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Kentucky Derby

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Results for the 145th Running Of The Kentucky Derby presented by Woodford Reserve Stakes

Back To Black

Pick the first 4 finishers and their place of finishing in the 2019 Kentucky Derby

Points awarded:
1 – 57
2 – 33 1/3
3 – 13
4 – π

Tie Breaker: $1.00 payout for the 2019 Kentucky Derby Superfecta

Price is Right Rules: Closest without going over.

One entrant picked Country House to win for 57 points

1. Camp Cook – 57 points

1st prize will be sent out after the Victoria Day long weekend after Rough Magic is released.

One entrant picked Code of Honor for second and Improbable for fourth for 36.47 points

2. Mel’s Bro Al – 36.47 points

One entrant picked Code of Honor for second for 33 1/3  points

3. Fifi L’Amour – 33 1/3 points

Tower of Song

Best Song choice – Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground for Vekoma who appeared to be more interested in Sex and Candy than in winning the Kentucky Derby.

Fine Print:

Results not official until Wednesday, May 8, 2019 6:66 PM MDT.

If you’d like a recount fill a box from a pair of brown wingtip shoes with folding money and send to Phil before Wednesday May 8, 2019 6:66 PM MDT. Phil will have his judges (not the ones who got their asses capped in a White Castle Parking Lot after leaving a topless bar at 3:30 am)  conduct a judicious recount. Arithmetic may be difficult, so Phil may have to have some Behind Blue Eyes review

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  One Response to “2019 Kentucky Derby Contest Winners”

  1. Topo Mouse of the People reports that in the history of participating in Ky Derby Contests and wagering on world class races throughout North America – never have his selections done no better than finishing way down the ladder. Zero points earned in the Holybull contest. Time to retreat to the hole and regroup. Thank god Phil’s contest did not deplete the Lira account!!

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