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HPBA Alberta Election 2021

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  1. Spring update of the as the oval and rotunda turns!!

    New theme song is help,help me RHONDA as the rfp bid winner still has not been announced 2 weeks later with a tight deadline of a new board by August 28!!

    The rumoured insider bid of b @ t with Tenile’s blessing has major political ramifications with a former HRA board member being part of a fair / open/ competitive competition.

    The architect of the Manitoba sustainability report of 2018 with immediate recovery was basically shutout of the bid, when mucka contacted the former COO of woodbine on march 1 with a extended march 5 deadline.

    The insiders had a Feb 11 post time. Even Rapido Don wouldn’t have been able to make up the lost ground. The road apples will be falling from the trees at the legislature over this one!!! Tenile’s new role of mother in law , will be torn between harness industry and saving Kenney’s backside!

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