Sep 052020


  3 Responses to “2020 Alberta HBPA General Meeting”

  1. How would the Undertaker notice the difference.

  2. Topo

    Topo, a voice from the past, has awakened only to chime in that in all probability the Undertaker is on permanent vacation BUT with full pay. How can the Mouse of the People score such an arrangement?

  3. Minister Toews accountability??

    Minister said finalization of horse racing assistance in legislature on June 11, did the cheque get lost in mail?

    Minister tabled 2019 HRA annual report on July 22 in legislature when will it be posted or is the undertaker on permanent vacation?

    Ceñtury slots operating at 28% capacity due to social distancing guidelines,what does future racino revenue stream look like for present and future purses?

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