May 062016

Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club

If you ever wanted to experience ownership in the exciting sport of thoroughbred horse racing, here is your opportunity.

Please refer to the Attachments below detailing fractional ownership in three (3) thoroughbreds.  HBPA Director and longtime Alberta horse owner Curtis Landry has formed the Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club where for a $250.00 investment you will participate directly in the racing game.

You are required to complete the Club Membership and the Horse Racing Alberta Ownership License Applications and forward them to the address denoted on the form no later than May 25, 2016.

Should you require additional information, please contact Curtis Landry at the e-mail address denoted.

The HBPA of Alberta wishes to recognize Curtis’s efforts and all others who have assisted or will assist in this venture to introduce new participants to the sport.

Alberta Thoroughbred Race Club.pdf

HRA Owners Application.pdf

Race Club.pdf

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