Apr 272021

Horse Racing Alberta Appoints New Board Chair

  One Response to “Horse Racing Alberta Appoints New Board Chair”

  1. UCP governance model change with the appointment of Shirley McQueen Jr is another gross example of Tory pot belly politics! A defeated Tory MLA in 2015 is compensated by 70k perk for gas money from Drayton Valley to Edmonton?

    The CUFF report stated that the chairman would work 24 hrs a week in a part-time role??? Let’s do the math $$$ board member MEG ENERGY from 2015 at 228k a year compensation, advisor HATCH 2017, consultant DMC 2015.

    I smell another fuggate, how can she devote hours to her new role?

    Undertaker still reads holybull.ca with his immediate posting in HRA facebook, when he realized that Robertino had a horse in the derby!

    HRA posts a irrelevant 2021-2023 business plan in HRA facebook, you can use it to collect road apples, since casino shutdowns have eliminated revenue.

    POSITIVE NEWS racino split raised to 50% from 40%, government repayable loan of $7 million, perhaps to charter a flight to get our Caribbean riders

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