Nov 222021

Horse Racing Alberta has released their 2020 Annual Report.

2001 Alberta Racing Corporation Annual Report

2010 Horse Racing Alberta Annual Report

2020 Horse Racing Alberta Annual Report

Marcomm Works – 2021 Horse Racing Alberta Governance Project

Phil has a question:

What happened to the renewal.

Paulick Report – Majority Of Former Calder Race Course Acreage To Be Sold; Churchill Keeping Casino

Phil M Stockmen

  2 Responses to “What Happened to the Alberta Horse Racing Renewal”

  1. Live from the Coachella Valley, not far from the Mohave Desert where climate change is not a problem since it’s always hot, Topo is resurrected to chime in on the latest HRA non event!!
    If memory serves was not the intent of the Cuff Report to move out the then CEO of HRA? Was this latest exercise in futility not meant to abolish the Appeals Tribunal due to the fact the Tribunal and sometimes the Biunal (there were only 2 sitting members for many moons) reversed the majority of the Stewards calls? If in fact the exercise cost the industry $400,000 it was a needless expense. There isn’t a man, woman or rodent alive that’s taken an Economics 101 course that would file an Appeal under the change implemented by HRA without the decency of obtaining industry feedback, that included a $2,000 non refundable fee attached. Topo assumes that no Thoroughbred Appeals were filed in 2021 irrespective of the fact that a number could have been. Topo normally reviews HRA Annual Reports with a fine tooth comb but now asks the rhetorical question – WHY?

  2. Ralph’s vision of a viable horse racing industry has hit rock bottom

    Clark Kent is too embarrassed to put the 2020 HRA annual in the main body, as it is buried like CUFF report, in their website under ABOUT, then DOCUMENTS

    Slot revenue was 26/31.2 or 84% of HRA revenue, for the 16%,and a CEO making over 200k is that good value, Stevie McQueen at only 60k is laughable, she makes 226k as a board member for MEG, severance packages to come??

    Minister TOEWS, on June 11/2020 help for struggling industry,a secret repayable loan for $7 million was revealed in March/21,you won’t have to keep the racing participants in the dark anymore, as $$$ owners have departed.

    The powers to be on Nov 12/20 boosted of a exploding race industry ,with Tenile’s crystal ball projecting daily averages of 400k harness and a 1 million for thoroughbreds, Handle’s not exploding and the only thing imploding is the racing industries viability!

    Marcomm 400k, whitewash report,has the optics of a sham job, enjoy the time off as the owners debate whether to throw in their saddle cloths. HRA governance model since 1990, has been a Tory/UCP pork belly all you can eat buffet for the politically connected, at expense of racing participants

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