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One cannot blame the universities for these student deficits, which, the authors observe, are often irremediable over the course of campus residency. Clearly the secondary-school system is failing to meet basic pedagogical objectives, and is failing to cull incompetent students. University students should be honing already-absorbed competencies, not learning them from scratch, nor should university-level academics’ time be wasted in remedial instruction.

But pedagogues K-12 are often in denial of the problem, because they are themselves in thrall to the “self-esteem” zeitgeist, about which so much ink has been spilt. They are giving good grades to work that does not merit it, because of the prevailing “all must have prizes” culture they operate within. In a 2008 study, psychology professor Ellen Greenberger found that two-thirds of university students believe that if they’re “trying hard,” their grades should reflect their effort, not their actual achievement. One-third of the 400 undergrads her team interviewed for the study felt they deserved a B grade just for attending most of a course’s classes.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Malcolm X

National Post –  Barbara Kay: Universities shine a light on Ontario’s failing schools

Academic Skill Deficiencies in Four Ontario Universities

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Phil has a question:

Why is Phil starting with an article on education the morning after the Kentucky Derby.

Are you sitting down.

Other than the Cuff Report have you ever seen Phil enthralled with a bureaucratic study.

Is there any bigger problem in Canada than the erosion of standards in our school systems.

Do you think the school systems in Alberta are any better than in Ontario.

If the province of Ontario never spent the billions of Dollars of recent equalization payments it stole from Alberta on education, what did it waste the money on.

Do you think that the Taliban schools give every kid a ribbon.

Do you think the schools in China, Japan, South Korea et al give every kid a ribbon.

How stupid do our educators have to be to think that achievement comes from self esteem when achievement comes from effort and has zero correlational to self esteem.

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.

Theodore Isaac Rubin

Will the province of Ontario and the other Canadian provinces act on this report or will they just pay it lip service and continue on their merry ways like the QKB did with the Cuff Report.

In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad.

Friedrich Nietzsche

HuffPost – Kemp-Jackson -When Every Child Wins, Everyone Loses

Southern Living – The Inspirational Teachers Who Have Changed Our Lives

I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’.

Bob Newhart

Going Up The Country

“The riders of the 18 (Long Range Toddy) and 20 (Country House) horses in the Kentucky Derby lodged objections against the seven horse, the winner, alleging interference turning for home leaving the quarter pole. We had a lengthy review of the race, interviewed affected riders, and determined that the seven horse drifted out and impacted the number 1 (War of Will), who in turn interfered with the 18 and 21 (Bodexpress). Those horses were all affected. Therefore, we unanimously determined to disqualify number 7 and place him behind 18. That is our typical procedure.”

Bloodhorse – Country House Awarded Kentucky Derby Via DQ

TDN – Sherack – Maximum Security DQ’d, Country House Put Up in Shocking Derby Result

Paulick Report – Hackbarth – Country House Moved Up To Win Kentucky Derby As Maximum Security Disqualified

Horse Racing Nation – Lintner – Maximum Security DQ’d in the Derby; Country House wins

Louisville Courier-Journal – Country House declared Kentucky Derby winner after Maximum Security disqualified

Burning Down The House

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

Garden And Gun – The Best Kentucky Derby Hats of 2019

Who Am I

Washington Post – Jenkins – Forget Maximum Security’s misstep; the whole of horse racing is a foul

LA Times – Cherwa – 65-1 shot Country House wins the Kentucky Derby after Maximum Security is disqualified

Here Comes the Rain Again

TDN – Thornton – Kentucky Derby Wrap-Up by Winstar

NY Times – Drape – Country House Wins Kentucky Derby After Maximum Security Is Disqualified

NY Times – Drape – At Kentucky Derby, ‘Sometimes You Win and You Lose All in the Same Race’

But although all our knowledge begins with experience, it does not follow that it arises from experience.
Immanuel Kant

The Living Years

NY Times – Hoppert – Upon Further Review: How Maximum Security Was Disqualified From the Kentucky Derby

Ain’t That A Shame

Brisnet – Country House awarded Kentucky Derby 145 win following Maximum Security DQ

Bloodhorse – Hall – West Gracious in Defeat After Maximum Security DQ

I Fought The Law

ESPN – Terrell – What in the world happened at the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

Success doesn’t find you when you’re alone in your house.
Katya Zamolodchikova

House Where Nobody Lives

Brisnet – 2019 Kentucky Derby DQ: Racing Twitter reacts

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – Brutal Derby Beat But Tough and Proper Call

I Love Rock N Roll

Louisville Courier-Journal – Sullivan – You may not like it, but disqualifying Maximum Security was the best call

Coffe and TV

LA Times – Cherwa – Many in horse racing agree with Maximum Security’s disqualification at Kentucky Derby

USA Today – McKenna – President Donald Trump is angry about the controversial Kentucky Derby result

Phil has a question:

Could there be any better stamp of approval for the stewards decision than the biggest offender of all thinking they’re wrong.

Fool on the Hill

Paulick Report – Casse: ‘Horse Racing World Should Be Happy War Of Will Is Such An Athlete’

Bloodhorse – Hall, Angst and Ehalt – Gary West Questions Transparency of Kentucky Stewards

TDN – Sue Finley – West on Today: Churchill `Greedy,’ No Preakness, We’ll Appeal

Phil has a question:

If you believe that your horse was wrongly disqualified from victory in the Kentucky Derby would you not want to head straight to the Preakness to ensure your horses chance at being the first Triple Crown winner after a stewards’ decision is overturned.

TDN – Bill Finley – The Wests Threaten to Get Out of Racing

TDN – Bill Finley – Gaffalione: Stewards Never Spoke to Me

Paulick Report – Columnists Sound Off On Kentucky Derby Disqualification

Paulick Report – Hackbarth – Right Or Wrong? Derby DQ Leaves Unanswered Questions

TDN – Bill Finley – The Stewards Were Right, But The System is Wrong

Phil has a question:

What race was Finley watching.

Did he not see how many times Maximum Security drifted in and out on the backstretch impeding War of Will from going by him.

Did he not notice that War of Will was coming with a full head of steam to go by Maximum Security and it’s only because of a superlative effort by Tyler Gaffalione that War of Will didn’t go down and cause a massive chain reaction.

Did he not notice that Maximum Security over corrected and impeded Code of Honor as that horse came up the rail.

Did he not notice that Maximum Security again drifted out into the path of War of Will who had regrouped and was coming on only to be again impeded by Maximum Security.

Does Bill Finley realize that his theory is based on a bunch of speculative assumptions he makes about other horses in the field.

It’s Only Rock N Roll

Paulick Report – Lamoreaux: Mott A Class Act Who Shouldn’t Have To Defend Himself

ESPN – Purdham – Kentucky Derby DQ costs bettors around $9M

Harlem Blues

Bloodhorse – Angst – Maximum Security Connections May Appeal After Derby DQ

To some lawyers, all facts are created equal.
Felix Frankfurter

Song Is Over

TSN – Seravalli – Officiating clouding playoffs seemingly more than ever before

Paulick Report – NBC Sports’ Overnight Television Ratings Highest For Derby Since 1992

Paulick Report – 2019 Kentucky Derby Sets All-Time Handle Records; $4.1 Million Wagered In Japan

Bloodhorse – Angst – Record Handle for Derby, Derby Day Card

I’ve Got Dreams to Remember

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Scott – Kentucky Derby 2019 illustrates once more how the gene pool has narrowed

Blue Monday

ESPN – From a wild ending to Brady and Baker: Best of Kentucky Derby social media


It is anomalous to hold that in order to convict a man the police cannot extract by force what is in his mind, but can extract what is in his stomach.
Felix Frankfurter

Paulick Report – Frank Mitchell – Bloodlines: Derby, Oaks Winners Create Proud Moments For Believing Breeders

Bleeding significantly after her trip around the New Orleans track, Serengeti Empress was vanned off, and Amoss was suddenly faced with the possibility that his plans to point the dark bay toward a start in the $1.25 million Longines Kentucky Oaks (G1) May 3 at Churchill Downs were no longer plausible.

Taking a moment to reflect, Amoss decided to do the one thing that has served him well, time and again, since he began training more than 30 years ago: listen to his horse. 

“All credit goes to Tom,” Politi said. “I think Tom is the greatest trainer in the world, and I’m ecstatic that he won this race. What we’ve been through emotionally in the last six weeks is a lot of things. For us, she’s a really special horse. We were not going to run just to run. We took it day by day, and she’s an incredible athlete. She told us she was fine, repetitively, along the way, and if she wasn’t, both of us were very committed to not running. And, again, every day she showed us that she was fine.” 

Bloodhorse – Daugherty – Serengeti Empress Reigns in Kentucky Oaks

TDN – Sherack – That Was Empress-ive!

Paulick Report – Lucky 13: Serengeti Empress Rebounds For Frontrunning Kentucky Oaks Score


Bloodhorse – Angst – Amoss Gives Public Insider’s View of Serengeti Empress

Bloodhorse – Ron Mitchell – KY Oaks Victory Affirms Amoss’ Sharp Eye at Sales

Bloodhorse – Angst – Kentucky Oaks Day Sets All-Time Wagering Record


Brisnet – Hanson – Five historical disqualifications that remain controversial

LA Times – Cherwa – Horse racing industry fights for survival in wake of deaths and scrutiny

LA Times – Lee – In a neglected cemetery lie black jockeys who helped create the Kentucky Derby

Salute to the Black Jockeys of the Kentucky Derby

Shirley Mae’s Café

NY Post – Steussy – Why Keanu Reeves rides a horse through NYC in ‘John Wick 3’

Dixie Chicken

Rolling Stone – Shteamer – Wynton Marsalis on 12 Essential Jazz Recordings

The Sidewinder

You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.
Charles Manson

Rolling Stone – Doyle –  The High Life


Garden and Gun – Reed – All Praise Willie Nelson

NY Times – Goodman – Giannis Antetokounmpo Is the Pride of a Greece That Shunned Him

Stay tuned for the Preakness Preview.

Paulick Report – Mott Praises Stewards’ ‘Integrity’; Country House To Target Preakness, Tacitus Belmont

Bloodhorse – Oser – Preakness Decision Looms for Country House After Derby

TDN – Country House In Good Shape After Derby Win, Preakness Status Undecided

Four Seasons

TDN – Bill Finley – Derby Winner Will Face Fresh, Dangerous Challenger at Pimlico

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Bloodhorse – Laughing Fox Earns Preakness Bid at Oaklawn Park

To Love Somebody

Bloodhorse – Daugherty – Mr. Money Splits Rivals to Win Pat Day Mile

National Post – Washington Post  – Paul – In 2017, a drunk man murdered his ex-wife and seven others. This week, the bartender who served him was charged

Fool Yourself

Phil M Stockmen

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