Jan 172016

Like the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.


You can lead a bureaucratic manager to knowledge but you can’t make him think.

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.
Elbert Hubbard

Under Pressure


Sacre Bleu

National Post – McDowell – Drink ’em while you got ’em: It’s last call for the old whiskies, a victim of their own success

Phil has a question:

Does this mean we have to go back to:


Garden and Gun – Hendrickson – Nathaniel Rateliff: Soul Searcher

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
Mother Teresa


HORSE OF YEAR  American Pharoah

















Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Full list | Eclipse Awards winners, bios, votes

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pick 6    $19,086.00
Fair Grounds
Pick 5 Jackpot    $24,619.00
Super High Five     $1,880.00
Golden Gate Fields
Pick 6 Jackpot    $49,311.00
Gulfstream Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $35,027.00
Hialeah Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $16,103.00
Laurel Park
Super High Five     $2,372.00
Pick 6 Jackpot    $1,807.00
Los Alamitos
Pick 6    $16,174.00
Oaklawn Park
Classix    $5,866.00
Sunland Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $6,511.00
Super High Five     $347.00
Tampa Bay Downs
Pick 5    $18,563.00
Turf Paradise
Pick 6    $1,751.00
Turfway Park
Super High Five     $2,676.00

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sam Houston Race Park
Pick 5    $14,317.00
Super High Five     $1,387.00

Guaranteed Pools

Equibase Carryovers and Guaranteed Pools


Horse Race Insider – Jicha – Jackpot bets could bring the end of racing as we know it

Portland Meadows – Results – January 11, 2016

Phil has a question:

How stupid is the Oregon Racing Commission to not realize that all of the horses in these 2 furlongs race are owned by the same group and they’re just using stable names to hide the hidden ownership.

How stupid are the stewards at Portland Meadows to not realize that all of the horses in these 2 furlongs race are owned by the same group and they’re just using stable names to hide the hidden ownership.

Have either the Oregon Racing Commission or the stewards at Portland Meadows called Doug Fenske to ascertain why these races were not licensed in the province of Alberta.

7 Chinese bros.

Phil’s Vignette of Canadian History:

Troy Media – A Brief History of Canadian Meat Processing


On the other hand, what I like my music to do to me is awaken the ghosts inside of me. Not the demons, you understand, but the ghosts.
David Bowie

Come With Me Now

While we’re on the topic of Canadian History on Monday the US celebrates the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to honour Martin Luther King Jr.

January 11 is the anniversary of the birth of two Canadian Prime Ministers John A MacDonald was born January 11, 1815, and Jean Chrétien was born January 11, 1934. January 11 is a bit close to the New Years Day holiday so why not set aside the third Monday in January as a public holiday in Canada in honour of the first Canadian Prime Minister and Jean Chrétien who was born also born on January 11. To honour the English – French bilingual nature of our country we could call the day John et Jean.

Oh Canada

My normal life is like being on holiday.
Valentino Rossi

His obscurity may have something to do with the fact that he is from Canada, the country that gave the world ice hockey, the snow blower and Labatt beer.

But the notion that our neighbor to the north is a frozen cultural wasteland populated with hopelessly unstylish citizens is quickly becoming so outdated as to be almost offensive. Two weeks after the Louis Vuitton show, Justin Trudeau, the muscular, blue-eyed, social-media-savvy son of the former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was swept into power, along with his Liberal Party, in a surprise win over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

NY Times – With the Rise of Justin Trudeau, Canada Is Suddenly … Hip?

Ahead By A Century

You knew Phil wouldn’t let that opportunity slip by.

Still, one of the largest parts of Bowie’s legacy remains the aesthetic imprint he’s had on pop culture. And one of the most significant media to assimilate the aesthetic of Bowie was, oddly enough, comic books. Trying to trace the artist’s influence there led us to the expert: Kieron Gillen.

FiveThirtyEight – Hickey – Pop Culture Looks Like David Bowie

Dancing In The Street

Image result for quotes peanuts dance

Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.
Mary McCarthy

Phil’s n-pc rendition of the Man Who Sold Hot Dogs.

A beautiful and delicious Chicago style hot dog, prepped with a full garden of toppings.

A Polish immigrant in Montreal who lived a couple of blocks north of Ste. Catherine needed to feed his family so he opened a stand to sell hot dogs. Let’s call him Yvan. All the restaurants in Montreal were selling the steamé but Yvan had heard of the famous Chicago style dog that emerged during the Great Depression so he modeled his product after them. Being a musician he only listened to music on the radio. Being Polish he couldn’t read the English or French language newspapers.

Yvan not only sold good hot dogs, but he provided superlative customer service. Don’t like poppy seed no problem we have regular buns. Wheat intolerance no problem we have gluten free buns. Vegetarian no problem we have veggie dogs. His customer service was so superlative that he even was willing to turn his back if you wanted to put ketchup on your red hot. Yvan put up signs on Ste. Catherine telling passers by how good his dogs were English only, bilingual or French only depending on the regime in power. He stood on the side of the road and cried, “Get your red hots here”

And people bought.

Yvan increased his meat, bun and condiment orders and ordered the best quality wieners and the freshest buns possible. He bought a bigger stand with a bigger better stove to take care of his trade. He not only fed his family well he saved enough money to send his first born son to Harvard to study business.

Yvan’s son, Valentyn, came home for Canadian Thanksgiving and asked  “Father, haven’t you been listening to the news on the radio? Haven’t you been reading the newspapers?” My professors say we’re heading into a major recession and all industries need to cut back. Yvan thought: “my son Valentyn’s going to college, he reads the papers and he listens to the news on the radio, his college professors are all well educated and they should know what was happening in the world of business. How much could a hot dog selling Polack know in comparison to the business professors at Harvard.

So Yvan followed Valentyn and the learned professors advice and cut back. One less slice of tomato, one less pepper, half a slice of pickle and half the onions, sauerkraut and condiments. Lo and behold the Harvard professors’ predictions were right. There must be a recession as his hot dog sales fell overnight.

Valentyn came home for American Thanksgiving and asked  “Father, haven’t you been listening to the news on the radio? Haven’t you been reading the newspapers?” My professors say the recession is worsening and all industries need to cut back even more. Yvan thought: “my son Valentyn’s going to college, he reads the papers and he listens to the news on the radio, his college professors are all well educated they should know what was happening in the world of business and sure enough sales have been declining. How much could a hot dog selling Polack know in comparison to the business professors at Harvard.

So Yvan followed Valentyn and the learned professors advice and cut back. No slice of tomato, no pepper, no slice of pickle cheaper wieners and day old plain buns only. Lo and behold the Harvard professors’ predictions were again right. There must be a recession as his hot dog sales again fell overnight.

Valentyn came home for Christmas and asked  “Father, haven’t you been listening to the news on the radio? Haven’t you been reading the newspapers?” My professors say the recession is worsening even more and all industries need to cut back even more. Yvan thought: “my son Valentyn’s going to college, he reads the papers and he listens to the news on the radio, his college professors are all well educated they should know what was happening in the world of business and sure enough sales have been declining. How much could a hot dog selling Polack know in comparison to the business professors at Harvard.

So Yvan followed Valentyn and the learned professors advice and cut back. No condiments, just a plain day old bun and a puny wiener. Lo and behold the Harvard professors’ predictions were again right. There must be a major recession as his hot dog sales fell to almost nothing overnight.

The professors must have been right. There must be a major recessions as sales were now so bad that the Yvan put his hot dog stand up for a fire sale and sold it to Ahab an eager optimistic Syrian refugee who’d never heard of the business professors at Harvard.

With the Hot Dog Stand allegory the successful business people who get the drift don’t need the advice, the useless layer upon layer of managers think that the story applies to everyone else but them and those who don’t get the drift will vote for Donald Trump or Kevin O’Leary.

Optimism with some experience behind it is much more energizing than plain old experience with a certain degree of cynicism.
Twyla Tharp

Acadian Driftwood

NY Times – Kurutz – David Bowie: Invisible New Yorker

I been a long time leaving but I’m going to be a long time gone.
Willie Nelson

Out Here On My Own

Creativity is not just for artists. It’s for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale; it’s for engineers trying to solve a problem; it’s for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.
Twyla Tharp

“It really gives owners a voice,” said Christina Bossinakis, who heads the program. “Taking care of existing owners to me is of paramount importance. If they have a good time, they bring in friends. You will get new owners by taking care of existing owners.”

Bloodhorse – LaMarra – Racehorse Ownership: A Different Business

DRF – Simon – Ownership basics detailed on day one of OwnerView conference

Bloodhorse – Janney Offers Some Advice for Owners

Bloodhorse – LaMarra – Rome: ‘Highs Always Outweigh the Lows’

Louisville Courier-Journal – Video | Rome’s keynote on passion for racing

Ramblin’ Man

One of the richest schedules ever presented at Hastings Racecourse launches with the Sir Winston Churchill and Brighouse Belles (allowance stakes) on opening day, Sunday, April 17.

The two $35,000 allowance stakes mark the beginning of a 41 “stake” schedule with purses totaling $2.6 million over the course of the 2016 season, up $100,000 compared with last year.  

“The fact we were able to increase purses in some races for older horses means a better product for the wagering public,” said Hastings general manager Darren MacDonald. “We have also worked together with Emerald Downs to stagger our schedules, giving horsemen in the Pacific Northwest more opportunities to participate in stakes races.”

MacDonald noted that there will be 10 stakes at Hastings this year with purses of $75,000 for 3-year-olds and up, beginning with the Longden 6000 and Strawberry Morn on Saturday, June 4.  

“We’re very excited about coordinating our stakes schedules with Hastings Racecourse in 2016,” said Phil Ziegler, Emerald Downs president. “This will give our owners and trainers more opportunities plus it will help attract more stakes horses to both tracks.” 

Bloodhorse – Hastings Set for April 17 Opening Day

DRF – Goulding – British Columbia Derby has purse reduced while six stakes get purse increases

Growin Up

TwinSpires Blog – American Pharoah’s Belmont romp named NTRA Moment of the Year

Under Pressure

NY Times – Pedulla – With Triple Crown Winner at Last, Sport Aims to Ride the Momentum

Upcoming Stake Races

Jan 17
Ruthless Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo Fillies 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Pippin Stake (Listed) $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Astra Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 12f Turf

Jan 18
Toboggan Stake GIII $150,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Smarty Jones Stake (Listed) $150,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Megahertz Stake GIII $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf

Jan 22
Sam Houston
Bara Lass Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
San Jacinto Turf Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Yellow Rose Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt

Jan 23
Busanda Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 8.32f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
H. Allen Jerkens Stake $100,000 4&up 16f Turf
Sam Houston
Groovy Stake $50,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Richard King Turf Stake $50,000 4&up Colts & Geldings State/Prov 9f Turf
Spirit of Texas Stake $50,000 4&up Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Star of Texas Stake $50,000 4&up Colts & Geldings State/Prov 8f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
American Beauty Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Santa Monica Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
Sunland Park
Winsham Lad Handicap $65,000 4&up 8f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Gasparilla Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Pasco Stake $100,000 3yo 7f Dirt
Wayward Lass Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Turf Paradise
Hank Mills Sr. Stake $35,000 4&up 5.5f Dirt

Jan 24
Sunland Park
Enchantress Stake $85,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Dirt

Jan 26
Ocala Training Centre
OBS Championship Stake $100,000 3yo Colts & Geldings R 8.5f Dirt
OBS Championship Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies R 8.5f Dirt
OBS Sprint Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies R 6f Dirt
OBS Sprint Stake $50,000 3yo Colts & Geldings R 6f Dirt
Portland Meadows
Columbia River Stake $15,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Portland Distaff Stake $15,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Dirt
Portland Mile Handicap $25,000 4&up 8f Dirt

Jan 30
Withers Stake GIII $250,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Forward Gal Stake GII $200,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Holy Bull Stake GII $350,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Kitten’s Joy Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo 8f Turf
Swale Stake GII $150,000 3yo 7f Dirt
Sweetest Chant Stake GIII $100,000 3yo Fillies 8f Turf
Sam Houston
Frontier Utilities Turf Sprint $75,000 4&up 5f Turf
Houston Ladies Classic GIII $400,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
John B. Connally Turf Cup GIII $200,000 4&up 12f Turf
Space City Stake $50,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Laurel Park
Conniver Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 7f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
King Cotton Stake (Listed) $100,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
California Cup Derby $250,000 3yo State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
California Cup Oaks $200,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Turf
California Cup Sprint $150,000 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
California Cup Turf Classic $250,000 4&up State/Prov 9f Turf
Sunshine Millions Filly/Mare Turf Sprint $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov abt 6.5f Turf
Sunland Park
El Paso Times Handicap $65,000 3yo Fillies 6.5f Dirt
Riley Allison Derby $100,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Turfway Park
WEBN Stake $75,000 3yo 6.5f AW

Jan 31
Maddie May Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8.32f Dirt

Feb 6
Fred Cappy Capossela Stake $100,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Gander Stake $100,000 3yo State/Prov 8.32f Dirt
Delta Downs
Louisiana Premier Night Bon Temps Starter $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Championship $200,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Distaff $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Gentlemen Starter $65,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ladies Starter $65,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Matron $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Prince $125,000 3yo State/Prov 7f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ragin Cajun Starter $50,000 4&up State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Sprint $100,000 4&up State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Starlet $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
California Oaks $50,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f AW
Gulfstream Park
Donn Handicap GI $500,000 4&up 9f Dirt
Fred W. Hooper Handicap GIII $100,000 4&up 8f Dirt
Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap GI $350,000 4&up 9f Turf
Gulfstream Park Turf Sprint (Listed) $75,000 4&up 5f Turf
Ladies Turf Sprint Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5f Turf
Suwannee River Stake GIII $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 9f Turf
Oaklawn Park
Martha Washington Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Las Virgenes Stake GII $300,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Robert B. Lewis Stake GIII $150,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
San Antonio Stake GII $500,000 4&up 9f Dirt
San Marcos Stake GII $200,000 4&up 10f Turf
Sunland Park
Red Hedeman Mile $85,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt

Feb 7
Biogio’s Rose Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Palos Verdes Stake GII $200,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Sunland Park
Mt. Cristo Rey Handicap $85,000 3&up State/Prov 4.5f Dirt

Feb 9
Fair Grounds
Mardi Gras Stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 5.5f Turf
Portland Meadows
Mioland Starter Handicap $8,500 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oregon Derby $20,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt
Revillew Slew Starter Handicap $8,500 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt

Feb 13
Broadway Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt
Haynesfield Stake $100,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
El Camino Real Derby GIII $200,000 3yo 9f AW
Gulfstream Park
Royal Delta Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sam Houston
Houston Distaff $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Houston Turf Stake $50,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Sam Houston Sprint Cup $50,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Laurel Park
Barbara Fritchie Stake GII $300,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
John B. Campbell Stake $75,000 4&up 9f Dirt
Maryland Racing Media Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Essex Handicap (Listed) $100,000 4&up 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Arcadia Stake GII $200,000 4&up 8f Turf
Santa Maria Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
Budweiser Handicap $75,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Lambholm South Endeavour Stake GIII $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Turf
Sam F. Davis Stake GIII $250,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Suncoast Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 8.32f Dirt
Tampa Bay Stake GIII $150,000 4&up 8.5f Turf
Cincinnati Trophy Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies 6.5f AW
Turf Paradise
Phoenix Gold Cup $75,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Sun City Handicap $35,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Turf Paradise Handicap $35,000 4&up 8.5f Turf

Feb 14
Rego Park Stake $125,000 3yo State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Bayakoa Stake GIII $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
El Diario Handicap $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6.5f Dirt

Feb 15
Hollie Hughes Handicap $100,000 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
Lost in the Fog $50,000 4&up 6f AW
Laurel Park
General George Stake GIII $250,000 4&up 7f Dirt
Miracle Wood Stake $75,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Wide Country Stake (Listed) $75,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Southwest Stake GIII $500,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
San Vicente Stake GII $200,000 3yo 7f Dirt

Feb 20
Franklin Square Stake $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds
Daisy Devine Stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 8.5f Turf
Duncan F. Kenner Stake $60,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds Handicap GIII $125,000 4&up abt 9f Turf
Mineshaft Handicap GIII $125,000 4&up 8.5f Dirt
TwinSpires.com Rachel Alexandra Stake GII $200,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f Dirt
Veterans Ford Risen Star Stake GII $400,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Melody of Colors $75,000 3yo Fillies 5f Turf
Sam Houston
Jim’s Orbit Stake $75,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Two Altazano Stake $75,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Spring Fever Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Buena Vista Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Sunland Park
Island Fashion Stake $75,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Mine That Bird Derby $100,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Minaret Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Pelican Stake $100,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Turf Paradise
Arizona Oaks $35,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Turf Paradise Derby $75,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt

ESPN – West – Pharoah means more than a trophy to the sport of kings

DRF – Privman – American Pharoah, connections dominate Eclipse ceremony

TDN – American Pharoah Unanimous Horse of Year

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – American Pharoah — 2015 Horse of the Year

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Bloodhorse – Ehalt – The Horse That Will Not Be Forgotten

DRF – Privman – American Pharoah named Horse of the Year; Baffert, Zayat honored

Bloodhorse – Angst – Zayat Stables Sweeps Owner, Breeder Awards

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Zayat Stables, Baffert, Castellano & Gaffalione win Eclipse Awards

Bloodhorse – Fourth Outstanding Trainer Eclipse to Baffert

It’s Only Rock n Roll

Lady and the Track – Laughter – Opinions Vary Regarding Eclipse Awards Recipients

2016 Road to the Kentucky Derby

The 142nd running of the $2 million guaranteed Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (Grade I) will be run Saturday, May 7, 2016, and for the fourth consecutive year, a tiered point system in select races will determine who qualifies to America’s greatest race.
Race    Track    Date    Points
Smarty Jones Oaklawn Park Jan 18, 2016 10-4-2-1
Holy Bull Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Withers Aqueduct Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Robert B. Lewis Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
El Camino Real Derby Golden Gate Fields Feb 13, 2016 10-4-2-1
Southwest Oaklawn Park Feb 15, 2016 10-4-2-1
Risen Star Fair Grounds Feb 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Fountain of Youth Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gotham Aqueduct Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Tampa Bay Derby Tampa Bay Downs Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
San Felipe Santa Anita Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Rebel Oaklawn Park Mar 19, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Derby Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Spiral Turfway Park Mar 26, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Derby Meydan Racecourse Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Louisiana Derby Fair Grounds Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Florida Derby Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Wood Memorial Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Blue Grass Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Derby Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Arkansas Derby Oaklawn Park Apr 16, 2016 100-40-20-10
Lexington Keeneland Apr 16, 2016 10-4-2-1

Lady and the Track – Laughter – Mo Tom Looks Toward Kentucky after LeComte Score

TwinSpires Blog – Mo Tom, Tom’s Ready will rematch in Risen Star

TDN – Uncle Mo’s Mo Tom Sparkles in the Lecomte

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Mo Tom leads 1-2 finish for GMB Racing in TwinSpires.com Lecomte

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Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Pletcher to consider Derby qualifiers for Zulu

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Only The Lonely

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen breezes five furlongs for Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen has “perfect” morning at Palm Meadows

Bloodhorse – Mohaymen Sharp in Half-Mile Work

Louisville Courier-Journal – Trainer Romans has two on the Ky. Derby trail

Bloodhorse – Pedulla – Baffert ‘Hungrier’ After Triple Crown Success

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Nyquist Named Champion 2-Year-Old Male

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Nyquist — Champion Two-Year-Old Male

TwinSpires Blog – Nyquist, Mor Spirit work toward sophomore debuts

2016 Road to the Kentucky Oaks

Race    Track    Date      Points
Busanda Aqueduct Jan 23, 2016 10-4-2-1
Forward Gal Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Martha Washington Oaklawn Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Las Virgenes Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Rachel Alexandra Fair Grounds Feb 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Oaks Meydan Racecourse Feb 25, 2016 50-20-10-5
Busher Aqueduct Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Davona Dale Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Santa Ysabel Santa Anita Park Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Honeybee Oaklawn Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Park Oaks Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Fair Grounds Oaks Fair Grounds Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Bourbonette Oaks Turfway Park Apr 2, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gulfstream Park Oaks Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Oaks Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Gazelle Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Ashland Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Fantasy Oaklawn Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Beaumont Keeneland Apr 17, 2016 10-4-2-1

Bloodhorse – Balan – International Star, Stageplay Roll at FG

TDN – Curlin’s Stageplay Strong in Silverbulletday

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Stageplay steals the spotlight in Silverbulletday

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Songbird Takes Champion Juvenile Filly Honors

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Songbird – Champion Two-Year-Old Filly

But life is a great school. It thrashes and bangs and teaches you.
Nikita Khrushchev

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From the Derby Bar and Grill Newsletter





Checking the sales results from Keeneland in Lexington, Ky for days 3 & 4 we were able to find several horses bought by local interests.

Day 3:

Mike Puhich bought an Majestic Warrior filly out of the mare Feminine by Tale of the Cat for $45,000.00. The filly was consigned by Parrish Hill and sold as hip#776

North Vancouver Bloodstock was the purchaser of local stakes winning mare Hollywood Miss for $11,000. She sold as Hip#819 and was consigned by Darby Dan as agent.  She was sold as a broodmare prospect.

Local owner Larry Potozny signed the sales slip on hip# 946.  Larry bought an yearling filly by Old Fashioned out of the mare Sixta by Stormin Fever. The filly was consigned by Legacy Bloodstock and hammer fell at $5000

Day 4

Local buyers were much busier on Thursday and total of 5 horses were purchased.

Larry Potozny was very busy as he bought two more yearlings.  He bought a yearling filly by Eskendereya out of the Gone West mare Goldeni for $6000.00. The filly was consigned by Four Star Sales.

He also purchased Hip#1340 a filly by Bellamy Road out the mare Taverna M by Fusaichi Pegasus for $6500.00  Woodford Thoroughbreds consigned the filly.

North Vancouver Bloodstock purchased two local mares on Thursday although they appeared to be buy backs but I’m not sure of that.

Alki Point who ran here at Hastings sold as Hip#1380 for $15000.00 and Bamboo Dream sold as hip#1393 for $25000.00

Russ Bennett bought a stallion prospect by name of Bakken by Distorted Humor out the mare General Jeanne for $50,000.00.


Hi Glen;

Tod Mtn purchased 2 mares as well.  Hip #914 Quesuary for $25,000 as well as # 1416 Bozique for $25,000.

Jamie Demetrick

The annual January Keeneland sale is coming to a close and our local buyers have been active.


The 2015 Hastings Racecourse leading owners Russ and Lois Bennett signed the $50,000 sales slip for stallion prospect Bakken. He is a son of Distorted Humor from the female family of 2013 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner New Year’s Day. Bakken was second in the Grade II True North at Belmont Park and also competed in the 2014 Breeders’ Cup Sprint. It is reported that he will likely stand at Sheila MacDonald’s farm in Kelowna B.C. More details will be available later this month.


Ron and Rae Fawcett’s Tod Mountain Thoroughbreds paid $25,000 for Questuary, who is in foal to Gio Ponti, and they shelled out the same price for Bozique, who is mated to Haynesfield. Jamie Demetrick signed the sales slips on their behalf. The North Vancouver Bloodstock paid $11,000 for Hastings Racecourse multiple stakes winner Hollywood Miss.


The sale will be conducted on Saturday, March 26th and the Preview will be held at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday, March 19th, with the times still to be determined. For those wishing to nominate horses to the sale the closing date will be Tuesday, March 1st. The information regarding entering a horse, terms and conditions of the sale and buyer registration forms will all be available on the sales website: hastingshorsesale.com or contact Mike Heads at: 604-309-6509.


Hastings News by Greg Douglas

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Phil’s favourite record label was always Reprise:

Grantland – Hill – The Invaders

Hastings Paddock Sale - March 26, 2016


The sale will be conducted on Saturday, March 26th and the Preview will be held at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday, March 19th, with the times still to be determined. For those wishing to nominate horses to the sale the closing date will be Tuesday, March 1st. The information regarding entering a horse, terms and conditions of the sale and buyer registration forms will all be available on the sales website: hastingshorsesale.com or contact Mike Heads at: 604-309-6509.

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Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder.
Nikita Khrushchev

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With Or Without You


January 15 – 17 2016

Sheraton Red Deer

3310 – 50 Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 3X9 Canada

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Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.
Honore de Balzac

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Orientate – Mir Cat by Tale Of The Cat

2016 FEE: $2,000 ($200 booking fee, balance due live foal).


Stone Ranches Ltd.

Madden, Alberta, Canada

Tina & Gerald Stone at 403-946-5703 or by email at stnranch@airenet.com


Giving horseplayers a voice.

Queens’ Plate – Woodbine Oaks Syndicate Opportunity

A syndicate is being put together to acquire a 3 year old Canadian Bred colt and a 3 year old Canadian Bred filly that will be eligible for the Queens Plate and Woodbine Oaks.
The ultimate goal is to run in the Plate, Manitoba Derby, Canadian Derby, and BC Derby for the colt. With the filly the goal will be the Oaks in all 4 provinces. A fantastic trip for everyone involved and a story to remember and retell.
If you’re interested or have any questions please respond to: cjracingstable@live.ca

Balmont will be standing in Alberta for 2016.

The son of Stravinsky who is a half brother to Eskendereya will be standing at Jug Handle Ranch phone (403) 601-0432 jughandleranch@yahoo.ca.

Racing Post – Balmont

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Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman, but believing what he read made him mad.

George Bernard Shaw


Bloodhorse – Sarah Sis Preparing for 2016 Debut at Oaklawn

Ramble On

Winnipeg Free Press – Paul – Critical first step’ completed to transform Assiniboia Downs into urban reserve

OKAY, THE GARLIC IS FRYING.  NOW SELECT YOUR INGREDIENTS. Yup, savour the aroma of frying garlic as you peruse the ingredients you wish to be added to your pasta dish at tonight’s certified Angus prime rib buffet from 5 to 9 p.m. Also enjoy culinary dishes with a tropical touch.  All you can eat just $26.95.  Reserve at 204-885-3330.

Bullet briefs . . .
• You love it and it continues!  Get cash back for your wagers!
• Player on a roll, pockets thousands.  Learn his secrets Saturday!
• Play Golden Gate’s Jackpot 6 today (and always) for 20-cents!
• Oaklawn begins tomorrow; watch Smarty Jones Derby prep Monday
• Can any Kentucky Derby-hopeful colt beat filly’s 112 speed number?
• Lots of fun in store for “holiday” Monday — don’t miss it
• Got an HPI question?  Ask expert Marshall at noon to 2 p.m. Monday

Lots of fun in store for “holiday” Monday
Monday is a holiday in the U.S.– Martin Luther King Jr. Day — but, what the heck, with Kentucky Derby prep race Smarty Jones running that day and with all the top tracks in play, from Aqueduct and Gulfstream to Fair Grounds and Santa Anita, the Downs is going to pull out all stops to give a holiday feel to Monday as well:
• “PLAY IT AGAIN” CONTEST:  On Saturday, print your name on the back of your
non-winning mutuel tickets (must be played with your Player Rewards card) and
deposit into a contest box in the Race Book. On Monday, at least 10 draws will be held
from noon to 5 p.m. and the names drawn will receive whatever amount they spent on
their tickets (up to $50 a ticket).
The best breakfast sandwich on the planet (I haven’t tasted better anywhere) is
absolutely free if you arrive at the Race Book between 10 a.m. and noon!  Yeah, blows
me away, too! That’s a toasted English muffin with juicy sausage, egg and melted
cheese. Free!  Get a coupon from the mutuel supervisor.
• FIVE TIMES PLAYER REWARDS!  Yes, ALL of your wagers on “holiday” Monday
will be worth FIVE TIMES the normal Player Rewards.  And, of course, those wagers will
still qualify for a cash bonus, too, of up to five per cent under the Cash Back
Bonus program.
• SPECIAL “I WON BIG” WORKSHOP WILL BE HELD:  Yours truly will host
a  special “I won big” group discussion at 10:30 a.m. on the Clubhouse plaza and each
$20 share will be boosted by $5 in playing group tickets.  Since Tampa isn’t racing, the
track will be Gulfstream (last six races)
   Marshall Posner. (From noon to 2 p.m.)


Click for schedule
Mango tilapia at tonight’s
tropical-touch prime rib buffet

THIS BREAKFAST SANDWICH WINS RAVE REVIEWS:  I know.  I can’t stop talking about the Downs’ breakfast sandwich for $4 introduced a month ago.  That’s because I’ve had breakfast sandwiches elsewhere and this one simply is better by leaps and bounds.  Hot toasted English muffin with a juicy sausage, egg and melted cheese. You feel the warmth of the English muffin as you crunch into the juicy ingredients. I truly can’t wait to have my next one.  If you haven’t tried it, do so and see if you don’t agree.

Official stations of horse racing.
Click to listen

Wins pick-4s and pick-5s worth thousands!
Who is he?  Find out Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the “I won big” seminar.
He’ll explain what has made him successful and answer your questions.
After cashing more than $12,000 in pick-4 and pick-5 tickets the previous week, a player last Saturday and Sunday cashed more than $9,000 in winning tickets (including winning the entire pick-5 pool at Turfway).  Here’s what he cashed:
• Saturday:  Tampa Bay pick-4 — $1,200
• Sunday:  Gulfstream early pick-5 — $200
Aqueduct pick-5 — $1,900
Turfway early pick-4 — $1,100

Turfway pick-5 (he won the whole pool) — $4,700

LATE ADDITION:  Yesterday afternoon he cashed the pick-5 at Tampa Bay worth $6,500 (ticket cost $123 — a 60-cent wheel)

He dived into playing the races on a regular basis three weeks ago after completing a time-consuming project he had been working on and has a strategy I think you’ll find interesting.  He says he spends an average of $64 to $90 on a pick-4 or pick-5 wager.  His Turfway pick-5 ticket cost him $144.
C’mon out Saturday to the Clubhouse plaza at 10:30 a.m. to see what he has to say.  He’ll also help the “I won big” group put together pick-4 and pick-5 tickets on Tampa (last five races).  If you’d like to share in the tickets, each share costs $20 which the Downs will top up by $5, making each share worth $25.  Coffee and pastries served.
*       *       *
WHAT “TRICK” HELPED PLAYER WIN $1,200 PICK-4?  A tricky 10/1 first-time starter won the first leg of last Saturday’s pick-4 at Tampa Bay.  The player who will be speaking in the Clubhouse this Saturday said he initially didn’t have that horse on his ticket. But he added it after doing a simple thing — and that’s why he won $1,200 for his 60-cent ticket.  What did he do? And why does he use the same strategy for other plays?  Find out his secret on Saturday.
Colts target

Will any colt beat filly Songbird’s speed this weekend?

If the Kentucky Derby were held today, filly Songbird would win, becoming only the fourth filly to do so since the inaugural Derby in 1875.  Finishing second would be Nyquist, the colt who won  the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. Songbird notched a 112 Equibase speed number in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies.  Nyquist had 109.  Airoforce and Mor Spirit would dead-heat for third with 106.
More 3-year-old colts, racing in prep races this Saturday and Monday, will try to match or beat the filly’s speed number.  The LeComte goes Saturday at Fair Grounds and the Smarty Jones goes Monday at Oaklawn Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Can a colt do it?  Or will this be a year in which a filly wins the Kentucky Derby and even tries to become the first filly ever to win the Triple Crown?
*       *       *
Is Songbird getting even better?

In a workout at Santa Anita last Friday, 3-year-old filly Songbird was the quickest of 53 horses, sprinting 5f in :58.20.  Uh-oh!  Hasn’t lost a step. And, in fact, has likely gotten even better since crushing the Breeders’ Cup filly field last October.

Players were most successful at Turfway, Los Alamitos, Fraser

Want to play tracks that players are making the most money betting?  Turfway, Los Alamitos and Remington led thoroughbred tracks in December.  And, for a second month, Fraser was a big leader in harness racing.  That means these tracks are sending the Downs nice cheques — which, of course, passes through your hands and into the economy.  And that makes YOU a good citizen!

Other tracks that are up there include Hialeah, Cal Expo, Yonkers and Delta.
Tracks that players are finding the toughest?  Mahoning Valley, Evangeline, Meadowlands (for a second month), The Meadows, Sunland and Balmoral.
Will this help you?  Maybe attending Saturday’s 10:30 a.m. talk at the “I won big” workshop by a winner of many pick-4s and pick-5s will help you become a better citizen as well.  It appears his wins at Turfway is the reason that track is among December’s better-bettor tracks.
“URBAN RESERVE” HERALDS RACE TRACK AREA GROWTH:  Expect big things for Assiniboia Downs and the area around it.  You already know about the partnership between the non-profit Manitoba Jockey Club and Peguis First Nation.  Now know the city is supporting an “Area Master Plan” that depicts an initial vision for the southern portion of the Assiniboia Downs property that will be developed as an “urban reserve” with the intent to add hotels, restaurants and expanded gaming opportunities.

NEITHER HOCKEY, NOR FOOTBALL, NOR RACING:  At the very time the Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Vikings were playing in their respective important games Sunday afternoon, 30 horse shareholders showed up in the Terrace Dining Room for the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Assiniboia Racing Club.  That showed how keen their

Tanya Lindsay
Will train for club

horse-owning interest is — or maybe they knew something that others were to find out to their dismay — that the Vikings kicker would miss a winning chip-shot field goal and the Jets would succumb to Buffalo, giving Evander Kane the last laugh. (Say it ain’t so!)

John Field, an HBPA director who coordinates the club, said the meeting went well.  He said last year’s co-leading trainer, Tanya Lindsay, has agreed to be the club’s trainer and will look for a horse to buy.  The club has a bankroll of $20,000 to buy a horse and to pay bills during the live season.  Forty shares of $500 each were sold.  See a photo of Sunday’s meeting (taken by Dorothy Field) here.

NEW BET PROLIFERATES:  Notice how most tracks have added Super Hi-5 wagers to their races?  Essentially, it’s a pentafecta–nailing the top five finishers in the correct order–and tracks are generally paying a consolation share of the pool when the bet isn’t won and carrying over the balance to the next race.  These bets cost 60-cents to $1, depending on the track. Don’t

Winning “secret” divulged Saturday

confuse it with Woodbine’s Jackpot Hi-5 on the last race in which the jackpot keeps growing until a single correct 20-cent ticket takes down the pool.

TEARS AT TAMPA — GROUP LOSES BY A HEAD:  A mere head cost Saturday’s “I won big” group the pick-5 and pick-4 at Tampa Bay Saturday. Faction Cat, the 3/5 favourite in race 8 lost to first-time starter Good Save (10/1).  You’ll note elsewhere in this column that a player who cashed the pick-4 for $1,200 used the 10/1 horse on his ticket and, at this Saturday’s session at 10:30 a.m., he’ll explain the “secret” that led him to play it. The pick-5 paid $11,400 for a $1 ticket and the pick-4 $1,200 for 60-cents. You’re invited to be there and join in group tickets if you like. Look at the last five races at Tampa.
OOPS!  RIGHTING A WRONG:   It was Vic Stauffer, not Michael Wrona, who called the very last race at Hollywood Park on Dec. 22, 2013, a former ASD race-caller Ken Miller informed The Insider after an errant report appeared in the Dec. 24 Insider.  Thanks for setting the record straight, Ken, and nice to hear from you!  After calling races at the Downs from 1983 to 1989, Ken called races at Prairie Meadows, Iowa and Arapahoe Park in Colorado until the early 2000s, then hosted sports talk radio and is now working in the gaming industry in Las Vegas.
PLEASE DON’T SAY THE WORD:  In a hockey-mad city that bleeds Jets blue, there’s a word hockey fans don’t want to hear but I’m going to say it anyway because, after all, it IS reality: “mediocre.”

Where are they now?
by Rob MacLennan
After a slow start, Jared Brown notches two Turf Paradise wins
Trainer Jared Brown (46-6-7-8) has bounced back from his slow start at Turf Paradise, notching wins last week with a couple of mares — 5-year-old Scene Queen who won her second in a row ($9.40) and the speedy 5-year-old Tom Kha who won a tough claimer, paying $7.80. His 4-year-old gelding, Many Routes, returned to form with a close second at 13/1 as well last Saturday. This Saturday watch for 6-year-old Horse Feldhaus in the 870-yard Honest Mac Stakes.
Rohan Singh
Rides for
Jerry Gourneau

Meanwhile, trainer Don Schnell saw a 5-year-old mare he claimed for $5,000, My Name’s Mud, win at $2.80 on Tuesday, but then get claimed just as quickly for $5,000.

Moving east, watch for Jerry Gourneau’s horses as a new meet opens at Sam Houston.  Gourneau continues to race at Delta as well. Of nine starters Gourneau races this week, four of them ran at ASD last year including Truly Ilean, Sconnie Nation, FP Silent Eyes and FJ Uncle Lew Dee. Former ASD leading rider Rohan Singh will ride six of his mounts at Sam Houston including FP Silent Eyes, the fast 6-year-old mare who rattled off four wins last summer at ASD.
MY PICKS IN DERBY PREP RACES THIS WEEKEND:  LeComte Stakes at Fair Grounds Saturday:  The race has lots of speed so I figure two sons of Uncle MoMo Tom and Uncle Walter–should sit off the pace and make a run down the long stretch in New Orleans. Mo Tom ran third in the Kentucky Jockey Club at Churchill, a race in which second-place finisher Mor Spirit came back to win the Los Alamitos Futurity. Uncle Walter ran second in an allowance race at Churchill. His owners, Ken and Sarah Ramsey stables, have won the last two runnings of the LeComte.
Smarty Jones Stakes at Oaklawn on Monday:  I will take a shot on lightly raced horses — Synchrony who defeated Uncle Walter in a very wide trip at Churchill and Lunda Del Loca who broke his maiden determinedly at Aqueduct first time out for trainer Steve Asmussen.  Good luck in these two prep races and enjoy!

with Marshall Posner
Q.  How do I watch replays from previous days and tracks?
A.  OPTION ONE — BY HORSE NAME:  Enter the horse’s name in the SEARCH box along the top of the page (view image here). Put your cursor over the “Pop-Out Window” icon with the arrow in a box pointing upwards. It will say: “watch the race video replay in a new browser window” (view image here). By viewing the video replay this way you won’t interrupt any live video streams you are running.
OPTION TWO — BY DATE AND TRACK (view image here): Click on the “Video Camera” icon for the horse you want to watch (view image here). This will bring up a profile on your horse.  Watch any recent replay by clicking on “Video Camera” or “Pop-Out Window” (view image here).
You should always choose to watch the replay in a new window; otherwise it will be shown in your video stream window and you’ll have to go back to choosing your live streams after watching the replay.  A new video window will open and the race will automatically start.
NOTE:  Confirm your horse’s post position in the race details below because PP numbers in the form will be adjusted when there is a scratch and your horse has been moved to an inside post.  You can watch a replay two ways – full view (default format) or head-on view (view image here).
Got a question for Marshall?  Email theinsider@ASDowns.com
See answers to previous questions here.
ALSO NOTE:  Marshall will be available Monday in the Race Book from noon to 2 p.m. to answer any questions you have about using your HPIbet account.

HISTORY ON THE HOOF: The best of Bob

Did you know . . .  Saskatchewan native Larry Carter’s Elite Mercedes and Monsoon Rain were the first two horses in Downs’ history to win the Wheat City, R. J. Speers and the Gold Cup in the same year? Elite won the “triple” in 2006 and Monsoon did it in 2008.  Look back with Bob at that remarkable achievement here.
Will Saturday’s guest speaker
help you win big?  Find out at 10:30 a.m.

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The Letter

LA Times – Cherwa – Michael Wrona hopes Santa Anita is his final port of call

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TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Manchurian hits another High in Sunshine Millions Turf 

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TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – X Y Jet lights up Gulfstream again in Sunshine Millions

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DRF – Hammersly – Somethings Unusual invades to upset Cotton Fitzsimmons

DRF – Rampellini – Rising Giant scores in Albert Dominguez Handicap

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Constellation stars in Ruthless

“Please step down, please, do it for Canadians,” he begged.

Toronto Star – King – Kevin O’Leary promises $1M to Canadian oil if Notley steps down

Rachel Notley needs to borrow a phrase from those sage philosophers Lynyrd Skynyrd and tell Kevin O’Leary that Alberta man don’t need him around anyhow.

The Toronto businessman blamed everything but the Black Death on the NDP government: layoffs in the oil patch, the plunging dollar, an exodus of investors. He suggested Ms. Notley was in over her head and likened the financial meltdown under way in the province to a “horror movie,” one for which the Premier and her government deserved screenwriting credits.

“If now we’ve got a Toronto wealthy businessman who wants to tell Alberta voters how to vote, I say bring it on,” Ms. Notley said.

The notion that only business-savvy people know how to manage in tough economic times is a conceit Canadians have rejected often over the years. Some of the Progressive Conservative governments that ruled Alberta over the past 10 years were conservative in name only. When it came to managing the public purse, they were some of the most spendthrift, undisciplined administrations the country has known.

The reason Alberta’s economy is in shambles is not because the electorate voted for the New Democrats last spring; it’s because the bottom fell out of the global oil market, pure and simple.

Mr. O’Leary now says he is mulling a run at the federal Conservative Party leadership. Of course he is. After witnessing the success that Mr. Trump is enjoying south of the border in his run for the Republican presidential nomination, it’s only natural Mr. O’Leary might fantasize about riding the same shallow, narrow-minded brand of populism to power.

Mr. O’Leary’s verbal attacks on Ms. Notley may be only the beginning of what we hear from him over the coming weeks and months. His admirers will undoubtedly be urging him to run. With his ego, and the bully pulpit the Conservative leadership campaign would present, it may be an offer too good to refuse.

The Globe And Mail – Kevin O’Leary: A poor man’s Donald Trump

National Post – Panetta – Kevin O’Leary is right — he’s not Donald Trump and a similar campaign wouldn’t work in Canada

Phil has a question:

If Kevin O’Leary’s so smart how did he get his ass kicked by the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in Celebrity Jeopardy.

Rock N Roll

Maybe we should have a dance contest as part of the Presidential and Prime Minsterial debates.

In the States Phil’s money would be on Chris Christie.

This is the strange thing: Dancers don’t age.
Twyla Tharp

I Came To Dance

National Post – Conrad Black: How the Chinese slowly protest

FiveThirtyEight – Hickey – The Biggest Oscar Snub Goes To …

National Post – Wright – 2016 Oscar snubs: People of colour, Star Wars and Ridley Scott get the Academy’s cold shoulder

NY Times – And the Oscar Goes to … White People

NY Times – Harris – Hollywood Needs to Fix Itself

NY Times – Feinberg – Oscar Omissions Were Upsetting, but Not Inexplicable

NY Times – Alexander – Make More Women and Minorities Members of the Motion Picture Academy

Mainly Glass is a lone white guy battling other Europeans, other natives, the grizzly and the elements. It’s the kind of story the Academy likes; one in which we can all agree that a hero is a white man who triumphs against long odds.

The Globe and Mail – Taylor – For Hollywood and the Oscars, ignorance is box-office bliss

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.
Nikita Khrushchev

LA Times – Abcarian – A land-use case that’s enough to furrow a farmer’s brow

Ring Of Fire

NY Times – Siegel – The Real Problem With Lunch

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


Garden and Gun – Lotz – How to Lie Like a Southerner

The Globe And Mail – Bell – Regional reality: There are worse alternatives than the House of Saud

National Post – Ahsan – Spice Girls plan 20th anniversary reunion tour — without Victoria Beckham


NY Times – Wachter – How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers

The Bitter Southerner – The Cunningest Compounders of Beverages

FiveThirtyEight – Silver – Why Some GOP Candidates Aren’t Taking The Fight To Trump

LA Times – Decker – Too late to stop Trump? As he glides, other candidates fall back in debate

NY Times – Bruni – Obnoxiousness Is the New Charisma


NY Times – Segal – What Donald Trump’s Plaza Deal Reveals About His White House Bid

Look at my arms, you will find no party hand-cuff on them.
Davy Crockett

NY Times – Barbaro – Ted Cruz, Once Dismissed, Emerges as a Slashing Debater

FiveThirtyEight – Silver – The GOP Primary, In One Debate

Solitary Man

Frankly, I mean, sometimes the interpretations I’ve seen on some of the songs that I’ve written are a lot more interesting than the input that I put in.
David Bowie

LA Times – Mozingo – Snow therapy: Southern Californians trek to the mountains for winter fun — and tranquillity


NY Times – Nocera – In Losing the Rams, St. Louis Wins

Tonight, Tonight

NY Times – Christine – Forget the Quarterback Sneak: A Deception Play for the Ages

National Post – Chris Selley: Spadina subway extension a classic Toronto transit screwup

NY Times – Vorkunov – Soviet Star Defenseman’s Latest Turn

I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.
Groucho Marx

Going To Hell

Set Fire To The Rain

Phil M Stockmen

  One Response to “We’ve Fallen For The Ruse”


    HBPA/ASHA both proclaim progress in talks with CECI, and Tenile in the backstretch facebook page proclaims Dec 18 RACE ON that a 10 yr agreement is being formulated while REID/NORTHLANDS proclaiming that live racing will not be economically feasible by 2018, I CALL BULLSHIT!!!

    NDP FLIP FLOP recently by CECI /MR $$$ states that any racino agreement will have to take the TAXPAYERS interests into the political mess, while 7,000 NON UNION GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES
    take a wage freeze to save $28 million which is the same amount of RACINO $$$$ FOR 2016?

    NONUNION RACING PARTICIPANTS / 4 groupies looking for another ROGERS HAIL MARY PASS, with the horse owners in 6 weeks getting ready to cash up for no DATES/AGREEMENT in place as more green gets taken out of the racing industry with the future prospects looking barren!

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