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February 14, 2016


Buzz Burke

Tim Reid should go back to Fort McMurray and get his job back driving the Zamboni. Sad time for horse racing. It doesn’t matter what northlands does it will fail. And why would tax payers give them thirty cents let alone hundreds of millions. If racing has to go then the city should claim the land back and build condos or low income apartments. Don’t let those idiots exist anymore and the name northlands should just be a footnote in Edmontons history

Don Jones

You tell them Buzz , I totally agree with you.

Patsy West

Northlands race track has been mismanaged and ran poorly for years. And now they want to run the horsemen out of town because of their inability to get new people to the track. Their food is awful, their prices way too high, and some of their staff are rude and should not be employed in a public service sector. Tim Reid obviously has no concern about the number of jobs that are at stake here; if he did he should be going to the HPBA and finding out what can be done to help the lagging horse racing industry. Oh, never mind. That’s not his job. I hope our government pulls the slots if horse racing goes. But then again maybe that’s what Reid wants.
Warren Sarauer Shelly Robichaud
We were at Northlands for a Christmas party and the room was only half full, and there was no excuse other than poor management. Horse racing and Northlands hasn’t been marketed correctly for years! Past glory doesn’ put bums in seats!
Steve Shannon Crump · Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Does the casino go. Don’t you have to have live racing to have slots…
Dale Lorenz · University of Alberta
I have been going to the horse races regularly since I turned 18. Northlands is supposed to be a non-profit group that runs agricultural events such as horse racing. Edmonton is a major city that should have many different events you can attend. What about all the people that enjoy going to the races regularly and those that enjoy going to a few times a year? It is something to do for regulars for over 100 days a year not to mention simulcast racing from Calgary that we can have with 2 major tracks in the province. It is as bad for horse race fans to lose horse racing as it would have been for hockey fans to lose the Oilers. What about the thousands of people with jobs connected to horse racing and the economic benefits it brings? Horse racing has been around in Alberta for about 100 years and it should continue. What do we need an area for 60000 people for concerts when Commonwealth stadium is seldom used for 40000 people. Why do we need to move festivals at Northlands when they can easily be held elsewhere? I hope Northlands comes to their senses and continues horse racing for the thousands of people who attend yearly.Patsy West
Thank you. I have been going to the track since 1998 and the last three or four years have been terrible

Barnes article

“In a meeting with staff last night, they told them that the barns would be torn down right after Derby Day,” one source said in an email Thursday. “They are even saying that they would make this the biggest and best Derby Day ever because it will be the last one.”

According to a Northlands executive, that was merely one interpretation of what was presented by Reid during two information sessions at Expo Centre.

“We rolled out the plan,” said Northlands vice-president Cathy Kiss. “We did not conclusively say that we’re out of horse racing or that we’re tearing down the barns. There was no confirmation of that.”

But it is most certainly an option.

“Absolutely. That has been stated before,” said Kiss, who added that the Vision 2020 plan will be unveiled to the public and media next week, most likely on Wednesday.

Edmonton Journal – Dan Barnes: It’s down to the wire for horse racing at Edmonton Northlands

Global News – Ramsay – Two-level ice facility could be the future of Rexall Place

Phil has a question:

Is that the fat lady I spy warming up behind the toteboard.

How many months will it take the city of Edmonton and Edmonton Northlands to look back at this bold blunder with Hindsight 20/20 and realize what a mistake they made.

Could the key reason that the Slot Revenue Sharing Memorandum of Understanding has not been renewed yet be that the Alberta Finance Ministry lacks trust in the numbers emanating from the cronies at Horse Racing Alberta.

World Wide Words –  It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

Quote Investigator – It Ain’t Over Til The Fat Lady Sings

This Mess We’re In

Phil’s reprising a reprising:

Racing in Alberta has gone downhill since Stampede Park lost their days. Northlands is a joke right down from Management to their inept racing secretary to their horrible race caller. I used to own horses there a decade ago and I will not be back.

Paulick Report – Canada: Horse Racing Facing Uncertain Future In Alberta

Northlands Park Tim Reid can posture about the monies coming to Northlands Park from horse racing, but is it not time for Northlands Park to start listening to the comments and improve the professionalism of their horse racing operation.

Phil’s reprising his post from last week.

Global News Edmonton – Future of Horse Racing Up In The Air In Alberta

Phil has a question:

How did Rick LeLacheur and Shirley McClellan get horse racing in Alberta into the mess it is in.

Tom Coughlin had the decency to resign. Why don’t Shirley McClellan and Rick LeLacheur have a similar common decency and resign for the benefit of the thoroughbred industry in the province of Alberta.

Why doesn’t the media interview a knowledgeable thoroughbred trainer or owner who doesn’t sing from the prescribed Captain and Tennille songbook.


Hawthorne Sal

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