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February 20, 2016

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February 19, 2016

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February 18, 2016

Topo mouse of the people has been snoozing deep in a hole in the Coachella Valley only to surface and hear that the suits at Northlands are doing unto horse racing what was done unto him – the unceremonious and proverbial FLUSH!!!  Topo cannot understand to this day why he was given the KKissoff  at the height of his popularity.  So humanoids – good luck in trying to figure this one out.

Your Rodent Roving Reporter is taking under advisement if he should get back into the reporting biz thus will seek an answer to the  first question addressed to all humanoids or other life forms –
How does an entity that gave itself the mandate to: govern, control, direct, market, regulate, blah blah ,blah, the horse racing industry lose it’s 2 Alberta “A” racetracks during the first 13 years of HRA’s existence?



February 17, 2016

In case you didn’t hear as Phil M Stockmen was crossing Chancery Lane after decamping the Clapham Omnibus he was struck by the Battersea Omnibus.

His last known text was a request to dedicate this song to the Undertaker, QKB and CCW:

Jean Genie

When Sal first met Phil Phil told Sal he had a following called the Ennead. Sal figured that Phil must be really connected if he had nove wise guys. Turns out the Ennead were wise persons not guys. Sal wonders how many of the Ennead know the difference between ciao and arrivederla.

The Fat Lady has sung but for some unknown reason the skinny _____  and her useless Tory cronies are still cashing their paycheques.

Or has she?

Paulick Report – Northlands Park To Close Following 2016 Season


Buzz Burke · St. Mary’s High School Edmonton AB
Good read. Why would millions be given to a group that lose lose lose on everything they do. The expo centre was a huge mistake. And they were told so by economic experts but because money is handed to them they built it anyway. Northlands has always been a sponge. They are experts at sucking money out of all level of governments! None of this makes sense. It will fail , lose hundreds of millions and they will be accountable to no one. Does the mayor not know that the city already has facilities that don’t need to be in competition with northlands for their facilities paid with tax payers dollars. Is it a cooked deal already set up or do we have a few city alderman who will step up and put an end to this stupidity! Let northlands shut down. We don’t need to keep pissing money their way.

Paula Simons:

Goodness knows, I don’t fault Northlands for seeking a new mission and a new revenue source. We’ve already invested millions in infrastructure on the site: letting it go dark would be a terrible waste. But without business cases, funding models or community support, what Northlands presented Wednesday is a fantasy, not a plan. Before any level of government ponies up one penny, let’s make sure we’re not adding another white elephant to the existing Northlands herd.

Edmonton Journal – Paula Simons: Northlands proposal is a fantasy, not a plan for Edmonton

The Alberta Horse Racing and Breeding industry is rich in history, tradition and culture. Horse Racing began in Alberta in 1905, and we thank Northlands Park for being a part of that tradition for over 100 years. Obviously we are disappointed in their decision to leave racing at Northlands Park, they have been a strong partner over many years. However, we respect their decision and wish them well in their new endeavors. We will work with Northlands Park as they transition out of racing to minimize the impact on our industry.

In Alberta, the Horse Racing and Breeding Industry is a way of life. Every day over 7,000 Albertans work hard caring for over 7,000 horses in communities across our Province.

Horse Racing Alberta remains committed to continue to race, entertain, provide jobs and contribute significantly to Alberta’s economy.

Horse Racing Alberta is aware of interests in building a track in the Edmonton area and will explore, with our industry partners, options for racing in the Edmonton area.

Horse Racing Alberta – Statement from Horse Racing Alberta – re: Northlands Park decision

“Right now, our operating budget is $160 million and it’s a significant impact in this city. That will change dramatically with (the changes at) Rexall Place and potentially horse racing coming off-line,” Reid says.

“If you don’t revitalize Rexall Place and you don’t adjust for the future of racing, you end up impacting your neighbourhood considerably. And our biggest fear in all this is not only our sustainability, but that of local neighbourhoods.”

Edmonton Journal – Gary Lamphier: Northlands unveils bold redevelopment plan

The plan for the site also includes converting the racetrack and casino into an urban festival site. Northlands believes the site could be used for festivals, midways, even rodeos. The area will also be used for “massive scale concerts” with space for upwards of 140,000 people.

“It’s with mixed emotions today that we talk about our partnership with horse racing,” Northlands President and CEO Tim Reid said.

2016 will be our last year in the horse racing business.”

Northlands hopes to break ground in October 2016 in order for the site to be ready for business on July 1, 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday.

Reid said the cost of the redevelopment plans breaks down as follows: approximately $85 million for Rexall Place, $45 million for the festival site and $35 million for Hall D.

Global News Edmonton – Ramsay – New $165M vision for Northlands includes 7-sheet ice facility, outdoor concert space

CBC – Osman – Northlands hopes to reinvent itself with $165M in renovations

The city must decide within months whether to support the proposed Northlands redevelopment because the non-profit society faces a cash crunch, Coun. Michael Oshry says.

A report on the plan goes to city council March 15. Oshry — a Northlands board member — said a decision is needed quickly.

“Unfortunately, (Northlands) is in a position where they’re going to have a hard time being financially viable after they lose the concert revenue from Rexall Place,” he said.

“They’re going to have to have something in place fairly quickly to stay solvent … . If the city and Northlands don’t do it, they will have an empty building which will be a blight on the community.”

He expects all three levels of government will be asked to help cover construction costs. There’s also a chance private developers will pay for a chance to create retail or office space in the large Rexall Place concourse, which could attract up to two million annual visitors for tournaments and minor hockey.

Northlands is seeking feedback to its plans from community groups and other organizations with an online survey and meetings that will continue until the proposal goes to city council, chief executive Tim Reid told a news conference.

If there is support and funding, construction of the three projects could start with earthmoving this fall for the festival site after the final horse-racing season ends, he said.

Edmonton Sun – Kent – Northlands unveils long-term strategic plan as new arena rises in downtown Edmonton

Edmonton Journal – Dan Barnes: Northlands isn’t horsing around anymore; Vision 2020 plan is about evolution

Edmonton Sun – Jones – Northlands finally putting needs of the community before protecting its own interests

Hawthorne Sal wonders:

Will the city of Edmonton and province of Alberta and picco Trudeau wake up and realize that Tim Reid’s hooked on OPM (spending Other People’s Money) before they commit hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds visions.

What’s Plan B – Bankruptcy. Phil told Sal that the other Reid had no Plan B.

With a name like Oshry wouldn’t you expect the Councillor to squeeze more from a taxpayer buck.

If the left leaning Paula Simons is worried about wasting taxpayer dollars on the PITS fantasy, what the hell is the Mayor of Edmonton not thinking.

Is Shirley McClellan feeding the public the straight goods about talking with other groups for a facility in the Edmonton area or is she just grasping at straws to keep a couple of more paycheques coming before Minister Ceci gives her the well deserved and far too late boot.

Hawthorne Sal believes:

E Non sono tutte rose e violini.The thoroughbred horse racing industry in the province of Alberta is in bocca al lupo.

Tim Reid said much more than the Northlands Park Board or the city of Edmonton was expecting him to say. Any Spostata knows that it’s easier to keep the cat in the bag than stuff it back in once you’ve let it out.

You’ll never see a statue dedicated to a committee. If a committee has 13 members they’ll come up with 13 useless ideas. Count the number of ridiculous ideas that the lack of Vision 2020 names and you can calculate how full the ship of fools was.

Tim Reid’s pie in the sky Technicolour dream could see many many taxpayer dollars that could go to rebuilding the medical research facilities at the U of A, U of C and U of L that the Tories cut off funding for so they could keep their cronies lurking in the many Agencies, Boards and Commissions in Alberta driving their leased vehicles on the government’s dime diverted to a scheme that will only work if we remove all competition from Edmonton Northlands. Is that what Mayor Don Iveson and PM Rachel Notley foresee as the legacy for their governments – unemployed medical researchers working at minimum wage jobs flipping burgers for the retired hippies at the Woodstock reunion who are still waiting for their hip replacements as medical funding has been cut.

If Tim Reid says they need $165M add on another $200M as we’ve seen how efficient Northlands Park is at spending Other People’s Money. Add in the $50M that Northlands already owes the city and we’re talking close to $400M of Other People’s Money that Northlands park wants to commit to this dream and they don’t have any kind of firm commitment of any nature for the uses of any of these facilities.

A managia Buzzy there’s a laid off female truck driver driving that Zamboni In Fort McMurray now.

Edmonton Northlands like Donald Trump and the New York OTBs are the only people in the world who can lose money in the gambling business.

Phil told Sal that the Undertaker is pretty quick running to squeal to the QKB. Maybe he’s got a future running numbers when he’s dumped from his position at Horse Racing Alberta.

All this yapping about new business opportunities presented by this PITS fantasy made Phil drive over to check things out. Sal noticed that the Coliseum Inn is gearing up for the influx of new blood with a new strip bar.

Stayed tuned as Sal like Al Pacino is only getting started.

Sal implores you to get as many of your right thinking paesans to let Northlands Park know how stupid their plans are.

Remember it’s a toonie in the jar for each profanity uttered, written or thought about.

Sal dropped in a Ben Franklin before he started the survey.



Suzuki Swift

Fairgrounds in New Orleans that’s where the best Thoroughbred racing for the weekend runs Saturday. What kinda scustumad’ would name his basketball team the Pelicans. Hope his wife’s horses don’t hold it against him.

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Hawthorne Sal’s gonna let you in on a secret. Sal likes the fighting spirit of that Ezra Levant.

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A journalistic purpose could be someone with a Xerox machine in a basement.
Antonin Scalia

Hawthorne Sal

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