Dec 162021

Racing and Wagering Development Manager

  One Response to “Century Mile – Racing and Wagering Development Manager”

  1. Message / quotes from Clark Kent CEO, 2020 HRA annual report refer to pg 3.

    1. We improved our business model?
    Feb 2021 UCP new governance model

    2. Changed racing times to maximize online revenue.??
    Handle dropped from
    99 mil/2019 to 86 mil/2020 drop 13 million.

    3. Implemented other strategies leading to record daily handle at each of our racetracks!!!!
    Moving to Friday night and mid afternoon from off peak period competition to grow 20 million in handle per budget 105 mil projected???

    4.Guru Paul projected $400k for Standardbreds and $1 mil for thoroughbred Nov 2020,
    Audited numbers tell the true actual story!!!!!

    5.We must be able to face almost anything that gets in your way????
    Rumoured regulatory hurdles in a independent race body and a 6 member board of directors that don’t have a clue about horse racing seems like a good fit for future.
    Guru Paul motto evolve or die, evolution coming?? doubtful

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