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National Post – AP – Craggy-faced, cult-favourite character actor Harry Dean Stanton dies at age 91

NY Times – Gates – Harry Dean Stanton, Character Actor Who Became a Star, Dies at 91

NY Times – Catsoulis – Revealing a Subject Who Holds Back

Men’s Support Group

Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Winston Churchill

Angst – Keeneland, Churchill Partnering on Two New Racetracks

Paulick Report – KHRC Has No Plans To Take Action On New Racetrack Applications Submitted By Churchill, Keeneland

DRF – Hegarty – Kentucky commission head rejects Churchill-Keeneland proposal

A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.
Karl Kraus

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – Churchill and Keeneland, RIvals No More

2. Effective January 1, 2018 (the “Effective Date”), and subject to the parties finalizing and executing the formal agreements contemplated herein:

a. NL will surrender all of its interest in the Site, including the Master Agreement and Site Lease (which may occur in stages, with the areas commonly known as the EXPO Centre and the Coliseum happening on January 1, 2018, and the area commonly known as Northlands Park happening on the later of June 30, 2018, or 30 days following the date upon which horse racing is no longer licensed at the Site), and the Parking Lot License attached hereto as Schedule “B” (the “Parking Lot License”) to the City;

City of Edmonton and Northlands MOU

Sal thanks another of his sources for his diligent work.

The city will also take ownership of the Expo Centre at Northlands on Jan. 1, with control of the Northlands race track to come later in 2018 or when racing moves to a new facility planned outside the city.

Edmonton Journal – Decision to shutter Northlands Coliseum means demolition on the table

The racetrack has been fading for years as the whole horse racing industry in Alberta struggled.

Sal like Phil has a question:

How many more dollars will the city of Edmonton be on the hook for when it comes time to demolish the barns and the grandstand and they’re on the hook for the asbestos removal.

Edmonton Journal – Paula Simons: End of an era as Northlands fades away

Sal says that maybe the reporter should be placing the blame for a struggling horse racing industry exactly where Phil did when he got himself banned by Edmonton Northlands in a despicable power display of censoring Freedom of Expression: Edmonton Northlands.

Phil was right. The entire organization was full of Killer Bees that killed Edmonton Northlands by their inept management and failure to put the city of Edmonton’s needs before those of the Board of Directors.

Too bad the mayor and council of the time didn’t recognize what Phil and virtually every horse player at Northlands knew. Northlands couldn’t manage or promote anything properly. (Sal has sanitized another of his sources comment.)

Sal saw that Home Depot is having Job Fairs across the country.

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Sal says that sometimes you need the full orchestra.

A musical director wasn’t happy with the performance of one of the percussionists. Repeated attempts to get the drummer to improve failed. Finally, in front of the orchestra, the director cried in frustration,

“When a musician can’t handle their instrument, they give him two sticks and make him a drummer!”

A whisper was heard from the percussion section:

“And if he can’t handle that, they remove one of his sticks and make him a conductor.”

Sal says don’t cry for Northlands before you read the entire agreement which is something that the grossly incompetent press in Edmonton has not done.

Northlands MOU

8. Within a reasonable period of time following the Effective Date and the finalization of the Area Redevelopment Plan for the area including the Site, NL and the City will select a parcel of land (the “Replacement Land”) acceptable to NL, acting reasonably, and of the approximate same value as the Four Parcels. The City shall transfer title to the Replacement Land to NL as compensation for the Four Parcels. Notwithstanding the foregoing, NL shall have the option at any time following the Effective Date and in lieu of a transfer of the Replacement Land, to require that the City pay NL the current appraised value of the Four Parcels as determined by the City appraisers between the date hereof and the Effective Date.

Sal says that Sal’s not sure what land the Four Parcels consist of as Schedule “A” is not attached to the MOU.

Sal says that paragraph 8 sounds like the city of Edmonton is rewarding Edmonton Northlands with a large chunk of either land or cash for their years of graft and incompetence. Rewarding Edmonton Northlands for returning a piece of land that the city of Edmonton has always owned and rented to Edmonton Northlands for peanuts and never collected a nickel of tax revenue on is so utterly ridiculous that Sal can’t even begin to fathom what the Mayor and council of Edmonton was not thinking of. Where did Edmonton Northlands accumulate all those compromising pictures.

Worse yet the city is taking the obligation for the Expo Centre debt, the demolition or rebuilding of the Coliseum, the demolition of the barns and the demolition or re-purposing of the grandstand. Sal says that the asbestos remediation could run anywhere between $25 – 50 Million, yet the city of Edmonton is taking all that obligation and giving Edmonton Northlands title to land or cash for years of graft. mismanagement and incompetence.

Sal says that the city of Edmonton just went to number 1 with a bullet on Amazon’s list of cities for their second head office. Where else will Amazon find a city that won’t even ask for a kiss after Amazon does it to their taxpayers.

There’s too many people in seats of power who just haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. They’re bean counters, and it just pisses me off because consequently our kids go to see crap movies.

Pierce Brosnan


When Sal was gleaning through Phil’s dog eared archives just after Phil got hit by the Battersea Omnibus Sal came across something that Phil called the Hillbilly Harness House league.

Sal says that it looks like the Hillbilly Harness House League was back open on Sunday passing out $54,000 in welfare cheques to owners and trainers desperate for day money while running a 13 race exhibition non-wagering card at Track on 2. Sal says that that number in the track name is appropriate as racing 13 non-wagering races and giving out $54,000 in welfare cheques is pure unadulterated bullshit.

Sal says that Sal also gleaned a comment from a CTHS Alberta meeting from Phil’s archives. The monies are supposed to be incentive, not welfare.

Standardbred Canada – Beautiful Debut For The Track On 2

Sal says that the debut of The Track on 2 was only beautiful if you’re a Hillbilly Harness House Leaguer who thinks training is running up and down the ditches and does not realize that other than the 20 or 30 fans who showed up at the debut of The Track on 2 no one else in the province or country gives a piece of coonshit about the bullshit program that took place.

Sal says that his source Lacombe Lillie a distant cousin of Balzac Billie says that to reach 500 you would have had to count the  few fans who were there, the horses, drivers, trainers, grooms, stall muckers, cows in the pasture, gophers and the fish that Bobby Allen forgot in the pond.

Sal thanks Lacombe Lillie for the wonderful pictures.

Sal says that it’s high time that we started to improve the professionalism of all horse racing in the province of Alberta.

I’m Tired

Toronto Sun – Langlois – Wiarton Willie has died

Paulick Report – Canterbury Average Daily Handle Up Nearly Four Percent In 2017

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ehalt – The huge challenges facing TVG as it seeks to keep spreading the racing word across America

Sal’s drink and a Flick

Repo Man

Bittersweet Jack

When the Shit Hits the Fan

Heisenberg, Max Plank and Einstein, they all agreed that science could not solve the mystery of the universe.

Harry Dean Stanton

NY Times – Haberman – The Baseball Theory of Relativity

For Brnjas, who has been training since 2007, Johnny Bear’s upset was the product of some enduring faith on the part of herself, her father, and co-owner Danny Dion of Bear Stables. Purchased for $278,823 out of the 2012 Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division) Canadian-bred sale, Johnny Bear took six tries to break his maiden before doing so at Woodbine in December of 2014, and spent the next couple seasons toiling in the optional-claiming allowance ranks.

Bloodhorse – Wincze Hughes – Johnny Bear Earns Emotional Northern Dancer Win

Brisnet – Hanson – Johnny Bear topples Hawkbill; Quidura reigns on Woodbine turf

ESPN – DRF – Campbell – Johnny Bear nails Hawkbill at wire in Northern Dancer Turf


Sal says that 7 stakes are too many to sum up so here you go:

Equibase results Northlands Park Fall Classic Day 2017

DRF – Goulding – For Cash repeats in Alberta Breeders’ Handicap on Fall Classic Day card

Knockin on Heaven’s Door

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – O’Meara – Should they lose the race? It depends on where you are – for now

Rebellion, Lies

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – The 15-30 Takeout Solution

Send in the Clowns

Bloodhorse – Hammonds – Final Sold for Sire Tapit, ‘The Man at This Sale’

TDN – Martini – Brisk Trade Continues at Keeneland

Show Me How to Live

TDN – Martini – Verrazano Colt on Top As Book 3 Concludes

Bloodhorse – Hammonds – Breakout Keeneland September Sale for Violence

I Came to Dance

TDN – Oppenheim: Keeneland Books 1-2–How Good Was It?

Hands of Time

TDN – Martini, DiDonato and DeBernardis – Keeneland September Book 1 Delivers

Bloodhorse – Ron Mitchell – Numbers Soar at Keeneland September Opener

Paulick Report – Tapit, War Front Shine At Keeneland September Opener

Brinset – Reilly – Cupid’s $2.7 million sister leads Tapit hit parade at Keeneland

Lady Marmalade

Bloodhorse – Angst – Scat Daddy Colt Tops Keeneland’s Second Session

TDN – Martini, DiDonato and DeBernardis – Scat Daddy On Top Again at KEESEP

The Rose

Bloodhorse – Brisk Commerce on Day 3 at Keeneland September

Cancion Mixteca

Bloodhorse – Keeneland September’s Fourth Session Stays Strong

TDN – Radcliffe Stretches to $1 Million for Scat Daddy Filly

Paulick Report – Keeneland September Day 4: Fillies By Scat Daddy, Tapit Bring $1 Million


Bloodhorse – Ron Mitchell – Newly Formed Marchmont Stable Seeking Classic Horses

La Grange

Horse Race Insider – Jicha – QUESTION to INDUSTRY: Why Should One Bet Be Taxed More Heavily Than Another?

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Smith – From Zenyatta to Black Caviar to mission impossible in Minnesota: a deliciously entertaining racing journey

Tennessee Whiskey

Bloodhorse – Wincze Highes – World Approval Captures Woodbine Mile

Gimme Sympathy

NY Times – Horowitz – Pope Criticizes Climate Change Deniers and Trump on DACA

Bloodhorse – Wincze Hughes – Pope Lands Tapit Colt for $2.6 Million

Sal says that Pope went to $2.6 million for a grandson of Pulpit.

Sal says that unlike Pierre DesRuisseaux, Sal gives credit where credit’s due and acknowledges that Sal’s borrowing that one.

Sal says that if DesRuisseaux was around to defend himself Sal’s sure the defence would be: I was mistranslated.

I could fall in love with a sumo wrestler if he told stories and made me laugh. Obviously, it would be easier if someone was African-American and lived next door and went to the same church. Because then I wouldn’t have to translate.
Maya Angelou

“The stewards believe the conduct exhibited (by Navarro and Gindi) is extremely detrimental to racing and that a larger fine is warranted,” the ruling states, adding that the maximum penalty the stewards may impose is $5,000.

The stewards have referred the matter to the racing commission with a recommendation that Gindi be fined $20,000 and Navarro $10,000. The New Jersey Racing Commission is scheduled to meet Sept. 20 and the matter of Navarro and Gindi is on the agenda.

Paulick Report – ‘Juice Man’ Video Leads To $5,000 Fine For Navarro, Gindi At Monmouth Park

Bloodhorse – Jockey Club’s NYRA Steward Opposes Navarro Entries

TDN – Thornton – “Juice” Comments Leave Navarro’s Owners Scrambling

Send In The Clowns

Paulick Report – Laurel Not Accepting Entries From Navarro Over New Jersey Controversy

Gimme Shelter

TDN – Frary –  Scat Daddy’s Seahenge Takes the Champagne

It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx… why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Flight of The Bumble Bee

NY Times – Can You Pick the Bees Out of This Insect Lineup?

Sal says he’d defer to Phil on this one, but for the fact that Phil got lambasted by the Battersea omnibus.

I’m A King Bee

Atlantic – Khazan – Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?

TDN – Woman Franks Her Pedigree, Wins at Canterbury

Comfortably Numb

TDN – San Diego Host Committee Announces 2017 Breeders’ Cup Festival

ESPN – DRF – Dunleavy – Motion pleased with Irish War Cry heading into Penn Derby

Mama Told Me Not to Come

Bloodhorse – Roots – Winx Makes it 20 Straight Wins With Randwick Triumph

Maybe I’m Amazed

Check My Brain

NY Times – Razza – Is New York’s Best Pizza in New Jersey?

NY Times – Levine – New York Today: Our Past in Pizza

NY Times – Mishan – From a Pizza Oven in the Bronx, Albanian Specialties

TDN – Pegasus Anchors Rich Gulfstream Stakes Schedule

Send In The Clowns

Bloodhorse – Shea – Patrona Margarita Surges to Pocahontas Victory


Rutgers Today – Alexander –  Pumpkin Habanero Pepper Plant Debuts at Rutgers Day

Beck and Call

TDN – Thornton – That Drunken Chalk-On-Curtain Sketch? It’s a $60,000 Munnings

NY Times – Foo Fighters Stand Up for the Power of Rock (Again) on ‘Concrete and Gold’

Times Like These

Brisnet – Hanson – A Day at the Races: Kentucky Downs

Somebody to Love

FiveThirtyEight – Paine – The Indians’ Win Streak Wasn’t MLB’s Longest — But It Might Be The Most Impressive

ESPN – Thompson – The Indians’ win streak is was longer than their call-ups’ careers

ESPN – AP – Indians set AL record with 21st straight win

ESPN – Doolittle – Indians’ dominance rewrites story of 2017 season

National Post – Stinson – Alex Anthopoulos’ Toronto Blue Jays departure a failure by ownership, and not a surprising one

You Shook Me All Night Long

Brisnet – Scully – The Tabulator opens Road to the Kentucky Derby with Iroquois victory

Bloodhorse – Novak –  The Tabulator Charges to Iroquois Win

NY Times – Draper – Comments by Jemele Hill of ESPN a ‘Fireable Offense,’ White House Says

NY Times – Draper – If ESPN Wants to Discipline Jemele Hill, She Might Have Law on Her Side

Sal says that the tweeting clown who lives in White Houses should not throw stones.

Sal apologizes to Emmett Kelly and his compatriots and Sal says that none of the articles or comments are intended in any manner to disparage their honourable profession.

LA Times – McManus – Trump will have a 2020 primary challenger. But who will it be?

Sal says he’s putting his money on the dark horse.

LA Times – Kennedy –  The Juggalos don’t want to be called a gang — so they marched on Washington

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Willoughby – The astonishing rise of Frankel goes on: it’s now time to believe

Garden and Gun – Heckert – Remembering The Waltons

Reminds Sal of an old groaner:

What kind of lawnmower do the Walton’s use.

A Lawn Boy.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – McQueen – Children of Secretariat: the 30-year-old son who still plays an important role

TDN – Penny Chenery Dies

Paulick Report – Secretariat Owner Penny Chenery Dies After Complications From Stroke

Paulick Report – Racing World Mourns Passing Of ‘First Lady Of Thoroughbred Racing’

The Bitter Southerner – Miller and Miller – Under the Pines


This is Horse Racing – Gaudet – Guest column: Unbreakable Bond

TDN – Carasso – OTBO to Bring Back Mixed Sale

TDN – Cullen – Work the Sale for Success

Bloodhorse – Fierro – Comes the Deluge: First-Crop Stallions at the Sales

Paulick Report – Hackberth – Breeders’ Cup Presents Connections: Aaron Gryder A Racing Renaissance Man

The Bitter Southerner – Reece – Gregg Allman’s Last Ride

Garden and Gun – Gregg Allman Says Goodbye

Ramblin’ Man

Paulick Report – Dale Capuano Held Blameless After Horse Tests Positive For Cocaine; Owners Appeal DQ

NY Times – Frank Vincent, Mobster on ‘The Sopranos’ and in ‘Goodfellas,’ Dies at 80

Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon

TDN – Uni Wins the Sands Point

When You Were Young

The Globe and Mail – Morrissey – Why we find it hard to imagine and plan for worst-case scenarios

I’m A Rebel Just For Kicks

Paulick Report – Ismelucky Grants Desormeaux Third Stakes Win Of Los Al Meet In Barretts Debutante

Hard Sun

Garden and Gun – Everett – Late-Summer Pies

The Sound Of Silence

Hawthorne Sal

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