Apr 092018

There was a comment on Sal’s site recently that many persons have taken umbrage with.

Sal takes full responsibility for all material posted on his site.

Many persons have pointed fingers at others, but please point your fingers at Sal.

Sal will not repeat the comment as it has been pointed out to Sal that the mixture of jest and raising funds for the survivors and victims of a terrible tragedy came across as very distasteful.

Sal sincerely apologizes to any persons who were in any manner offended by that comment.

No explanation of the intentions of the comment would suffice to in any manner limit the impression that was left on the minds of many and Sal says that Sal will ensure that the integrity of his site is maintained.

Sal wishes to sincerely thank the person who had the wherewithal to call Sal and take Sal to task for this indiscretion.

Sal sincerely apologizes to any individuals who felt they were wronged by the comment and Sal sincerely apologizes to the Humbolt Broncos.

If you wish to donate please follow this link:

Humbolt Broncos



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