Jul 052018

We’ll fight it until there is no money left except what goes to the lawyers,” said Diodoro, who said the plan at this point is to appeal the tribunal’s decision to the Court of Queen’s Bench.

“It’s the biggest joke there is. To take this long … It’s a complete embarrassment to horse racing. They wonder why horse racing is in the toilet in Alberta, and it’s because of stupid stuff like this. It’s pretty pathetic.”

Tim Rollingson, one of the four owners of Chief Know It All called the decision “heart wrenching.

“It was a dream of mine to win this race. It feels like I won the Stanley Cup, had the decision go to Toronto where they rule good goal and then, 10 months later, somebody who has never watched a hockey game rips it from our hands,” said Rollingson, who said he believes Alberta is the only racing jurisdiction in North America where such an appeal process even exists.

“I’ve tried to appeal in Minnesota, Arkansas and Arizona and there is no such thing. The decision of the stewards is final.

“After this ruling, what’s to stop an owner, trainer or jockey from appealing every race where there is an inquiry.

“I’m completely disheartened,” continued Rollingson. “There were tears in my home (Thursday) morning. I have 12 horses and I’m looking to sell them all.”

Edmonton Journal – Stock – Alberta horse-racing tribunal disqualifies Chief Know It All from 2018 Canadian Derby victory


Sal says that for once the stewards at Northlands Park got it right and some bozos who don’t even understand what the word deference means go and screw things up.

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