Jan 232017

A couple of weeks ago Northlands Park CEO, Tim Reid, was in the local Edmonton newspapers whining about Northlands Park wanting to get back into horse racing in the province of Alberta just months after Edmonton Northlands gave the Alberta horsemen the bum’s rush out the door.

If Tim Reid was a CEO that walks the walks rather than talks the talks Reid should have made sure that Hawthorne Sal was e-mailed the link for the 2017 Thoroughbred Stall Applications rather than Sal having to wait for Mucka Singh to e-mail the link to Sal.

Or maybe Northlands Park management and staff are so busy serving the 80 – 100 patrons who show up at Colours on a Saturday afternoon to wager on the jiggies that they don’t have time to bother with disseminating information about the sport that they want back at their decrepit facility.

Northlands Park 2017 Thoroughbred Stall Application


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