Nov 202016

Commencement of WCB Enforcement

with 2017 Licensing


Be advised that Horse Racing Alberta commencing at the beginning of 2017 licensing, will be enforcing the Workers Compensation Board’s (WCB) rules.

We are beginning with all trainers either having a WCB number or a letter from WCB stating why they are not required to have coverage, before a license application will be accepted. We are starting with trainers as WCB themselves are not clear on the coverage needed for other participants. Horse Racing Alberta suggests all participants check with WCB themselves, or inquire within their own associations, as all horsemen’s associations are being kept up to date with requirements needed.

Please find a Notice to Horsemen (page 2 of pdf download attached) attached from the Board of Stewards and Judges that will be hung at the racetracks and put on the Horse Racing Alberta website. Please read as it is very clear the procedure to be followed for trainers to be approved for a license.

Doug Fenske
Manager of Racing Supervision & Security
October 20, 2016



Commencing with the 2017 horse racing licensing season, it will be MANDATORY for all trainers to have a Worker’s Compensation Number or a letter from Worker’s Compensation Board documenting why the applicant does not need to have coverage, before the application will be accepted.

Worker’s Compensation Board applications are available on-line here (WBC Account Registration).

By Order of the Steward’s/Judge’s Board

October 20, 2016


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