Oct 222015

Lianne Knechtel appointed

Alberta Horse Conference Coordinator




Meet our new Alberta Horse Conference coordinator: Lianne Knechtel


Lianne joins us from the fast paced world of horse

Lianne Knechtel

racing! Lianne began her career as a teacher but has been successfully training racehorses for the past 24 years. Lianne will be exercising her skills around the HIAA office as well as at our 34th annual Horse Conference in Red Deer, January 15-17, 2016. Lianne can be contacted at our office via e-mail at lknechtel@albertahorseindustry.ca or by phone at 403-420-5949. We look forward to tapping into Lianne’s vast experience in the Alberta horse industry.  

Throwback Thursday: Freedom’s Traveler 2011 
Freedom’s Traveler


Click the image above to read about one of Lianne’s great horses successes.

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