May 062018


Kentucky Derby

Contest Winners




Holy_BullA man cannot divide his attention at the track between horses and women.
Pittsburgh Phil

Sympathy For The Devil

Results for the 144th Running Of The Kentucky Derby presented by Woodford Reserve Stakes

All Along The Watchtower

Pick the first 4 finishers and their place of finishing in the 2018 Kentucky Derby

Points awarded:
1 – 57
2 – 33 1/3
3 – 13
4 –∏

Tie Breaker: $1.00 payout for the 2018 Kentucky Derby Superfecta

Price is Right Rules: Closest without going over.

Seven entrants picked Justify to win for 57 points so Sal had to make a Hard Sun decision and go to the tiebreaker.

$1.00 Superfecta 7 – 6 – 5 – 15 – $19,618.20.

1. Tizzy – 57 points

Tiebreaker – $1,500.00

Sal says he will award a $30 restaurant gift certificate to each of the other 6 entrants and will donate $120.00 to the charity of Sal’s choice –


Fine Print:

Results not official until Tuesday, May 8, 2018 6:66 PM MDT.

If you’d like a recount fill a box from a pair of brown wingtip shoes with folding money and send to Sal before Tuesday, May 8, 2018 6:66 PM MDT. Sal will have his Board of three blind mice conduct a judicious recount. Math may be difficult, so Sal may have to have some Pale Blue Eyes review

Class in a horse is the ability possessed by it to carry its stipulated stake weight, take the track and go the distance that nature intended that it should go.
Pittsburgh Phil
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