Aug 232018

2018 Top 10 List Contest Winner



Send Phil your Top 10 list of tasks, ideas, suggestions, plans and ways for the New CEO and Chair of Horse Racing Alberta to improve thoroughbred Racing in the province of Alberta.

When you make your list remember to check it twice and there’s every reason to be naughty and not too many to be nice.

This Mess We’re in


1)      New revenue streams need to be developed outside of pari-mutual wagering . There are numerous opportunities that need to be explored and developed that include social gaming, online wagering and other leisure games that centre around horse racing;

2)       Most of horse racing is dramatically behind in keeping up with the latest tech trends which can be the source for new fans and owners. Racing needs to embrace new media with open arms and at a much faster pace. Racing also needs to welcome young innovative thinkers who through the use of such things as chat rooms can come up with new ways to reacquaint the public with the wonderful sport of horse racing;

3)      There needs to be strict and severe punishment for the trainers abusing the rules. A suspension should also apply to the horse who has failed the test. Far too often a trainer will get a suspension and the horses under his/her care will continue to train through instructions provided over the phone to  an assistant. The trainer loses nothing and owners continue to support  the high percentage trainers who train in the “gray” area. By suspending the horse, the owners who support these trainers will share the pain. There also needs to be immediate public transparency on medication positives;

4)      There needs to be a strong marketing campaign to combat many preconceived ideas of our sport. Many people continue to believe that racing is fixed, horses are drugged and that these equine athletes are slaughtered after their racing careers are over. We also need to be more creative with our marketing to make horse racing “cool” and appealing to the younger crowd and to promote our equine superstars (and jockeys) and big race days;

5)      We need to restore the majesty of going to the races. We need to incentivize bettors and fans to attend live racing for a great experience that all of the family can enjoy;

6)      Alcoholic beverages and food should be made available at reasonable prices without patrons having to stand in line for lengthy periods of time;

7)      More educational seminars about becoming an owner and what you need to know as an owner are required. Trainers and owners should make time available to volunteer as a guest speaker at these seminars. Even if attendees remain only fans, they will have a better understanding of what is transpiring behind the scenes.

8)      Implement programs to educate racing fans on all aspects of the sport, especially on many varied wagering options. No one should feel intimidated when considering placing a wager;

9)      There needs to be pool integrity. Odds that change after the bell are no longer acceptable. Horseplayers have the right to expect price quotes that are both accurate and delivered in real time. We need a tote system that is fast enough to deliver odds and payoffs in real time;

10)   Included in any capital budget should be money  set aside for continual maintenance of the backside for both humans and horses. The current backside conditions at Northlands are appalling.


First and Only Prize – 1 – 750ml Image result for red cup distillery logoShine (or $C cash equivalent), $50 gift certificate to a restaurant within 100 km of Phil’s selection, A surprise Book and a Sur Prize of Phil’s choosing.



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