Aug 272018

Under the Horse Racing Alberta Act, three people are appointed to the appeal tribunal by the finance minister, though it is Horse Racing Alberta and not the government that pays panel members.

“The HRA has to be careful about its finances, we don’t have terribly deep pockets,” said Verlik. “When things are higher than expected, it’s tough for us to absorb.”

CBC Grant – Prosecutor’s $111K honorarium for work on Horse Racing Appeal Tribunal was 32X average

Phil has a question:

If this Crown Prosecutor worked on the Appeal Tribunal for as many days as she was paid, then that left little time for her prosecuting job so who is watching the Federal Government money.

If this Crown Prosecutor billed but didn’t work on the Appeal Tribunal for as many days as she was paid, then that is fraud so who is watching the Provincial Government money.

Verlik’s been on the clock for 27 days and he’s already shown more business acumen than the CCW or QKB did in all the eons they were in their positions.


  One Response to “Was No One AT HRA Watching the Expenses”

  1. FUGEGATE is typical of HRA mismanagement where CFO? approved invoices of $111k for 2017 and $55k for 2016 with no accountability and is a continuation of CAPTAINGATE in 2014 where chairman submitted expenses $4700 for tourism conference in MUNICH and vienna sausage while tourism minister STARKE/PC expensed ONLY $1700. Same pork belly buffet but different tablecloth!

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