Mar 302021

If you ever read anything that Phil or his buddy Hawthorne Sal posted you know that both relish the apt naming of thoroughbreds. Phil’s still waiting for a progeny (if Bobby Allen’s reading prodigy) of Curlin to be named Home withtheHammer, Hurry Hard, To The Button, Clean Sweep or Eight Ender. Phil’s still waiting for someone to cross Istan with a Holy Bull mare or Constitution with a City Zip mare.
On Sunday, March 14, 2021 a thoroughbred filly named Up SeventyFour broke her maiden in a $40,000US maiden claiming race at Aqueduct AQU 0314 21 USA 9, one of 4 wins on the day for trainer Rob Atras of Assinibioa and Northlands Park past. Now you may ask yourself how you get Up SeventyFour out of that lineage, but it’s not the lineage it’s the person being honoured.

Highway 74 in California is more of a twisting mountain back road than a highway and was one of Richard Yates favourite drives when heading to visit the breeder who named the horse in honour of Richard Yates.

California Highway 74

If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.

Mario Andretti

Mountain Sound

Richard Yates Memorial

Richard Yates of Canada and British Columbia HBPAs Passes Away


Phil’s reprising  a comment from the past:

Mat Monaco March 24, 2019:

The HBPA of Alberta wishes to pay tribute to HBPA of BC Manager Richard Yates. The news of his sudden passing is both shocking and devastating. To think we had our customary jovial conversation discussing matters facing both our jurisdictions on Wednesday afternoon and to learn that he was no longer with us a short 2 days later is a hard pill to swallow.
Take it from someone who knew Richard for many years, he was a classy gentleman and had a true passion for everything thoroughbred and was totally dedicated serving his Board, members and workers in BC. Richard & wife Barb bred and raced horses and Richard usually had a small string of horses he trained. He was a crack handicapper and made a significant score wagering on a Pic 6 at Gulfstream a couple of seasons ago. To show his honesty he confided that the win about broke him even for all his wagering over the years!
Richard visited us at San Luis Rey Downs 4 years ago while making his way to the mid US. I suggested he could take California Highway 74 a dangerous and winding mountain road to Palm Desert and save about 1 hr in his travels. I impressed that this is a white knuckle drive having made the trek many times. The Yates were on their way and at the end of the journey could not give me enough praise for recommending the route which they found “spectacular” – go figure!!
As a tribute to Richard we plan on naming our Yearling Gio Ponti filly – Up Seventy Four. Good bye my friend.
Mat Monaco – HBPA of Alberta

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  1. Topo Mouse of the People, awaken from his winter slumber in California’s Coachella Valley, looked above ground to see what he’s missed since last checking in many moons ago.

    The first anomaly is that everyone appears to be wearing masks which is unlike living down under where there are no health concerns nor are masks mandatory. And what’s with these demented types dead set on cancelling culture? They may have been successful in cancelling a Topo like character Pepe Le Pew, but there’s zero chance of Topo going anywhere now or in the future.

    We note our friend Phil still has the Holybull website up and running albeit not posting as regular as before which suggests he’s basically given up on the Alberta racing scene. Notwithstanding, we were happy to see a tribute to one of Topo’s loyalist of followers penned on March 24, 2019 by the then Manager of the Alberta HBPA. It has now been slightly over two years when Richard Yates a true gentlemen and lover of thoroughbred racing not only in British Columbia but throughout North America, suddenly and without notice left us. There is not much more Topo can add to what has been said in all jurisdictions about Richard’s dedication to his fellow Horsemen, his love for the game and his various wagering exploits over the years. Topo has inside information that for years prior to the Alberta Manager’s final exit from the Association, he actually tried to poach Richard as a more than worthy replacement. In the end, Richard and Barb were not keen on leaving the west coast for the other side of the mountains. However he did convey his appreciation and profound thanks for asking which leads Topo to conclude he must have used the fact his services were in high demand to perhaps leverage a larger compensation package from the BC HBPA. One of Topo’s favourite Lawyers who may not have been real but he too a realist was Ben Matlock aka Andy Griffith. It would interest our loyal followers to know that Richard as a young lad while residing in Mount Airy, North Carolina delivered the morning newspaper to the Griffith residence!!

    Topo was pleased to see a horse named in Richard’s honour. Watching the stretch run of the March 14 race, Topo believes there were two forces allowing Up SeventyFour not to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory- the Jockey and from above Richard’s helping hand to the finish line!
    There’s a $500,000 Pick 5 carryover Friday at Santa Anita which will grow to over $5million if not hit tomorrow thus presenting Richard many opportunities to wager early and often from above.

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