Mar 022017

Northlands Park Learning Centre Closure

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    The closing of the learning centre that was a valuable asset to the hard working foreign grooms and exercise riders that have departed is a clear indication that HRA’s $3.5 million in administrative costs have to be reduced further with a 10% racino funding cut in the next 2 years. However the 75 year old CEO still pulls in a ridiculous $250 k a year with no sustainable business plan to be found.

    The long barn closure saves Northlands a $1 million plus in infrastructure repair costs, with 200 horse stalls lost. The big question is where did the $73 million in operating grants go over the past decade.

    WHITEMUD EQUISTRIAN CENTRE showcases their new facilities with city money.

    It will be a test of the SURVIVOR trainers with limited racing dates and increased costs to wait for the opening of the CENTURY MILE.

    RYLEY ALBERTA charges homeowner a $4000 painting bill for a unsightly house. Can HBPA charge NORTHLANDS for repairing/painting unsightly shedrows, or will the practice of rotating stall painting shedrows trainers continue to save on costs!!!

    ASHA BOARD minutes Jan /2017 have them presenting a powerpoint presentation to increase revenue to the government 80K versus 240k being bet, with a ridiculous suggestion of 50/50 draws outside the racino, perhaps a parking lot bingo tent and infield pony rides can save horse racing!!!

    HRA SIMULCAST revenue drops a unconfirmed 12% to $121 million/16 from $138 million/15 with a budget of $180 million, close but no Clinton cigar, per new industry source GAMMA RAY SINGH!!!

    NORTHLANDS CASH CRUNCH is rumoured to cancel derby concert, with NICKLEBACK on tour, KATHY LANG at NAIT that night, LADY GAGA on tour. Will planned events be a series of wiener dog races, SUGAR DOYLE returns to call a HOT DOG EATING CONTEST and a version of NORTHLANDS IDOL during the 1 hour between that will sure drive patrons to drinking with some of the singing acts as Jamie Gray will be racing at Century Downs that weekend.

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