Apr 132017


British Columbia Bred Yearling Purchase Incentive Program

1 Each Purchaser of  a BC Bred Yearling at the CTHS (BC) 2017 Auction will immediately  receive a credit of $1,500 towards the  purchase  price. Example  a buyer  of a yearling bought  for  $10,000  would  receive $1,500 off  the  price  and ultimately  pay $8,500 and taxes for  their  acquisition.
2. In order to receive this credit the buyer must commit to leaving the registration papers in the  Hastings Race Office for the entirety of the 2018 Hastings Racing Season.
3. The registration papers will be released for the sole purpose of the horse running in a Stake race in another jurisdiction but for  no other  reason.  Immediately  following  the  Stake  Race  the  registration papers must be returned to  the Hastings Race Office.
4. Repayment of the $1,500 releases the papers to the Owner at anytime prior to the end of the 2018 Hastings Racing Season.
5. Buy Backs are not eligible for this incentive.
6. To qualify the yearling must be a registered BC Bred who is sold to  a third party purchaser either at the time of the CTHS Auction through the sales ring or by noon on the day following the Auction. All BC Bred yearlings sold after the Auction but before noon the following day will be eligible for the $1,500 credit as long as the sale goes through and is confirmed by the CTHS Sales
Office and appears on the official sales results sheet for publication.



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