Jan 202016

With Blue Monday being in the books and virtually every New Years resolution in the ditch the restaurants and bars across North America will start to return to normal levels of business.


All I Want to Do

If you missed the drift of this one don’t bother reading any further as you’ll miss the drift of the rest.

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
Mae West

NY Times – Grynbaum – New York City Announces Deal on Carriage Horses in Central Park

Bloodhorse – Bowen – BH 100: Magazine Forerunner Broadens Horizon

You Belong To The City

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ford – Watch out for the fastest rising racing nation on Earth!

Herald Sun – Stewart – Cobalt verdict: Trainer Danny O’Brien banned for four years, Mark Kavanagh three years for cobalt offences

NY Times – Drape – Texas Attorney General Deems Daily Fantasy Sports Illegal

Your humans slaughter each other because of the color of your skin, or your faith or your politics — or for no reason at all — too many of you hate as easily as you draw breath.


“The concept of having one owner of every horse in a race is extremely problematic, to say the least,” said one regulator who did not want to be identified because of relationships with Oregon racing commission personnel. “Let’s not even talk about the nature of the bet, which has its own set of conflicts. This is a big, big problem.”

There is no evidence that the races were manipulated. However, in addition to the danger of manipulation to engineer payouts in single-race pools, the most apparent dangers involve whether the races or race fields could be manipulated to make it more difficult for there to be a single winning ticket at the end of the sequence. Wagers that only pay off when there is a single winning ticket draw more handle as the carryover grows, with racetracks retaining more revenue as players are attracted to the jackpot.

DRF – Hegarty – Portland Meadows Rainbow Pick 6 races come in one color

Bloodhorse – Number of Tracks Announce Cancellations


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Delta Downs
Super High Five     $2,269.00
Golden Gate Fields
Pick 6 Jackpot    $5,154.00
Gulfstream Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $106,325.00
Hialeah Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $26,719.00
Laurel Park
Z-5 Super Hi-5     $16,096.00
Los Alamitos
Pick 6    $2,804.00
Santa Anita Park
Pick 6    $307,070.00
Sunland Park
Super High Five     $2,169.00
Tampa Bay Downs
Super High Five     $5,374.00

Guaranteed Pools

Equibase Carryovers and Guaranteed Pools

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – Weekend Stakes Preview

Bloodhorse – Sunland Park Suspends Racing in Wake of Virus

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Muscat – Why you have to look to the U.S., not Europe, for a blue-collar classic hero

This is Horse Racing – Kosta Hronis’ Horse Who Changed Everything

Bloodhorse – Novak – At Eclipse Awards, ‘AP’ is King

Bloodhorse – Bauer-Herzog – American Pharoah Named World’s Best Racehorse

Bloodhorse – Evans – Baffert: ‘Pharoah’ Showed Beauty of Racing

Bloodhorse – Haskin – A True American Beauty

The Greatest Love of All

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Smith – Pharoah’s world title: what the ratings say about the rest of the Americans

DRF – Hovdey: Kyriaki rises up the ranks along with her trainer

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Ben’s Duchess looking to bounce back in Santa Monica

Bloodhorse – Balan – Prize Exhibit Tries Dirt in Santa Monica

This Weekend’s Stake Races

Jan 23
Busanda Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 8.32f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
H. Allen Jerkens Stake $100,000 4&up 16f Turf
Sam Houston
Groovy Stake $50,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Richard King Turf Stake $50,000 4&up Colts & Geldings State/Prov 9f Turf
Spirit of Texas Stake $50,000 4&up Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Star of Texas Stake $50,000 4&up Colts & Geldings State/Prov 8f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
American Beauty Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Santa Monica Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
Sunland Park
Winsham Lad Handicap $65,000 4&up 8f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Gasparilla Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Pasco Stake $100,000 3yo 7f Dirt
Wayward Lass Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Turf Paradise
Hank Mills Sr. Stake $35,000 4&up 5.5f Dirt

Jan 24
Sunland Park
Enchantress Stake $85,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Dirt

Jan 26
Ocala Training Centre
OBS Championship Stake $100,000 3yo Colts & Geldings R 8.5f Dirt
OBS Championship Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies R 8.5f Dirt
OBS Sprint Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies R 6f Dirt
OBS Sprint Stake $50,000 3yo Colts & Geldings R 6f Dirt
Portland Meadows
Columbia River Stake $15,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Portland Distaff Stake $15,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Dirt
Portland Mile Handicap $25,000 4&up 8f Dirt

Jan 30
Withers Stake GIII $250,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Forward Gal Stake GII $200,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Holy Bull Stake GII $350,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Kitten’s Joy Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo 8f Turf
Swale Stake GII $150,000 3yo 7f Dirt
Sweetest Chant Stake GIII $100,000 3yo Fillies 8f Turf
Sam Houston
Frontier Utilities Turf Sprint $75,000 4&up 5f Turf
Houston Ladies Classic GIII $400,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
John B. Connally Turf Cup GIII $200,000 4&up 12f Turf
Space City Stake $50,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Laurel Park
Conniver Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 7f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
King Cotton Stake (Listed) $100,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
California Cup Derby $250,000 3yo State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
California Cup Oaks $200,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Turf
California Cup Sprint $150,000 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
California Cup Turf Classic $250,000 4&up State/Prov 9f Turf
Sunshine Millions Filly/Mare Turf Sprint $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov abt 6.5f Turf
Sunland Park
El Paso Times Handicap $65,000 3yo Fillies 6.5f Dirt
Riley Allison Derby $100,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Turfway Park
WEBN Stake $75,000 3yo 6.5f AW

Jan 31
Maddie May Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8.32f Dirt

Feb 6
Fred Cappy Capossela Stake $100,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Gander Stake $100,000 3yo State/Prov 8.32f Dirt
Delta Downs
Louisiana Premier Night Bon Temps Starter $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Championship $200,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Distaff $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Gentlemen Starter $65,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ladies Starter $65,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Matron $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Prince $125,000 3yo State/Prov 7f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ragin Cajun Starter $50,000 4&up State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Sprint $100,000 4&up State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Starlet $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
California Oaks $50,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f AW
Gulfstream Park
Donn Handicap GI $500,000 4&up 9f Dirt
Fred W. Hooper Handicap GIII $100,000 4&up 8f Dirt
Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap GI $350,000 4&up 9f Turf
Gulfstream Park Turf Sprint (Listed) $75,000 4&up 5f Turf
Ladies Turf Sprint Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5f Turf
Suwannee River Stake GIII $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 9f Turf
Oaklawn Park
Martha Washington Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Las Virgenes Stake GII $300,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Robert B. Lewis Stake GIII $150,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
San Antonio Stake GII $500,000 4&up 9f Dirt
San Marcos Stake GII $200,000 4&up 10f Turf
Sunland Park
Red Hedeman Mile $85,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt

Feb 7
Biogio’s Rose Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Palos Verdes Stake GII $200,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Sunland Park
Mt. Cristo Rey Handicap $85,000 3&up State/Prov 4.5f Dirt

Feb 9
Fair Grounds
Mardi Gras Stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 5.5f Turf
Portland Meadows
Mioland Starter Handicap $8,500 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oregon Derby $20,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt
Revillew Slew Starter Handicap $8,500 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt

Feb 13
Broadway Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt
Haynesfield Stake $100,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
El Camino Real Derby GIII $200,000 3yo 9f AW
Gulfstream Park
Royal Delta Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sam Houston
Houston Distaff $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Houston Turf Stake $50,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Sam Houston Sprint Cup $50,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Laurel Park
Barbara Fritchie Stake GII $300,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
John B. Campbell Stake $75,000 4&up 9f Dirt
Maryland Racing Media Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Essex Handicap (Listed) $100,000 4&up 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Arcadia Stake GII $200,000 4&up 8f Turf
Santa Maria Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
Budweiser Handicap $75,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Lambholm South Endeavour Stake GIII $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Turf
Sam F. Davis Stake GIII $250,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Suncoast Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 8.32f Dirt
Tampa Bay Stake GIII $150,000 4&up 8.5f Turf
Cincinnati Trophy Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies 6.5f AW
Turf Paradise
Phoenix Gold Cup $75,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Sun City Handicap $35,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Turf Paradise Handicap $35,000 4&up 8.5f Turf

Feb 14
Rego Park Stake $125,000 3yo State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Bayakoa Stake GIII $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
El Diario Handicap $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6.5f Dirt

Feb 15
Hollie Hughes Handicap $100,000 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
Lost in the Fog $50,000 4&up 6f AW
Laurel Park
General George Stake GIII $250,000 4&up 7f Dirt
Miracle Wood Stake $75,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Wide Country Stake (Listed) $75,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Southwest Stake GIII $500,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
San Vicente Stake GII $200,000 3yo 7f Dirt

Feb 20
Franklin Square Stake $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds
Daisy Devine Stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 8.5f Turf
Duncan F. Kenner Stake $60,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds Handicap GIII $125,000 4&up abt 9f Turf
Mineshaft Handicap GIII $125,000 4&up 8.5f Dirt
TwinSpires.com Rachel Alexandra Stake GII $200,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f Dirt
Veterans Ford Risen Star Stake GII $400,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Melody of Colors $75,000 3yo Fillies 5f Turf
Sam Houston
Jim’s Orbit Stake $75,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Two Altazano Stake $75,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Spring Fever Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Buena Vista Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Sunland Park
Island Fashion Stake $75,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Mine That Bird Derby $100,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Minaret Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Pelican Stake $100,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Turf Paradise
Arizona Oaks $35,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Turf Paradise Derby $75,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt

This is Horse Racing – Here & There – January 20

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Where does Derby rank among world’s top races?

Bloodhorse – Derby Dozen – January 19, 2016 – Presented by Shadwell Farm 

With the deadline for Triple Crown 2016 nominations passing over the weekend we can expect the nominations to be published shortly.

DRF – Nevills – Triple Crown sire line in spotlight for 2016

Santa Monica

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Kentucky Derby Report (1/20): stakes-experience proves valuable 

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – With Derby hopeful, Court’s mind off retirement

TwinSpires Blog – ON POINT: A pause on the Kentucky Derby Points trail

 2016 Road to the Kentucky Derby

The 142nd running of the $2 million guaranteed Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (Grade I) will be run Saturday, May 7, 2016, and for the fourth consecutive year, a tiered point system in select races will determine who qualifies to America’s greatest race.
Race    Track    Date    Points
Holy Bull Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Withers Aqueduct Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Robert B. Lewis Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
El Camino Real Derby Golden Gate Fields Feb 13, 2016 10-4-2-1
Southwest Oaklawn Park Feb 15, 2016 10-4-2-1
Risen Star Fair Grounds Feb 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Fountain of Youth Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gotham Aqueduct Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Tampa Bay Derby Tampa Bay Downs Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
San Felipe Santa Anita Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Rebel Oaklawn Park Mar 19, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Derby Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Spiral Turfway Park Mar 26, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Derby Meydan Racecourse Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Louisiana Derby Fair Grounds Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Florida Derby Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Wood Memorial Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Blue Grass Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Derby Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Arkansas Derby Oaklawn Park Apr 16, 2016 100-40-20-10
Lexington Keeneland Apr 16, 2016 10-4-2-1

Riversedge Racing Stables, Ltd.’ s Awesome Slate, winner of his last 2 races at Northlands Park steps up to American Stakes company in the Pasco Stake going 7 furlongs on the Tampa Bay Downs dirt on Saturday January 23, 2016. Angel Serpa will be in the irons for conditioner Brian Lynch.

Bloodhorse – McCoy – Three-Year-Olds in Tampa Bay Spotlight

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Formal Summation heads Pasco field on three-stakes day at Tampa

DRF – Awesome Slate new shooter in Pasco

Louisville Courier-Journal – Two turns next for Derby prospect Whitmore

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Amoss: Bright future for Derby prospect Mo Tom

Lady and the Track – Laughter – Mo Tom Looks Toward Kentucky after LeComte Score

TwinSpires Blog – Mo Tom, Tom’s Ready will rematch in Risen Star

Lady and the Track – Laughter – Discreetness No Longer A Secret on Kentucky Derby 2016 Trail

Bloodhorse – LaMarra – Discreetness Just Up in Smarty Jones

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Discreetness wears down the speed in Smarty Jones

Bloodhorse – Fires to Point Discreetness to Southwest

TwinSpires Blog – Discreetness targeting Southwest

Lousiville Courier-Journal – ‘Hungrier’ Baffert hits Derby trail at Oaklawn

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen drills bullet five-eighths in final move for Holy Bull

Bloodhorse – Mohaymen Has Sharp Work for Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen breezes five furlongs for Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen has “perfect” morning at Palm Meadows

Bloodhorse – Mohaymen Sharp in Half-Mile Work

Louisville Courier-Journal – Greenpointcrusader may make return in Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Nyquist, Mor Spirit work toward sophomore debuts

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Dubai Carnival beads: Polar River looks the real deal

TDN – Al Shaqab’s Tale of the Cat Newcomer On Top At Cagnes

Bloodhorse – Von Hemel Duo Could Try Southwest Stakes

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Flexibility probable in next N.Y. Derby prep

Bloodhorse – Undefeated Zulu Points to Fountain of Youth

2016 Road to the Kentucky Oaks

Race    Track    Date      Points
Busanda Aqueduct Jan 23, 2016 10-4-2-1
Forward Gal Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Martha Washington Oaklawn Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Las Virgenes Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Rachel Alexandra Fair Grounds Feb 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Oaks Meydan Racecourse Feb 25, 2016 50-20-10-5
Busher Aqueduct Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Davona Dale Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Santa Ysabel Santa Anita Park Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Honeybee Oaklawn Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Park Oaks Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Fair Grounds Oaks Fair Grounds Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Bourbonette Oaks Turfway Park Apr 2, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gulfstream Park Oaks Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Oaks Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Gazelle Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Ashland Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Fantasy Oaklawn Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Beaumont Keeneland Apr 17, 2016 10-4-2-1

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Blowout maiden winner Alto Belle meets Flora Dora in Busanda

Louisville Courier-Journal – Pletcher’s Alto Belle steps up in Oaks prep

Bloodhorse – Arc Named ‘World’s Best Horse Race’

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Chrome flies out of California, begins his Dubai venture

Bloodhorse – Balan – California Chrome Departs for Dubai

DRF – Fortuna – R Girls a Charmer has look of a good one

From the Derby Bar and Grill Newsletter





The sale will be conducted on Saturday, March 26th and the Preview will be held at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday, March 19th, with the times still to be determined. For those wishing to nominate horses to the sale the closing date will be Tuesday, March 1st. The information regarding entering a horse, terms and conditions of the sale and buyer registration forms will all be available on the sales website: hastingshorsesale.com or contact Mike Heads at: 604-309-6509.


Hastings News by Greg Douglas

Louisville Courier-Journal – Foster winner Noble Bird eyes Churchill return

Racing Post – Burton – Doubts over Frankfurt sale after Nazi claims

Horse Race Insider – Berner – Politicians, Residents Take Wrong Turn on Belmont Casino Issue

Hastings Paddock Sale - March 26, 2016


The sale will be conducted on Saturday, March 26th and the Preview will be held at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday, March 19th, with the times still to be determined. For those wishing to nominate horses to the sale the closing date will be Tuesday, March 1st. The information regarding entering a horse, terms and conditions of the sale and buyer registration forms will all be available on the sales website: hastingshorsesale.com or contact Mike Heads at: 604-309-6509.

TDN – Finley – Op/Ed: Time to Show Frank Stronach Some Love

Horse Race Insider – Jicha – $12 million race? Why not $100 milliion? Neither is going to happen

DRF – Dunleavy – Monmouth offers tournament with a twist

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – Spectacular Bid’s Brilliance Remembered


TwinSpires Blog – Mucciolo – Constellation appears poised to stretch out; middle-to-outside posts best last week at Aqueduct

Bloodhorse – Lewyn – Keri Belle Upsets in Megahertz

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Reilly – Solis wins Megahertz aboard 12-1 Keri Belle

DRF – Hovdey: Borell getting ready for her next big horse

Racing Post – Dench – Numbers game: How do Flat jockeys make it pay?



Lady and the Track – Mendoza – Santa Anita Park Picks & Plays Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016

Bloodhorse – Johnson – Let’s Talk Derby Handicapping!

NY Times – Stollberg and Rogers – Bracing for a Blizzard, From the Deep South to the Northeast

Six Feet of Snow

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – These three horses can help break my blizzard blues

Bloodhorse – Laurel Park Cancels Jan. 23-24 Live Racing

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Dads Caps, Green Gratto meet again in Toboggan

Bloodhorse – Gulfstream Homecoming for Trujillo


Bloodhorse – Street Strategy Provides Morse Emotional Win

Bloodhorse – The Stayer – By Eric Mitchell

Riversedge Racing Stables’ Canadian and British Columbia Derby winning Academic has been nominated for a 2015 Sovereign Award in the 3 year old female category. Riversedge Racing Stables has been nominated for a 2015 Sovereign Award in the outstanding owner category and Rico Walcott has been nominated for a  2015 Sovereign Award in the outstanding jockey category.

2015 Sovereign Award Finalists

Champion 2-Year-Old Filly:
Ami’s Mesa
Catch a Glimpse
Gamble’s Ghost

Champion 2-Year-Old Male:
Amis Gizmo
Conquest Daddyo

Champion 3-Year-Old Female:
Don’t Leave Me
London Tower

Champion 3-Year-Old Male:
Breaking Lucky
Danish Dynaformer
Lucky Lindy
Shaman Ghost

Champion Older Female:
Cactus Kris
Miss Mischief
Touching Promise
Uchenna (Ire)

Champion Older Male:
Are You Kidding Me
Golden Sabre
Stacked Deck

Champion Female Turf Horse:
Button Down (GB)
Catch a Glimpse
Habibi (NZ)
Strut the Course

Champion Male Turf Horse:
Are You Kidding Me
Danish Dynaformer
Reporting Star

Champion Female Sprinter:
Cactus Kris
Miss Mischief
Skylander Girl

Champion Male Sprinter:
Bye Bye Bernie
Calgary Cat
Stacked Deck
Tower of Texas

Outstanding Broodmare:
Awesome Lass
Rare Opportunity
Star Guest

Outstanding Breeder:
Adena Springs
Eugene Melnyk
Sam-Son Farm
Tall Oaks Farm

Outstanding Owner:
Conquest Stables
Ivan Dalos
Riversedge Racing Stables
Sam-Son Farm

Outstanding Trainer:
Kevin Attard
Roger Attfield
Josie Carroll
Mark Casse

Outstanding Apprentice Jockey:
Fanny Crausaz
Kayla Pizarro
Erika Smilovsky
Isabelle Wenc

Outstanding Jockey:
Luis Contreras
Eurico Da Silva
Patrick Husbands
Rico Walcott

Bloodhorse – Casse, Catch a Glimpse Top Sovereign Nominees

Bloodhorse – Novak – Sarah Sis Returns in American Beauty

Soak Up The Sun

INDIAN CHARLIE WORLDWIDE - We Never Let the Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Moran – How the American Thoroughbred’s influence keeps growing Down Under

TDN – First-Season Sires To Watch in 2016

Northlands Park 2016 Stall Application

With great power comes great responsibilty.

Stan Lee

TDN – Oppenheim: First Foals 2009-2012


Omega Code


Bloodhorse – Evangeline Downs Meet Starts April 6


Orientate – Mir Cat by Tale Of The Cat

2016 FEE: $2,000 ($200 booking fee, balance due live foal).


Stone Ranches Ltd.

Madden, Alberta, Canada

Tina & Gerald Stone at 403-946-5703 or by email at stnranch@airenet.com

Giving horseplayers a voice.

Queens’ Plate – Woodbine Oaks Syndicate Opportunity

A syndicate is being put together to acquire a 3 year old Canadian Bred colt and a 3 year old Canadian Bred filly that will be eligible for the Queens Plate and Woodbine Oaks.
The ultimate goal is to run in the Plate, Manitoba Derby, Canadian Derby, and BC Derby for the colt. With the filly the goal will be the Oaks in all 4 provinces. A fantastic trip for everyone involved and a story to remember and retell.
If you’re interested or have any questions please respond to: cjracingstable@live.ca

Balmont will be standing in Alberta for 2016.

The son of Stravinsky who is a half brother to Eskendereya will be standing at Jug Handle Ranch phone (403) 601-0432 jughandleranch@yahoo.ca.

Racing Post – Balmont

Taylor Made – Fernando – Eskendereya pedigree constructed for classics

Bloodhorse – Stallion Eskendereya Sold to Japan

This is Horse Racing – Snow day at the stallion farm

This Is Horse Racing – Rookies rule at stallion show

TwinSpires Blog – Mucciolo – Taris records another sharp stakes tally; speed plays well on turf with give to it at Santa Anita 


Bloodhorse – Gantz – High Cotton Filly Tops Barretts Sale

TwinSpires Blog – TURF TALK: On voters and racecallers

Happy 10th Birthday, Insider!  (Please leave gifts at the loading dock.)

Horse players, what would you have done in this race?
In a $25,000 claiming race, a 28/1 long shot appears to be over his head in a field of 10 horses. Sure, he won at $15,000 two races ago but when he was elevated to $25,000 in his last race, he placed sixth in a lacklustre performance.  And he’s facing $25,000 winners to boot.  So what would you do?
    a.  Avoid him until he drops back down to $15,000
    b.  Bet him
Because I’m writing about this, you probably assume–correctly–that you should bet him.  Why?  Because the trainer hasn’t dropped him back down to $15,000 despite his dismal performance in his previous race at $25,000.  Essentially, you’re reading a trainer’s mind and sensing the trainer believes this horse can handle the class jump so he’s giving him another chance.
And you would be right.  It was that kind of horse, Uf Bettors Hanover, who won race 10 at Woodbine harness last Saturday, paying $58.70 to win and, as part of a pick-4, paying almost $1,400 for a 20-cent ticket.  This is one of five horseplayer angles in today’s Insider to give you an edge.  It shouldn’t matter that this happened in a harness race — it applies to all racing. See four more “live and learn” examples below.

Bullet briefs . . .
• Weekly cash bonuses continue for your bets!
• ASD trainers can breathe easier again; foreign workers approved
• Why my race program flew across the Race Book last Saturday
• Here’s help to nail “the big one”
• Manitoba Derby runner-up Witt Six to race in stakes Saturday
• Nova Scotia HPI player hits $119,000 in Woodbine Jackpot Hi-5 pool
• Feb. 6 is Fab Filly Day at the Downs; Songbird makes 2016 debut


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Ready to nail the “big one?”

Maybe these examples will help.
Will one of these recent real-case examples (or the example at the top of the column) tip the odds toward your nailing the big score?
YOUR “LYNCH” PIN TO SPRINT SUCCESS:  As horses charged down the stretch in a 5f dash at Gulfstream Monday, “I won big” players cheered for #1, #5 and #8, the three horses in the first leg of their pick-4 tickets. But–what’s this?–Bill Drew, a turf specialist who qualified to play in the National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas at the end of the month was cheering for first-time starter #7 Lex Vegas at 7/1 trained by Brian Lynch.  And his horse won (and the group’s horses finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th).  Why?  “Brian Lynch is a superior sprint trainer–especially on the turf.” There it was.  Had the group been aware of that angle, they would have cashed a pick-4 that paid $6,500 for $1 and might even have had the pick-5 that paid $43,000 for $1 because the group’s tickets had the final three legs with horses paying $9, $15.60 and $32.40.
WHY MY PROGRAM FLEW ACROSS THE RACE BOOK:  Last Saturday, your harried scribe took a browbeating for 20 minutes from an “I won big” player–a top handicapper, actually–who pooh-poohed my keying #10, Wonforthemoneyhon (8/1) in a 7f race in several of the group’s pick-5 tickets.  The player pelted me with more and more reasons why the horse couldn’t win.  Then in a parting shot as the horses were about to be loaded into the starting gate, he shouted across the floor at me with a challenge: “I’ll bet you $10 your horse doesn’t win!” which I ignored.
You may have to shut out your critics but a rule is a rule

Well, the horse did win.  And that’s why, right after the race, my race program could be seen flying through the air in the direction of the critic, accompanied with my infuriated “See?”  I had keyed the horse on the tickets because this was a 7f race so I looked for recent good efforts at 7f and only three horses fit the bill, with #10 having an Equibase speed figure higher than the horse that would likely be attracting the most bets (#6).  I’ve been playing a lot more 7f races lately and #10 seemed to be the best fit at this specialist distance. For the most part, ignore horses that haven’t raced at this distance and play the horse with the best speed at 7f.  And put your fingers in your ears if someone tries to tell you differently.

WHEN TO ADD A “NO-CHANCE” HORSE TO YOUR TICKET:  In its first draft of a pick-5 ticket at Tampa Bay Saturday, the “I won big” group didn’t have #2, Cottonwood Canyon (morning line 20/1) in the first leg, race 6.  But, when the horses went to the post and #2 won the race at 23/1, his number WAS on most tickets.  Why?  Because the winningest person in the group noticed the horse had been 9/2 on the board early in the wagering–which meant this horse was “live.” In fact, adding this horse almost led to the group winning the entire pick-5 pool of $33,000 which nobody won.  Are you watching for such discrepancies in odds?
DOING MORE THAN THE AVERAGE PLAYER PAYS BIG:  In last week’s Insider, it was noted that the winningest person lately at the Downs had cashed a pick-4 ticket at Tampa for $1,200 (and the “I won big” group hadn’t) because he had added an 8/1 first-time starter to the first leg of his ticket.  Why had he added that horse?  Quite simple, really.  He told the group in a Saturday discussion that he looked at probable payouts in the double pools and noticed the horse was getting an unusual amount of action. Which meant the horse was “live” and deserved to be added to the ticket.
There you go.  Five angles in this Insider that, hopefully, might help you win a life-changing score — or at least help you tread water when the going gets tough.
Songbird crushed her rivals in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies last October (left), posting a 112 Equibase speed number that no colt has been able to reach. The latest to try were Mo Tom in the LeComte Stakes at Fair Grounds (middle — 99 speed rating) and long shot Discreetness in the Smarty Jones at Oaklawn (right — 105 speed rating). More colts will take a shot in two prep races a week from this Saturday.
She’s setting the racing world on fire!
Watch her 2016 debut on February 6,
Fabulous Filly Day at the Downs!
Songbird has been working up a storm at Santa Anita where she will make her 2016 debut in the $300,000 Las Virgenes on Saturday, Feb. 6, a day the Downs has designated Fabulous Filly Day with special promotions in store.
GOOD NEWS!  FOREIGN WORKERS APPROVED!  Trainers at the Downs can now hire foreign workers again which allows them to breathe a little easier, knowing they’ll be able to hire enough grooms heading into the 2016 season. Last year there was a hiccup in the application process which prevented much-needed foreign grooms from being accepted.   Joanie Hamilton-Johnson, executive director of the Manitoba division of the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association said she received authorization from the federal government last Friday.  It’s something, however, that must be applied for on an annual basis, she said, and it costs $1,000 per worker to make happen.
Javier Castellano
Top jock of 2015

NO SURPRISES AT ECLIPSE AWARDS:  It was unanimous, of course–American Pharoah was named Horse of the Year and 3-year-old male champion in Saturday’s Eclipse Awards presentations at Gulfstream–and the 261 voters were almost unanimous in four other categories:  Songbird (top 2-year-old filly), Nyquist (top 2-year-old male), Runhappy (top male sprinter) and Beholder (top older female).  Javier Castellano was named the year’s best jockey (won 17 grade 1 stakes), Bob Baffert the top trainer and Zayat Stables the top owners.  See all awards here.

NOVA SCOTIA PLAYER HITS $119,000 WOODBINE JACKPOT:  A ticket costing $90 won a Nova Scotia HPI player almost $119,000 on Monday, Jan. 11 playing the Jackpot Hi-5 in the last harness race at Woodbine.  The ticket was the only correct 20-cent ticket sold that night. The horses and odds in order were: #8 Velocity Headlight – 8/1, #6 Jac Spade – 7/2,  #4 Retail – 2/1, #9 Just Henry – 25/1 and #7 Twice As Bright – 30/1.  The winning ticket wheeled 8 with 1,6,10 with 1,3,4,5,6,10 with 1,3,4,5,6,10 with ALL.  Interestingly, the jackpot was won despite two low-odds horses finishing second and third.  The Jackpot Hi-5 wager continues tonight, Friday, Saturday and Monday at 6:30 p.m. CST.

$33,000 POOL JUST ELUDES “I WON BIG;” ADD PICK-3s?   When the “I won big” group missed the pick-5 at Tampa Bay on Saturday (but collected about $670 for 4 out of 5) and the pick-4 and pick-5 at Gulfstream Park on Monday, what became readily apparent is that the group should have been playing pick-3s in addition to the longer serial wagers.  The pick-3 in the first three legs of the pick-5 at Tampa paid $2,900 for $1 and the pick-3 in the last three races at Gulfstream was almost $600 — amounts that would have been collected by the group had it played the pick-3.  That will be the recommendation this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. when the group resumes its Tampa Bay pick-5 discussion.

Bill Drew
Shoots for $800,000
GOOD LUCK, BILL, IN VEGAS HANDICAPPING CHAMPIONSHIP!  ASD’s Bill Drew, a businessman in the grain business who lives in Oakbank, will be shooting for a top prize of $800,000 in the National Handicapping Championship at Treasure Island Hotel Casino in Las Vegas next week, Jan. 28 to 30.  Players cannot buy their way into the tournament which is sponsored by the Daily Racing Form and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.  They had to qualify by playing in tournaments leading up to the event.  Drew was among five to win a seat last Mar. 1 by participating in an online tourney that day. Total prize money next week is about $2.5 million.
Where are they now?
by Rob MacLennan
Witt Six faces five in $50,000 Star of Texas Stakes Saturday
Trainer Jerry Gourneau has been busy with nine runners since the Sam Houston meet kicked off on Friday.  He continues to race at Delta Downs as well with another “Witt” horse (named for his owner, Henry Witt, Jr.), Witt’s Lizard, a 4-year-old Texas-bred gelding slithering to a win last Wednesday in a NW3L race, returning $17.60 to win. Then on Saturday, Gourneau’s 5-year-old gelding Dancing Firewater trounced seven rivals at 3/5 to break his maiden on his 11th try.
Jerry Gourneau
Enters Witt Six
in stakes

MANITOBA DERBY HORSE:  He has two entrants this Saturday at Sam Houston including Manitoba Derby runner-up Witt Six. Cowboy Curlin goes in the first with a legitimate shot to make the lead in a five furlong turf sprint. Witt Six will take on five foes in the $50,000 Star of Texas Stakes at a mile on the main track. The 4-year-old looks competitive in this field compared to his previous race at Fair Grounds where he met Eagle and Ride on Curlin. His main competition will be Texas Air and Texas Bling.

Then on Monday, Witt’s Lizard steps up in class in a Texas-bred first level allowance where he will need a good pace to run at.
TURF PARADISE:  Meanwhile at Turf Paradise, the Don Schnell barn has had a couple of close calls lately with runner-up finishes by Budlitelarry and I Am Awesome. I Am Awesome ran second to Indy Racer who made the lead under confident handling by high-percentage rider Adolfo Morales for trainer Jared Brown.  Indy Racer paid a handsome $18.60 to win. Morales and Brown will partner Saturday with Woodlandsway, a $4,000 horse Brown claimed in November and is now running for $8,000.  Watch out!
In other news from the desert, Magic d’ Oro, Assiniboia Downs’ likely 2015 Horse of the Year, has had five workouts in preparation for his 2016 debut soon.
MUST SEE:  Be sure to check out the Allen Jerkens Stakes this Saturday at Gulfstream going two miles.  It’s a good field at a rarely-seen distance with graded stakes runners such as Charming Kitten headlining the field. Take a shot on Roccia d’Oro who looks like he could run all day and gets the services of Eclipse award-winning jockey Javier Castellano. The two graded stakes races this weekend are the Santa Monica this Saturday at Santa Anita, a sprint for mares, and the Toboggan on Sunday for male sprinters at Aqueduct.

with Marshall Posner
Q. How do I make a deposit into my HPI Account?
A. There are several different ways to make a deposit into your HPI account so you can wager from home or elsewhere.
1) You can make a deposit at any off-track betting location in the city or at Assiniboia Downs — either by giving money to the ticket seller or by using a touchtote terminal. Simply insert your voucher (face down) or insert the money then hit the “Deposit to Account” button. You will be asked to swipe your card and enter your PIN #.  If you’re depositing a large sum, get a voucher first.  Otherwise you’ll have to deposit each bill separately. (E.g. A $60 deposit with $20 bills requires three separate transactions)
2) You can make a deposit online directly into your HPI account.  Once you’ve logged into your account, simply click on the green money sign in the top right corner of the HPI window (view image here).  Then you have two options:
OPTION A:  Provide credit card details then click the DEPOSIT button (view image here). PLEASE NOTE: Your credit card company treats this as a cash advance so there will likely be a charge from your credit card company for providing this service. There are no charges applied from HPIBet.
OPTION B:  Use Interac Online which is essentially doing an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using your online banking.  Limitations: Only a few banks offer this service (Bank of Montreal, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust.) and no credit unions do. Also note that if you use a VISA debit card from TD Canada Trust, you will not be able to use the Interac Online option. Once you’ve entered the amount that you wish to deposit and clicked the authorization disclaimer (view image here), you will be taken to the Payment Details screen that requires you to select your financial institution (view image here). Once you’ve selected your bank, you’ll be directed to your online banking log-in page where you can complete the transaction.
Submit questions for Marshall to theinsider@ASDowns. com
View previous questions and answers here.

HISTORY ON THE HOOF: The best of Bob

Did you know . . .  an ASD horse ran in the Kentucky Derby?  Read about him in “Lexico, Canada Day and Foolish Pleasure” here.


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