Jan 042019

                                          2019 Stakes Calendar
Century Mile
20 Aurora 6F 3up F+M 50,000
Journal 6F 3up 50,000
2 Chariot Chaser 6F 3yo F 50,000
Western Canada 6F 3yo 50,000
9 Red Tail Landing 7F 3up F+M 50,000
Spangled Jimmy 7F 3up 50,000
30 Shirley Vargo 8F 3up F+M 75,000
Fred Jones 8.5F 3up 50,000
1 Sonoma 8F 3yo F 50,000
Count Lathum 8F 3yo 50,000
21 R. K. (Red) Smith 8.5F 3up F+M 50,000
Don Getty 9F 3up 50,000
28 City of Leduc 5.5F 2yo 50,000
17 Northlands Distaff 9F 3up F+M 75,000
Century Casinos Oaks 9F 3yo F 100,000
18 Canadian Derby (Grade 3) 10F 3yo 150,000
Century Mile 8F 3up 75,000
25 Birdcatcher 6.5F 2yo 50,000
Princess Margaret 6.5F 2yo F 50,000


Century Downs
14 Premiers Futurity 6.5F 2yo 50,000
Sturgeon River 6.5F 2yo F 50,000
Beaufort 8.5F 3yo 50,000
Alberta Oaks 8.5F 3yo F 50,000
Breeders Handicap 8.5F 3up 50,000
Fall Classic Distaff 8.5F 3up F+M 50,000
Red Diamond Express 6.5F 3up 50,000
6 CTHS 2yo F 7F 2yo F 50,000
CTHS 2yo C&G 7F 2yo C+G 50,000
14 Founders Distaff 8.5F 3up F+M 50,000
Harvest Plate 7F 3up 100,000
20 CTHS Sales 3+4 7F 3+4 yo 50,000
CTHS Sales 3+4 7F 3+4 yo F+M 50,000
26 Freedom of the City 7.5F 2yo F 100,000
27 Canadian Juvenile 7.5F 2yo 100,000


2019 Century Mile and Downs Stakes Schedule

  2 Responses to “2019 Century Mile Century Downs Stakes Calendar”


    The sizzling hot rumour of a major shakeup in the HRA management/staff that is long long overdue after the decade long reign of Tenile, the new CEO was rumoured to be seeking accountability.

    The new CEO with his extensive safety related background will be implementing a long overdue disaster plan for the racetracks, and also a complete review of the financials after the DISASTROUS mismanagement of HRA under Tenile and the CFO’s woeful performance .

    What happened to fugegate where the tribunal appeals have no $$$ budgeted after a 111k at $600 per day pork belly mystery invoicing scandal.

    The ASHA board at least reports that the 2017 CANADIAN DERBY appeal will be heard in may 2019, a little slow for the wheels of justice.

    The frivolous appeal of rulings gets bumped to $500 from $100 that should eliminate the number.

    HBPA turns off the snooze button with a listing of stake races for 2019, where’s the race schedule with 65 dates and a Thursday race day that has been buried in the HRA website for about a month??

    CENTURY posts race track jobs in indeed recently, that best one is the track labourer 1 job description with a track announcer duties and a ability to lift 50 lbs, does a mike weigh that much?

    MAT MONACO??????? Will he return as the executive director of the HBPA as we count your nickels and dimes compared to the 100’s when we had 119 days a decade compared to the 65 now?

    CENTURY MILE switches from Amtote to United tote with little notification for the few NP patrons left and OTB customers as the total racing wagered had a drop to about 105 million for 2018, a far cry from the 180 million wagered in 2008, as racing betting support shows a 5% drop in 2018.

    TENILE’S lucky 77 birthday is January 22, 2019 you can use rural Canada post for any gifts?

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