Dec 062015

Phil’s starting with a question today:


When Phil puts in a quote, question, comment, song or a juxtaposition intending a simple yet far-fetched, obtuse allusion, and none of the readers catch that allusion is it still an allusion and can Phil take credit for that allusion.

Interstate Love Song

Never affirm, always allude: allusions are made to test the spirit and probe the heart.
Umberto Eco

National Post – Michael Smyth: Canada’s massive Paris contingent almost outnumbers France

One of Phil’s biggest complaints about the Harper government was that it was far more concerned about globetrotting for photo-ops than about staying home and governing the country.

Looks like the only thing that’s changed under Trudeau the younger is that the Premiers of the provinces get to share the photo-op limelight while neglecting their duties down on the farm.

Good government like charity starts at home.

Down on the Farm

The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires.
Dorothy Parker

National Post – Conrad Black: The great climate conference charade playing out in Paris

Phil’s Vignette of Canadian History:

Who Are The British Home Children

Gravity’s Rainbow

My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty, soft music.
Vladimir Nabokov

LA Times – Wharton – Famed horse racing announcer Trevor Denman abruptly announces retirement

TDN – Denman Announces Retirement

Bloodhorse – Race Caller Denman to Retire From Santa Anita

It is impossible to live a pleasant life without living wisely and well and justly. And it is impossible to live wisely and well and justly without living a pleasant life.




National Post – Ahsan – Pamela Anderson covers Playboy’s final nude issue

The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.
Norman Mailer

Bloodhorse – Angst – Emphasis on Innovation at Racing Symposium

1. Culture Change

“We’re working at a transformation that’s consistent with getting more people interested in the game,” Lawson said of the culture change he began leading shortly after April 1, when he took over for outgoing CEO Nick Eaves.

“What we’re faced with in this industry is just a challenging landscape in terms of the competition for that sports and entertainment dollar. I think what we need to do is become better as an organization in terms of attracting people and showing people what horse racing can do, how people can come out and enjoy themselves. That starts with having a happy workplace. People who are excited about what they do, they pass on that excitement to the customer.”

Lawson said increasing employee investment in the operation requires removing some of the hierarchy in an organization that has nearly 2,000 employees and operates both Woodbine Racetrack just down the road from Toronto’s Pearson Airport and its Standardbred-only sister track, Mohawk Racetrack, 30 miles west of the city in Campbellville.

“Part of our cultural change is challenging people for that new vision to give them the empowerment to do things differently,” Lawson said. “I think that’s the way horse racing is going to survive in this province – by being new and innovative – and that’s part of our cultural vision and our vision, generally, as a company.”

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Briggs – Seven reasons Woodbine may have a bright future after all

The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.
Will Rogers

Last Sunday Phil commented about the connections of Runhappy having made some inappropriate comments about who was actually training the horse and advised the Ennead et al that he had sent an e-mail to CHRB outlining his concerns. Within 1 hour of sending the e-mail Phil received a response from Rick M. Baedeker, the Executive Director of the CHRB advising Phil that CHRB would investigate Phil’s concerns and within a week Phil received the following e-mail from Mike Marten:

Mr. Stockmen:
Thank you for raising this issue with the California Horse Racing Board. Our investigators have verified that all of those now associated with the horse are properly licensed in California.
The comments you referenced involved matters that took place in Kentucky, well outside of the CHRB’s jurisdiction. Should Kentucky racing authorities take action, the CHRB would honor any rulings issued by the Kentucky Racing Commission.
With appreciation,
Mike Marten
Public Information Officer CHRB
The CHRB may not have taken the course that Phil and many others would like to see – banishing McIngvale and Wohlers to the netherworld, but the CHRB took Phil’s concerns seriously, investigated what Phil requested and responded to Phil promptly and professionally.
Amazing what can be done when competent people are more concerned with ensuring the propriety and prosperity of horse racing than topping up their pensions.


Phil has a question:

Is that the ghost of Horse Racing In Alberta Future.

An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.
Charles Dickens

If Shirley McClellan had any input that’s the Alberta thoroughbred industry’s head on the platter. The one she killed to make soup for the jiggies.

In 2015 the Thoroughbred purse grant from HRA totaled $5,274,000 compared to $3,680,941 in 2014. Even though we received an additional $1.6 million resulting from the opening the REC at Century Downs of racing in Calgary after a seven (7) year hiatus, a purse increase was not possible. A financial policy change instituted by HRA for 2015 resulted in a decrease of the percentage allocation to “A” Thoroughbred Horsemen from 43.5% to 38.5% of the total purse grant. The Standardbred breed as well as Community racing were the recipients of the 5% lost by this Association. Had we received the same percentage allocation as had been received from Day 1 of HRA’s existence, the additional $700,000 would have translated into a 10 – 15% increase in overnite payments. In 2015 The HBPA of Alberta did not dip into its rainy day fund to support purses as was the case in 2014 when slightly over $700,000 was injected internally to keep purses status quo. Your Board and management continue to operate cautiously bearing in mind that funds on hand may be required yet again down the road if there is an HRA funding shortfall.

Alberta HBPA – Recap of 2015 Northlands race meet and 2016 Outlook

Phil has a question:

Was the motion that passed this 5% trim from the thoroughbreds passed by a proper vote of the Board Of Directors.

Was the CEO of Horse Racing Alberta in attendance when this motion was passed.

If she was why. She is not a member of the Board of Directors and can only attend Board meetings upon the invitation of the Board of Directors.

Is the Chair and Board of Horse Racing Alberta too gutless to tell Shirley McClellan the CEO of Horse Racing Alberta that it is the Board that runs the show and she is their employee.

Isn’t it time that the thoroughbred industry did to Horse Racing Alberta what Alberta HBPA just successfully did with Edmonton Northlands – litigate.

Isn’t it time that the NDP government realized that the main reason they got elected was the dissatisfaction with the previous Tory regimes and their continued policy of pork barrel patronage appointments and unbid pork barrel contracts. Isn’t it time that the NDP government realized that the longer they leave the Tory patronage cronies in their positions, the more time they give these cronies to make the NDP government look inept and the more the people of Alberta perceive that the NDP are sanctioning the patronage appointments that they were elected to clean up.

Phil has a suggestion:

If the NDP don’t use it I’m sure Brian Jean may find it useful.

Invite all the Tory crony appointees out for a big luncheon. When they come back to what was once their office have a security guard hand them a pink slip along with the contents of their recently emptied office in a box or 2 and give them a card with a bus route or taxi or Uber number on it so they can get home without their recently revoked and towed government paid vehicle.

If any of them decide to litigate have them prove that their appointment was made on what you know not who you know.

Make Alberta a meritocracy not a bureaucracy.

Phil has a question:

Does the Undertaker have a government paid scooter for scurrying to the QKB’s office.

Phil’s returning from his cotangent to today’s topic – the improper slashing of 5% from the Alberta thoroughbred racing industry.

The Horse Racing Alberta Act does not contain a clause that does not require Directors to recuse themselves when they are in a conflict situation. This is probably one of the most of the many flawed pieces of legislation passed by the Klein Tories and the administration of it under the previous Tory regimes was so utterly brutal that the Tories had to pay George Cuff to write a report to try and clean up the rotten stinking mess. Too bad the powers that be at HRA think they know more than George Cuff and have paid only lip service to his report.

Virtually every vote of the Board of Directors creates a conflict of interest for the Board members who represent the horse racing industry entities rendering Horse Racing Alberta for all intents and purposes not properly nor ethically governable. One can only speculate why the previous Tory regimes failed to rectify this problem, but that and many other problems with patronage appointments and unbid contracts has left the NDP with a gargantuan cleanup problem that so far they haven’t had the stomach to commence.

AS Phil has oft said the longer the NDP government leaves these Tory cronies in their positions the more the public perceives the NDP government as sanctioning the Tory past behaviour and failing on their campaign promise to cleanup up the mess.

The Horse Racing Alberta Act needs to be scrapped and rewritten. Too bad the new NDP Government hasn’t got around to cleaning up this mess yet and Phil doesn’t think that the thoroughbred industry in Alberta can wait for Brain Jean to get it Dunn. To borrow from that eminently esteemed philosopher Larry Flynt. You can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper. The AGLC Board does not have Casino owners, bar owners, liquor company representatives or any directly involved industry members on their Board. That’s because as Larry Flynt said You can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.

If the NDP government want help drafting the amendments to the Horse Racing Alberta Act and the Conflicts of Interest legislation they can give Phil a call or better yet call Marguerite Trussler, Q.C. — Ethics Commissioner. I’m sure the Ethics Commissioner would provide insights on how to properly draft legislation and how to add teeth to the conflict of interest rules.

Even Horse Racing Alberta’s own improperly commissioned Serecon Report shows that the thoroughbred contribution to the overall horse racing economy in Alberta is significantly higher than the standardbred contribution and the handle figures for Alberta show a 75% thoroughbred 25% standardbred split, so why would Horse Racing Alberta proceed in a manner contrary to their own facts and figures. Does Shirley McClellan need the jiggies to stroke her ego that bad.

Phil’s not going to send an e-mail to Shirley McClellan and Rick LeLacheur asking for the reasoning behind and justification for the 5% slash from the thoroughbreds as he doesn’t want to waste the paper and ink.

ESPN – West – Anxiously awaiting the new year

In Alberta the thoroughbred industry is anxiously awaiting the New Year and especially March 31, 2016. Not in the connotation that they want something very much, but rather experiencing worry, unease and nervousness about an imminent event with an uncertain outcome.

 To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukaemia with leeches.
Margaret Thatcher


Merry Christmas-New Years

Lady and the Track – Macatangay – Shared Belief’s Most Memorable Wins

Bloodhorse – Hang With Haskin – Shared Memories

Bloodhorse – Shulman – Shared Belief Dies After Colic Surgery

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Shared Belief succumbs to colic

TDN – Shared Belief Succumbs to Colic


Guardian – Cook – Betfair becomes BHA betting partner as Coral adds to sponsorship pressure

What is the sound of one hand clapping? What is the weight of a single grain of sand? The answer is equal to my interest in the message you are about to leave so make it short.

Mitch Hertzog’s voice mail message.


Sunday December 6 2015

Pick 6    $37,446.00
Fair Grounds
Pick 5 Jackpot    $4,218.00
Gulfstream Park    Pick 6 Jackpot    $12,988.00
Laurel Park
Pick 6    $32,805.00
Z-5 Super Hi-5     $716.00
Los Alamitos
Pick 6    $9,184.00

Tuesday December 8 2015

Super High Five Jackpot    $163,117.00
Pick 6 Jackpot    $20,850.00

Wednesday December 9 2015

Delta Downs
Super High Five     $2,129.00
Super High Five     $1,892.00
Super High Five     $1,660.00
Super High Five     $1,553.00
Super High Five     $895.00
Super High Five     $358.00
Evangeline Downs
Super High Five     $3,970.00
Tampa Bay Downs
X-5 Super High Five     $5,439.00
X-5 Super High Five     $3,125.00
X-5 Super High Five     $1,671.00
X-5 Super High Five     $1,671.00
X-5 Super High Five     $1,304.00
X-5 Super High Five     $880.00

Guaranteed Pools

Equibase Carryovers and Guaranteed Pools

Bloodhorse – Novak – California Chrome Continues Los Al Progress

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – New York to South Florida: A Prime Time Shift

Hard as you may find it to believe Phil stopped at a local wine boutique on Saturday that was having a free tasting – Color de Vino. Even though they don’t know how to spell in Canada they do have an excellent selection of wines and Bourbon and Phil was looking for something from South Africa to honour Trevor Denman.

Phil was jabbering about thoroughbred racing and one of the ladies remarked that her uncle owned horses and had won the Queen’s Plate. Lucky for Phil he didn’t have to turn up the synapses as she continued with the name Son Of Briartic.

Phil was fortunate enough to have a few minutes to chat and reminisce with Dave Kapchinsky’s niece Valerie Albrecht about Dave and his family and the best sire that Alberta and Washington have ever seen.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Crispe – Two female jockeys who have put the men well and truly in their place

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Royal Posse among the stars in Claiming Crown at Gulfstream Park 

Bloodhorse – Angst – Royal Posse, Castellano Rule Claiming Crown

DRF – Rampellini – Key to Power storms to victory in Claiming Crown Emerald

TDN – 2016 Graded Stakes Announced

Bloodhorse – TOBA Announces U.S. Graded and Listed Stakes

Bloodhorse – 2016 American Graded Stakes Races

Upcoming Stakes

Dec 7
Portland Meadows
Stallion stake $16,000 3yo R 6f Dirt

Dec 11
Fair Grounds
Magic City Classic $57,000 3&up 8f Dirt

Dec 12
Bay Ridge stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Charles Town
Eleanor Casey Memorial $50,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Fair Grounds
Louisiana Champions Day Classic stake $150,000 3&up State/Prov 9f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day handicap $50,000 3&up State/Prov 8.32f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile stake $100,000 2yo State/Prov 6f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day Ladies stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day Ladies Sprint stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day Lassie stake $100,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day Sprint stake $100,000 3&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Louisiana Champions Day Turf stake $100,000 3&up State/Prov abt 8.5f Turf
Gulfstream Park
El Prado stake $100,000 3&up 7.5f Turf
Harlan’s Holiday Stake (L) $100,000 3&up 8.5f Dirt
Rampart Stake GIII $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8f Dirt
South Beach stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 7.5f Turf
Jim Edgar Illinois Futurity $50,000 2yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Japan Racing Association
Challenge Cup GIII $723,000 3&up 9f Turf

Los Alamitos
King Glorious Stake $100,000 g 2yo c/g State/Prov 8f
Starlet GI $300,000 2yo f 8.5f Dirt

Dec 13
Golden Gate Fields
Miss America $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Turf
Hong Kong
Longines Hong Kong Cup GI $3,225,000 3&up 10f Turf
Longines Hong Kong Mile GI $2,967,000 3&up 8f Turf
Longines Hong Kong Sprint GI $2,386,000 3&up 6f Turf
Longines Hong Kong Vase GI $2,128,000 3&up 12f Turf
Japan Racing Association
Capella Stake GIII $633,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Hanshin Juvenile Fillies GI $1,173,000 2yo Fillies 8f Turf
Remington Park
Jim Thorpe stake $50,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt
Remington Springboard Mile (L) $250,000 2yo 8f Dirt
She’s All In stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8.32f Dirt
Trapeze stake $100,000 2yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Useeit stake $50,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Dirt

Dec 18
Delta Downs
Lookout $65,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 7.5f Dirt

Dec 19
Queens County handicap $100,000 3&up 9f Dirt
Delta Downs
B-Connected $65,000 3&up State/Prov 7.5f Dirt
Fair Grounds
Blushing K.D. stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 8.5f Turf
Buddy Diliberto Memorial stake $60,000 4&up abt 8.5f Turf
Letellier Memorial stake $50,000 2yo Fillies 6f Dirt
Sugar Bowl stake $50,000 2yo 6f Dirt
Tenacious stake $60,000 3&up 8.32f Dirt
Tiffany Lass stake $50,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8.32f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Mr. Prospector Stake GIII $100,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Tropical Park Derby $75,000 3yo 8.5f Turf
Tropical Park Oaks $75,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f Turf
Japan Racing Association
Turquoise Stake (L) $633,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf

Los Alamitos
Los Alamitos Futurity GI $350,000 2yo 8.5f
Sunland Park
KLAQ handicap $65,000 3&up 5f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Inaugural stake #$100,000 2yo Colts & Geldings 6f Dirt
Lightning City Stake (L) #$100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5f Turf
Sandpiper stake #$100,000 2yo Fillies 6f Dirt
Turfway Park
Prairie Bayou stake #$60,000 3&up 8.5f AW

Dec 20
New York Stallion Series (Fifth Ave. Div.) $150,000 2yo Fillies R 6f Dirt
Japan Racing Association
Asahi Hai Futurity Stake GI $1,274,000 2yo 8f Turf
Sunland Park
Johnie L. Jamison stake $85,000 3&up State/Prov 6.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
New Mexico State Racing Commission handicap $85,000 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt

Dec 26
Damon Runyon stake $100,000 2yo State/Prov 8.32f Dirt
Gravesend handicap $100,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds
Pago Hop stake $75,000 3yo Fillies abt 8f Turf
Pan Zareta stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 6f Turf
Woodchopper stake $75,000 3yo abt 8f Turf
Gulfstream Park
La Prevoyante Handicap GIII $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 12f Turf
Sugar Swirl Stake GIII $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
W.L. McKnight Handicap GIII $100,000 3&up 12f Turf
Japan Racing Association
Hanshin Cup GII $1,173,000 3&up 7f Turf
Laurel Park
Dave’s Friend stake $100,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Jennings handicap $50,000 3&up State/Prov 8f Dirt
Maryland Juvenile Filly Championship $50,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Maryland Juvenile Futurity $50,000 2yo State/Prov 7f Dirt
Thirty-Eight Go Go stake $100,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 8f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Daytona Stake GIII $100,000 3&up abt 6.5f Turf
La Brea Stake GI $300,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Malibu Stake GI $300,000 3yo 7f Dirt
Mathis Brothers Mile GII $200,000 3yo 8f Turf
Sunland Park
La Senora stake $85,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Turf Paradise
Arizona Juvenile Fillies stake $35,000 2yo Fillies 6.5f Dirt
Lost in the Fog Juvenile stake $35,000 2yo 6.5f Dirt

Dec 27
East View stake $100,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 8.32f Dirt
New York Stallion Series (Great White Way Div.) $150,000 2yo Colts & Geldings R 6f Dirt
Japan Racing Association
Arima Kinen GI $4,530,000 3&up 12.5f Turf
Hopeful Stake GII $1,173,000 2yo 10f Turf
Portland Meadows
Bill Wineberg stake $15,000 2yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Janet Wineberg stake $15,000 2yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Lethal Grande Oregon Sprint Championship $12,000 3&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oregon Distaff Starter handicap $7,500 g 3&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oregon Fall Starter handicap $7,500 g 3&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oregon Hers stake $12,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Dirt
Oregon His stake $12,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 8.5f Dirt

Bloodhorse – Johnson – 10 Up-and-Coming Derby Contenders

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Kentucky Derby hopefuls in Gulfstream’s Championship Meet spotlight; Pletcher & Castellano seek to continue dominance 

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DRF – Dybal – Mana Strike goes last to first to win Gold Rush

DRF – DeVivo – Bird of Trey much the best in Pennsylvania Nursery

2016 Road to the Kentucky Derby

The 142nd running of the $2 million guaranteed Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (Grade I) will be run Saturday, May 7, 2016, and for the fourth consecutive year, a tiered point system in select races will determine who qualifies to America’s greatest race.
Race    Track    Date    Points
Los Alamitos Futurity Los Alamitos Race Course Dec 19, 2015 10-4-2-1
Jerome Aqueduct Jan 9, 2016 10-4-2-1
Sham Santa Anita Park Jan 16, 2016 10-4-2-1
Smarty Jones Oaklawn Park Jan 18, 2016 10-4-2-1
Holy Bull Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Withers Aqueduct Feb 13, 2016 10-4-2-1
Robert B. Lewis Santa Anita Park Feb 13, 2016 10-4-2-1
Southwest Oaklawn Park Feb 15, 2016 10-4-2-1
El Camino Real Derby Golden Gate Fields Feb 20, 2016 10-4-2-1
Fountain of Youth Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Risen Star Fair Grounds Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gotham Aqueduct Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Tampa Bay Derby Tampa Bay Downs Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
San Felipe Santa Anita Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Rebel Oaklawn Park Mar 19, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Derby Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Spiral Turfway Park Mar 26, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Derby Meydan Racecourse Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Florida Derby Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Louisiana Derby Fair Grounds Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Wood Memorial Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Blue Grass Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Derby Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Arkansas Derby Oaklawn Park Apr 16, 2016 100-40-20-10
Lexington Keeneland Apr 16, 2016 10-4-2-1

Todd Pletcher may not have been a figure in the 2015 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile but don’t cry for him yet as Zulu a son of Bernardini out of the Summer Squall mare Temporada  owned by Stonestreet Stables LLC,  Susan Magnier, Michael B. Tabor and Derrick Smith who easily broke his maiden at Gulfstream Park on Saturday December 5, 2015 has distance breeding and Kentucky Derby Trail written all over him.

TDN – Bernardini Colt Runs to the Money at Gulfstream

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Is Cathryn Sophia Servis’ filly version of Smarty Jones

2016 Road to the Kentucky Oaks

Race    Track    Date      Points
Starlet    Los Alamitos Race Course Dec 12, 2015 10-4-2-1
Santa Ynez    Santa Anita Park Jan 9, 2016 10-4-2-1
Busanda    Aqueduct Jan 16, 2016 10-4-2-1
Silverbulletday    Fair Grounds Jan 23, 2016 10-4-2-1
Forward Gal    Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Martha Washington    Oaklawn Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Las Virgenes    Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
UAE Oaks    Meydan Racecourse Feb 25, 2016 50-20-10-5
Busher    Aqueduct Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Davona Dale    Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Rachel Alexandra   Fair Grounds Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Santa Ysabel    Santa Anita Park Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Honeybee    Oaklawn Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Park Oaks    Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Bourbonette Oaks    Turfway Park Mar 26, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gulfstream Park Oaks    Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Fair Grounds Oaks    Fair Grounds Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Oaks    Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Gazelle    Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Ashland   Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Fantasy    Oaklawn Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Beaumont    Keeneland Apr 17, 2016 10-4-2-1

STRADIVARI (c, 2, Medaglia d’Oro–Bending Strings {MGSW & MGISP, $870,612}, by American Chance), a John D. Gunther homebred, captured his second career start in authoritative fashion in the opening race of the Gulfstream Park Championship Meet.

TDN – Medaglia d’Oro Colt Gets Things Started at Gulfstream

From the Derby Bar and Grill Newsletter

2015 Thoroughbred Awards

The official closing to the 2015 thoroughbred season was at Newlands Golf Course as both equine and human accomplishments were being honoured last night.

The Hastings Racing Club’s Square Dancer took home the trophy for Open Horse-of-the-Year while the Russ and Lois Bennett’s Touching Promise was the recipient of the B.C. bred Horse-of-the-Year.

The divisional honours went as follows:

2yo filly (open and BC) – C U At Eau Claire
2yo (open and BC) – Stanz In Command
3yo filly (BC) – Quatre Cat
3yo filly (open) – Academic
3yo (BC) a triple dead-heat – Catz On Fire, Cederberg, Mighty Fraser
3yo (open) – Bluegrass Angus
Older Mare (open and BC) – Touching Promise
Older C&G (BC) – Brass and Gold
Older C&G (open) – Square Dancer
Champion Sprinter – Modern
Lower Claimer Award – At The Ritz
Upper Claimer Award – Brackendale
The B.C. Horse Racing Hall-of-Fame opened its doors to Dan Jukich, Dixie Jacobson and 2012 Queens Plate winner Strait of Dover.

Harold Barroby was deservedly recognized for his decades of tireless work on the backstretch and received the 2015 HBPA Backstretch Award.

The General Manager of Teletheatre BC Bill MacNeill presented Harold Barroby with a special award for his long standing work on the Teletheatre BC board.

The Diamond Award of Excellence was given to Glen Todd, Richard Yates and Darren MacDonald for their creation and successful running of the Hastings Racing Club.

Mike Anderson’s 34 wins earned him the honour as the leading trainer and Richard Hamel visited the winner’s circle 74 times on his way to the 2015 riding title. Russ and Lois Bennett’s 19 victories gave them the top owner trophy.

The leading breeders of 2015 were Russ and Lois Bennett; Karen Nordahl’s Excited Miss was named the top broodmare; Rosberg was leading juvenile sire and Second in Command was the top stallion.

The CTHS honoured 25 year members Doug Clyde, Nicole Wylie, Doug Corrigan, Barry Lee and Ross McNaughton.
Copyright © 2015 BC THOROUGHBRED OWNERS & BREEDERS ASSOCIATION All rights reserved.

BC Toba Members List
Our mailing address is:BC TOBA#7 – 5492 Production Boulevard Surrey, BC V3S 8P5 Canada





Hastings News by Greg Douglas

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The Toronto Star – Quebec’s online gambling law threatens Canada’s open Internet: Geist

Canadian Gambling Business – Interblock unveils landmark Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology

Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.
Adolf Hitler

INDIAN CHARLIE WORLDWIDE - We Never Let the Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

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DRF – Grening – NYRA’s profits for 2015 exceed projections

DRF – Grening – NYRA to run 14 fewer days in 2016

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Parkes Gets Julinsky Prince Home at Trentham


January 15 – 17 2016

Sheraton Red Deer

3310 – 50 Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 3X9 Canada

Bloodhorse – Snierson – Massachusetts Slots Referendum Progresses

Bloodhorse – Historical Racing Debate Continues in Texas

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
Winston Churchill



Irvings Farm Fresh

In 2009 we opened our new 1500 ft2 butcher shop, and have continued to invest as we grow. Our business continues to expand, and we are proud to employ several full and part time local people, to work with us.

We still have plans for further expansion, and have lots of ideas for new, innovative products. We continue our quest to educate our customers about  – the superior quality of our products; why we do things the way we do them; and why we continue to offer those British customers a taste of home.

Taking our business forward is an adventure for us, and a huge learning experience. To quote Alan’s grandfather – The day you stop learning is the day you die!

These are the only hogs at the trough that Phil approves of.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
Winston Churchill

National Post – Washington Post – Existence of commercial bananas threatened by disease — and there is no known way to stop it

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.

Aldous Huxley

Run, Run, Run

Dale Simanton aboard Seeking Beauty chasing after Jersey Joe. Photo: Dorothy SnowdenPhil has a question:

Will Rocky still be able to catch Jersey Joe with the extra 20kg. of OHS mandated safety equipment the rider will be forced to wear in Alberta.

I liked that title. I didn’t want to lose it to anybody, but if I had to lose it, I’m glad I lost it to you. You’re a good fighter and gonna be a great champ.
Jersey Joe Walcott


Edmonton Journal – Sinnema – Opposition mounts against Alberta farm safety bill

The Rebel – What’s wrong with Bill 6 — explained in under two minutes

The Rebel – Kill Bill 6 rally participants demand to be heard at largest gathering yet

The Edmonton Sun – Gunter – Bill 6 shows NDP clueless about farm life


Edmonton Journal – McGowan – Opinion: “Enough already!” with misleading rhetoric about family farm

Phil has a question:

Will the OHS, WCB, Employment Standards and Union rules apply to the urban farmer who’s raising chickens for eggs or bees for honey in his backyard.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.
Margaret Thatcher

Highlights of Bill 6 – Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act

For any further information or if you require help with training and compliance contact

There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty.
Margaret Thatcher

A Leader on Losing Control

Bloodhorse – National HBPA Endorses AHC’s Welfare Code

Guardian – McRae – Victoria Pendleton: ‘You don’t get on a horse and jump a fence for a publicity stunt’

Giving horseplayers a voice.

Bloodhorse – Peters – Sister Act: Idlewild and Aerolite

Buford T Justice

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Redoute’s Choice Weanling Tops Arqana Session

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Malones Continue Spending for Mares

Racing Post – Pennington – Malone makes mark with big-money buys

‘Tis the season for festive-enhanced Thursday buffets
• TONIGHT:  Prime rib buffet with pasta bar
• NEXT THURSDAY:  Festive-enhanced
  prime rib buffet (turkey and all the trimmings.)
• THURSDAY, DEC. 17: Festive enhanced
  prime rib buffet
Reserve at 204-885-3330 ext. 0
Current votes for American Pharoah:  44 per cent
Votes for Kansas City Royals:  33 per cent
Voting ends a week from this Saturday
Bullet briefs . . .
• Up to 5 per cent weekly betting bonu$e$ continue!  See levels here.
• Turfway, Los Al thoroughbreds kick off today; Gulfstream Saturday
• Woodbine announces “wrong-way” racing on turf course
• ASD jockey/trainer combo produces $100 winner on WO final day
• It’s “crunch” time for “I won big” group as 28/1 “rule” horse wins
• Can you say “crush?” That’s what Misko did to tourney rivals

PICK-3 WON!  NEW GAME TONIGHT:  Congrats to Jim Roberts who nailed last week’s pick-3 at Del Mar with horses paying $3.40, $4.20 and $12.  He picked up $20 in wagering vouchers plus $20 for being in attendance Saturday. Is it your turn tonight?  Send your pick-3 from these three races at Charles Town in the subject line of your email to by 8 p.m.  Same prizes as Jim received are at stake. One entry per email address. Entries cannot be made on behalf of another person.



Click for schedule
Have you booked New Year’s Eve Gala yet?
Alix Michaels

ALIX MICHAELS HOSTS NEW YEAR’S EVE GALA:  Alix Michaels of FAB 94.3 will host the FABulous New Year’s Eve gala at the Downs on Dec. 31. There will be EIGHT food stations to tickle your tummy: appetizers, salad toss, pasta bowl, carving station, potato bar, comfort food, under the sea and sweet stuff.  See menu here.  Plus NuFrequency light and sound, prize draws, party favours and more, all for just $49.95.  Phone for tickets at 204-885-3330 ext. 0.

Official stations of horse racing.
Click to listen
ASD jock/trainer bring in $100 horse
Chris Husbands & Murray Duncan partner in Wild N Crazy
Chris Husbands and Murray Duncan light up the board at Woodbine

ASD trainer Murray Duncan and ASD jockey Chris Husbands produced a Wild N Crazy finish to Woodbine’s thoroughbred season Sunday with a $100 horse by that name in the seventh race.  Wild N Crazy paid $100.90, $49.60 and $23.40 in a $12,500 claimer for horses who hadn’t won two races.  Their win set up a $1 superfecta that paid $27,366.

After leaving the Downs after the live season ended in September, Duncan claimed two horses at Woodbine and had a record of 10-1-1-1 with earnings of $18,000.  Husbands rode several other long shots to victory and his record was 76-4-0-5 and his horses earned $75,000. He also won three races at Fort Erie.
*       *       *
“Wrong way” races next season
25 turf races to be run CLOCKWISE, says Woodbine CEO
Racing the “wrong way,” turf horses will have to negotiate unusual turns as they head for home

Eyebrows were raised when Woodbine chose to buck the trend and announce they were installing another synthetic surface, Tapeta, instead of returning to dirt as other tracks have done.  And eyebrows are being raised again with the announcement that Woodbine will become the first track in North America to run races the “wrong” way (clockwise).  It will do so in 25 turf races during their thoroughbred season which begins in early April, said CEO Jim Lawson.

“At first, I think everyone thought I was crazy,” Lawson, who began his tenure in April, was quoted as saying. “But why not? We are in a very competitive world for that sports, entertainment and wagering dollar. We need to have innovative ways to attract fans, more horses and more horse people to Woodbine.”
Reaction to the announcement at the Downs was swift:  Paddock host Rob MacLennan called the move “awesome” while two-time Handicapper of the Year Ron Phelps said it was “dumb.”  (See their letters below.)  Whatever the reaction, it is sure to illicit attention. Actually, turf races are run both clockwise and counter-clockwise in other parts of the world so this is not unusual.
Because of the unique configuration of the track as the horses leave the backstretch (see map), horses will likely be a tad slower in their closing fractions than in races run in the usual direction.  Handicappers will have to compensate for this.
“AWESOME:”  “I think it’s awesome, it’s different, it’s exciting. Remember, Woodbine isn’t a perfect oval in circumference. I’d be curious to see what kind of races Woodbine will run.”Rob MacLennan, ASD paddock host
“DUMB:” “I think it’s dumb. Can’t think of any reason why they would think this would be a good promotion for racing in North America.” Ron Phelps, two-time Handicapper of the Year and turf specialist
Can I predict there will not be a stampede of other tracks to try this?  For better or worse, race-trackers are traditionalists.  Look at how the Breeders’ Cup Ladies Classic name didn’t last. After five years of being called the “ladies classic,” It went back to being labeled the Breeders’ Cup Distaff although hardly anyone knows what “distaff” means.
*       *       *
“You jinxed Jackpot payout!”
Insider accused of jinxing Jackpot Hi 5 payout at Woodbine
Weird.  Last year The Insider made a big deal about an upcoming mandatory payout of Gulfstream’s $6 million Rainbow pick-6–and it was won the day before mandatory payout day.  Something similar happened with Woodbine’s Jackpot Hi 5.  Last Thursday’s Insider trumpetted the fact their pool would be paid out on Saturday.  But it was won the day The Insider ran the story–Thursday.  It paid $281,709 for a lone 20-cent ticket.
That brought accusations of “you jinxed it!” from players looking forward to a mandatory payout day Saturday in which the pool would likely to have grown to $1.5 million or more.
“C’mon!” I thought.  “It was just coincidental.”
But I decided to investigate the Jackpot Hi 5 wagering in the days leading up to last Thursday and made an interesting discovery: betting on the pool spiked considerably last Thursday compared to the previous Thursday.  It was $73,672 compared to $32,708 the previous Thursday.  But, still, that was Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. so maybe that played a role.  So I looked at other days leading up to last Thursday–and discovered smaller pools compared to Thursday.  Here were the pools:
     Thursday, Nov. 19 — $32,708
     Friday, Nov. 20 — $45,675
     Saturday, Nov. 21 — $46,812
     Sunday, Nov. 22 — $61,382
     Wednesday, Nov. 18 — $29,416
     Last Thursday, Nov. 19 — $73,672
So, for some reason, betting shot up the day that bettors found out through The Insider and likely other places that Saturday was mandatory payout day — so did bettors try to bring the pool down before that day because they thought (wrongly, as it turned out), that most bettors would be waiting for Saturday to make the big plunge?
The whole wagering thing is curious, to say the least.
First post: 11:05 a.m. (central time)
It’s December and that means Gulfstream’s Championship meet begins this Saturday with such races as the Fountain of Youth and the Florida Derby being key stops on the road to the Kentucky Derby. First post this Saturday is 11:05 a.m. (central).  Feature: $1.1 million claiming crown.  Join the “I won big” group discussion at 10:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse on the Rainbow pick-6.

Dunn to attend; $15,000 awarded for best ideas
ASD CEO Darren Dunn will be among delegates attending the annual Global Symposium on Racing & Gaming in Tucson, Arizona, next Monday to Wednesday, when 44 speakers will be discussing topics such as “how racing media is adapting to remain relevant,” “bringing new owners to racing” and “an international simulcast update.” Of particular note is a $15,000 cash prize that will be awarded a team that has come up with the best ideas for promoting racing.
Among those discussing topics on racing and gaming will be:
• Joe Harper, CEO Del Mar
• Peter Rotondo, Breeders’ Cup vice-president of media and entertainment
• Dr. Mary Scolley, equine medical director, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
• Keith Chamblin, COO National Thoroughbred Racing Association
• Rene Schneider, TSG Global Wagering Solutions
• Terence Meyocks, Jockeys’ Guild National Manager
• Steve Koch, exec-director safety and integrity for the NTRA
• John Keitt, CEO Bloodhorse magazine
• Mike Tanner, CEO U.S. Trotting Association
What new perspectives on the industry will be put forward?  Transcripts of presentations will be available online.
Can you say “crush?”  Misko turns $40 into $179
Wayne Misko’s the man.  The man of the hour, the man of the month and likely the man of the year, handicapping wise.  The retired postie (above, accepting $500 from tournament director Dawn Forbes) went on a tear in Saturday’s second-last Player’s Choice handicapping tournament, catching 25/1 and 31/1 long shots to dominate the other 25 players with a bankroll of $179.30.  Second was Brad Kinnear, right ($98) and third, Randy Tremblay ($67.60). The final tournament goes on Boxing Day. Tournament resultsHOTY leader board.
TOP TEN heading into the final tournament on Boxing Day:  Wayne Misko (284 points), John Whitehill (259), Larry Leibrecht (254), Ron Phelps (248), Brian McKellar (244), Roger Jones (238), John Urbanski (238), Len Charney (231), John Field (231) and Trevor Tilston-Jones (231).  The HOTY wins a trip to Las Vegas and entry into the Horse Player World Series where a $600,000 first place prize is at stake.

ASD PLAYER NOW ASSISTING GULFSTREAM TRAINER:  Who was that in the paddock at Churchill Downs last Thursday during the simulcast broadcast at the Downs?  It

Dave Brockhill
Hot-walking at Gulfstream (and on the beach)

was none other than the inimitable Dave Brockhill, well-known among ASD regulars who, in a telephone interview, said he is now assisting trainer John Mattine and should have arrived at Gulfstream this morning.

He said he’ll be working with horses in the mornings and “have my feet on the beach” in the afternoons since the ocean is “just a 5-minute bike ride away.”  Tough life!  He said he met Mattine at Woodbine where he helped him off and on (Mattine’s stats at Woodbine: 64-7-6-8, earnings $315,000) and the trainer, who has 10 or 11 horses, invited him to assist him at Gulfstream.  Watch for these two horses in Brock’s care as Gulfstream’s Championship meet begins Saturday:  Buongiorno Johnny (42-6-9-4) and Gagaoveryou (13-2-3-1).
CHURCHILL RELEASES BETTING FIGS–AND NO WONDER!  Churchill generally chooses to keep its wagering numbers confidential.  But not for their fall meet.  And no wonder!  Despite three fewer days of racing this fall compared to last year, total wagering increased by 10 per cent. That’s obviously huge. Attendance increased by four per cent, a media release said.  Field size was up, as were purses.

DETTORI NAMED WORLD’S BEST JOCKEY; ESPINOZA #2:  In an international competition established last year by the Switzerland-based Longines luxury watch

Frankie Dettori
Best in the world

company, British jockey Frankie Dettori was named the world’s best jockey with American Pharoah jockey Victor Espinoza and Britain’s Ryan Moore tied for second.  Ratings are based on jockeys’ finishes in grade 1 and group 1 races.  Jockeys receive 12 points for a win, six points for second and four points for third.  Dettori accumulated 100 points and the two runners-up, 90 points.

North America players likely remember Dettori best as having finished second with Golden Horn in the Breeders’ Cup Turf after winning the Irish Champion and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Europe. Dettori will be honoured in a ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre a week from tomorrow.
Bacon on tap for “big” winners

BACON FOR “I WON BIG” WINNERS:  Yes, using a “rule” horse in the final leg of last Saturday’s late pick-4 at Woodbine resulted in the “I won big” group winning $1,700 in addition to more than $500 for the first pick-4 — for a total of $2,227.  Which means everyone gets a crispy bacon treat this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. when we switch our attention to the last six races at Gulfstream (Rainbow 6).  The 28/1 “rule” horse?  The race was a 7f event so the rule is, look for horses that performed best at that specialist distance.  Three fit the bill.  The group had a $5 pick-4 to the best one but just a 40-cent ticket to the other two–which still made the group big money when the $1 pick-4 paid $4,266.  Crunch.

Matthew Mayer receives $250 from
VLT hostess Roseanne

FUTURE SOLDIER WINS VLT TOURNEY:  Matthew Mayer, 28, was giddy with glee Saturday night as he turned $20 in free spins into $67.50 playing the 5-Times game, earning him the monthly championship and an additional $250 in prize money. A regular at the Texas hold ’em tables,  Mayer said his destiny now will lie with the Canadian Forces which he will officially join in July.

RENAME FOOTBALL LEAGUES CFSL AND NFSL?  Maybe it’s time to rename football in Canada and the U.S. for what it is — survival.  Thus, Canadian Football Survival League and National Football Survival League.  Never, in my memory, have there been so many long-term injuries to so many key players.  Anyone for touch football?
Readers write . . .
Thank you, ASD
Hey Ivan:  Just wanted to say thank you to ASD for making the HOTY much more exciting and also say “WOW” what an outstanding year by Mr. Misko.”  — Roger Jones
Where are they now?
by Rob MacLennan
ASD juvenile stars to race Saturday at Turf Paradise
Trainer Don Schnell has a big day coming Saturday at Turf Paradise which will feature all Arizona-breds. Idling comes off a win in an open claimer on the grass and now tries AZ bred turf mares. She is the 4/5 favourite in the fourth race. The good filly Aware comes off a 3rd in the Queen of the Green Stakes and wheels right back on a short rest for the Cactus Flower Stakes in which she finished second last year. She will have to deal with the 2/5 favourite Winning Vision who won allowance races in California.
The seventh race drew the two juvenile stars of the Schnell barn–Heber and Coolidge–who will be trying the Arizona Breeders Futurity. They are the 2nd and 3rd choices in the race and should have a say in the outcome.
Also in Phoenix, trainer Jared Brown got off to a bit of a slow start but Two Bucks to Win ran a good second on the grass last weekend and Brown races three on Monday, a pair of maiden fillies and Bosque Angel who should relish the 4 1/2f distance.

HISTORY ON THE HOOF: The best of Bob
Did you know . . .   that any discussion of racing at ASD in 1982 and 1983 would have to include trainer Glen Ball’s champion 2- and 3-year-old who literally demolished the competition in winning 10 of 12 races?  Who was that talented “animal” (hint)? Read about him here.

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – ‘Perfect’ Scores First in Kingston Town

DRF – Andersen – Roo’s Valentine relies on speed to steal Soviet Problem

National Post – McParland – Oh yeah, Mike Duffy. Remember him?

Ottawa Citizen – Reevely: How the Mike Duffy trial might one day end

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.

Aldous Huxley

Reece – The Bitter Southerner No. 2

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

National Post – The complete NP99: the best books of 2015, ranked

NY Times – The 10 Best Books of 2015

Dollars & Cents

National Post – Jen Gerson: The zombie of Alberta politics: Alison Redford’s misdeeds are still haunting the province

Atrocity Exhibition

National Post – Robyn Urback: Auditor general report confirms what’s wrong with Ontario’s Liberals: everything

LA Times – Fleishman – Joshua Tree’s peaceful, easy allure has for decades lured artists, musicians and the pure of heart

One Tree Hill

NY Times – Narciso – Hockey in the Mountains, a High Point in Their Lives

The Globe and Mail – McGregor – We’ve accepted concussion’s impact on athletes. Now it’s time for change.

NY Times – Rhoden – A Century Later, Jack Johnson Awaits a Nation’s Absolution

Joe Louis is the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Rocky Marciano is second only to Louis. Where do I rate Ali? Somewhere below me. I beat him, and if I could beat him, no doubt Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano could have beaten him.
Joe Frazier

The New Yorker – Crouch – Bill Murray’s Little Christmas Miracle

NY Times – Tough Talk and a Cowardly Vote on Terrorism

NY Times – Ktistof – Hysteria About Refugees, but Blindness on Guns

Calgary Sun – Platt – Neil Young singing hypocrisy in the not-so-free world, choosing environmental laggards China to produce new music player

The Globe And Mail – Ebner and Maki – Wooing of star UBC quarterback raises red flags about recruiting rules



LA Times – Halper – California entrepreneurs push to reinvent the nuclear industry


National Post – Jennifer Rubin: Chris Christie finds his stride, Bush is still in the bushes and Trump won’t go away

FiveThirtyEight – Enten – Donald Trump Won’t Win Just Because More Voters Are Paying Attention

The Globe and Mail – Healy and Haberman – Analysis of 95,000 words from Trump reveals ominous pattern

That’s the power of the good con artist: the ability to identify your deepest need and exploit it. It’s not about honesty or greed; we are all suckers for belief. In Ms. Lloyd’s case, money was indeed a factor. But it need not be.

NY Times – Konnikova – Born to Be Conned

Politics hates a vacuum. If it isn’t filled with hope, someone will fill it with fear.
Naomi Klein

NY Times – Nocera – Purdue Fires a Champion of Athletes’ Rights

The Globe and Mail – MacLeod – Ross Atkins seeks to ‘fortify’ Toronto Blue Jays’ starting rotation as new GM

Phil has a question:

Has anyone told Atkins that Price signed with the Red Sox and Greinke the Diamondbacks.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

George Berkeley

Garden and Gun – Hutchinson – A Weekend in Christmas Tree Country


National Post – Tucker – A New York magazine cover made it very difficult to dismiss Bill Cosby’s accusers

The truly powerful feed ideology to the masses like fast food while they dine on the most rarified delicacy of all: impunity.
Naomi Klein

National Post – Driving – Booth – The story of Adolf Rosenberger is the stuff of Hollywood movies

Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.
Adolf Hitler

LA Times – Turner – Former players say Kobe Bryant must work on transition game

Sympathy For The Devil

Here Comes The Rain Again

Phil M Stockmen

  One Response to “Say It Ain’t True”


    MUCKA, is not a member of the Alberta HBPA but understands that the thoroughbred will require about 17k directly out of the owner’s pocket per horse to race a horse in ALBERTA next year, however the released state of the union address information, and review of the finances show a $3.68 million thoroughbred race purse grant in 2014 but HRA annual 2014 pg 24/36 shows $3.88 million, where did the 200k go? i hope that Mat will comment/doubtful?

    HBPA wagering totals on live northlands handle was $20.07 million in 2014 but HRA 2014 shows $11.24 live and $1.95 simulcast for a total of $13.19 million/all breeds pg 9/36 a difference of $7 million, CHRIS ROBERTS when asked stated don’t believe HRA figures, i hope that Matt wil comment/doubtful”?

    ASHA website shows 73 race dates for 2016 at CENTURY DOWNS ending aug 21/16 that would mean a 25 days missing for Northlands thoroughbreds – 52? if CENTURY comes up with the 3-5 million in infrastructure with a reduction of 80% revenue from a racino agreement expired/doubtful?

    PACKERS beat LIONS on a last play 61 yard HAIL MARY PASS. With TENILE at QB, and the CAPTAIN at wide receiver,what’s the chances of a renewed racino extension. Doubtful as Tenile’s no Aaaron Rodgers?

    GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM on racing, gaming in TUCSON/ARIZONA next week. Will HRA, NORTHLANDS and CENTURY be forming a executive team for the $15,000 cash prize awarded for the best ideas for promoting horse racing industry. Not a chance.

    BILL 6 uproar moves OKOTOKS town hall meeting to a parking lot to accommodate protesters. Will racing industry and patrons hold protest at legislature when the orange crush slashes racino funding, doubtful?

    MILEY CYRUS song WRECKING BALL was rumoured to be background hold music for northlands,was that for the arena or for the 60 year old main compound, probable?

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