Jan 072022

  2 Responses to “Sugar Doyle Returning to Century Mile”

  1. 10 reasons that Sugar returns to Alberta

    1. Northlands gave a novice announcer an opportunity in 2004.

    2. Half the $$$ (60k rumoured,) that Undertaker makes and double value.

    3. Honesty versus, Guru Paul embellishment of handle a projected 800k daily!

    4. No hard feelings as the departed bartender gave the job to a dj 2021.

    5. Reputation between both breeds as a knowledgeable race expert.

    6. Rumoured rekindling of a past love, over 50 and looking for stability.

    7. Reviewed the Marcomm 400k snowjob, and knows he can improve things.

    8. Hard working, any individual who hands out condition books on his first day on the job at np in the backstretch, is willing to get his hands dirty.

    9. Return to trusted friends over the decade spent in Alberta.

    10. Promise of a good home cooked meal from Sue Cameron.

  2. I think getting Sugar Doyle is a great move…he has the experience and class to take our industry in Alberta to a new level..Nice move Century!

    Barb and Al Side

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