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Anticipation for the Triple Crown builds as we see more Gs on the racing calendar each weekend and the Triple Crown Nominees announced.


Lady and the Track – Hammer – Around The World With Robert Geller by Kirby C. Grimes

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.
Sitting Bull

Bulls on Parade

1993 Florida Derby

1994 Florida Derby

Bull in Heather

A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.

Crazy Horse


Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!
P. T. Barnum

Phil has a question:

Do you think anyone in the layer upon layer of bureaucratic management at Northlands Park catches the drift.



Politeness and civility are the best capital ever invested in business. Large stores, gilt signs, flaming advertisements, will all prove unavailing if you or your employees treat your patrons abruptly. The truth is, the more kind and liberal a man is, the more generous will be the patronage bestowed upon him.
P. T. Barnum

Also in the works for Northlands is a plan to convert Rexall Place into a nerve centre for minor hockey and to redevelop the entire Northlands grounds, which includes a huge racetrack and grandstand for the failing horse-racing industry.

Edmonton Journal – David Staples: New plans, partnerships and attitude for improved Northlands

Bloodhorse – Focus on Marketing at Asian Racing Conference

Paulick Report – Asian Racing Conference: Focus On Marketing, Attracting And Retaining Fans

Bloodhorse – Glory Days – by Lenny Shulman

Glory Days

TDN – Marquardt- Illegal Gambling: A $500 Billion Problem

NY Times – Rothenberg – An Invitation Into the Shadowy World of Match Fixing

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Johnson – Kiaran McLaughlin: the day I realized horses don’t need to run on medication

Racing Post – Wright – Romanet: Racing leads sports in drugs integrity

NY Times – AP – Antidoping Agency Aids Inquiry on Peyton Manning


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fair Grounds
Super High Five     $6,464.00
Golden Gate Fields
Pick 6 Jackpot    $21,146.00
Hialeah Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $51,896.00
Laurel Park
Pick 6 Jackpot    $5,536.00
Oaklawn Park
Classix    $5,045.00
Santa Anita Park
Pick 6    $176,972.00
Turf Paradise
Pick 6    $496.00
Turfway Park
Super High Five     $1,622.00

Monday, February 1, 2016

Portland Meadows
Pick 5    $4,155.00
Pick 4    $4,105.00

Guaranteed Pools

Equibase Carryovers and Guaranteed Pools

Horse Race Insider – Jicha – Seminole casino deal could push decoupling to back burner

Thoroughbred racing Commentary – Genaro – The institutional sexism that plagues racing at every level

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.
Ronald Reagan

Hard Sun

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – BAFFERT: “Horses Are Like Songs”

Wooly Bully

You always say ‘I’ll quit when I start to slide’, and then one morning you wake up and realize you’ve done slid.
Sugar Ray Robinson

The notion that wagering on racing is a fully mature product is a trap which must be avoided. Innovation and internationalization are key opportunities for growth.

Bloodhorse – Wagering Issues Focus of Asian Conference

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – The Gulfstream Championship Season: Its All Relevant

The One I Love

All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song.
Louis Armstrong

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Da Big Hoss among trio that can rebound in Saturday stakes 


Horse Race Insider – Handicapping Preview of Weekend Stakes

This Weekend’s Stake Races

Jan 30
Withers Stake GIII $250,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Forward Gal Stake GII $200,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Holy Bull Stake GII $350,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Kitten’s Joy Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo 8f Turf
Swale Stake GII $150,000 3yo 7f Dirt
Sweetest Chant Stake GIII $100,000 3yo Fillies 8f Turf
Sam Houston
Frontier Utilities Turf Sprint $75,000 4&up 5f Turf
Houston Ladies Classic GIII $400,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
John B. Connally Turf Cup GIII $200,000 4&up 12f Turf
Space City Stake $50,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Laurel Park
Conniver Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 7f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
King Cotton Stake (Listed) $100,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
California Cup Derby $250,000 3yo State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
California Cup Oaks $200,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8f Turf
California Cup Sprint $150,000 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
California Cup Turf Classic $250,000 4&up State/Prov 9f Turf
Sunshine Millions Filly/Mare Turf Sprint $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov abt 6.5f Turf
Sunland Park
El Paso Times Handicap $65,000 3yo Fillies 6.5f Dirt
Riley Allison Derby $100,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Turfway Park
WEBN Stake $75,000 3yo 6.5f AW

Jan 31
Maddie May Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 8.32f Dirt

Feb 6
Fred Cappy Capossela Stake $100,000 3yo 6f Dirt
Gander Stake $100,000 3yo State/Prov 8.32f Dirt
Delta Downs
Louisiana Premier Night Bon Temps Starter $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Championship $200,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Distaff $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Gentlemen Starter $65,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ladies Starter $65,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Matron $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Prince $125,000 3yo State/Prov 7f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Ragin Cajun Starter $50,000 4&up State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Sprint $100,000 4&up State/Prov 5f Dirt
Louisiana Premier Night Starlet $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 7f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
California Oaks $50,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f AW
Gulfstream Park
Donn Handicap GI $500,000 4&up 9f Dirt
Fred W. Hooper Handicap GIII $100,000 4&up 8f Dirt
Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap GI $350,000 4&up 9f Turf
Gulfstream Park Turf Sprint (Listed) $75,000 4&up 5f Turf
Ladies Turf Sprint Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5f Turf
Suwannee River Stake GIII $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 9f Turf
Oaklawn Park
Martha Washington Stake (Listed) $100,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Las Virgenes Stake GII $300,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Robert B. Lewis Stake GIII $150,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
San Antonio Stake GII $500,000 4&up 9f Dirt
San Marcos Stake GII $200,000 4&up 10f Turf
Sunland Park
Red Hedeman Mile $85,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt

Feb 7
Biogio’s Rose Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Palos Verdes Stake GII $200,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Sunland Park
Mt. Cristo Rey Handicap $85,000 3&up State/Prov 4.5f Dirt

Feb 9
Fair Grounds
Mardi Gras Stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 5.5f Turf
Portland Meadows
Mioland Starter Handicap $8,500 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oregon Derby $20,000 3yo State/Prov 8f Dirt
Revillew Slew Starter Handicap $8,500 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt

Feb 13
Broadway Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 6f Dirt
Haynesfield Stake $100,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
El Camino Real Derby GIII $200,000 3yo 9f AW
Gulfstream Park
Royal Delta Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sam Houston
Houston Distaff $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Houston Turf Stake $50,000 4&up State/Prov 8.5f Turf
Sam Houston Sprint Cup $50,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Laurel Park
Barbara Fritchie Stake GII $300,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 7f Dirt
John B. Campbell Stake $75,000 4&up 9f Dirt
Maryland Racing Media Stake $75,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Essex Handicap (Listed) $100,000 4&up 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Arcadia Stake GII $200,000 4&up 8f Turf
Santa Maria Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
Budweiser Handicap $75,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Lambholm South Endeavour Stake GIII $150,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Turf
Sam F. Davis Stake GIII $250,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Suncoast Stake $100,000 3yo Fillies 8.32f Dirt
Tampa Bay Stake GIII $150,000 4&up 8.5f Turf
Cincinnati Trophy Stake $50,000 3yo Fillies 6.5f AW
Turf Paradise
Phoenix Gold Cup $75,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Sun City Handicap $35,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Turf Paradise Handicap $35,000 4&up 8.5f Turf

Feb 14
Rego Park Stake $125,000 3yo State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Bayakoa Stake GIII $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8.5f Dirt
Sunland Park
El Diario Handicap $75,000 3&up Fillies & Mares 6.5f Dirt

Feb 15
Hollie Hughes Handicap $100,000 4&up State/Prov 6f Dirt
Golden Gate Fields
Lost in the Fog $50,000 4&up 6f AW
Laurel Park
General George Stake GIII $250,000 4&up 7f Dirt
Miracle Wood Stake $75,000 3yo 8f Dirt
Wide Country Stake (Listed) $75,000 3yo Fillies 7f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Southwest Stake GIII $500,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
San Vicente Stake GII $200,000 3yo 7f Dirt

Feb 20
Franklin Square Stake $125,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds
Daisy Devine Stake $60,000 4&up Fillies & Mares abt 8.5f Turf
Duncan F. Kenner Stake $60,000 3&up 6f Dirt
Fair Grounds Handicap GIII $125,000 4&up abt 9f Turf
Mineshaft Handicap GIII $125,000 4&up 8.5f Dirt
TwinSpires.com Rachel Alexandra Stake GII $200,000 3yo Fillies 8.5f Dirt
Veterans Ford Risen Star Stake GII $400,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Gulfstream Park
Melody of Colors $75,000 3yo Fillies 5f Turf
Sam Houston
Jim’s Orbit Stake $75,000 3yo Colts & Geldings State/Prov 6f Dirt
Two Altazano Stake $75,000 3yo Fillies State/Prov 6f Dirt
Oaklawn Park
Spring Fever Stake $100,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 5.5f Dirt
Santa Anita Park
Buena Vista Stake GII $200,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 8f Turf
Sunland Park
Island Fashion Stake $75,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Mine That Bird Derby $100,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt
Tampa Bay Downs
Minaret Stake $50,000 4&up Fillies & Mares 6f Dirt
Pelican Stake $100,000 4&up 6f Dirt
Turf Paradise
Arizona Oaks $35,000 3yo Fillies 8f Dirt
Turf Paradise Derby $75,000 3yo 8.5f Dirt

TDN – Champs Top Experimental Free Handicap

ESPN – Cronley – Horse racing’s good list

Twinspires Blog – TURF TALK: Good Luck NHC Players & Sam Houston goes long for Connally Cup

DRF -Watchmaker: National Handicapping Championship adopts ‘Jonathon Kinchen’ rule

DRF – Fornatale – Racehorse owner leads after Day 1 of NHC

Bloodhorse – Kinchen: Discipline Key to Handicapping

Louisville Courier-Journal – Q&A: Handicapper could land record payday

First We Take Manhattan

Bloodhorse – Mitchell – Tepin, Airoforce Work Toward Tampa Bay Stakes

Bloodhorse – America’s Best Racing – Ehalt – Bob & Beverly Lewis: Beloved Racing Royalty

Bloodhorse – American Pharoah Kentucky’s Top Sportsman

Long Tall Sally

TDN – Nyquist Heads Triple Crown Nominees

Bloodhorse – Mitchell – Zayat, Baffert Top 368 Early Crown Noms

2016 Triple Crown Early Nominations

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Analysis | Closer look at Triple Crown nominees

Horse Racing Nation – Shifman – 2016 Kentucky Derby: Pletcher Under the Radar?

TwinSpires Blog – 2016 ‘Art of the Kentucky Derby’ unveiled

 2016 Road to the Kentucky Derby

The 142nd running of the $2 million guaranteed Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (Grade I) will be run Saturday, May 7, 2016, and for the fourth consecutive year, a tiered point system in select races will determine who qualifies to America’s greatest race.
Race    Track    Date    Points
Holy Bull Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Withers Aqueduct Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Robert B. Lewis Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
El Camino Real Derby Golden Gate Fields Feb 13, 2016 10-4-2-1
Southwest Oaklawn Park Feb 15, 2016 10-4-2-1
Risen Star Fair Grounds Feb 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Fountain of Youth Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gotham Aqueduct Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Tampa Bay Derby Tampa Bay Downs Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
San Felipe Santa Anita Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Rebel Oaklawn Park Mar 19, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Derby Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Spiral Turfway Park Mar 26, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Derby Meydan Racecourse Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Louisiana Derby Fair Grounds Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Florida Derby Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Wood Memorial Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Blue Grass Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Derby Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Arkansas Derby Oaklawn Park Apr 16, 2016 100-40-20-10
Lexington Keeneland Apr 16, 2016 10-4-2-1

Horse Racing Nation – Zipse at the Track -Holy Bull is the First Big 2016 Kentucky Derby Prep

Times Like These

Bloodhorse – Haskin – Derby Dozen – January 26, 2016 – Presented by Shadwell Farm

Horse Racing Nation – Kentucky Derby 2016 Contenders

Lady and the Track – Macatangay – 2016 Kentucky Derby Top 10: Reinier’s Picks

Bloodhorse – Balan – Nyquist Works Two Turns at Santa Anita

TwinSpires Blog – Nyquist records six furlongs in 1:15.60 for San Vicente

First We Take Manhattan


Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Preakness staying put for ‘foreseeable future’

Everything In its Right Place

These are the entry conditions for the Holy Bull Stake GII

1 1/16 Mile. HolyBull-G2 Lambholm South Holy Bull S. Grade II. Purse $350,000
THREE YEAR OLDS. Free nomination by Sunday, January 17. $3,500 to enter and
$1,500 to start, with all starters to receive a $1,500 rebate in addition to the purse.
$350,000 Guaranteed. After payment of 1% to all owners of horses finishing sixth
through last, 62% of the remaining purse shall be paid to the owner of the winner, 20% to
second, 10% to third, 5% to fourth, and 3% to fifth. Weight: 122 lbs. Non-winners of a
grade I stake allowed 2 lbs., a grade II or $60,000 twice, 4 lbs., two races other than
maiden, claiming, or starter, 6 lbs. Starters to be named through the entry box by the
usual time of closing. Supplemental nominations may be made at the time of entry. All
fees shall be paid prior to the start of the race. This race will be limited to 14 starters, with
also eligibles. If more than 14 entries pass the entry box, preference will be given to
graded stakes winners, then highest career earnings. Horses finishing first, second,
or third in this race will earn a complimentary nomination to the Florida Derby. Trophy to
the winning owner

Phil has a question:

When entering a horse in a stake race why should a horse owner and trainer have to hire a Philadelphia lawyer and a CPA to interpret the conditions that some idiot with a GIII education trying to  to write to sound impressive makes so ambiguously convoluted they’re unfathomable.

DRF – Welsch – Conquest Big E all set for Holy Bull

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Conquest Big E out-paces workmate for Holy Bull

Bloodhorse – Conquest Big E Has Easy Drill for Holy Bull

A Whiter Shade of Pale

It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Bloodhorse – Angst – Flexibility Aims for Another Aqueduct Victory

TwinSpires Blog – Scully – Flexibility heads seven-horse Withers; Toboggan redrawn with 10

It’s Only Rock N Roll

Bloodhorse – Johnson – Is Mohaymen the Real Deal?

Lady and the Track – Macatangay – Mohaymen Stirs Hype in Holy Bull at Gulfstream

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

DRF – Welsch – Mohaymen starts Derby drive in Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Mohaymen looms a heavy favorite in Holy Bull

Lady and the Track – Hammer – Holy Bull Stakes at Gulfstream Park Features Mohaymen

Bloodhorse – Mohaymen Set for 2016 Debut in Holy Bull

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Johnson – Kiaran McLaughlin: what makes Mohaymen so special

Forever Young

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen drills bullet five-eighths in final move for Holy Bull

Bloodhorse – Mohaymen Has Sharp Work for Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen breezes five furlongs for Holy Bull

TwinSpires Blog – Mohaymen has “perfect” morning at Palm Meadows

Bloodhorse – Mohaymen Sharp in Half-Mile Work

Louisville Courier-Journal – Greenpointcrusader may make return in Holy Bull

When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.

Chief Seattle

One More Cup of Coffee

Dany Dion’s Bear Stables Ltd.’s Noholdingback Bear will be taking another crack at Awesome Banner in the Swale Stakes GII going 7 furlongs on the Gulfstream Park dirt Saturday January 30, 2016 for $150,000 split in the same convoluted manner as the Holy Bull Stake. Luis Saez will be in the irons for conditioner Michael P. De Paulo.

Bloodhorse – Awesome Banner Aims to Continue Roll in Swale

Lady and the Track – Macatangay – Ready Dancer Back to Dirt in Swale at Gulfstream Park

LA Times – Cherwa – Horse Racing: California can’t afford to let its horses get away


Bloodhorse – Balan – Smokey Image Faces Tough Test in CA Cup Derby

California Dreaming

2016 Road to the Kentucky Oaks

Race    Track    Date      Points
Busanda Aqueduct Jan 31, 2016 10-4-2-1
Forward Gal Gulfstream Park Jan 30, 2016 10-4-2-1
Martha Washington Oaklawn Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Las Virgenes Santa Anita Park Feb 6, 2016 10-4-2-1
Rachel Alexandra Fair Grounds Feb 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
UAE Oaks Meydan Racecourse Feb 25, 2016 50-20-10-5
Busher Aqueduct Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Davona Dale Gulfstream Park Feb 27, 2016 50-20-10-5
Santa Ysabel Santa Anita Park Mar 5, 2016 50-20-10-5
Honeybee Oaklawn Park Mar 12, 2016 50-20-10-5
Sunland Park Oaks Sunland Park Mar 20, 2016 50-20-10-5
Fair Grounds Oaks Fair Grounds Mar 26, 2016 100-40-20-10
Bourbonette Oaks Turfway Park Apr 2, 2016 50-20-10-5
Gulfstream Park Oaks Gulfstream Park Apr 2, 2016 100-40-20-10
Santa Anita Oaks Santa Anita Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Gazelle Aqueduct Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Ashland Keeneland Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Fantasy Oaklawn Park Apr 9, 2016 100-40-20-10
Beaumont Keeneland Apr 17, 2016 10-4-2-1

DRF – McGee – Forward Gal, Swale favorites could be any kind

TwinSpires Blog – Caldwell – Cathryn Sophia tops light Forward Gal field

Bloodhorse – Cathryn Sophia Streaks Into Forward Gal

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Two fillies join original seven in rescheduled Busanda

Bloodhorse – Angst – Flora Dora Opens Season in Busanda Stakes

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Blowout maiden winner Alto Belle meets Flora Dora in Busanda

Louisville Courier-Journal – Pletcher’s Alto Belle steps up in Oaks prep

Bulls on Parade

Bloodhorse – Precious – NY Bans Trainer Sedlacek for Five Years

Bloodhorse – Precious – NY Strengthens Multiple Violator Penalties

Gimme Shelter

From the Derby Bar and Grill Newsletter





The sale will be conducted on Saturday, March 26th and the Preview will be held at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday, March 19th, with the times still to be determined. For those wishing to nominate horses to the sale the closing date will be Tuesday, March 1st. The information regarding entering a horse, terms and conditions of the sale and buyer registration forms will all be available on the sales website: hastingshorsesale.com or contact Mike Heads at: 604-309-6509.


Hastings News by Greg Douglas

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Nick Luck: the unfair burden of expectation on California Chrome

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Logic behind California Chrome’s Feb. 25 prep for Dubai World Cup 

Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – California Chrome’s Dubai World Cup prep set

Bloodhorse – Balan – California Chrome ‘Feeling Good’ in Dubai

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Frosted arrives in Dubai; Chrome tours Meydan

TwinSpires Blog – Reilly – Dubai Carnival beads: Unleashing the Safety

Bloodhorse – Mitchell – Strong U.S. Contingent for Dubai World Cup

Hastings Paddock Sale - March 26, 2016


The sale will be conducted on Saturday, March 26th and the Preview will be held at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday, March 19th, with the times still to be determined. For those wishing to nominate horses to the sale the closing date will be Tuesday, March 1st. The information regarding entering a horse, terms and conditions of the sale and buyer registration forms will all be available on the sales website: hastingshorsesale.com or contact Mike Heads at: 604-309-6509.

Haskin reprises

Bloodhorse – Hangin With Haskin – Archival Celebration of Penny’s 94th Birthday

This is Horse Racing -Cangialosi -Horse Who Changed Everything: Mighty Forego

Bloodhorse – Lady Shipman Prepares for 2016 Debut

TwinSpires Blog – Sunday Rules to face males in California Cup Sprint

DRF -Hovdey: Chew thinks the world of Cal Cup races

Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd.’s Alert Bay will be aiming to top the $1 million mark in the Saturday January 30 2016 California Cup Turf Classic Stake going 1 1/8 miles on the Santa Anita Turf for $250,000. Martin Garcia will be in the irons for trainer Blaine D. Wright.


Louisville Courier-Journal – Lintner – Champ Beholder due to return to training soon

TwinSpires Blog – Mucciolo – Speed plays well on both main track & turf; Cape Wolfe, Imperious One among horses to watch at Santa Anita

Bloodhorse – Angst – Dads Caps to Return in Toboggan Stakes


Bloodhorse – Novak – Cassatt Back to Defend Houston Ladies Title

Bloodhorse – Balan – Graded-Winning Trio Tries Kitten’s Joy


Racing Post – Takahashi – Meydan target for Horse of the Year Maurice

TDN – Harvey – A Rising Star of the Training Ranks

2015 Sovereign Award Finalists

Bloodhorse – Irish Bloodstock Sales Continue Growth

Racing Post – Jennings – Irish racing registers fall in crowds and horses

Racing Post – Scully – Elliott: I would not like to be starting out now

Saratogian – Veitch column: Moves could hurt New York racing

INDIAN CHARLIE WORLDWIDE - We Never Let the Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

Northlands Park 2016 Stall Application

Bloodhorse – First Foal Reported for Mucho Macho Man

Dirty deeds Done Dirt Cheap

T.L.C.S. (Thoroughbred Lasting Careers Society)

The organizational meeting of the T.L.C.S. (Thoroughbred Lasting Careers Society) took place on Saturday, January 16 the Sheraton, Red Deer. Make sure to like us on Facebook to follow the latest news of the society.

The goals of this non-profit society are :

  • To provide funding for the aftercare, rehabilitation and retraining of off-the-track Thoroughbreds in Alberta.
  • To assist and ensure that off-the-track Thoroughbreds are provided with a second career after leaving the racetrack.
  • To allow for participation in The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.)
  • To promote the unique qualities of the Thoroughbred horse breed.

Click here to download>>T.L.C.S. Bylaws

Membership in the society is open to any person residing in Alberta over the age of 18 years, for a fee of $10.00. Those under 18 may become a member for $5.00. Cheques for membership should be made out to CTHS Alberta and forwarded to TLCS care of the CTHS Alberta Division, Unit 218, 1935 – 32nd Avenue, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7C8.

The Ennead catches the drift when Phil prints the entire story on Guilfoil’s appointment as Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission because in some jurisdictions like Kentucky it’s what you know that gets you the job not who you know that gets you the position, unlike Alberta where Shirley McClellan and Rick LeLacheur got the positions.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin appointed Marc A. Guilfoil as executive director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. Guilfoil, a Barren County, Ky., native, has served in a number of roles at the KHRC since 1988, most recently as director of racing.

“Marc brings a unique perspective to this position and I am very excited he will have oversight of this very important organization,” Bevin said in a Jan. 26 release. “Kentucky’s horse industry is one of the keys to the commonwealth’s growing economy and Marc’s ability to relate to all facets of the industry is critical in its continued success.”

He succeeds former trainer John Ward, who resigned the week of Jan. 11.

Guilfoil has also served as deputy executive director for KHRC as well as liaison between the commission and the Kentucky General Assembly, the eight racing associations, and the respective horsemen’s organizations.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for me personally and I look forward to working with all of our constituent groups to find solutions to the issues that face horse racing in Kentucky today,” Guilfoil said in a statement.

A 1987 graduate of the University of Kentucky, Guilfoil received his bachelor of sciences degree in agriculture with an emphasis in communications. Guilfoil is also a certified Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Quarter horse steward with the University of Louisville Judges Accreditation Program and the United States Trotting Association Officials School.

Bloodhorse – Guilfoil Named New KHRC Executive Director

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
Lewis Carroll

Bloodhorse – Kieckhefer – IRB Passes Rules Amid Industry Turmoil

Bloodhorse – Galileo Inducted Into ITBA Hall of Fame

Racing Post – Wright – Princess Zahra calls for patience in breeding

Bloodhorse – Princess Zahra Aga Khan Talks Breeding

DRF – Gierkink – Woodbine reducing Ontario-sired bonuses

Racing Post – John F Kennedy sold to stand in Argentina

Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.
John F. Kennedy


Omega Code


Bloodhorse – Numbers Mixed for OBS Winter Auction

TDN – Frankel Yearling Tops Karaka at NZ$1.3M

Racing Post – Rodley – Frankel fever takes over at New Zealand sale

TDN – Caldwell – An American Auctioneer in New Zealand

TwinSpires Blog – Hanson – Blofeld seeks return to best form in allowance comeback 


Orientate – Mir Cat by Tale Of The Cat

2016 FEE: $2,000 ($200 booking fee, balance due live foal).


Stone Ranches Ltd.

Madden, Alberta, Canada

Tina & Gerald Stone at 403-946-5703 or by email at stnranch@airenet.com

DRF – Nevills – Kentucky Oaks winner Lovely Maria sold to Japanese interests

Bloodhorse – Balan – Elliott Back Riding at Santa Anita

DRF – Free – Story continues for two turf fillies

Giving horseplayers a voice.

Horseplayers Association of North America January February 2016 Issue

Queens’ Plate – Woodbine Oaks Syndicate Opportunity

A syndicate is being put together to acquire a 3 year old Canadian Bred colt and a 3 year old Canadian Bred filly that will be eligible for the Queens Plate and Woodbine Oaks.
The ultimate goal is to run in the Plate, Manitoba Derby, Canadian Derby, and BC Derby for the colt. With the filly the goal will be the Oaks in all 4 provinces. A fantastic trip for everyone involved and a story to remember and retell.
If you’re interested or have any questions please respond to: cjracingstable@live.ca

A fence should be horse high, hog tight and bull strong.

Cowboy Wisdom

Balmont will be standing in Alberta for 2016.

The son of Stravinsky who is a half brother to Eskendereya will be standing at Jug Handle Ranch phone (403) 601-0432 jughandleranch@yahoo.ca.

Racing Post – Balmont

Taylor Made – Fernando – Eskendereya pedigree constructed for classics

Bloodhorse – Stallion Eskendereya Sold to Japan

Street Spirit


Bloodhorse – Shulman – Kaigun Faces Full Field In Connally Turf Cup

DRF – McGee – Pricedtoperfection could give Brown his fifth straight Sweetest Chant win

Tonight is your last chance to enjoy a tropical escape!
Sun sets on tropical dishes tonight

$10 OFF!  Download a buffet-for-two coupon here for tonight’s certified Angus prime rib buffet which includes the popular pasta bar and your last chance to dig into tropical specialties:

     • Tropical fruit-glazed chicken.
     • Pork with Caribbean veggies
     • Tropical ocean fish fry
     • Pineapple salad
     • Tropical tarts
This picture could be yours (along with many others)
This inspiring feel-good photograph above my desk taken by teacher/horse breeder Sherisse Ziprick of Russell, MB (note the rainbow?) could be yours, too, because it’s attached to a two-year wall calendar (2016-17) produced by the HBPA of which there are a limited number available.  Hurry to the VLT cage and get yours!  They’re only $15.  Then enjoy this and similarly gorgeous photos throughout the 24 months!

Bullet briefs . . .
Downs announces new “locked in” cash bonuses!
• Enter Saturday’s tourney; it’s better than free!  (Buffet is part of it!)
• Did you know Songbird is as fast as American Pharoah?
• Hey, HPI users:  Here’s how to spot curious betting patterns!
• Downs’ CEO is now a believer, too!  (See Quote of the Week)
• Helpful lists:  Minimum wagers at all tracks, best debut sires
• Mother’s Day tickets go on sale Monday
You asked for it . . .  here it is . . .
Assiniboia Downs has announced that a revised cash-back program is being implemented and is here to stay!  After nine months of analysis including numerous focus groups, talking to bettors and offering a trial period of cash bonuses, the track says it will be now LOCK IN bonuses of from 1 per cent to 4 per cent of your wagers, depending on your wagering level. The cash will be deposited into your HPI account weekly, on Friday.  Said Sharon Gulyas, vice-president of the Manitoba Jockey Club:  “Through this extensive process our ultimate goal was to develop a program that would be sustainable for ASD and provide players with a new locked-in bonus cash back program on a permanent basis.”
ARE YOU LEAVING CASH ON THE TABLE? The Downs also urges bettors to track their wagering so they don’t leave bonus cash on the table each week!  For example, a player has wagered $3,950 which is subject to 2 per cent cash back. By wagering $50 more, the bettor would be at the next level, $4,000, commanding 3 per cent cash back.
Give it a shot!

Challenge yourself!

Time to give tournament a shot; it’s better than free!
Have you been sitting on the sidelines watching others fight it out for the Handicapper of the Year title in the monthly handicapping tournaments?  Is it time for a fresh face to come up the middle?  The first Player’s Choice tourney of the year goes this Saturday from noon to 4:30 p.m. Give me one good reason why you shouldn’t be in it?
LOOK AT THE VALUE:  It may cost $25 to enter but it’s essentially better than free!  Why?  Because you get 5,000 Player Rewards points to buy programs, DRF, etc. which is equal to $25.  And you get to load up on a tasty luncheon buffet, too!
Rules:  You bet $2 win/place of your money on a horse in 10 races from any track.  Simple.  Best three at increasing their bankrolls get the prize money. You keep whatever you win, too.
Prizes:  $850 in cash ($500 for first, $250 for second, $100 for third), bragging rights and points toward Handicapper of the Year.  The winner also receives a handsome ENGRAVED special mug, too!
To enter:  Fill out an entry form in the Race Book or call the mutuel desk to sign up — 204-885-3330 ext. 225.  Do so for $25 before Friday at 9 p.m. or $35 before noon Saturday.
Handicapper of the Year:  The player accumulating the most points in seven monthly tournaments during the year will earn a trip for two to Las Vegas and entry into a tournament with up to $1 million in prize money.
So don’t put it off any longer. Challenge yourself!  And load up at a tasty buffet, too.


Click for schedule
Enjoy tropical glazed chicken tonight!


Mother’s Day Sunday, May 8, and NOTE THIS:  POST TIME IS 7:30 p.m. There will be a brunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a buffet dinner starting at 6:30 p.m.  Tickets are $34.95 (plus taxes and gratuities).  Better get ’em early, they go quickly!  Phone 204-885-3330.  See ASD’s entire 50-day race schedule here.

Official stations of horse racing.
Click to listen

Want to know the minimum for every bet at every track?  Is it 20-cents, 60-cents, $1, $2?  See the reference list for all tracks in January here.  You’ll also find this list posted on the bulletin board in the Race Book.
Who were last year’s top debut sires?  (Those whose offspring were best at winning their first lifetime start.)  See the list here.

What two Derby preps are scheduled for this Saturday?  See starbursts below.  Will the winning colt in either of those races beat Songbird’s 112 Equibase speed she logged in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies?

                   *       *       *
Count ’em: Nine sleeps until . . .

Songbird, the fastest 3-year-old on the continent, will race in the grade 2 $300,000 Las Virgenes Stakes at Santa Anita on Saturday, Feb. 6.  How fast will she go?  Will she beat Zazu’s 1:34.86, the fastest time ever for the Las Virgenes since the race’s inception in 1983?  Watch for a contest in the Race Book that day to predict Songbird’s time!
Songbird’s speed at 2
American Pharoah in Belmont
Did you know . . . that Triple Crown-winning American Pharoah didn’t post an Equibase speed of 112 until the Belmont Stakes but that’s the exact speed Songbird posted as a 2-year-old three months ago in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies?  Here were Pharoah’s speed numbers up to the Belmont:  Rebel Stakes 108, Arkansas Derby 107, Kentucky Derby 111 and the Preakness Stakes 111.  (He posted his fastest time, 119, in the Breeders’ Cup Classic.)  This is why all eyes will be on Songbird when she makes her 2016 debut in the Las Virgenes Stakes at Santa Anita in nine days.  She is logically being pointed to the Kentucky Oaks, the filly version of the Kentucky Derby the day before the Derby
Might we see her entered in the Kentucky Derby instead?  That seems unlikely because the owners (Fox Hill Farms) have bad memories of the last time they did that.  They had famously entered filly Eight Belles in the 2008 Kentucky Derby and she broke down. However, if Songbird is racing really well, might the owners reconsider?  After all, on the face of it at this point, she could potentially be the first filly to win the Triple Crown.  And there’s this:  Fillies mature earlier than colts.
Yes, it’s THAT good

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Yes, the Downs breakfast sandwich IS the best I’ve ever tasted.” — ASD CEO Darren Dunn after being coaxed to try the sausage, egg and cheese on a toasted English muffin sandwich despite his belief that most breakfast sandwiches are the same. (“I mean, how good can a breakfast sandwich be?)   He admitted afterward, however, to being surprised at how much better the Downs’ version is compared to others he has tasted — and he couldn’t stop at eating just one.

So there you have it.  Right from the top. And to think the specialty sandwich began as a free treat for players arriving early on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. It’s now available anytime for $4.  And you can substitute bacon for sausage if you wish!  (Why not experience both?)
Uh-oh!   Email foreshadowed group’s doomed tickets
Rain-soaked turf at Tampa Bay last Saturday meant two of the pick-5 races would be off the turf which led to a warning in my email box first thing Saturday morning from a participant in the “I won big” betting group:  “The last time that happened, you said you would not play it.”  But, of course, the group went ahead anyway, being extra-careful in those two legs of the pick-5.  But we were done in anyway.  Group tickets DID pick the three dirt winners (paying $10.80, $29.80 and $14.60) but missed the tricky off-the-turf winners (paying $11.60 and $57).  There were no pick-5 winners that day.
In retrospect, it would have been possible to have won the pool by taking ALL horses in the two off-the-turf races and keying a horse in two of the dirt legs: the 7f first race (won by a 7f  “rule” horse, similar to last week) and a race in which a speedy “fresh” filly was likely to go gate to wire (which she did at $29.80).
The group just missed big pick-3 payoffs, too, a new addition to their play. But the group can take heart this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. after receiving encouraging words from two-time Handicapper of the Year Ron Phelps who is vacationing in Palm Springs but is sharing in group tickets:  “Hard luck today,” he emailed after Saturday’s loss.  “You made the right call on playing pick-3s seeing the payouts. Hang in there — we’ll cash in next Saturday.”   Words to live up to, Ron.  And it’s about time to gorge on a winning treat—bacon.
BIGGEST TOURNEY BEGINS WITH ASD’S DREW: Today, Bill Drew, an ASD player, businessman and horse owner/breeder who lives in Oakbank, will be making $2 win/place wagers on 18 races at major tracks in the biggest horseplayer tournament of the year, the National Handicapping Championship, a $2.45 million event at Treasure Island Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.  Eight of his plays will be on mandatory races.
He’ll be competing against about 650 other entries, having earned a seat in a qualifying online tournament last March.  He’ll be making similar wagers tomorrow and, if he’s among the leading 10 per cent heading into Saturday, he gets to compete in a semi-final round in which he plays 10 races of his choice. Then in mid-afternoon, if he’s among the top 10 players, he will advance to the final table where he must bet seven mandatory races.  The winner receives $800,000.
Kayla Pizarro
Top apprentice?

ASD‘S KAYLA PIZARRO NOMINATED FOR TOP APPRENTICE:   ASD’s apprentice jockey Kayla Pizarro, who distinguished herself by winning her very first lifetime race on a long shot on Canada Day, is among four Canadian jockeys nominated to win a Sovereign Award at the annual $250-a-plate awards banquet at Woodbine on Friday, April 8, the day before the thoroughbred season opens at Woodbine on its new Tapeta surface.  Kayla, who was born in Winnipeg, is the sister of Woodbine rider Tyler Pizarro.

Kayla has a higher win percentage than the other three jockeys nominated for the award:
Kayla Pizarro (primarily ASD) 56-6-7-13 (10.7 per cent win percentage)
Isabelle Wenc (Marquis Downs and Northlands) 120-11-15-12 (9.1 per cent wins)
Fanny Crausaz (primarily Fort Erie) 100-9-13-11 (9 per cent wins)
Erika Smilovsky (Woodbine) 161-11-15-22 (6.8 per cent wins)
See other nominations for Sovereign Awards (horses, trainers, etc.) here.  People employed in the racing industry and in the media determine the winners.
MR. PICK-4 & 5 JUST MISSES SHARING IN $57,000: The player you’ve been reading about lately in The Insider–the one who’s been cashing multiple pick-4 and pick-5 tickets–just about added a pick-5 at Tampa on Sunday that paid $57,000 for $1.  His $109 ticket missed race 7, a race for non-winners of two races lifetime. He said he took half of the six horses in the field and wasn’t prepared to double the cost of his ticket by taking ALL in that leg.  The horse he missed in the race for 3-year-old fillies, Drama Princess at 17/1, hadn’t raced since last fall. The four winners he DID have paid $31.80, $4.60, $21.80 and $6.20.
ASD HORSEMEN WON’T LOSE OVERWINTERED HORSES: Note the extension of the waiver claiming rule:  When the 2016 ASD meet opens in May, horses that haven’t raced for 180 days (i.e. during fall and winter), can be entered for a claiming price equal or greater than the price at which it last started TWO TIMES without fear of the horse being claimed.  And ONE TIME if the horse hasn’t raced for three months. So, for example, a $10,000 horse can be entered at $10,000 once or twice without it being claimed.  The reason?  To prevent an owner from immediately losing a horse he’s spent six months boarding and feeding and training.
CAL CHROME READYING FOR $10 MILLION WORLD CUP:   2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner California Chrome is in Dubai today getting ready to run a race to sharpen him up before his real objective:  Turning a runner-up finish in last year’s $10 million World Cup at the end of March into a win.  Meydan Race Course was changed to a dirt surface last year so more U.S. horses are being attracted to the high purses in the desert kingdom.
What will motivate Jets
when a ref does this?

HORSE MOTIVATES BRONCOS; WHAT ABOUT JETS? Have you wondered why you hear a horse whinnying during football games broadcast from Mile High Stadium?  I figured it out:  It is played on the public address system before the visiting team’s third-down play to motivate the Broncos to stop them from getting a first down.  Which got me thinking:  What motivational sound could be played at a Jets game when they get a penalty to encourage them to kill off the penalty? A few bars from Rocky?  From Slap Shot?  What do you think?  Send suggestions to theinsider@ASDowns.com.

SUPER BOWL — SHADES OF 2003?   Should be a good Super Bowl a week from this Sunday, pitting the flamboyant Cam Newton and his high-flying offence against a studious Peyton Manning and his shut-em-down defense.  Reminds me of the 2003 Super Bowl in which the underdog Tampa Buccaneers with the #1 defense man-handled the Raiders’ #1 offence, 48-21.  Note that the 11 thoroughbred tracks racing on Super Bowl Sunday begin their cards between 11:20 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. so races end before football kick-off at 5:30 p.m. CST.  The game is expected to have the biggest TV audience ever.
“SUN NEEN FY LOCK!”    Say that a few times. Go ahead. “Sun neen fy lock.” Now you know how to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese (Cantonese) on Monday, Feb. 8, the beginning of the year of the monkey.  Surprise Manley Chan, the director of the Downs’ food and beverages, with that greeting.  Once you say it a few times, it sticks:  “Sun neen fy lock.”
Where are they now?
by Rob MacLennan
Witt Six enters $200,000 stakes Saturday on short rest
Last Saturday, the opening weekend at Sam Houston, Manitoba Derby runner-up Witt Six finished third in the $50,000 Star of Texas Stakes after breaking poorly so trainer Jerry Gourneau enters him right back this Saturday in the $200,000 John B. Connolly Turf Cup. He should like the 1 1/8th mile distance but is facing graded stakes winners Mobile Bay (2015 Super Derby), Da Big Hoss (2015 Kentucky Turf Cup), Big John B (’14 & ’15 Del Mar H.) and Kaigun (2014 Play the King Stakes).  No wonder Witt Six’s morning line is 20/1. The Space City Stakes on Saturday will feature another Gourneau trainee, Lift Me Up.
On Monday’s Sam Houston card watch for these ASD runners: Sconnie Nation and Xanthos (races 7 and 10 respectively) and 3-year-old filly Witt’s So Bossy.  In other news from Sam Houston, 6-year-old gelding Royal Mocha won recently for popular ASD trainer-owner-jockey combo Charlie Smith, Terry Propps and Rohan Singh returning $10.40 in a conditioned claiming event.
DUNCAN AT OAKLAWN:  Meanwhile at Oaklawn Park, Murray Duncan races two tomorrow:  5-year-old gelding Wild N Crazy who comes off a win at Woodbine where he lit up the tote board and now tries a field of conditioned $15,000 claimers and Aunt Els who makes her first start for Duncan. The 6-year-old mare has won eight career races and now tries dirt for the first time. She is certainly a horse to get excited about for the 2016 ASD season.
Wpg Futurity winner Heber
Second at Turf Paradise at 18/1

WINNIPEG FUTURITY WINNER RUNS SECOND: At Turf Paradise 3-year-old gelding Heber who won the Winnipeg Futurity ran second at 18/1 for Don Schnell recently in an optional claimer. Schnell and trainer Jared Brown have entries Saturday in the marathon series where 11-year-old gelding I Am Awesome looks for his 20th career win. In other Turf Paradise news, Eurico Martens has a hot streak going.  Last Saturday, the 3-year-old filly Big Bad Janine, third in the Debutante at ASD, pulled a big upset in an optional claiming race, paying $48.20 after getting a good stalking trip. Martens followed up with a victory last Monday in another optional claimer with 3-year-old colt Ready Intaglio defeating Heber by three lengths and paying $6.  Is he Manitoba Derby material?

MOHAYMEN LOOKS SPECIAL IN HOLY BULL:  The Holy Bull Stakes at Gulfstream should be the highlight of the weekend with the undefeated Mohaymen, coming off his Remsen Stakes win, taking on the Champagne Stakes winner Greenpointcrusader. Mohaymen looks like a special kind of animal. The Withers Stakes at Aqueduct might not offer the same top-end quality but lightly-raced Adventist and Awesome Gent could use this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
CAL CUP AT SANTA:  The Cal Cup Derby at Santa which had been a winning stepping stone for California Chrome pits two undefeated colts against one another: Life is a Trip for Jerry Hollendorfer and Smokey Image looking for his sixth win in a row for Carla Gaines. Hopeful Stakes winner Ralis could also be part of the competitive field.  Will this weekend offer some clarity on the Road to the Kentucky Derby?

with Marshall Posner
Q.  How can I access the betting intervals before a race to spot irregular or curious betting patterns?
A.  With the new HPI bet system you can access win odds and pool sizes at various intervals leading up to a race. To get started, simply click on the INTERVALS tab for any race (view image here). You will then be directed to the default Intervals page which is a tabular view. You will also have the option to switch to a chart view (view image here).
There are usually eight different intervals represented. The intervals are 15 minutes to post (MTP), 10 minutes and 5 minutes. From that point until post time you can see the betting intervals on every horse in 1-minute increments.
You can use this information to determine irregular betting patterns or see if there was early money or late money on a horse. You can verify whether a 3/5 shot is a legit favourite or a victim of the fact that there is very little money in the pool at any given interval. In the example here, you can see that horse #4 Malibu Kash was 5-1 until the final minute when his odds dropped to 5/2. You’ll notice that when this drop occurred, the total pool size doubled from $12,000 to $24,000.
Got a question for Marshall? Emal theinsider@ASDowns.com
Review previous questions and answers here.

HISTORY ON THE HOOF: The best of Bob

Did you know . . .   Ed Pawluk’s Smoky Cinder, who turned 22 Jan. 1, is the only locally-based horse to have won the prestigious Canadian Derby?  Read “15 Minutes with Smoky Cinder” here.

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Political speeches are like steer horns. A point here, a point there, and a lot of bull in between.

Alfred E. Neuman

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Phil has a question:

Is Canada any different.

If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.
Carl Perkins

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It is the mark of great people to treat trifles as trifles and important matters as important.
Doris Lessing

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Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.
Dennis Wholey

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“Donald did inherit his father’s racism, and was probably actively coached in his father’s racism, and worked with his father to perpetuate it,” argued Will Kaufman, the professor of American literature and culture at Britain’s University of Central Lancashire who unearthed the scoop, said in a telephone interview with The Washington Post. “He picked up the mantle and ran with it with his father at his side. That’s why people are interested in this I think.”

“It’s not a case of the whole apple not falling far from the tree,” Kaufman said of candidate Trump’s alleged shortcomings. “The apple is still connected to the tree.” Asked whether Donald Trump’s alleged sins were as bad as Fred Trump’s alleged sins, Kaufman said: “I think he’s sneakier.”

National Post – Washington Post – Moyer – The unbelievable story of why Woody Guthrie hated Donald Trump’s dad

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Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
John F. Kennedy

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