Jul 152018

Sal says that the 2018 Canadian Derby appears to be coming though Hastings Park.

First we saw Riversedge Racing Stables’ Weekend Wizard win by as many as he wanted to in the Chris Loseth Stakes at Hasting Racecourse.

Now it’s Peter Redekop Ltd’s superbly bred son of Malibu Moon, Apalachee Bay, winning the Count Lathum with ease.

NP – 2018 – 0714-Count Lathum

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After the ridiculous 2017 Canadian Derby Appeal decision do you think the beet farmers from down south will be beating the bushes for a 2018 Canadian Derby horse. Sal says that it’s a waste of good horse buying money being compelled to take this ludicrous decision to the Alberta courts, but that’s what happens when the Horse Racing Alberta Act that the QKB is so proud of makes Alberta a model jurisdiction for how not to run thoroughbred racing.

Sal was leafing through Phil’s dogeared archives searching for information on the QKB’s early years and all Sal has to say is that that Phil was some caustic bastard.

While we’re on the subject of the Count Lathum some very, very late money dropped on Apalachee Bay’s nose knocking his odds from 4 – 1 to 8 – 5. Last week when that happened with Firenze Fire in the Dwyer Stakes at Belmont TDN’s Bill Finley was able to quickly obtain information Total of $124,109 Bet To Win on Firenze Fire in Last 36 Seconds of Dwyer Wagering on what caused the drop in odds. Don’t hold your breath for that happening in the province that is the model for how not to operate thoroughbred racing. Sal says that he’s sure it was late BC money from Hastings Park and the Derby Bar and Grill.

I Hear Motion

Sal says that far too many solutions proposed for the late odds drop problem fail to consider that the computer bettors are using 2018 algorithms while the tracks and OTBs machines still run on Windows 95. If you doubt Sal just watch when Northlands Park or one of its OTBs has to reboot a betting machine. Improve the hard and software that the tracks, ADWs and OTBs use and the bettors will have their information available a lot quicker.

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Sal says that as France attempts to win the world cup on Bastille Day Boxing Day how do you bet the over/under on a soccer match.


Sal says that Les Butler who went missing last Saturday has been located.

Ford unveils 700-hp wide-body Eagle Squadron Mustang at Goodwood

Mustang Sally

Bloodhorse – Haskin – Catholic Boy at a ‘Cross’ Roads

Sal says that the Travers decision for Catholic Boy and many other fence sitters just got much easier with the defection of Triple Crown Winner Justify.

She Sells Sanctuary

Stopping illegal immigration would mean that wages would have to rise to a level where Americans would want the jobs currently taken by illegal aliens.
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Come on Eileen

Bloodhorse – Balan – Pari-Mutuel Employees Union Votes to Strike in CA

Sal says that if Rachel Notley wants to know when she lost the next election it was when she failed to clean the entitled PC deadwood out of the Agencies, Boards and Commissions like Doug Ford is doing in Ontario.

Global –  Westoll – Hydro One CEO to retire, board to be replaced in deal with Ontario government

The Star – Ferguson and Benzie – Ford ousts Hydro One boss and the utility’s board of directors

Sal says that within a week of her election Rachel should have given every entitled Tory cronie in an appointed position an ultimatum. Prove you got the position on merit and not patronage or leave. Sal said there would have been a lot of doors hitting entitled Tory cronie patronage appointees on the ass on the way out.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. Thomas Sowell

Hawthorne Sal

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