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Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association of Alberta
PO Box 7005 Square PO Leduc, AB T9E 1H7
Fax: 587-689-2180

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Manager/Executive Director – Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association of Alberta
The Manager/Executive Director reports directly to the President and Board of Directors. The Manager/Executive Director is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the Association, providing vision and leadership, to have common sense and business experience, for having the required technical skills, for providing sound advice and strategic guidance to the Board. The position requires you to plan, organize, and direct all facets of the operations of the HBPA of Alberta within the guidelines established by the Board of Directors.
Key Job Functions
Board and Members
• Communicate notices of all meetings and prepares agendas of Director and Membership meetings including the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Prepares Board packages which include all material and documentation that will be discussed at the Directors meetings.
• Will prepare for each Board meeting statistical information with respect to wagering, commissions, earned, and purses paid by the Association
• Attends all meetings of the Board and Membership meetings and records the minutes of such meetings.
• Present research and submissions on matters of importance to the Board.
Financial and Administrative Management
• Supervises the individual(s) responsible for the accounting function as well as the day-to-day administration of the HBPA Head and Field offices.
• Supervision of the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper Function.
• Ensures the accurate entries are made in the books of accounts of the HBPA for all receipts and disbursements.
• Ensures the adequacy of internal accounting and budgetary controls
• Monitor’s bank accounts and ensures adequate funding for all cash requirements.
• Approves all expenditures required for the proper funding of the HBPA, prepares cheques, and attends to obtaining authorized signatures.
• Prepares budgets annually or as requested by the Board.
• Ensures all fees, commissions, contributions, and other monies payable are collected.
• Report to the Directors at regular Board meetings the financial position of the Association.
• Ensures that approved financial statements of the Association for the prior year are available to the Members at the AGM of the Association.
• Responsible for the application process to source foreign jockeys.
• Administers the benevolence program of the Association.
• A non-voting member of all established committees including the Executive Committee. Provides the necessary staff support for the committees.
External Relations
• Liaises with the Association’s lawyers and oversees all legal matters incidental to the functioning of the Association.
• Develops and maintains business relationships including the negotiation and execution of contracts with industry stakeholders
• Prepares all necessary correspondence from the Association to members, track operators, industry partners, and others. Ensures that monthly purse account statements are accurate and brings forth an errors or omissions to track management for correction
• Ensures that the Association makes all filings as required by law in a timely fashion.
• Ensures that all policies of insurance which the Association holds are maintained and are reviewed annually for competitiveness and suitability.
• Horse Racing Industry: 5 years (preferred)
• Must be able to obtain a Horse Racing Alberta license
• Management or related: 3 years (preferred)
• Extensive knowledge of Excel
• Understanding of Sage accounting program or equivalent
• Post-Secondary Degree
Candidate required to have:
• Organizational skills
• Creative and innovative thinking
• Strong decision making and judgment capability
• Time management skills
• Exceptional written oral and interpersonal communication skills
• Ability to be diplomatic and confidential
Hours Required
• Expected start date January 4th, 2022 at 1200 – 1500 hours/year.
Resumes must be submitted by Wednesday December 15th 2021.
Please email resume to or fax 587-689-2180


  1. Mucka’s comments forced Topo to channel the former Manager of the HBPA who worked in the chair for about 14 years unlike his hand picked replacement who was there a mere 14 months before supposedly going over to the other side.

    Double M has moved on, thus the chances of his return to the post would be slim and nil and Slim just left town.

    Double M asked Topo to pass on one piece of advice for the newcomer – whoever it may be – ensure you know who provides your financial compensation and take to heart the HBPA motto “Horsemen Helping Horsemen”. It does not state Horsemen Helping The Track Operator and/or the Provincial Regulator.

    Topo Out!!

  2. Horse Racing Alberta woes. Like a cruise ship without a rudder or direction has become the HBPA search of creative leadership in the time of industry peril.

    The hot rumour of the former b track quarter trainer jumping ship comes as no surprise, jumping shedrows for more $$ and security is a no brainer!!

    The pledge for more DAYS with 54 scheduled for 2022 shows unfilled promises as the horse population dwindles in a contracting industry,

    Bring back Monaco, zoom works if KENNEY and PHILIPS can do it, he can.

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