May 182022

Sal says that Century Mile has changed their admission policy.

Century Mile – Facebook- Admission Announcement – Update

Sal says that the Link to the Century Mile – Facebook- Admission Announcement does not work any longer.

Last check there were 330 negative comments.

Century Mile – Facebook- Admission Announcement

Showpass – Century Mile Admission

Sal says that the phrase “Free Admission until May 20” causes Sal some consternation. What will there be an admission charge for after May 20 and what will the charge be.

Sal says he heard that starting May 20, 2022 Century Mile will be charging admission of $10.00 per person with HRA licensees getting in free.

Sal says that Century Mile has given the few racing fans left one more reason to stay away.

If the people don’t want to come out to the ballpark, nobody’s going to stop them.

Yogi Berra

Hawthorne Sal

  One Response to “Century Mile Admission Announcement – Update”


    HRA Act specifically states that HRA is to market (HBPA doing it), and promote horse racing in any or all forms. Safeguard the interests of the general public regarding horse racing,as CENTURY gouges the dwindling live crowd patrons a $10 fee. HRA determined by racino provisions also provides millions of operating grants geared to slot revenue performance to cover track expenses.

    MILE handle yesterday all sources 658k with only 5% (32k)on track. If the casino patrons were charged $10 to get in to play, the slot revenue would plummet.

    AGLC – Century Miles Downs Decision

    AGLC recent appeal rejection of live gaming tables at both Century Mile and Century Downs in a extensive document, just proves that Century doesn’t agree with present racino rules.

    CENTURY CEO frank winnerswitchezel,states that first quarter slot revenue were at robust precovid level in Alberta, to generate a few nickels seems counterproductive in the best interests of racing.

    The hot rumours of increased toilet paper costs, and a 6 figure severance for sugar, could neither be confirmed or denied by multitude of holybull sources.

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