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The Ringer – Simmons – The Genius of Bill Russell

Washington Post – Golliver – In honor of Bill Russell’s 11 titles, here are 11 of his greatest moments – McCourt – A look back at the life and career of Bill Russell

Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.

John Wooden

Sports Illustrated – George Plimpton – Sportsman of the Year: Bill Russell

The Ringer – Murdock – The Unparalleled Legacy of Bill Russell

Substack – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – The Bill Russell I Knew for 60 Years

FiveThirtyEight – Nerkar and Paine – Bill Russell’s Trailblazing Legacy Is Secure (Even If Stats Can’t Measure It)

Sports Illustrated – Herring – Bill Russell’s Off-Court Example Is What Resonates Most, Now and Beyond – Goldman – Bill Russell, basketball legend with record 11 NBA titles, dies at 88

Sports Business Journal – Sports world, Boston mourn NBA icon Bill Russell

Andscape – Bill Russell: ‘A lifetime phenomenon as an athlete’

TSN – CP – Russell was a champion of activism before winning NBA titles

Sports Illustrated – Selbe – NBA Legend Bill Russell Dies at 88

Sports Illustrated – Chavkin – Adam Silver Releases Statement After Bill Russell’s Death

ESPN – Boston Celtics great Bill Russell, 11-time NBA champion, dies at 88

Great effort springs naturally from great attitude.

Pat Riley

Sports Illustrated – Traina – Remembering Vin Scully’s Greatness in and Away From the Booth

Los Angeles Times – Wharton – Vin Scully, forever the voice of the Dodgers, dies at 94

SportsNet – ‘Nobody ever told the story of baseball better’: Sports world pays tribute to Vin Scully

Los Angeles Times – Arellano – Column: Vaya con Dios, Vin Scully — a beacon of possibility for generations in L.A.

Sports Illustrated – Verducci – The Voice of Baseball: Get to Know Vin Scully, the Man Behind the Mic

Los Angeles Times – Thornton – Commentary: Vin Scully’s voice was like another parent

The Ringer – Curtis – Vin Scully, Forever

ESPN – Quinn – Brittney Griner sentenced to nine years in Russian prison

Sports Illustrated – Chavkin – Brittney Griner Sentenced to Nine Years in Russian Prison, per Report

Sal says that Griner’s sentence is Putin’s second biggest joke on the USA, the first being getting Donald Trump elected.

Sal says there’s a lesson here. Celebrity entitlement does have borders.

Sal says there’s a lesson here. When in a foreign country always buy local.


Texas Marijuana Laws

The Ringer – Moore – The Baseball Stadium That “Forever Changed” Professional Sports

Paulick Report – Letter To The Editor: The Medina Spirit/Otomax Theory Really Isn’t That Complicated; It Also Doesn’t Nullify DQ

Sal says that Sarah McCarthy, DVM may be correct, but she oversimplifies and misses a key point that Baffert’s Battalion of Barristers is contending: exactly what drug or compound does the Kentucky rule prohibit.

Paulick Report – New Mexico: Quarter Horse Trainer Summarily Suspended Over Class 1 Positive For Nikethamide

TDN – Speakers Announced for 70th Round Table Conference

National Post – AP – Heintz – Russian prosecutors seek 9 1/2-year sentence for Brittney Griner

Sal says that Putin’s propaganda machine keeps churning the it out.  If you think that Griner isn’t a political prisoner then why does the Putin propaganda machine keep letting her show those pictures.

TrueNews – Elon Musk Calls Americans Hypocrites Over Griner Imprisonment

The Bitter Southerner – Hayes – The Battle Inside Lee Bains

SportsNet – Mickelson, DeChambeau among 11 LIV golfers to file antitrust lawsuit against PGA Tour

The Ringer – Clark – The NFL Had No Choice But to Appeal the Deshaun Watson Suspension

Sports Illustrated – Coleman – NFL Appealing Deshaun Watson’s Six-Game Suspension

ESPN – Trotter – Deshaun Watson suspended: What does it mean? And what’s next for the QB and the Cleveland Browns?

Sports Illustrated – Williams – Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About Use of Psychedelics, Mental Health

Mother’s Little Helpers

There are three side effects of acid: enhanced long-term memory, decreased short-term memory, and I forget the third.

Timothy Leary

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Dennis – ‘Frankel might be the equivalent’ – focus on Flightline, the ‘once-in-a-generation’ horse

TDN – Thornton – Three Jockeys to Become Test for Contested HISA Enforcement

Paulick Report – Jockeys’ Guild Tries To Ban HISA Enforcement Nationwide, Seeks Contempt Charge For CEO Lazarus

Educators shouldn’t be afraid of cliches. You know why? Because kids don’t know most of them! They’re a new audience. And they’re inspired by cliches.

Randy Pausch

The Ringer – Baumann – The Winners and Losers of the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline

ESPN – Doolittle – The headlines of this year’s MLB trade deadline: Winners, losers and in-betweeners

ESPN – The biggest deadline deal ever? Are the Padres the NL’s new team to beat? What to make of blockbuster Juan Soto trade

Sports Illustrated – Rosenberg – Roger Goodell Continues to Have a Credibility Problem

The findings also downplay a stunning liner note, which we’ll expand on below. As you’ll remember, the Dolphins were accused by former coach Brian Flores of tanking games. The findings reveal that “on a number of occasions during the 2019 season, Mr. Ross expressed his belief that the Dolphins’ position in the upcoming 2020 draft should take priority over the team’s win-loss record. These comments were made most frequently to Team President and CEO Tom Garfinkel, but were also made to General Manager Chris Grier, Senior Vice President Brandon Shore and Coach Flores.”

Sports Illustrated – Orr – Dolphins Scandal: Examining the Fallout of the NFL’s Investigation

The Ringer – Sherman – Stephen Ross Is Very Bad at Tampering and Trying to Tank

Sal says that with the NFL failing to take any action against the Dolphins for their obvious tanking the fans are the biggest losers.

Front Office Sports – Christovich – How the NFL Modernized Its Marketing Strategy

“I actually love it here. For a smaller track, these guys put on a heck of a show,” he (Robertino Diodoro) said.

Winnipeg Free Press – Frey-Sam – Red Knobs runs to Derby glory

Robertino Diodoro trifecta in the Manitoba Derby at Assiniboia Downs on Monday August 1, 2022.

Total Handle for 8 races – $3,523,260.00.

Canadian Thoroughbred – Morrison – Red Knobs Leads Robertino Diodoro Sweep in Manitoba Derby

Canadian Thoroughbred – Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing Incentives in Manitoba

Sports Business Journal – Bacharach – Summer Attractions: Big names, bobbleheads and beer are helping a handful of MLB teams see a serious spike in attendance

Sal says that if you look at the chart on field performance seems to be the number 1 promotional incentive for fans.

SportsNet – 2022 MLB Trade Tracker: Noteworthy moves made ahead of deadline

Edmonton Journal – Rodriguez –  MLA Leela Aheer stares down bull at Strathmore Stampede

Los Angeles Times – Farmer – News Analysis: Fumble from the handoff: Takeaways from Deshaun Watson suspension

Sal says that Farmer and Sal agree that Robinson is a fucking stoopid idiot.

TSN – Kimes calls Watson ruling ‘utterly incoherent’

Sports Illustrated – Orr – Deshaun Watson Suspension Shows Staggering Weakness by Roger Goodell

The Ringer – Sherman – Everyone Loses in the Deshaun Watson Ruling but Deshaun Watson

Sal says that Sherman does a masterful job at pointing out why Robinson is a fucking stoopid idiot.

Sports Illustrated – Rosenberg – Deshaun Watson Allegations Should Stick to Him for the Rest of His Career

Southern Living – 30 Bourbon Cocktail Recipes That Are Basically Made for Southern Porch-Sipping

Sal’s favourite Bourbon cocktail recipe.

One: Bourbon Cocktail – Neat


  • 2 ounces of your favorite Bourbon


  • Open bottle of Bourbon. Depending on your choice of bourbon, you may be removing a cork (one of my favorite sounds in the world) or unscrewing a cap. Either way is fine.

  • Caution, do not spill

  • Pour Bourbon into glass

  • Swirl Bourbon in glass

  • Gently sniff Bourbon in glass with mouth slightly left open

  • Try to recognize the four most common flavor notes as recommended by Bourbon expert Fred Minnick in his book, Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker – caramel, cinnamon, grain and nutmeg. You may taste many more but, this is a starting point.

  • Sip your Bourbon – it generally takes from two to 20 years for Bourbon to mature so we don’t recommend you pour the entire glass down the hatch all at once but, it’s totally up to you.

  • Enjoy!

Distillery Trail – How to Make a Bourbon Cocktail – Neat, On the Rocks or In the Rocks


Sal says that instead of finding an alternative for horse racing bettors the industry needs to make horse race betting the alternative for other gamblers.

Substack – Abdul-Jabbar – Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate? Bad for Sports, Bad for Georgia, Bad for the Country–and especially Bad for African Americans

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Taylor – Speaking in (horsey) tongues: an everyday language lesson in equine etymology

Front Office Sports – Perez – Los Angeles Rams Sued Over Alleged ‘Devious’ PSL ‘Scheme’ – Bird – Mass. lawmakers reached a deal on sports betting. Here’s what we know about the details.

The Hockey News – Richardson – Teams Are Asking About Patrick Kane

The Ringer – Cohen and Gordon – The Most Important Emo Song of Every Year

Front Office Sports – Gentrup – Speculation Over MSG Relocation Lingers

– Report: Browns QB Watson suspended six games for violating NFL’s personal conduct policy

The Ringer – Panciotti, – Jones and Clark – Deshaun Watson Suspension Reaction

Sal says that the NFL is a fucking joke and that retired judge Sue L. Robinson is the stoopidest fucking idiot in the world. How fucking stoopid do you have to be to miss the fact that Watson and his agent set up the massive new contract anticipating a one year suspension. How fucking stoopid do you have to be to miss that Watson’s remorse and contrition consists of thumbing his nose and taking his buds on a trip.

Trevor Bauer gets 2 years and the NFL slaps Watson’s wrist.

Games Show Boot Camp

Sal says that in the next few years Jeopardy and other game shows will go live and set up teams and leagues and of course – sports betting.

Hawthorne Sal

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