Jul 252022

Canadian Thoroughbred – Morrison – New Fee Structure for Canadian Jockeys

“Everybody’s making up words, like, sportswashing and dirty money. I’m like, listen, if you play sports, we all take money from some sources you might not love or appreciate,” Barkley said Thursday. “I don’t want to be a hypocrite. These guys [LIV golfers] are trying to make a living. I wish them nothing but the best. Same thing with my friends on the PGA Tour. But everybody is just kinda like trying to play the moral card.”

“For some reason, everyone wants to place selective outrage,” Barkley said. “I’m never going to let that happen on my watch.”

ESPN – Charles Barkley says he is staying with Turner Broadcasting after entertaining LIV Golf interest

Every player has played with gay guys.

Charles Barkley


Southern Living – Beach Reads Perfect for Summer 2022


Front Office Sports – Gentrup – Adidas Skates Out On NHL Apparel

TDN – Soccer Complex No Longer Being Pursued at Ashwood Site

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ron Hutchinson: I would love to see the crowds come back but I fear those days are gone

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – NYRA Shifts Belmont Fall Meet to Aqueduct

Horse Race Insider – Pricci – SPA DIARY, DAYS 11 & 12: MOST INTERESTING $600,000 PREP RACE OF SARATOGA-143

Front Office Sports – Gentrup – Churchill Downs Gallops to Record $582.5M Quarter

Front Office Sports – Mets Owner Steve Cohen Lobbying for Queens Casino

Canada’s National Observer – Fawcett-Atkinson – Why your mac and cheese is way more expensive than last year

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Sports – Rybatowlski – Burns: No Rollbacks On Rigorous Ontario Sports Betting Ad Standards For Now

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – ‘No rules violated’ in controversial Assiniboia Downs race

Paulick Report – Manitoba Regulator: No Rules Violated In Strange Assiniboia Downs Race

And, while we will always support and encourage efforts of jockey’s to be safe in the saddle for themselves, their fellow riders and the horses in the race, a distinction, in our opinion, should be made when these actions occur and then affect the possible and likely ultimate outcome of the race through an overreaction by a jockey. We believe, in our opinion, that jockey Sheldon Chickeness did over-compensate in his handling of his mount, likely related to a safety concern, but given the clear lead the horse had at the time, he did affect, in our opinion, the final outcome of the race and the order of finish.

We believe that, while consideration and understanding could be given to his safety intent, overriding this was the need to protect the wagering public in ensuring the integrity of the race remained intact and that the over compensation by jockey Sheldon Chickeness should have been met with a determination of significant discipline against him.”

Canadian Thoroughbred – Manitoba Jockey Club Disagrees With LGCA Decision

TDN – Thornton – Proposed $5M Zayat Settlement Gives Only $30K to ‘Unsecured’ Claimants

The Ringer – The Ringer Staff’s Favorite Emo Music Videos

Sal says that Phil has a question:

When the fuck did EMO become a sub-genre of anything.

Is it the song or the band that’s EMO.

Do we really need another sub-genre.

Sal says that Joe has a question:

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Sal says that Phil has a question:

Is the Clash now classified as EMO.


CNN – Atwood, Perez and Hansler – CNN Exclusive: Biden administration offers convicted Russian arms dealer in exchange for Griner, Whelan

Back In The USSR

Sal says that what Griner and her agent missed is that in North America and the free world she’s a poster person for diversity, but in demented Donald’s best buddy Putin’s world she’s a poster person for their propaganda machine and she should have realized that the neo-KGB were just waiting for the slightest slip to pounce on. Sal says that Griner and her agent also forgot that when traveling you should always buy local.

Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore – Singapore’s Anti-Drug Laws on Cannabis

Sal says that Griner and her agent also forgot that when traveling you should always know and respect local laws and customs.

Edmonton Journal – Babych – Transphobic response to Canmore Pride’s donation request causes backlash against food company

SportsNet – Team Canada will still play in 2022 World Juniors in Edmonton next month

Sal says that the Russian and Belarus teams should both be allowed to compete and the Canadian and US immigration departments should encourage any asylum seekers to visit their tent set up in the infield.

The Eater – Geib – Why Are U.S. Presidents So Obsessed With Ketchup?

Taste of Home – Kaminski – The Results Are In: These Are the Best Ketchup Brands

Eat This, Not That – Flynn – The Best & Worst Ketchup on Grocery Store Shelves—Ranked!

Chicago Tribune – What’s the best ketchup for a hot dog? We taste 12 brands

A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.

Humphrey Bogart

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Under Pressure

Everybody wants to talk about black and white, when the situation is really about rich people against poor people.

Charles Barkley

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – Haskell Generates Biggest Day for Fixed Odds

Bloodhorse – Del Mar Opens 2022 Meet With Record Handle

SPC Americas – Porter – Arizona sportsbooks set new state taxes record in May

Sports Illustrated – Traina – People Are Mourning the End of the Choco Taco, a Mount Rushmore Ice Cream Treat

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Taylor – Final furlong of the leadership race: how horse racing has influenced political language

Paulick Report – Basler: ‘Major Concern Over HISA Permeates The Industry’

The Ringer – Harvilla – The Eternal March of the Black Parade

Front Office Sports – Perez – Chicago Mayor Unveils $2B Proposals to Upgrade Soldier Field

Sports Business Journal – Chicago mayor hopes latest Soldier Field proposals keep Bears

Sal says that Mayor Lightfoot’s plans for Soldier Field may be about football in Chicago, but they speak volumes about the current state of thoroughbred racing in North America. Lightfoot is proposing $3 Billion in upgrades to Soldier Field to keep the Bears there, but not a single politician proposed spending a nickel to keep the thoroughbreds at Arlington.

Bloodhorse – ANZ Bloodstock News – Rowe – MP Parton Goes In to Bat for Capital’s Racing Industry

TSN – Padula – Morning Coffee: FanDuel Bettor Wins $1 Million On MLB Parlay

Bloodhorse – Crosby, Byron King, Rollins and Cash – Racehorse Stabling Squeeze in Kentucky Becomes Tighter

Paulick Report – Kentucky Commission Approves Plan For $55 Million Quarter Horse Track

Paulick Report – Lexington ‘Cannot Afford To Be Thoughtless And Hasty’ With Approval Of Proposed Soccer Complex

Harness Link – Will casinos or the legislatures save racing?

Poor people are too stupid to know they’re just chess pieces in a game.

Charles Barkley

National Post – Frank Stronach: How Canada can become a world leader in the production of organic foods

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Hayward – Back with a bang – here’s my two-week Saratoga survey

The Ringer – Sherman – Dan Snyder Is Sailing Away From Consequences That Might Never Come

Hawthorne Sal

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