Aug 102017

HBPA-BC Press Release

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Last week the Thoroughbred Associations, together with track management, initiated a policy change with regards to the Stakes program at Hastings. The policy change is important as it recognizes the need for owners to continue to purchase horses with the knowledge that there will be top level races for them to run in.  And while not all horses purchased end up at the stakes level, many filter down to the lower levels and help fill a vital need in stocking our horse population.

Last Monday on “Festival of Racing Day” the first race was run as an exhibition race with 3 horses. This was the result of the implementation of the new policy. All three horses were owned by Glen Todd. It should be known that Glen Todd graciously donated his share of the purse money to New Stride and to the CTHS-BC Div. to aid in the promotion of the upcoming September sale. Further, all three jockeys who rode Glen Todd’s horses donated their purse share to the disabled jockeys fund.

A  large word of thanks goes out to Glen Todd for his unwavering support of Thoroughbred horse racing in British Columbia and his very generous donation as indicated above.


Director Michael Bye

On behalf of HBPA-BC President David Milburn and the entire board of Directors



The Thoroughbred Associations (BCTOBA, CTHS-BC Div., HBPA of BC) recognize the importance to owners, trainers, and buyers of horses of a Stakes Program that is both reliable and comprehensive. To bring certainty and stability to the Stakes Program at Hastings Racecourse, the Thoroughbred Associations in conjunction with Hastings Entertainment Inc. have agreed that Stakes Races that fail to fill, other than those that are already guaranteed to go, will be converted to Allowance races that will be used in accordance with the following policy:

Stakes Policy

In the event a scheduled Stakes race fails to fill with 5 or more entries by 9:15 a.m., the Racing Secretary will declare the race off and all fees paid will be refunded. The race will then be offered as an Allowance race (Open or restricted to Fillies & Mares when applicable) at the same distance as the original race with a purse of $30,000. The race will retain the original Stakes name.

If the $30,000 Allowance race offered to replace the Stakes race does not draw the required 5 or more entries, it will be re-offered as an Allowance race with a $25,000 purse that will be open and available to ONLY THE ORIGINAL ENTRANTS INTO THE STAKE that initially failed to attract 5 entrants. This race will be GUARANTEED TO GO; however, the race may be run off-card as an Exhibition Race at the discretion of Hastings Racecourse management.

Purse money in either the $30,000 or the $25,000 Allowance race will be paid in the appropriate amounts to the horses that actually run. For example, if only three horses run, the horses will be paid 55% for first, 20% for second and 10% for third. The balance will revert to the purse pool.

This DOES NOT APPLY to the Jack or Sadie Diamond Futurities, the Derby, Oaks, Ballerina, Premiers, Debutante, Nursery, Fantasy, Ascot or any of the CTHS Sales Stakes. These races are GUARANTEED TO GO.

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