussac Longchamp Juvenile Fillies Turf
Oct 4 Qatar Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere Longchamp Juvenile Turf
Oct 4 Longines Prix de L’Opera Longchamp Filly & Mare Turf
Oct 4 Dixiana Bourbon Stakes Keeneland Juvenile Turf
Oct 4 Juddmonte Spinster Stakes Keeneland Longines Distaff
Oct 8 J. P. Morgan Chase Jessamine Stakes Keeneland Juvenile Fillies Turf

Bloodhorse – Honor Code Works, Ironicus May Train Up to BC

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Gilmore – The other Z-girl: a filly who kept pulling off the seemingly impossible

Andrew Garlic Festival

Bloodhorse – The Pizza Man to Shadwell, Eyes Hong Kong

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – G1 Triple for Coolmore, O’Brien in Ireland

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Order of St George, Air Force Blue romp at the Curragh

Upcoming Western Thoroughbred

Race Dates

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Ramseys National Owner, Breeder for 2014

Bloodhorse – Stryker Phd Turns Back Tribal Classic Rivals



AUBURN, Wash. (September 13, 2015) – Stryker Phd was handed a tough assignment Sunday in the $60,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic at Emerald Downs.

But once again, the champion would not be denied.

Tested the length of the stretch by Noosito, Stryker Phd showed his mettle with a hard-fought three-quarter length victory in 1:40.75 for 1 1/16 miles. Ridden by Leslie Mawing at 124 lbs—six lbs. more than his four rivals—Stryker Phd paid $2.40, $2.10 and $2.10.

Noosito, ridden by Juan Gutierrez, took a brief lead while three-deep into the stretch, but was immediately tackled by Stryker Phd and the two Washington-breds locked horns to the wire, with Stryker Phd a tad better. Noosito paid $2.40 and $2.10.

With the victory, Stryker Phd tied Stopshoppingdebbie’s track record of eight straight stakes wins, a streak that began two years ago with a victory in the Muckleshoot Tribal Classic, and includes the last two Longacres Miles.

A 6-year-old gelding by Bertrando-Striking Scholar, Stryker Phd is 9-5-5 in 22 career starts, and earned $30,000 to leapfrog Captain Condo into No. 8 all-time among Washington-breds with $515,651. Larry Ross is the winning trainer for owners Jim and Mona Hour of Bellevue, Wash.

In his last eights starts at Emerald Downs, Stryker Phd is 8-8-0-0 with $386,180 in earnings.

“He’s a very special horse, no doubt about it,” a tearful Sharon Ross said in the winner’s circle. “(Today’s race) was totally not his style, but he did it.”

Noosito stalked the pace as Until You and Westley led through fractions of :23.76, :46.68 and 1:09.88. Gutierrez pushed the button on the last turn, and Noosito rallied to a slight lead at the quarter-pole. But Stryker Phd, a bit closer than usual, unleashed a four-wide bid under Mawing and collared Noosito at the eighth-pole. It was a match-race from there, and Stryker Phd proved best.

“I’m so familiar with Stryker PhD’s running style, and I know he’s got a kick, especially around the turn, so I wasn’t too concerned,” Mawing said. “I knew Noosito was going to give me a hard time, but once I get the lead, Stryker PhD’s heart just gets bigger and bigger.”

Gutierrez said Noosito, bidding for a third straight Washington Cup victory, lost nothing in defeat.

“I tried to take a little advance at the quarter–pole so that I could run in the middle of the turn because I know that Stryker Phd is a fast closer,” Gutierrez said. “My horse ran his race and he ran well. Stryker Phd is a nice horse.”


Kama’aina Thoroughbreds’ Madame Pele etched her name in the record book Sunday, becoming the first horse in the 13-year history of the event to win three Washington Cup races.

Bursting to the lead in deep stretch, Madame Pele scored a 2 ¼-length victory over Among the Stars in the $50,000 Comcast SportsNet Stakes for older fillies and mares.

Lady Rosberg, the prohibitive 3-to-10 favorite, staged a late rally and edged Citizen Kitty for third place.

Ridden by Juan Gutierrez, Madame Pele ran 6 ½ furlongs in 1:15.69 and paid $10.40, $5.60 and $2.60.

In fact, all of the winning connections are No. 1 in Washington Cup wins—Jim Penney is No. 1 among trainers with nine, Juan Gutierrez is tops among jockeys with 18, and Madame Pele is the only horse with three wins.

A 5-year-old mare by Salt Lake-Striking Scholar—also the dam of Stryker Phd—Madame Pele has notched half of her six career wins in WA Cup. She won the 2013 Comcast SportsNet by 3 ½ lengths, the 2014 Pegasus Training Center Stakes by 2 ½ lengths, and the 2015 Comcast SportsNet Stakes.

Madame Pele’s overall record is 6-4-5 in 29 starts with $196,397 in earnings.

Among the Stars, ridden by Leonel Camacho-Flores, rallied for second and paid $12.80 and $4.

Lady Rosberg, easy winner of the Boeing Handicap and Emerald Distaff, lacked her customary zip but did finish well for third and paid $2.10.

Citizen Kitty opened a long early lead, setting fractions of :21.80 and :43.60, but she weakened in the final furlong and finished fourth. Sunpenny, Finding More, Wickedizaswickeduz and Big Mama’s Talkin rounded out the order if finish.


In the day’s biggest upset, Redsolocup got a rail-skimming ride from Jose Zunino and held off Absolutely Cool for a half-length victory in the $50,000 Chinook Pass Sprint Stakes for 3-year-olds and up.

Redsolocup ran 6 ½ furlongs in 1:14.52 and paid $49.40, $13.20 and $6.80. Jeff Metz is the winning trainer for Tim Floyd’s Warlock Stables.

A 4-year-old Demon Warlock gelding, Redsolocup has had an up and down campaign for his connections, winning just one of seven starts prior to Sunday and the victory came in a much softer $12,500 claiming race. He was sharp Sunday, however, rocketing through an opening inside to gain the lead past mid-stretch, and then holding off Absolutely Cool for the victory.

“This is the first time I’ve ridden Redsolocup, but I watch all the replays and he always tries hard,” Zunino said. “When I was at the quarter pole, he saw a hole and he went for it. I saw Absolutely Cool coming up on the outside, and I thought Redsolocup was done, and we would run second or third. But I tapped him a couple of times and he responded for me.”

Absolutely Cool, the 2-to-1 second choice ridden by Rocco Bowen, rallied outside to finish second, returning $3.40 and $3. Trick Or Retreat, a 14-to-1 long shot ridden by Leslie Mawing, finished third and paid $5 for show.

Del Rio Harbor, the 4-to-5 favorite, finished fourth after hooking into a three-horse duel with Mike Man’s Gold and Grinder Sparksaglo.

Redsolocup earned $25,000 to nearly double his career bankroll to $63,764. His overall record is 4-1-5 in 18 starts.

Metz and Zunino have had great success lately, combining for six wins in 15 starts. The meet’s leading trainer with 57 wins, Metz has five career stakes wins at Emerald Downs while Zunino has three.


Invested Prospect opened a long early lead and held off Cape Grace for a neck victory in the $50,000 Northwest Farms Stakes for 2-year-old fillies.

Invested Prospect ran six furlongs in 1:10.26 and paid $3.80, $2.80 and $2.20. Blaine Wright is the winning trainer for owners John and Janene Maryanski and Riverbend Farm.

Unbeaten in two starts, Invested Prospect earned $25,000 to increase her bankroll to $36,275. A $25,000 yearling, Invested Prospect is by Abraaj out of No Constraints, the state champion 2-year-old filly of 2007 including a win in the Northwest Farms.

Hustled to the lead, Invested Prospect opened a four-length lead after fast fractions of :21.36, :44.23 and :56.77. She was a bit tired in the final furlong, but held off Cape Grace and My Heart Goes On.

“I think it was a little fast-paced on the backside but Invested Prospect is a nice filly,” Gutierrez said. “It’s the second start in her life, so she was a little tired as she came to the wire. She’s going to be a nice filly.”

Cape Grace, ridden by Julien Couton, paid $4.60 and $3, while My Heart Goes On, ridden by Javier Matias, paid $2.40.


Running the fastest six furlongs of the meet, Mach One Rules scored a dominating 4 ¾-length victory in the $50,000 Captain Condo Stakes for 2-year-old colts and geldings.

Undefeated in three starts with two stakes wins, Mach One Rules ran six furlongs in 1:08.31—besting the previous season mark of 1:08.33—and paid $5, $3 and $2.20. The winning connections—jockey Leslie Mawing, trainer Frank Lucarelli and owner R.E.V. Racing—also won this race last year with Trackattacker.

By Harbor the Gold-Felice the Cat, Mach One Rules is the fourth straight Captain Condo winner sired by Harbor the Gold, and the eighth Washington Cup winner overall by Harbor the Gold. The $25,000 winner’s share pushed his overall earnings to $68,450.

Taking the lead early, Mach One Rules led through fractions of :21.60, :43.73 and :55.61. Straightening into the lane with a three-length lead, the dark bay or brown gelding shook off Gold Rush Dancer and powered home for the victory.

“He’s just a stone-cold runner,” Mawing said. “As a jockey you get on horses that you can just feel off the bat that they have talent, and this horse has talent. You know, I’ve been doing this for 20-odd years, and I know my horses pretty well. From day one, I was really impressed with Mach One Rules. Compared to past runners, he’s right up there with the best that I’ve ridden.”

Gold Rush Dancer, ridden by Julien Couton, was clearly second and paid $3.40 and $2.40. A Private Gold colt, Gold Rush Dancer is stakes-placed three times in 2015, notching runner-up finishes in the Captain Condo Stakes and Emerald Express, and finishing third in the WTBOA Lads Stakes.

Viewingthegold, the 9-to-5 second choice ridden by Javier Matias, finished third and paid $2.40.

NOTES: Leonel Camacho-Flores rode five winners on the 11-race card, including four straight in races two through five. Camacho-Flores is the second rider to win five in a day this season ( Julien Couton had five wins September 7) and it’s the 30 th time the feat has been accomplished at Emerald Downs. Camacho-Flores, 10 th overall with 28 Thoroughbred wins, has won races in bunches this season. He also has a four-win day and three three-win days. . . Itsallabout Jerry ($4.20) and Dare Me Devil ($5.20)—both trained by Rigoberto Velasquez and ridden by Camacho-Flores—became the fourth and fifth horses with four wins at the meet. Itsallabout Jerry rallied from last-to-first in the third, a $21,500 claimer for 3-year-olds at 1 1/16 miles, and is 4-2-1 in eight starts at the meet with $52,383 in earnings. Dare Me Devil, last year’s Top Claimer, is 4-1-0 in eight starts at the meet after his 3 ¼-length victory in race four, and is 16-for-49 lifetime with earnings over $160,000. Dare Me Devil’s winning time, 1:14.34, is the second fastest 6 ½ furlong clocking of the meet; Fleet Eagle won the May 17 Governor’s Handicap in 1:14.27. . .Velasquez had a natural hat trick with Itsallabout Jerry in race three, Dare Me Devil in race four, and Hello Brown ($4.20) in race five—all ridden by Camacho-Flores. . . Coach Royal , bidding to become the meet’s first six-time winner, finished fifth to Dare Me Devil in race four and remains tied with Ain’t Tellin’ for most wins at the meet with five apiece. Whiskey Prince , Itsallabout Jerry and Dare Me Devil next with four wins each. . .With six days remaining in the 70-day meet, Couton leads Juan Gutierrez 87-74 in the Thoroughbred standings. Mawing leads with eight stakes wins, and is 10-0-2 in 12 stakes mounts the last two seasons for trainer Larry Ross . . .Live racing resumes Friday with an eight-race program at 6:45 p.m.

Emerald Downs Wrap-Saturday, September 12


AUBURN, Wash. (September 12, 2015) – Ain’t Tellin’ did what he does best Saturday at Emerald Downs.

With Juan Gutierrez riding, the rapidly improving 5-year-old gelding led gate-to-wire for a 4 ½-length victory over Tale Spinner in the $14,900 Muckleshoot Casino Purse. Ain’t Tellin ran one mile in 1:34.88 and paid $7.40, $3.60 and $2.80.

Ain’t Tellin’ and Coach Royal are now tied for most wins at the 2015 meeting with five apiece. Ain’t Tellin’ is 5-0-0 in six starts with earnings of $28,415 while Coach Royal is 5-0-1 in seven starts with earnings of $35,740.

Coach Royal, a 6-year-old gelding, is the 2-to-1 morning line favorite in Sunday’s sixth race for $25,000 claimers at 6 ½ furlongs, and with only seven days left in the meeting, Ain’t Tellin’ and Coach Royal figure to be the top contenders for 2015 Top Claimer.

A Florida-bred by Lewis Michael, Ain’t Tellin’ continues to blossom for trainer Jim Penney, assistant Kay Cooper and owners Paul Heist and Jack Fabulich. After beginning the meet with a win vs. $5,000 maiden claimers, Ain’t Tellin’ has claimed the claiming ladder with wins for $4,000, $7,500, $12,500 and $15,000.

As usual, Ain’t Tellin’ ran his foes into submission on the front end, setting fractions of :24.15, :47.05 and 1:10.48, opening a three-length lead into the stretch, and extending the margin to the wire.

Tale Spinner, the 6-to-5 favorite ridden by Leonel Camacho-Flores, rallied from last to finish second and paid $2.80 and $2.40.

Neverabettercause and My Chief dead-heated for third place and Oldtimers Vision finished fifth.

NOTES: Julien Couton and Juan Gutierrez, the meet’s top two jockeys, rode two winners each on the 10-race card and Couton leads Gutierrez 87-72 atop the standings. . .Trainer Jim Penney won the late daily double with Ain’t Tellin and Follow My Tracks ($3.20) and is No. 4 all-time with 650 wins at Emerald Downs. . .Saturday’s early $0.50 Pick 4 paid a whopping $4,795.35 to one winning ticket. It was a superb payoff, considering the $2 win prices in the sequence: $15.60, $9, $14.20 and $8.60. . .Bird In Love ($8.20) won her fifth race of 2015 and third of the meet with a gate-to-wire victory under Rocco Bowen in Saturday’s sixth race. The 4-year-old Great Britain-bred is 3-0-1 in four starts at the meet. The victory also extended Bowen’s consecutive days with a winner streak to 12. . .Live racing continues resumes Sunday with Stryker Phd the 1-to-5 morning line favorite in the $60,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic, centerpiece of the 13th annual Washington Cup—five stakes for Washington-breds worth an aggregate $260,000.

WaCup News & Notes-Thursday, Sept. 10


Sunday’s 13th annual Washington Cup—five stakes races exclusively for state-breds—will showcase several of the track’s brightest lights including two-time Longacres Mile champion Stryker Phd in the $60,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic.

The Washington Cup races, worth an aggregate $260,000, will be races 6-through 10 on an 11-race card that begins at 2 p.m. Action begins at 10 a.m. with a tailgate party on the Seahawks-Rams game on the big screen.

Race 10—6:39 PM

Post Horse Jockey Trainer WGT
1 Until You Javier Matias David Martinez 118
2 Westley Julien Couton Gary Lonctot 118
3 Stryker Phd Leslie Mawing Larry Ross 124
4 Noosito Juan Gutierrez Doris Harwood 118
5 Jebrica Joe Steiner Mike Puhich 118


There was considerable speculation that the race wouldn’t fill. That Stryker Phd simply is too good to mess with: In his last seven starts at Emerald Downs, the 6-year-old Bertrando gelding is 7-7-0-0 with $356,180 in earnings.

Not the case. Noosito Until You, Westley and Jebrica all will take a crack at the champ on Sunday.

Doris Harwood, trainer of Noosito, said owners Last Rose Stable all agreed to take on Stryker Phd on Sunday. For one thing, unlike the Longacres Mile, Noosito has a great chance to shake loose early, perhaps leaving Stryker Phd with too much to do in the stretch.

“We respect Stryker Phd but it’s the challenge of trying to beat the big horse,” Harwood explained. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate not having (speed) horses like Scat Daddybaby and Modern in there setting those fast fractions.”

A 4-year-old colt by Harbor the Gold, Noosito won Washington Cup races each of the last two years, and along with Madame Pele (Comcast SportsNet Stakes) bids to become the first three-time winner.

Harwood, of course, trained Noosa Beach, older brother of Noosito and heretofore the best horse in track history. If Noosito were to pull off the upset, it would deny Stryker Phd a record-tying eighth straight stakes victory at Emerald Downs.

Stryker Phd carries 124 lbs in the Classic, his four rivals each carry 118. Trained by Larry Ross for Jim and Mona Hour, Stryker Phd hasn’t lost here since finishing runner-up to Herbie D in the 2013 Longacres Mile. His winning streak began September 8, 2013, with a 3 ¼-length victory in the Muckleshoot Tribal Classic.

Mona Hour said the family is relieved that the race is a go.

“My husband is a little worried that there may not be enough speed in the race,” Mona Hour said. “But we are happy that the race has filled.”

Race 9—6:09 PM

Post Horse Jockey Trainer WGT
1 Lady Rosberg Gallyn Mitchell Tom Wenzel 123
2 Citizen Kitty Julien Couton Jeff Metz 114
3 Wickedizaswickeduz Leslie Mawing Larry Ross 117
4 Among the Stars Leonel Camacho-Flores Candi Tollett 118
5 Madame Pele Juan Gutierrez Jim Penney 118
6 Big Mama’s Talkin Rocco Bowen Marshall Allen 114
7 Sunpenny Jorge Rosales Frank Lucarelli 118
8 Finding More Joe Steiner Jim Penney 118


The original plan was to have both a sprint and a route for older fillies and mares, but the 1 1/16-mile event drew just two entries and was called off. That caused the connections of probable favorite Lady Rosberg to audible into the $50,000 Comcast SportsNet Stakes at 6 ½ furlongs.

Coming off decisive victories in the 1 1/8-mile Emerald Distaff and one-mile Boeing Handicap, Lady Rosberg scales back to one turn and might be a tad more vulnerable, especially after drawing the rail. Nevertheless, Lady Rosberg is 8-for-15 lifetime and did win the 6 ½-furlong Mesa Handicap earlier this year in Phoenix.

Although winless in five starts this year, Kama’aina Thoroughbreds’ Madame Pele has a sparkling WA Cup resume. Like Noosito in the Muckleshoot Tribal Classic, she’s bidding to become a three-time winner, while trainer Jim Penney is tied for No. 1 with eight career Washington Cup wins and jockey Juan Gutierrez is No. 1 by a wide margin with 16 WA Cup victories.

Out of the same dam that produced Stryker Phd—Striking Scholar—Madame Pele is 5-4-5 in 28 career starts with earnings of $171,397. Assistant trainer Kay Cooper said the 5-year-old mare will be retired after the race and sold as a broodmare.

Citizen Kitty, Big Mama’s Talkin and Wickedizaswickeduz are 3-year-olds taking on older horses,

Race 6—4:38 PM

Post Horse Jockey Trainer WGT
1 Mike Man’s Gold Javier Matias David Martinez 119
2 Trick or Retreat Leslie Mawing Doris Harwood 122
3 Grinder Sparksago Juan Gutierrez Robbie Baze 119
4 Del Rio Harbor Julien Couton Marshall Allen 122
5 Redsolocup Jose Zunino Jeff Metz 119
6 Absolutely Cool Rocco Bowen Tom Wenzel 119


Trainer Marshall Allen has been red-hot in recent weeks at Emerald Downs. The 57-year-old conditioner has won with four of his last five starters, and has a big chance to add another victory with Del Rio Harbor in the $50,000 Chinook Pass Sprint Stakes presented by Pegasus Training Center.

After finishing a respectable fifth in the Longacres Mile, Del Rio Harbor cruised to a 3 ¾-length victory in $25,200 allowance race on August 30, running six furlongs in 1:08.81 on a wet-fast track. A 4-year-old Harbor the Gold gelding, Del Rio Harbor is 7-4-3 in 18 lifetime starts with $227,091 in earnings.

“He’s really starting to put it all together,” Allen said of Del Rio Harbor. “I think it’s just taken him a little more time to get used to running against older horses. I like the post-position because he’ll be able to stay in the clear and can sit outside Mike Man’s Gold if he has to.”

Del Rio Harbor drew the No. 4 post with Julien Couton—fresh off a five-win day—maintaining the mount.

Mike Man’s Gold won the 2014 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic, running 1 1/16 miles in 1:41.13 and earning a 93 Beyer, but trainer David Martinez and co-owner Keith Swagerty said they’d rather try their luck around one turn than face Stryker Phd around two turns.

Absolutely Cool leads the field in earnings with $294,518, and the 8-year-old gelding scales back to a sprint after finishing third, second and sixth vs. Stryker Phd in routes.

Race 8—5:39 PM

Post Horse Jockey Trainer WGT
1 Cats Ransom Joe Steiner Arturo Arboleda 120
2 Mach One Rules Leslie Mawing Frank Lucarelli 120
3 Ryan Walt Rocco Bowen H.R. Pat Mullens 120
4 Party for One Leonel Camacho-Flores David Martinez 118
5 Gold Rush Dancer Julien Couton Bill Tollett 120
6 Lil’ Orphan Andy Osvaldo Gonzalez David Martinez 115*
7 Viewingthegold Javier Matias Jose Navarro 120
8 Timberfaller Juan Gutierrez Doris Harwood 118


A strong field of eight 2-year-old colts and geldings battles in the $50,000 Captain Condo Stakes presented by Daily Racing Form.

Mach One Rules, two-for-two with a win in the $58,000 WTBOA Lads Stakes, figures to be favored in the wagering. By Harbor the Gold-Felice the Cat, Mach One Rules earned a big 72 Beyer while beating Viewingthegold by a head in the Lads Stakes. His connections—jockey Leslie Mawing, trainer Frank Lucarelli, owner R.E.V. Racing—won this race last year with Trackattacker.

Viewingthegold nearly pulled off a 26-to-1 shocker while debuting in the Lads, and showed it wasn’t a fluke with a subsequent 2 ¼-length maiden special weight victory. By Harbor the Gold-Kittyzallwet, Viewingthegold is a full brother to Koala Beach, winner of the 2009 Captain Condo Stakes.

Gold Rush Dancer has been one of the top 2-year-oldson the grounds, posting a 1-1-1 record in three starts with earnings of $29,950. His Beyers of 54, 63 and 62 place him squarely in the hunt Sunday.

Doris Harwood—who has won this race five of the last eight years—saddles Timberfaller, a quick Forestry gelding coming off a head defeat to Wando Cat in a $20,000 allowance on a sloppy track.

Race 7—5:09 PM

Post Horse Jockey Trainer WGT
1 Cape Grace Julien Couton David Martinez 119
2 It’s My Knight Leslie Mawing Doris Harwood 117
3 Chedoodlejo Leonel Camacho-Flores David Martinez 117
4 My Heart Goes On Javier Matias David Martinez 119
5 Invested Prospect Juan Gutierrez Blaine Wright 119
6 Sugarseeker Joe Steiner Frank Lucarelli 119
7 Allaboutthatbass Rocco Bowen Howie Gibson 119
8 Copy Begone Gallyn Mitchell Steve Bullock 119


Trainer David Martinez has had a solid season with 2-year-olds, compiling a 6-for-19 mark with juveniles. The 36-year-old trainer has a busy schedule Sunday with seven starters in the Washington Cup including three runners—My Heart Goes On, Cape Grace and Chedoodlejo— in the $50,000 Northwest Farms Stakes for 2-year-old fillies at six furlongs.

My Heart Goes On leads the field in earnings with $43,450; she scored a head victory over Princess Kennedy in the Angie C Stakes and finished third to Princess Kennedy and Freaky Kiki in the Barbara Shinpoch Stakes.

“I think she’s really happy right now and I think a little more fit for this race,” Martinez said of My Heart Goes On, whose 65 Beyer in a July 5 maiden win ties the highest by a 2-year-old filly at the meet.

Cape Grace rolled to a 13-to-1 upset by 4 ½ lengths in her August 1 debut.

“She’s kind of a nervous horse but I’ve worked really hard with her,” Martinez said. “She had a really nice work the other day. All of my babies are doing really well, I like them all.”

The Northwest Farms has been perhaps the trickiest WA Cup race with four double-digit winners in the last six years, including a $42.40 surprise by Seattles Best Copy last year.


Two of Emerald Downs’ most impressive stakes winners run Saturday in major stakes races in Louisiana and Kentucky.

Emerald Downs Derby winner Prime Engine runs in the $400,000 Super Derby (G2) for 3-year-olds at Louisiana Downs, and Barbara Shinpoch Stakes winner Princess Kennedy competes in the $200,000 Pocohontas Stakes (G2) for 2-year-old fillies at Churchill Downs. Joe Steiner has the mount on Prime Engine and Gallyn Mitchell makes his first career appearance under the Twin Spires.

The Super Derby (Race 11 at LaD) and the Pocohontas Stakes (Race 8 at CD) will both be simulcast at Emerald Downs.

Prime Engine drew the rail and is 9-to-2 in the 1 1/8-mile Super Derby. Princess Kennedy drew the No. 4 post and is 12-to-1 in the 1 1/16-mile Pocohontas.


Before the state’s top Thoroughbreds take center stage on Sunday afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks kick off its season opener at 10 a.m. against division rival St. Louis Rams.

With the game in St. Louis, fans can enjoy the Hawks opener at Emerald Downs, where the track will show the entire three-hour game on its 1100 square foot video screen. As part of the “Tailgate Party,” the track will offer food and beverage specials from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m and the Sea Gals will be on track from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

For more information, call Customer Service at 253-288-7711.


September 13: Washington Cup Day & Beer Festival

September 19: Emerald AM

September 19: Emerald ED

September 19: Thoroughbred Showcase


Sunday’s fourth race is a $25,000-22,500 claiming race for 3-year-olds and up going 6 1/2 furlongs and is headed by Where’s My Voucher and Coach Royal whom have combined for eight wins this season.

Where’s My Voucher has been a force at Emerald Downs this season. The speedy gelding is three-for-six at the meet and five-for-12 overall. His connections–Juan Gutierrez and Jeff Metz–are winning at a 36 percent clip and Metz is giving McCanna’s single-season record of 66 wins a run for its money.

Coach Royal has been a terror in 2015 at Emerald Downs. The rejuvenated claimer tops the meet with five wins, and his August 30 vs. Del Rio Harbor is a complete throw-out. The 6-year-old gelding gets a cushy outside draw for this one, and he figures to get a lively pace with Where’s My Voucher and Parker’s Bluff knocking heads early. Julien Couton taking the mount is icing on the cake.

Also entered: Memphis Mobster, Dare Me Devil, Memo to Mya, Parkers Bluff and Pray Hard.


The 45-minute program will showcase every stakes race this season including Sunday’s five stakes races on Washington Cup Day. The podcast also will air an interview with trainer Doris Harwood, who will saddle Noositio in the $60,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic.

Hosted by Jacob Pollowitz (Professor Pollowitz) and Vince Bruun (Mr. Media), The Press Box Podcast starts at approx. 11 a.m. on Saturday and includes handicapping and a comprehensive look at each race’s history.

You can listen to the show live or recorded just by going to the track website at or at

Sunday, September 13, 2015 2:00 PM PDT
Friday, September 18, 2015 6:30 PM PDT
Saturday, September 19, 2015 2:00 PM PDT
Sunday, September 20, 2015 2:00 PM PDT

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Golden Horn Prevails in Leopardstown Thriller

Racing Post – Scargill – Horn wins Champion despite wayward passage

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Golden Horn clips Eagle’s wings, but survives inquiry in Irish Champion

I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.
Mae West

PresentsJuly 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2016
“The Alberta Gospel Revival Music Festival and Trade Show”
A Bumpin the Beats Production
July 29th, 30th & 31st 2016
“The Alberta All Make Motorcycle Rally and Classic Rock Festival”
A Wicked Gigz Production
(Alberta Owned and Operated)

Sept 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2016
“The Alberta Classic Country Music Festival”
A Bumpin the Beats Production

Bloodhorse – Hammonds – Dothraki Queen Rules Pocahontas

Bloodhorse – Academic Bests the Boys Again in BC Derby

Norm Castiglione and Robert Vargo’s Riversedge Racing  Stables, Ltd. and Dany Dion’s Bear Stables Ltd.’s Academic heads over the Rockies to face the boys again in the $250,000 British Columbia Derby GIIIC going 1 1/8 miles on the dirt at Hastings Racecourse on Sunday September 13, 2015. Academic is trained by Tim Rycroft and Justin Stein will again make the trip from Woodbine for the mount.

Derby Quest Farms Ltd. and Shot in the Dark Racing Corp.’s Blue Dancer with Northlands Park leading rider Rico Walcott in the irons for conditioner Greg Tracy and Ted Gralings’s Purple Heaven with Keishan Balgobin in the saddle for trainer Twyla Bensmiller join the Alberta contingent seeking to bring back some BC bucks.

Bloodhorse – Academic Takes on Boys Again in BC Derby

BC Derby Brisnet PPs

One race before the BC Derby Elevated Bloodstock Inc. and Raxon Cho’s Hero’s Amor , with Northlands Park leading rider Rico Walcott aboard for conditioner Tim Rycroft,  Norm Castiglione and Robert Vargo’s Riversedge Racing Stables, Ltd.’s Some Gave All with Justin stein in the irons for Tim Rycroft and Curtis Landry’s  Eustacia with Richard Hamel in the saddle for leading Northlands Park trainer Greg Tracy head to the post in the $100,000 British Columbia Oaks (Listed) going 1 1/8 miles on the dirt at Hastings Racecourse.

Bloodhorse – Angst – Mobile Bay, Prado Rally to Super Derby Win

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Stunning Treve Romps Away in Prix Vermeille

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Treve serves notice with Vermeille rout

BC-Derby 2015




Racing at Hastings Racecourse resumes this afternoon with arguably the best 9 race card of the 2015 season. The headliner is the $250,000 B.C. Derby which will see eight three year old geldings and one filly do battle over nine furlongs. The$100,000 B.C. Oaks, $50,000 Delta Colleen, $50,000 S.W. Randall Plate and two $50,000 finals for the Champions Starter series make up a brilliant Sunday card.

The B.C. Derby will be run as the eighth race and drawing the rail is Leif Nordahl’s Crius who was a game runner-up in an allowance race last month. He will need to improve if he is going to battle with the major players in this lineup but he does have the pedigree to be a stakes winner. His dam Excited Miss was a former B.C. champion. Pedro Alvarado will ride for leading trainer Mike Anderson.

The Riversedge and Bear Racing Stables’ Academic is the lone filly in the Derby and will likely go off as the betting choice. She was awesome in her last start beating the boys in the $200,000 Canadian Derby by 8 lengths. Earlier in the season she captured the $500,000 Woodbine Oaks by just under two lengths at odds of 66-1. Her lone defeat in 2015 was in the $1 million Queens Plate in which she never seemed comfortable and was eased. She reportedly has shipped well from Edmonton to Vancouver and has trained smartly into today’s race. Former Hastings jockey Justin Stein will be in town for the mount from trainer Tim Rycroft.

Derby Quest Farms and Shot in The Dark Racing’s Blue Dancer is a top threat coming in from Alberta. The 1 3/8 mile Canadian Derby was likely too far for him and he will like this shorter trip. He loves to flash early speed and Rico Walcott, who won the last two B.C. Derby’s, will be playing ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ . The Greg Tracy runner has won seven of his nine career starts and his only other defeat was in the Breeders Cup Juvenile at Santa Anita last fall.

Ted Graling’s Purple Heaven started off 2015 with back-to-back scores breezing through his conditions. He was then put in stakes races and performed well hitting the board in three of his last four. He is another that will need to improve to threaten the major players in this one. Keishan Balgobin gets the call from Northlands Park based trainer Twylla Bensmiller.

The best local chance appears to be the Copper Water Thoroughbreds’ Bluegrass Angus who has been spectacular since removing the blinkers three starts back. He had an excellent prep in the Derby Trial and looks to be coming into the race perfectly. Craig MacPherson and Richard Hamel will try and team up to win another Derby, the duo captured the 2012 B.C. Derby with Second City.

The Swift Thoroughbreds’ Merlot might have right running style for todays race which appears to be loaded with front-end speed types. His off-the-pace style might give him a shot. He hasn’t raced since July 1st which leaves void of a decent prep race but his connections have enough confidence in his ability to give him a try in here. Amadeo Perez will be at the helm for Dino Condilenios.

The term ‘strike while the iron is hot’ definitely applies to the North American Thoroughbred Horse Company’s Mighty Fraser. He was a comfortable winner of the $60,000 CTHS Sales stake lsat Monday and will try and win two stakes in less than a week. Sahin Civaci rides for Troy Taylor.

Roy and Dixie Jacobson’s Sedin will try and give the owners the second career B.C. Derby victory. The Jacobson’s won the 1996 B.C. Derby with reformed $5,000 claimer Newdigs. Sedin was a game allowance winner last time out at a mile and a sixteenth which has earned him a shot in the race this afternoon. Antonio Reyes gets the riding assignment from Mark Cloutier.

The only entrant coming up from south of the 49th parallel is Randall, Rossi and Lucarelli’s Percy Fawcett. The son of Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown was a distant third in the Emerald Derby in his latest start. He has nibbled with minor awards in stakes races in Seattle but the connections don’t come north very often so one would expect this one to run his career best race this afternoon. David Lopez will get instructions from trainer Frank Lucarelli.

The co-feature, actually one of many, is the $100,000 B.C. Oaks which will go as the seventh race of the day.

There are only six fillies signed on and down on the rail is Elevated Bloodstock Inc. and Raxon Cho’s Hero’s Amor who was an easy winner of the $50,000 Sonoma at Northlands Park in her last. She chased a fast pace and carried her speed a mile and a sixteenth to get the top prize at 9-1. Rico Walcott gets the call from Tim Rycroft.

The Riversedge Racing Stables’ Some Gave All was third in the $50,000 Sonoma which was her first start after being claimed for $30,000 at Churchill Downs last June. She has worked stylishly here in Vancouver and we will likely see a far better performance from her today. Justin Stein rides for Tim Rycroft.

Yet another exiting the Sonoma in Edmonton is Curtis Landry’s Eustacia. The daughter of Forestry is a four time stakes winner throughout her brief career and notched two impressive wins earlier this summer prior to her runner-up effort in the Sonoma. She has tactical speed and will be in good position throughout which will give her a big chance to rebound with another stakes win. Richard Hamel takes the call from Northlands leading trainer Greg Tracy.

The Exclusive Stable and Ray Hanson’s Ambleside Park is one of only two local fillies in the Oaks. Her off-the-pace style gives her a great chance to upset as this group of fillies appear to all have front-end running styles. Amadeo Perez pilots the daughter of Fusaichi Pegasus for Dave Forster.

Mark DeDomenico’s Suva Harbor was a solid second in the Washington Oaks last time out. She will be glad to get away from Belle Hill who has been unbeatable in Seattle this year. She is used to changing her address frequently, Hastings will be the sixth track she has raced at in her twelve-race career. She definitely has the class to beat this field. David Lopez rides for Troy Taylor.

The top local filly is Whieldon Thoroughbreds’ Morning Coffee who has comfortably beaten her competition since arriving in Vancouver earlier this summer. She has the home field advantage on most of her rivals and will likely go off as the favourite. Regular rider Pedro Alvarado will be aboard for trainer Rosann Anderson.

A reminder that the races start an hour earlier than usual at 12:50 p.m. today and also the Sea-to-Sky PIck 6 jackpot was not hit yesterday so the pool starts at $42,000. The sequence starts in race four which is scheduled to go at 2:20 p.m.

Entries for the 70th Running Of THE BRITISH COLUMBIA DERBY(Grade III)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PP Horse Owners A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer
1 Crius (BC) Leif Nordahl 3/G L P V Alvarado 126 M Anderson
2 Academic (ON) Riversedge Racing Stables, Ltd. and Bear Stables, Ltd. 3/F L J Stein 121 T Rycroft
3 Blue Dancer (KY) Derby Quest Farms Ltd. & Shot in The Dark Racing Corp. 3/G L R W Walcott 126 G Tracy
4 Purple Heaven (KY) Ted Graling 3/G L K Balgobin 126 T Bensmiller
5 Bluegrass Angus (KY) Copper Water Thoroughbred Company 3/G L R H Hamel 126 C MacPherson
6 Merlot (BC) Swift Thoroughbreds Inc. 3/G L A Perez 126 D K Condilenios
7 Mighty Fraser (BC) North American Thghd Hse Co., Inc., R. Morrison, P. Tom G. Hopper 3/G L S Civaci 126 T Taylor
8 Sedin (BC) Roy & Dixie Jacobson 3/G L A A Reyes 126 M Cloutier
9 Percy Fawcett (KY) Randall and Rossi LLC and Lucrarelli, Frank 3/G L D G Lopez 126 F Lucarelli

Entries For the 52nd Running Of THE BRITISH COLUMBIA OAKS(Listed)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PP Horse Virtual
A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer
1 Hero’s Amor (KY) Elevated Bloodstock Inc. and Cho, Raxon 3/F L R W Walcott 121 T Rycroft
2 Some Gave All (KY) Riversedge Racing Stables, Ltd 3/F L J Stein 121 T Rycroft
3 Eustacia (KY) Curtis Landry 3/F L R H Hamel 121 G Tracy
4 Ambleside Park (KY) Exclusive Stable & Raymond Hanson 3/F L A A Reyes 121 D Forster
5 Suva Harbor (KY) Mark DeDominico LLC 3/F L D G Lopez 121 T Taylor
6 Morning Coffee (KY) Whieldon Thoroughbreds 3/F L P V Alvarado 121 R M Anderson


The Day Before The Day

In 1976 I attended a Willie Nelson concert in Lawton, Oklahoma. It was summer, it had cooled off from a little over a hundred to a little under. It was in a steel-roofed, tin-sided “concert hall” that looked like an airplane hangar with some bleachers borrowed from the local high school football field. There were six-thousand people inside the tin box and five-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-eight of them were redneck cowboys and cowgirls and all of them were drunk. Willie Nelson had just emerged from being a great but not overly well-known song writer to a star of considerable magnitude. The opening act was a local bar band and they had been on stage for a little less than three seconds when the first cries of “we want Willie” went up. And that was Saturday’s card, a warm-up act in a tough spot. Sunday is the star.

Our Bonito Rose Blossoms


The feature is going to the third if for no other reason than it was the only non-tag race on the card. Our Bonito Rose ($6.60) took the 3 ½ furlong Maiden Special Weight for two-year-olds in a desperate, driving finish with the gritty 17-1 longshot Graymarksthespot. My Majesty closed to be third after having to take back early. The winner covered the Baby Course in 40.62 to break through in her seventh start.

Our Bonito Rose broke a step slow but Keishan Balgobin sent her from the outside and she was parked outside the early leader Afleet Alice around the turn. They were joined at the head of the lane by Graymarksthespot who moved up along the rail. The winner and Graymarksthespot edged away from Afleet Alice as they came home, leaving the decision to a head bob and a nose between them in favor of Our Bonito Rose.

The winner, a filly, beat five colts and geldings and three other fillies to continue the trend of juvenile girls whaling on the boys, particularly going short over the Baby Course. Graymarksthespot ran a bang-up race in his first start and My Majesty finished like a horse that will benefit from more ground.

Our Bonito Rose was bred in British Columbia by her owners Blue Willow Dairy Ltd. and Pat Jarvis who also trains the daughter of Storm Victory.

Go for Guinness Is On A Binge


Go for Guinness ($8.60) won his third straight in the supporting feature, an open $16,000 claiming event for older horses at 6 ½ furlongs. Under Marklee Buchanan the winner required 1:17.54 to get home almost two lengths ahead of the charging Mark who came from last and the rail-riding Stepupforthemoney who took third in a four horse blanket finish for the runner-up spots.

Its Finally Friday and After the Conflict dueled for the lead most of the way before Go For Guinness attacked them from the outside while Stepupforthemoney edged past on the inside only to lose the place to Mark at the last possible moment.

Go for Guinness, a British Columbia bred son of Rosberg, is owned by his breeder George Gilbert and trained by David Forster.

Also Noteworthy:

Jockey Richard Hamel tripled. He won the opener on Flare Miss ($4.50) for Leif S. Nordahl and trainer Mike Anderson. He took the fifth on Katchin Fire ($7.70) for owners Anne and Ken Pert, trainer Craig MacPherson, and the sixth with Secretarian ($6.20) who is owned by David and Sylvea Gregory, she being the trainer.

Owner Praven Sorenson and owner/trainer Taylor Anderson won two races. They scored in the second with On the Sunnyside ($17.20), the biggest win payoff on the day, who was ridden by Amadeo Perez and they finished the card with a win by Timber Topper ($6.30) under rider Sahin Civaci.

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Bennett won two as breeders with both being by Sungold who they stand at their Flying Horse Farm. Storm Victory also sired two winners on the day. He stands at Klimes Farm.

What is really going to be noteworthy is some fortunate lone handicapper taking down the Pick 6 that has now built to over $42,000. Given the crowd likely to be on hand for Derby Day, and the fact that carryovers this size will attract some outside attention, there is a chance for a very large pay off if anyone can weave their way through a Derby Day Pick 6 sequence composed of competitive fields with both quality and quantity.

Sunday, September 13, 2015 1:50 PM PDT
Saturday, September 19, 2015 1:50 PM PDT
Sunday, September 20, 2015 1:50 PM PDT



Grand Opening Party

Last Chance For Special Rates

Sept 26 SAT  9A -4P

800 Broadmoor Blvd. Ste. 540
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4E7


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Bloodhorse – Balan – Cage Fighter Claims First Stakes at Parx

Street Fighting Man

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Molotov Girls

Northlands Park Top 10 Jockeys

Rank Jockey Name Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Total $
1 Rico W. Walcott 350 114 72 39 $1,125,001
2 Scott Williams 307 59 47 46 $614,300
3 Tony Maragh 253 39 31 41 $440,972
4 Shannon Beauregard 226 35 33 42 $414,230
5 Ismael Eluid Mosqueira 229 28 27 41 $349,668
6 Ruben Lara 241 21 32 34 $340,014
7 Quincy Welch 181 26 17 26 $295,486
8 Jorge Espitia 204 24 26 27 $259,497
9 Desmond Bryan 179 20 25 20 $192,971
10 Skyler White Shield 108 15 22 13 $176,794


Northlands Park Top 10 Trainers

Rank Trainer Name Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Total $
1 Greg Tracy 219 61 42 27 $725,721
2 Tim Rycroft 228 40 30 38 $624,018
3 Dale L. Saunders 123 25 21 7 $292,690
4 Joan Petrowski 259 19 31 29 $275,378
5 Rodney J. Cone 215 29 24 24 $262,921
6 Craig Robert Smith 117 29 19 20 $228,667
7 Ernie J. Keller 57 12 12 13 $190,665
8 Dale Greenwood 86 12 17 12 $190,484
9 Robertino Diodoro 51 16 6 6 $183,677
10 Jerri R. Robertson 98 11 15 19 $167,943

Edmonton Sun – FRANK FONTANA’s Northlands Favourites

Matt’s Picks and Free Program – Wednesday September 16, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 6:30 PM MDT
Friday, September 18, 2015 6:30 PM MDT
Saturday, September 19, 2015 1:00 PM MDT

Bloodhorse – Laurel Park Still Improving Facilities

Upcoming Stakes

September 13
Belmont Park
Allied Forces $100,000 3yo 6f Turf
Emerald Downs
Captain Condo Stake $50,000 2yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Chinook Pass Sprint Stake $50,000 3&up State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Comcast Sportsnet Stake $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Muckleshoot Tribal Classic $50,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Northwest Farms Stake $50,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Pegasus Training Center Stake $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Hastings Race Course
British Columbia Derby Can – III $200,000 3yo 9f Dirt
British Columbia Oaks (L) $100,000 3yo Fillies 9f Dirt
Champions Starters Series Final $50,000 3&up R 8.5f Dirt
Champions Starters Series Final $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares R 8.5f Dirt
Delta Colleen $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 9f Dirt
S.W. Randall Plate $50,000 3&up 9f Dirt
Japan Racing Association
Centaur Stake GII $1,030,000 3&up 6f Turf
Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap GIII $685,000 3&up 8f Turf
Los Alamitos Race Course
Contender Stake $100,000 2yo 8f Dirt
Bold Venture Stake Can – III $150,000 3&up 6.5f AW
Canadian Stake Can – II BC $300,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 9f Turf
Northern Dancer Turf Can – I $300,000 3&up 12f Turf
Ricoh Woodbine Mile Can – I BC $1,000,000 3&up 8f Turf
Zia Park
Premiere Cup handicap $55,000 3&up 6f Dirt
September 16
Kentucky Downs
Old Friends Stake $150,000 3&up R 8.32f Turf
September 18
Finger Lakes
Aspirant Stake $100,000 2yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Lady Fingers Stake $100,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Remington Park
Te Ata Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Tishomingo Stake $50,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 7f Dirt
September 19
Belmont Park
Noble Damsel GIII $200,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Churchill Downs
Dogwood Stake GIII $100,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Charles Town
Ann Hilton handicap $30,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Charles Town Oaks GIII $350,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Dr. Ernest Benner handicap $30,000 3&up State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Harry Buch handicap $30,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Henry Mercer Memorial Stake $50,000 2yo State/Prov 4.5f Dirt
It’s Only Money Stake $50,000 3&up State/Prov 4.5f Dirt
Pink Ribbon Stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
Rachel’s Turn Stake $50,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 4.5f Dirt
Roger Ramey handicap $30,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Wild and Wonderful Stake (L) $100,000 3&up 7f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Added Elegance Stake $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
Treasure Coast Stake $75,000 3&up 5f Turf
Kentucky Downs
Dueling Grounds Oaks #$200,000 3yo Fillies 13f Turf
Kentucky Downs Ladies Marathon (L) #$300,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 13f Turf
Kentucky Downs Ladies Turf (L) #$300,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Louisiana Downs
A.L. Red Erwin Sales Graduate $75,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Turf
Elge Rasberry Sales Graduate $75,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Turf
Los Alamitos Race Course
Barretts Debutante $100,000 2yo Fillies R 6.5f Dirt
Laurel Park
Commonwealth Cup presented by the Virginia Equine Alliance at Laurel Park GII $250,000 3&up 9f Turf
Commonwealth Derby presented by the Virginia Equine Alliance at Laurel Park GII $400,000 3yo 9f Turf
Northlands Park
Alberta Breeders’ handicap $50,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Alberta Oaks Sponsored by True North Holding $50,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Dirt
Alberta Premier’s Futurity Sponsored by Horse Racing Alberta $50,000 2yo State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Beaufort Stake Sponsored by Peaceful Valley Stable $50,000 3yo State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Fall Classic Distaff Sponsored by Highfield Stock Farms $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Red Diamond Express Sponsored by Red Diamond Stables $50,000 3&up State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Sturgeon River Sponsored by Adena Springs North $50,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Alphabet Soup handicap $100,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Bayern Stake $150,000 3&up 8.5f Dirt
Cotillion Stake GI $1,000,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f Dirt
Gallant Bob Stake GIII $300,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Pennsylvania Derby GII $1,000,000 3yo 9f Dirt
Harvest Stake $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Scarlet and Gray handicap $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt
Overskate Stake $125,000 3&up State/Prov 7f AW
September 20
Belmont Park
Ashley T. Cole Stake $125,000 3&up State/Prov 9f Turf
John Hettinger Stake $125,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 9f Turf
Hastings Race Course
Jack Diamond Futurity $100,000 2yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Sadie Diamond Futurity $100,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Japan Racing Association
Rose Stake GII $908,000 3yo Fillies 9f Turf
Los Alamitos Race Course
Barretts Juvenile $100,000 2yo Colts & Geldings R 6.5f Dirt
Presque Isle Downs
Mrs. Henry D. Paxson Memorial Stake $75,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
La Lorgnette Stake $125,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f AW
Ontario Derby Can – III $150,000 3yo 9f AW
September 21
Japan Racing Association
St. Lite Kinen GII $942,000 3yo 11f Turf
September 24
Belmont Park
Lonesome Glory Steeplechase Stake GI $150,000 4&up 20f Turf
William Entenmann Memorial Stake $75,000 4&up R 16.5f Turf
September 25
Manzano Stake $60,000 2yo 6f Dirt
Finger Lakes
Jack Betta Be Rite Stake $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Los Alamitos Race Course
Buena Park Stake $30,000 3&up R 5.5f Dirt
Long Beach Stake $35,000 3&up Fillies & Mares R 8f Dirt
Rossmoor Stake $35,000 3&up R 8f Dirt
Seal Beach Stake $45,000 3&up R 6f Dirt
Westminster Stake $30,000 3&up Fillies & Mares R 5.5f Dirt
September 26
Belmont Park
Beldame GI $400,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 9f Dirt
Gallant Bloom Handicap GII $300,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6.5f Dirt
Joe Hirsch Turf Classic GI BC $600,000 3&up 12f Turf
Pilgrim Stake GIII $200,000 2yo 8.5f Turf
Vosburgh GI BC $400,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Churchill Downs
Ack Ack Handicap GIII $100,000 3&up 8f Dirt
Jefferson Cup Stake GIII $100,000 3yo 8f Turf
Lukas Classic (L) $175,000 3&up 9f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Groomstick Stake $75,000 3&up 7f Dirt
Panama City Stake $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Laurel Park
Bert Allen Stake $60,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Brookmeade Stake $60,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Commonwealth Oaks presented by the Virginia Equine Alliance at Laurel Park GIII $150,000 3yo Fillies 9f Turf
Jamestown Stake $60,000 2yo State/Prov 5.5f Turf
Oakley Stake $60,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5.5f Turf
Punchline Stake $60,000 3&up State/Prov 5.5f Turf
Monmouth Park
Jersey Juvenile Stake $60,000 2yo State/Prov 6f Dirt
Hall of Fame Stake $150,000 2yo 6.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Awesome Again Stake GI BC $300,000 3&up 9f Dirt
Chandelier Stake GI BC $300,000 2yo Fillies 8.5f Dirt
FrontRunner Stake GI BC $300,000 2yo 8.5f Dirt
Rodeo Drive Stake GI BC $300,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 10f Turf
Unzip Me Stake $70,000 3yo Fillies abt 6.5f Turf
Zenyatta Stake GI BC $300,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Catlaunch Stake $75,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
La Prevoyante Stake $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Turf

September 27
Camino Real Futurity $100,000 2yo State/Prov 6f Dirt
Con Jackson Claiming handicap $20,000 3&up 14.5f Dirt
New Mexico Horse Breeders handicap $60,000 3&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Belmont Park
Bertram F. Bongard Stake $150,000 2yo State/Prov 7f Dirt
Joseph A. Gimma Stake $150,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Miss Grillo Stake GIII $200,000 2yo Fillies 8.5f Turf
Emerald Downs
Gottstein Futurity $65,000 2yo 8.5f Dirt
NWSS Cahill Road Stake $50,000 2yo 6f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Mr. Steele Stake $75,000 3&up 8f Turf
Japan Racing Association
All Comers Stake GII $1,173,000 3&up 11f Turf
Kobe Shimbun Hai GII $942,000 3yo 12f Turf
Remington Park
Flashy Lady Stake $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Kip Deville Stake (L) $75,000 2yo 6f Dirt
Oklahoma Derby GIII $400,000 3yo 9f Dirt
Remington Green Stake (L) $100,000 3&up 9f Turf
Remington Park Oaks (L) $200,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f Dirt
Remington Park Sprint Cup (L) $150,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Ricks Memorial Stake $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Turf
Santa Anita Park
City of Hope Mile GII $200,000 3&up 8f Turf
King Pellinore Stake $70,000 3&up 10f Turf
Bull Page Stake $125,000 2yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f AW
Classy ‘n Smart Stake $125,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f AW

Bloodhorse –Fawkner Roars Back to Win Makybe Diva

Derby Bar and Grill

From the Derby Bar and Grill Newsletter




CTHS SALE A HUGE SUCCESSBC Breeders must be very excited about the final results for the 2015 CTHS Mixed Sale held on Wednesday at the Thunderbird Show Park.

The air appeared electric as buyers were keen and overall atmosphere appeared to be very enthusiastic.

The Hastings Racing Club purchased Hip # 21 and they were a very excited bunch as many of the members attended the sale.

The CTHS reported the total gross was up 14%, the average was up 19% and the median a whopping 56% up.


Derby weekend and Hastings have put together two very solid fields for both Saturday and Sunday. We will have a Derby and Oaks Preview in tomorrow’s newsletter.


Hastings News by Greg Douglas




 Vancouver, B.C. (Sept. 13/15) – Tim Rycroft, one of the leading trainers at Northlands Park in Edmonton, enjoyed a rather pleasant Sunday in Vancouver.

In fact, it might take a day or two for it to sink in after consecutive trips to the winners circle Sunday in two of the richest stakes on the 2015 thoroughbred calendar at Hastings Racecourse.

Rycroft wrote himself into the record books when favoured Academic became the first filly to win the $250,000 BC Derby in almost 50 years.  After capturing the $200,000 Canadian Derby at Northlands and $500,000 Woodbine Oaks in her previous starts, with Sunday’s win at Hastings Academic is now being touted by veteran racetrack observers to win Horse of the Year honours in Canada as well as a Sovereign Award as the top 3-year-old filly in the country.

With Woodbine-based jockey Justin Stein aboard, Academic made a late move to overtake Bluegrass Angus and win by a neck, closing with a rush from along the rail to get up in the final strides after Bluegrass Angus had led the 1 1/8-miles journey from the start with Hastings leading jockey Richard Hamel smelling victory.

Rycroft had been in the winner’s circle following the previous race when Hero’s Amor won the $100,000 BC Oaks for 3-year-old fillies with Northlands’ top jockey Rico Walcott in the irons.

“It’s been an eventful day,” Rycroft understated in the aftermath of his consecutive stakes wins.  “I never really thought Academic was going to win the Derby because she seemed trapped at one point and I thought things looked pretty hopeless.  But she wanted to keep going and it was a spectacular ride by Justin.”

The last filly to win the BC Derby was Ali Miss in 1956.  Academic finished in a final time of 1:50.33 and paid $2.90, $2.30, $2.20.

With an estimated crowd of 10,000 enthusiastic patrons, many decked out in Kentucky Derby-style attire, there were two other $50,000 stakes on the card, both with thrilling photo finishes.

Square Dancer winning the S.W. Randall Plate stakes race today at Hastings Racecourse with jockey Richard Hamel up.

The 200 investors in the Hastings Racing Club cheered on leading rider Richard Hamel aboard Square Dancer as they romped to victory for a third consecutive time by catching Dontmesswithkitten at the wire in a final time of 1:49.91 over 1 1/8 miles in the S.W. Randall Plate for 3-year-olds and up.

“The owners are living a dream,” Square Dancer trainer Steve Henson said.  “With three straight wins, we can now say this horse is legit.  I’m just thrilled to be part of what these owners are experiencing.”

Touching Promise ridden by Amadeo Perez outlasted Locket in the Delta Colleen Handicap for 3-year-olds and up fillies and mares, finishing the 1 1/8 miles in 1:51.10.

Live racing resumes at Hastings Racecourse Saturday and Sunday with 1:50 p.m. starts.

Hastings Wrap-up—Derby Day 2015—Richard Yates

It was a day that produced some outstanding racing and great finishes. The four stakes races on the program were won by less than a length; two noses, a neck and a half-length to be more exact. There were four races on the card that were won by a neck or less.

The British Columbia Derby was won by a filly for the first time in 59 years and an impressive filly she is. She ran down a nice horse in Bluegrass Angus to win by a neck, giving trainer Tim Rycroft both the Oaks and the Derby. The S. W. Randall Plate featured a driving finish that saw four horses spread across the track and separated by less than a length. A nose, and a pug nose at that, was the margin that sustained the Hastings Racing Club’s miracle.

The crowd was good and enthusiasm high. It was a reasonably formful day. Four favorites won and nothing as long as 5-1 did. Amadeo Perez rode two winners, as did Richard Hamel. Both of Hamel’s came in races with $50,000 pots. Former leading Hastings apprentice Justin Stein, now a veteran Woodbine rider (does time not fly) had a triumphant homecoming with a win in the Derby

British Columbia Derby:  Academic


A ground saving ride from Justin Stein and an intense closing run that began half way around the final turn made Academic (2.90) the first filly to win the British Columbia Derby ($250,000) in many moons. It was very late in the proceedings before Academic ($2.90) even looked like she had chance to win and it was just past the third statue from the finish line before she got by Bluegrass Angus who set all the fractions. Blue Dancer who chased the pace all the way around finished third. The mile and an eighth went in 1:50.33.

Blue Dancer broke sharply to lead briefly before being joined by Bluegrass Angus who took over on the front end going around the first turn. It was the first time in his last six races that a horse has taken away the front end Blue Dancer who set the pace in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile last year at Santa Anita.

Bluegrass Angus held Blue Dancer at bay through steady fractions that got him to the three-quarters in 1:12.33, at which point Blue Dancer made a move on the leader to no avail, and from there was a chaser and not a threat. After a mile in 1:36.82 and with a clear daylight margin to work with, Bluegrass Angus was looking on the home and dry side.

It did not happen that way. Somehow, late in the game, and assisted by a last eighth that took 13.51 seconds, Academic got it going and there was just enough raw ability there to get it done with the kind of acceleration and resolve that the beat racehorces have. Bluegrass Angus ran a huge race. He has not done a lot of switching leads in the stretch this year and while we may not be able to say how many feet a lead change is worth, just about all of us think it generates some momentum. Blue Dancer showed moxie to chase, not catch, but refuse to quit while running third. It was Academic’s day though. She beat males in a Grade 3 Stake for the second time in a month and had to do some traveling and adjusting to those races. It was a demonstration of quality.

Academic is an Ontario is an Ontario bred daughter of Henny Hughes. She is one of three stakes winners produced by Awesome Lass who is by Awesome Again. The stud, Henny Hughes, gets horses that have an average winning distance of 6.40 furlongs. This filly just beat boys at 9 furlongs, so it is possible that she got more than part of her name from Awesome Again. She did not make her reserve as a yearling in a 2013 sale in Ontario but she did bring $54,000 in Ocala as a two-year-old the next spring.

Her fortunate owners are Bear Stable Ltd. and Riversedge Racing Stables Ltd. Academic is trained by Tim Rycroft.

W. Randall Plate: Square Dancer

Square Dancer winning the S.W. Randall Plate stakes race today at Hastings Racecourse with jockey Richard Hamel up.

The first four horses in the S. W. Randall Plate ($50,000) all deserved to win but only Square Dancer ($4.60) did, although not by much. There was a bob of the head difference between the winner and the 26-1 longshot Dontmesswithkitten who truly did run too good to lose. Shooting Jacket was a neck back in third and a half-length clear of Brass and Gold who got to the lead mid-stretch before giving way very reluctantly and finishing fourth. The mile and an eighth for older horses went in 1:49.91

Dontmesswithkitten went to the lead right away but he was joined by Mysterious Soul before they got to the first turn.   Mysterious Soul made the winner’s life difficult to the last turn before paying the price for chasing her through fast early fractions on the way to three-quarters in 1:11.40. When Mysterious Soul started to back up, Brass and Gold moved in. At the head of the lane they were joined on the inside by Shooting Jacket and the three of them waged war the length of the stretch while Square Dancer was being moved into contention on the outside by Richard Hamel.

Dontmesswithkitten was between horses but in no way was he intimidated and no way was he backing up. Ditto Shooting Jacket down on the rail. Ditto Brass and Gold in the three path.   Slowly, outside all three of them, Square Dancer was grinding out a chance to win and he cashed it in when his head came down and put a nose on the wire in the only millisecond that would have made him a winner.

Bottom line, it was an amazingly excited race. The four horse charge the length of the stretch was about as good as it gets and it is too bad any of them had to lose. But Square Dancer did what had to be done despite not getting anything like an ideal trip and he hung up his second stakes win in a row and third overall. He runs for the Hastings Racing Club and is trained by Steve Henson.

British Columbia Oaks:  Hero’s Amor

Hero's Amor winning the 52nd BC Oaks stakes race today at Hastings Racecourse with jockey Rico Walcott up. FOUR FOOTED FOTO

The British Columbia Oaks ($100,000) was won by the Alberta based filly Hero’s Amor ($11.60) who sat in the catbird seat behind Eustacia and Morning Coffee as they went through some quick early fractions (22.43 and 46.51 to the half) and held off Ambleside Park after overtaking Morning Coffee at the head of the lane. The favored Morning Coffee easily held on to third. It took 1:52.43 for the winner to negotiate the mile and an eighth.

Hero’s Amor was full value for the win at almost 5-1 and even though her margin at the wire was only a half-length it was a half-length without suspense. Once she got by Morning Coffee she was not going to get caught despite a very nice sustained run from Ambleside Park.

Two races back Hero’s Amor ran for $20,000 at Northlands and won to kickoff what is now a three race win streak. She is not likely to be in for $20,000 again any time soon. Hero’s Amor was bred in Kentucky and is by Street Hero out of a Dixieland band mare. She is owned by Elevated Bloodstock Inc. and Raxon Cho. The win was the first half of an Oaks/Derby double for trainer Tim Rycroft.

Delta Colleen:  Touching Promise


Jockey Amadeo Perez put Touching Promise ($4.30) on the lead in the Delta Colleen ($50,000) and she set all the fractions in winning the mile and an eighth for older fillies and mares in a final time of 1:51.10. She managed to frustrate a late charge from Lockett who came up a diminishing nose short. Dear Lilly ran third.

Perez managed to back the pace up a little after a 23.65 first quarter and it is fortunate for Touching Promise because she needed everything she had left to get home ahead of Lockett who, although last in the field of five, was not as far back as she usually is. Dear Lilly might be a little distance challenged but the heart is there and she tried hard every step of the way and looked threatening for a while. The threat ultimately came from Lockett and Touching Promise did what she had to do to win her second stake in a row and the third of her career.

Touching Promise was bred in British Columbia by her owners, R. J. and Lois Bennett. She is by Touch Gold out of an Old Trieste mare. Barb Heads trains.

Champions Distaff Starter Series:  Closing Intentions


The six-year-old mare Closing Intentions ($8.80) picked a good time to win her first of the season. In the Distaff Final ($50,000) she stalked the pace of Morrie’s Glory for three-quarters of a mile and then took over the lead and held it without a lot of difficulty, although runner-up Truly Unusual was there to pounce if she faltered. She did not and won the first of the two blue collar stakes races offered on Derby Day for horses that started for $8,000 in 2014-15 and competed in at least one of three qualifying races. I’m a Diva Too finished third. The mile and a sixteenth went in 1:46.23.

Closing Intentions qualified in her first start of the year when trainer Patti Leaney ran her for $8,000. She then had two seconds and a third in the three qualifying legs. She is owned by kay and Sue Ohashi.

Champions Starter Series:  Winestock

Wine stock winning the 2nd running of Champions Starters Series Final stakes race at Hastings Racecourse with jockey Amadeo Perez up

The entire career of Champions Starter Series ($50,000) winner Winestock ($4.50) appears to have been designed to produce an ultimate horse for this Series and Winestock is just that. He swept the three qualifiers and he never looked like he was losing in the final. Uncle Willard and Chief Thundercloud deadheated for second. The winner ran the mile and a sixteenth in 1:44.76

Amadeo Perez rode the winner with confidence but he kept his mind on business down the lane and, in fact, Winestock has been pretty businesslike for the entire series. No one got closer than a length at the wire in any of his four series wins. Greg Tracy trains for owners Derby Quest farms Ltd. and Shot In The Dark Racing Corp.

While Connor McDavid’s been stealing the Oilers spotlight the last few months Ryan Nugent-Hopkins quietly got deeper into the thoroughbred game collaring Hip 18 a daughter of Winstar Farms’ Breeders’ Cup and Belmont winner Drosselmeyer at the recent BC CTHS sale for $51,000.00.

2015 Yearling & Mixed Sale
Wednesday, September 9, 2015
The CTHS reported the total gross was up 14%, the average was up 19% and the median a whopping 56% up.

2015 CTHS BC Sales Results

2015 CTHS BC Sales Results on line

CTHS 2015 SALES Summary

  Year 2015 Year 2014 Difference % Difference
TOTAL 91 96 -5 -5.21
WITHDRAWN 7 5 2 40.00
SALE RING 84 91 -7 -7.69
RNA 13 21 -8 -38.10
SOLD 61 64 -3 -4.69
NOT SOLD 10 6 4 -66.67
AVERAGE 17170.49 14343.75 2826.74 19.71
MEDIAN 14000.00 8500.00 5500.00 64.71
GROSS 1047400.00 918000.00 129400.00 14.10
  Year 2015 Year 2014 Difference % Difference
TOTAL 87 95 -8 -8.42
WITHDRAWN 6 5 1 20.00
SALE RING 81 90 -9 -10.00
RNA 11 21 -10 -47.62
SOLD 60 63 -3 -4.76
NOT SOLD 10 6 4 -66.67
AVERAGE 17383.33 14547.62 2835.71 19.49
MEDIAN 14000.00 9000.00 5000.00 55.56
GROSS 1043000.00 916500.00 126500.00 13.80
  Year 2015 Year 2014 Difference % Difference
TOTAL 1 0 1 100.00
WITHDRAWN 0 0 0 0.00
SALE RING 1 0 1 100.00
RNA 1 0 1 100.00
SOLD 0 0 0 0.00
NOT SOLD 0 0 0 0.00
AVERAGE 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
MEDIAN 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
GROSS 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
#7-5492 Production Blvd,
Surrey, BC V3S 8P5
Phone (604) 534-0145 Fax (604) 574-CTHS (2847)


Bloodhorse – Balan – Bayern to Stand at Hill ‘n’ Dale in 2016

Bloodhorse – Hammonds – Tapiture to Enter Stud at Darby Dan

It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.

Earl Warren


Out of a $200,000 Stakes winning mare, this gelding by WHISKEY WISDOM has all the family talent you need!

Come see this fancy yearling in Edmonton on September 19-20th or call us to book a farm visit pre-sale.

1st dam: JUST A WISH, by Horatius. 9 wins, 2 to 5, $202,002, Vine Hill Ranch H., 3rd Brown Bess H.-L, Real Delight S. Half-sister to MIKE’S CAVIL.

This is her ninth foal. Dam of 7 foals to race, 6 winners, including– Wannabe (g. by Petionville). 8 wins, $291,259, 2nd Alphabet Soup H.-LR.

Wish for Gold (f. by Hold for Gold). 4 wins, 2 to 4, $136,062, 2nd Lady Hallie S.-LR, Purple Violet S.-LR. Producer.
Look to Heaven (f. by Storm Boot). 3 wins at 3, $98,569. Dam of–
Tomorrow’s Tale (g. by Petionville). 10 wins, 3 to 5, $272,765, 2nd Wild and Wonderful S.-L, Damitrius S.

Here is our Formal Gold Gelding Selling as hip #21 in September Sale
He has a well muscled body, nicely balanced, very correct and walks straight. He is a quiet, respectful boy to work with.

You gotta see this filly!! 1/2 Sister to The Alberta Champion 2 year old LEGEND FORTYNINE and full sister to the 2015 Juvenile Stakes filly SAFARI TAN.

This smokin’ Filly is by Kissin Kris out of Fortynine Below.

She is mature in body and mind. She is well muscled, big boned and clean

Esquirol Farms

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Frivolous continues Churchill Downs love affair in Locust Grove

INDIAN CHARLIE WORLDWIDE - We Never Let the Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Bondi Beach Awarded St. Leger on Filly’s DQ

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Simple Verse outbattles Bondi Beach in St Leger, but loses war via DQ in stewards’ room

Since the business of politics is the conciliation of differing interests, justice must not merely be done, but to be seen to be done.

Sir Bernard Rowland Crick

Did the stewards make the right call? You decide

Transcript of the stewards’ inquiry following Saturday’s race

Steward: Mr O’Donoghue did you suffer interference?

Colm O’Donoghue: Yes, it’s before that.

Steward: Just inside the two furlong?

CO’D: There are two incidents, another inside the [final] furlong.

S: Correct. So the first one is two furlongs out. So when it goes back we’ll identify which one we’re talking about. So we’ll let this [the tape] run back to the start of the loop. We’re running that from the three furlongs, then we come inside the two. That’s it and this is the first instance to which we’re referring. Do you suffer interference?

Colm O Donoghue

Colm O’Donoghue

  PICTURE: Mark Cranham  

CO’D: Yes sir.

S: What happens?

CO’D: Mr Atzeni is directly inside me and forces his way out.

S: Mr Atzeni, what can you say on the first bit of interference, the first one we just identified?

Andrea Atzeni: I think, if anything, I suffered as much interference as he did. As you can see, I’m following Storm The Stars, and the horse on my outside [with] Mr Donoghue, has just started leaning into my filly.

S: Does he interfere?

AA: Yes he does.

S: So just identify where he interferes with you please.

AA: I’m following the favourite [with] Pat Cosgrave.

SS: Right.

AA: As you can see there now, that horse [Bondi Beach] starts leaning on me and he ends up behind him actually and he puts me on the heels of the horses in front of me. I just switched out, otherwise I would have ended up on the heels.

S: Mr O’Donoghue, anything else you want to add to that first instance?

CO’D: Well sir it’s plain, it’s there on the video. Mr Atzeni is behind Mr Cosgrave. He [Atzeni] doesn’t have any room to go, I’m keeping a straight course as much as I can as possible and Mr Atzeni has switched out and bumped my horse and took him off his line and took his balance away.

S: Mr Atzeni, anything to add on the first one?

AA: Nothing.

S: No, okay, so if we go to the second incident now, we’ll just let it [the tape] come back again and the second incident happens just about at the half-furlong marker. Okay so we’ve dealt with that [first incident] in terms of your evidence. Okay, now we’re inside the final furlong and, right, Mr O’Donoghue did you suffer interference?

CO’D: Yes sir.

S: What happens?

CO’D: Mr Atzeni has pulled his stick through, given his horse a belt, and he’s come out and interfered with my horse and took him off his line and bumped him quite severely for the second time.

Andrea Atzeni

Andrea Atzeni

  PICTURE: Mark Cranham ( 

S: Mr Atzeni, what can you tell us about the second incident please, at the half-furlong marker.

AA: As you can see sir, when I switched out I’m sort of a foot off the rail.

S: Right.

AA: And the horse on my outside just kept leaning on me all the way. He actually gave me half a bump, as you can see there, we’re three off the rail and he keeps leaning on me, keeps leaning. Mine is a big filly, you know it’s a big colt upsides, as you can see there he keeps pushing me. I end up from being four off the rail to sort of one off the rail. My filly got a little bit unbalanced, I gave her a couple of smacks with my left hand; she did sort of lean on the horse on my right-hand side. When I felt she was leaning I put my stick down, I pulled it through, gave her a few more smacks with my right hand, and the best horse won the race. I think if he [Bondi Beach] was good enough he had plenty of time to get by me sir. I don’t think that filly would have let him, even if we’d have gone another lap I don’t think he’d have got by me, I think it was 50-50 sir.

S: Okay. Mr O’Donoghue, anything to respond to that second incident?

CO’D: Has an incident occurred? Yes. Has it took me off a straight course? Yes. For the second time in the race my horse has received a severe bump which has obviously taken his breath, knocked him off his stride and his rhythm, and he’s doing his best and trying his heart out to get back at a filly that obviously has a weight allowance against him. Well, he’s suffered interference and he’s been beaten a head on the line.

S: Mr Atzeni, anything to add?

AA: Like I said sir, I think he also does it as bad as mine, he kept leaning on me.

S: Thank you.

Racing Post – Porteous – Simple Verse team to appeal Leger demotion

Phil has a question:

When will North America and particularly Alberta start to provide transparency in the Stewards’ decisions.

If you can’t beat ’em in the alley, you can’t beat ’em on the ice.

Conn Smythe

Bloodhorse – LaMarra – Making a Case for Transparency

Giving horseplayers a voice.

September Newsletter

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell –  Cox gets 100th Churchill win as Spelling Again fights back for Open Mind score

Floyd M Arthur

Countdown to 1,000 Wins


2 to go

Maldonado Wins No. 1,000 at Los Alamitos

Bloodhorse – Balan – Maldonado Wins No. 1,000 at Los Alamitos




Dale L “Colonel” Saunders

Countdown to 2,000 Wins


1 to go

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Treve preps for third Arc; Karakontie among big names in deep Moulin


Thoroughbred Handicapping Contest


(until September 19)

(starting September 20)

Sign up at the information desk.

TwinSpires Blog – Tacticus wires Temperence Hill over V. E. Day

“She’s nearly ready to go again and if she is still competitive at a mile then we’ll look at the mares’ races. Black type is important to her owners and we won’t be wasting any runs.”

The InFormAnt – Black-type goals for Stella’s Honour

TwinSpires Blog – Five first-crop sires to watch at Keeneland September 

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Frankel’s first-crop yearlings on offer at Keeneland September

Lady and the Track – Keeneland September Yearling Sale 2015 Overview

2015 CTHS Sales Catalogue


2015 Alberta Thoroughbred Sale
Sunday, September 20th, 2015
Park EXPO Centre – Edmonton, Alberta

Upcoming Races

Phil has a question:
Was the dismal handle of $40,137 for 10 races at Century Downs on Friday, September 11, 2015 because bettors would rather wager on cockroaches running across Hastings than the jiggies running on Friday afternoon at Balzac or the fact that Horse Racing Alberta had the wrong time on their website.

Do you think the post time for the races on HRA’s website will be corrected before next Friday’s card at Century Downs.

Do you think it matters.

Do you think a handle of $40,137 for 10 races at Century Downs will impress the new government when the powers that Bee at Horse Racing Alberta attempt to negotiate a new contract on behalf of the standardbreds.

Killer Queen

Bloodhorse – HK Jockey Club Helping Grow Racing in China

Born To Run


Wagon Wheel

The Globe and Mail – Saunders – The question of Election 2015: Can government create jobs and growth?

The Peace region-based company plans to invest roughly 26 million dollars to renovate the resort, which includes 412 guest rooms, 36-thousand square feet of conference space, and a health club and spa. The plan is to launch the revamped space with indoor waterslides and a children’s centre by the end of 2017, with an extra 40 jobs to be filled.

My Grande Prairie Now – Pomeroy Lodging buying Kananaskis property

The Globe And Mail – Lewis and Tait – Saskatchewan village shows Prairies’ economy isn’t uniform

National Post – Don Braid: Alberta NDP spent $240 to knock off $85,000 incumbent

TDN – Natalma Rivals Can’t ‘Catch a Glimpse’

Could you earn a living playing the races?
Entering a new game called Triple 50 Challenge each Saturday in the Race Book should give you an insight into the answer.  (See Fun & Games)
“. . . and I want you to ride for me next year!”
Well, that’s not really what horse owner Barry Arnason (left) said to 93-year-old Ray Stewart, the jockey who had ridden Dr. Pat to victory in the Downs’ inaugural Gold Cup in 1958 and was in the winner’s circle Sunday to present a trophy to this year’s winner, Magic d’ Oro, trained by Tanya Lindsay and owned by Arnason and Martin Yeroschak.  That’s Stewart’s granddaughter, Lisa Farrell, in the centre.  Next stop for Magic d’ Oro: the $50,000 Harvest Gold Plate at Northlands in October.

Bullet briefs . . .
• Despite smaller fields, wagering increases by 6.87%
• Magic d’ Oro & Go Go Lolo firm up top-horse status
• Wins Vegas trip by just a dime
• $1 million Ricoh Mile goes Sunday at Woodbine; BC Derby at Hastings
• Shares in Assiniboia Racing Club going fast
• Chow is top jock; Lindsay and Gardipy tie for trainers
• Food discounts featured every night from 8 p.m. to midnight

Will new game boost your betting confidence?
What if you HAD to earn a living betting horses?  Could you do it?  Well, a new contest that will be held in the Race Book each Saturday afternoon might give you some idea. The game is TRIPLE 50 CHALLENGE.  Your challenge is to turn three fictional $50 bets into a total of $100 fictional profit. Choose from any race at any track–win, place or show.  Write your three selections on your entry.  Will you be successful?  If you are, your name will go on an honour roll.  And three draws will be made from successful entrants and awarded betting vouchers of $50, $25 and $10.  Will your picking prove so successful that you’ll decide to play your contest selections with real money?  Find out, starting tomorrow.
Popular 5-Alive Challenge returns tonight
The popular 5-Alive Challenge will return tonight (thoroughbreds) and Saturday nights (harness).  On your entry, select three show horses, a place horse and a winner from five contest races and you could win as much as $150 in betting vouchers if you’re correct and you’ve bet your selections.  (If you don’t bet, your top prize is $30.)


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Tonight’s $10 dinner special
New fall specials!
From 8 p.m. to midnight every night in the Clubhouse
$6 OFF:  Any 750 ml Peller Estates house wine
$3 OFF:  Regular nachos or any order of wings
$2 OFF:  Chicken finger appetizer or cheese & bacon potato skins
$1 OFF:  Regular domestic beer or house spirits
$10 WEEKEND DINNER SPECIALS (5 p.m. to 9 p.m.)
–Friday: half rack of ribs and fries
–Saturday:  pizza
–Sunday: open-faced shaved certified Angus prime rib on a bun with fries and gravy
Official stations of horse racing.
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A thoughtful suggestion by Manitoba Jockey Club president Harvey Warner had paralyzed jockey Alyssa Selman making presentations to the meet’s top jockey, Chavion Chow (right), and to the tied winning trainers Tom Gardipy, Jr., (left) and Tanya Lindsay.  Each had 30 wins.  Only one behind was Jared Brown.  Chow’s 63 winning rides were eight ahead of Rohan Singh.  Chavion says he is now heading to parts undecided in the U.S. and Gardipy and Lindsay will be looking for more wins at Northlands Park in Edmonton.  Brown’s winter digs have been Turf Paradise where he won 16 per cent of his starts at the track’s last meet (111-18-18-13).
That’s a wrap!
Despite smaller fields, wagering is up 6.87%. Did commish help?
Despite smaller fields–which usually translates into lower betting–wagering on live races at the Downs went up by a remarkable 6.87 per cent per race compared to last year ($19,329 vs $18,086).  At least part of the reason is likely due to the Manitoba Horse Racing Commission allowing a few more minutes between each race.  Last year, the Downs had been forced to run its races faster than any other thoroughbred track in Canada.  Concession sales soared dramatically, too, reports food and beverage director Manley Chan.
“While there are still challenges to overcome in our sport such as horse supply and field size in each race,” said CEO Darren Dunn, “we were pleased to show some positive progression in our wagering stats.” And crowds, he noted, were “through the roof.”  A highlight of the season, which drew impressive numbers, was the Festival of Racing with free concerts sponsored by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries and two Sunday nights of racing.
Alyssa Selman’s crippling accident is “a sobering reminder of the risk in our sport,” Dunn added. “However, her spirit and attitude, combined with the incredible outpouring of support we received in fundraising efforts for her, really brought into focus how a community can rally for a fallen competitor.”
Magic d’ Oro likely clinched Horse of the Year with this performance ($2.50)
“I feel so proud,” said Ray Stewart, 93, upon receiving a trophy from CEO Darren Dunn for having ridden Dr. Pat to victory in the inaugural 1958 Gold Cup. He now lives in Brandon.
Already there’s talk about Heber running in the Manitoba Derby ($4.60)
#1 Go Go Lolo charges down the centre of the stretch to post an exciting victory ($3.80)
Magnetic Jazz ($7.10) overpowers favoured Flexiplus at 1 1/2-miles
After a thrilling duel, #4 Langara ($3.60) edges past Aneto (9/1)
QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “He breathes fire.” — Trainer Don Schnell talking about Winnipeg Futurity winner Heber whom owner Barry Arnason already hints at being Manitoba Derby material:  “If he stays sound, who knows?”  Next stop for Heber:  Turf Paradise since he’s an Arizona-bred with races written through the fall and winter specifically for him.
Hottest jock: Chavion Chow (7 wins)
Hottest trainers: Jared Brown (4 wins)
Biggest upset:   Yvons Dixie Melody $24.90 (Sun. 6th)
Biggest 20-cent superfecta:  $594 (Mon. 9th — 7-2-6-1)
BEST OF BOB:  Did you know . . . that the pick-6 was first offered in 1982?  Read Fond Memories of Opening Day at Assiniboia Downs by Bob Gates
HARNESS TIP O’ THE WEEK:  Angle pays $70 & $89
If anyone needed confirmation of this handicapping angle in harness racing–watch out for a horse’s second race after a qualifier–all he needed to do was look at what happened at Mohawk Monday.  Two horses that had shown terrible races in their first race off a layoff, won their next starts at huge odds:  #2 Sports Image in race 6 paid $70.60 and #9 Milliondollarcell in race 11 paid $89.90.
                                 THE WEEK THAT WAS
John Field
Fielding a racing club

RACING CLUB SHARES SELLING FAST:  About half of the 40 $500 shares in owning a race horse at the Downs are gone, says John Field, a director with the HBPA who is coordinating the Assiniboia Racing Club.  Field has lots of experience in horse ownership and, as a retired Crown attorney for the province, you know that he will make sure owners are apprised every step of the way in the purchase and racing of the Club’s horse.  The $500 is the only outlay that will be required of each owner.  A meeting will be held once all 40 shares have been sold, Field said.  To join the Club, email John at

TRAINER GRAY NOTCHES 400TH WIN:  Congrats to trainer Lorna Gray who celebrated her 400th victory on the weekend.  Lorna, who was married to top trainer Don Gray who died in 1993,

Len Charney

has been training at the Downs since 1984 and her horses have earned $2,578,886.

WHAT’S A DIME WORTH?  A TRIP TO VEGAS:  By a thin dime, Len Charney edged Jeff Blair in Saturday’s horseplayer tournament, winning his second tournament of the year, this time earning a trip to Las Vegas and entry into a $1 million tournament in March.  His bankroll was $56.40, Jeff Blair’s was $56.30 and Paul Gray finished third with $51.80. The next tournament, this one on simulcast races, goes the last Saturday of September.  At stake now, too, is the Handicapper of the Year title at the end of December which is also worth a Vegas trip. HOTY standings.

“I WON BIG” GROUP ONE HORSE SHY OF $261,000:  It was one heck of an attempt.  The “I won big” workshop group met Monday to form group tickets to pursue the mandatory payout of the Rainbow 6 pool at Gulfstream.  The group’s tickets had horses that paid $12.40, $4.60, $36, $9.80 and $12.40 but missed one horse:  Amaluna (21/1).  He was among a lowly group of horses who had had many chances to try to win their second lifetime race.  At first blush, it seemed the only way to have gotten that horse–who was returning to the turf after many dirt races–was to take “all” horses in that leg.

But then I remembered a unique angle mentioned several times in the past by two-time Handicapper of the Year Ron Phelps.  He said horses with good off-track stats often perform well going from dirt to turf.  AND, LO AND BEHOLD, AMALUNA HAD TWO SECONDS AND A THIRD OUT OF FOUR OFF-TRACK RACES!  Groan!  Unfortunately, Ron wasn’t in attendance to remind us of that angle.  A 20-cent ticket paid $261,743.
NOTE:  Regular weekly “I won big” sessions will begin Saturday, Oct. 3 at 10:30 a.m. on the north plaza as usual.  SOMETHING NEW:   Players have voted to play Woodbine exotics for two months and we’ll also add six maiden claiming races (a favourite money-maker) at other tracks to be determined two days before the workshop.

T-SHIRT STRIP BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE:  They’re still talking about Rob MacLennan’s and Kirt Contois’ karaoke antics at the social two weeks ago to raise money for jockey Rasheed Hughes who broke a leg in a collision with the rail during a morning workout.  In a wild climax to the Village People’s Macho Man, paddock host MacLennan ripped off his T-shirt, evoking memories of Chris Farley in a Chippendale skit on

Queen Elizabeth at the races

Saturday Night Live.  No false modesty for Rob. “It’s what it’s all about,” he said later about letting it all hang out.  Lorne Michaels (producer of Saturday Night Live), take note!  The social raised $3,700 for Rasheed.

THE QUEEN . . . OF RACING … REACHES MILESTONE:  A big shout-out to Queen Elizabeth (or a bow or a curtsy if you feel that’s more appropriate) for this week becoming the longest reigning monarch at 63 years and seven-plus months.  The Queen has a special place in horseplayers’ hearts because of her love for horses and horseracing.  She apparently requires the Racing Post to be included in her reading matter on her trips.
YOU NAMED ME WHAT?  Hldontghttoyurdrms — a 6-year-old gelding trotting at Mohawk.  Really?  I’m waiting for kids to start showing up named Alxndr or Rymnd.  Obviously they would be children of vowel-challenged parents.
Readers write . . .
“Thanks for Rasheed contributions!”
Jockey Rasheed Hughes leans on crutches as Kirt Contois hosts social fun (Barbara Rediker photo)

Dear Ivan: The fund-raising evening on Aug. 30 for injured jockey Rasheed Hughes (he broke his leg during a morning workout) was a great success due in large part to the Manitoba Jockey Club who covered the room, food and $1.00 for each sold drink and donated a silent auction prize. Also, a big thanks to Lori Mann, the Winners Foundation, the HBPA and many members of our track family who also donated silent auction prizes. A hockey jersey in a beautiful hand-made shadow box donated by Clayton and Allan Gray and Hy Road Stables was also auctioned off.  The total raised was about $3,700. Rasheed and his family (his dad happened to be here from the Bahamas) were clearly very appreciative.” — Cindy Willette, Winners Foundation counsellor.

Thanks for that Cindy.  I’m told Rasheed has returned to Barbados to continue healing for six months and then plans to return to the Downs.
NEXT INSIDER:  Thursday.  What were August’s “better bettor” tracks?  Were they yours?
Please end the humiliation tomorrow in the Banjo Bowl!

TDN – A Third Straight ‘Conquest’ in the Summer

Bloodhorse – Novak – Bravo Lands Summer Win on Conquest Daddyo

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson  Sweep of Summer, Natalma gives Casse two for Breeders’ Cup

And a potential Kentucky Derby candidate with Smart Moon the winner the last race at Churchill Downs on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lady and the Track – Laughter – Pocahontas and Iroquois: Prep Races for Bigger Tasks

Maker's Mark Plans Breeders' Cup Bottles

Let’s raise a glass.
And $1 Million for Charity.

Join Breeders’ Cup and Maker’s Mark® in our goal to raise $1 Million over the next three years to support a variety of deserving local and thoroughbred industry charities. Breeders’ Cup and Maker’s Mark® have collaborated on a limited-edition, five-bottle collection featuring a few of the most legendary champions in Breeders’ Cup history. Each bottle pays tribute with a customized design and signature from each Champion’s connections.

This is an extremely limited offer, as only 500 bottles were made for each Champion. Don’t miss your chance to savor the memories of these past champions while helping the local community.

Through your donation you will be granted access to participate in the exclusive commemorative bottle auction which will take place at Keeneland on Thursday, October 29. This event will be the only opportunity to collect the first three bottles of the series. No reserve will be placed on the bottles up for auction.

Champions for Charity event tickets are required, click here to learn more.

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Bloodhorse – Angst – Cocked and Loaded Back on Top in Iroquois

Twin Spires Blog – Scully – Cocked and Loaded opens Road to the Kentucky Derby series with Iroquois win

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Mae West

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Woodbine Mile undercard includes Northern Dancer Turf, Canadian

Bloodhorse – Balan – Danish Dynaformer Tries Top Level at Woodbine

Fort Erie Race Track Logo

Bloodhorse – Balan – Hoop of Colour Can Keep Rolling in Canadian

Lady and the Track – Macatangay – Personal Diary Can Write Upset in Canadian Stakes

Bloodhorse – Novak – Mondialiste Finds Enough in Woodbine Mile

TwinSpires – Blog – Reilly – Mondialiste spears through late in Woodbine Mile

ricoh woodmine mile

Bloodhorse – Woodbine Mile: D’ Amato on Obviously

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Horses to consider, look past on Woodbine Mile Day

The Weight

Bloodhorse – Novak – Interpol Springs Upset in Northern Dancer

TwinSpires Blog – Interpol arrests Habibi’s rally for Northern Dancer upset

Bloodhorse – Balan – Strut the Course Game in Canadian Victory

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Strut the Course does just that in Canadian

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Stacked Deck just holds in Bold Venture

Bloodhorse – Novak – Stacked Deck Holds in Bold Venture

TDN – Making Her ‘Point’

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Sentiero Italia marches on to to QEII Cup after Sands Point romp

Bloodhorse – USADA: Mayweather-Pacquiao Handled Properly

NY Times – Floyd Mayweather Finishes Bout, and Maybe His Career, With Lopsided Win Over Andre Berto

LA Times – Pugmire – Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s victory over Andre Berto is perfect ending to plan

The Boxer

NY Times – AP – Putin Gives Roy Jones Jr. Russian Citizenship

Back In The USSR

The whole history of the world is summed up in the fact that, when nations are strong, they are not always just, and when they wish to be just, they are no longer strong.

Winston Churchill

NY Times – Castle – With Jeremy Corbyn Elected as New Leader, Britain’s Labour Party Takes a Hard Left Turn

Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

NY Times – Montague – In Germany, Migrant Aid Is a Team Effort

Phil heard that the migrants turned down free tickets to watch the jiggies race.


National Post – Christie Blatchford: We should accept as many Syrians as want to come


I see you’re a man with ideals. I better be going before you’ve still got them.
Mae West

NY Times – Bazelon The Return of the Sex Wars

NY Times – Jia – The Peril of Not Dying for Love

National Post – FP – Brownell – Inside Ashley Madison: Calls from crying spouses, fake profiles and the hack that changed everything

LA Times – Jarvie – Pope Francis’ annulment reforms may draw divorced Catholics back to the faith

I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.
Zsa Zsa Gabor

You Can’t Always get What You Want

Planting Peace billboard

Louisville Courier-Journal – USA Today – Thadani – Pro-LGBTQ billboard goes up in Kim Davis’ town

You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can only be free if I am free.

Clarence Darrow

My Haitian Divorce

Wasted Love

Phil M Stockmen

  One Response to “People Talking Without Listening”


    Sorry PHIL, but your prayers remain unanswered as HARRAH’S PHILADEPHIA moves Sunday Sept 27 harness card to Monday 28 due to traffic congestion anticipated from Pope Francis’ Visit!

    ALBERTA RACING will we be seeking divine intervention to save racing in a month or seek a NDP non denominational pastor to give the last rites if the NDP follow through with their pre-election promises and comments fro the Legislature during debate on the amendments to the Horse Racing Alberta Act.

    EDMONTON fire city manager for credibility, as FARBROTHER is proud of his accomplishments, what will the CEO legacy be remembered for?

    NORTHLANDS REXALL installs metal detectors for NHL standards it is rumoured that a feasibility study to install them at the casino to prevent loose change from leaving the premises?

    NDP government parts way with Tory pick for Alberta envoy to US /3 years before contract expires,the broom sweeping continues with many Tories packing their bags?

    FEDERAL PC PEEGATE scandal, reminds me of the HENRY / BURRELL infamous watering of her hanging flower pots with the aid of a pony horse resulting in a major fine and probation about a decade ago, would it presently result in having to serve community time watering the urban garden?

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