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Kentucky Derby

Contest Winners





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No. Horse Win Place Show
18 Authentic 18.80 6.00 5.00
17 Tiz the Law 3.40 3.20
9 Mr. Big News 16.80
16 Honor A.P.

$1 Superfecta – $7,925.80

Results for the 146th Running Of The Kentucky Derby presented by Woodford Reserve Stakes


Pick the first 4 finishers and their place of finishing in the 2020 Kentucky Derby

Points awarded:
1 – 57
2 – 33 1/3
3 – 13
4 – π

Tie Breaker: $1.00 payout for the 2020 Kentucky Derby Superfecta

Price is Right Rules: Closest without going over.

With the late scratch of #10 Thousand Words the scratch rule came into effect.

In light of the winning entry receiving the benefit of the scratch rule Phil will also provide the 2nd place finisher with a 750 ml. Woodford Reserve and a T-shirt and a sur prize.

1. Oriental Gold – 93.47 points

2. Sean Spicoli – 90.33 points

3.  Camp Cook – 36.47 points

2 Legit to Quit

Fine Print:

Results not official until Wednesday, September 9, 2020 6:66 PM MDT.

If you’d like a recount or review fill a box from a pair of brown wingtip shoes with folding money and send to Phil before Wednesday, September 9, 2020 6:66 PM MDT. Phil will have his would panel conduct a judicious review of who woulda won if they woulda picked a different horse and how the race woulda been different if Ny Traffic hadn’t come out of the gate crooked and Tiz the Law woulda won except for the curse of the cover of the Daily Racing Form and the results woulda been different if Mike Smith woulda picked a different horse and woulda, shoulda coulda ada infinituma. Arithmetic may be difficult, so Phil may have to have some monster help.

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In honour of Hal Yerxa’s Country Romance
Old International Truck Photograph by Gaby Ethington

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  1. Good contest…yep woulda coulda shoulda…very good song you picked by Cohen…Thank you Mr. Stockmen for the fun contest and your arithmetic skills…I just wish I could tell time as well as you do so I could get my box of money in by the deadline…just not my best time of day…lol…Thanks for another fun filled KD.

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