Feb 122019

The Board Of Directors of HBPA Alberta have reappointed Mat Monaco to the position of HBPA Of Alberta Secretary-Treasurer/Manager/Executive Director effective March 1, 2019.

Welcome Mat Monaco – Returning Executive Director effective March 1st, 2019

Back in the USSR


  One Response to “HBPA Alberta Recycles Executive Director Mat Monaco”

  1. Mat’s return can only improve HBPA’s accountability to thoroughbred race participants. Will he quickly address the purse structure for the 2019 season as when on February 15 / 2018 HBPA Alberta announced 750k to offset the loss of 1.14 million in funding?

    ASHA president BILL ANDREW in a article on their website was quite FRANK in explaining NO purse increases for 2 years and the status quo for their 105 race dates in 2019.

    The thoroughbred powers to be need to be expressing confidence in racing future as equity / participants are leaving quicker than a flushing toilet!

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