Aug 122022

Canadian Thoroughbred – Diodoro Holds Hot Hand for August 20 Canadian Derby

Canadian Derby Nominations

Canadian Derby PPs

TDN – Thornton – Industry Will Pay Twice For HISA Litigation

The Atlantic – Pinsker – The Economic Principle That Helps Me Order at Restaurants

Southern Living – 8 Life Skills Every Southerner Learned at Camp

Camp Granada

BookRiot – Hobbs – 20 of the Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

Paulick Report – Voss: The Round Table Archives Teach Us That The More Things Change In Racing, The More They Stay The Same

America is an empire. I hope you know that now. All empires, by definition, are bumbling, shambolic, bullying, bureaucratic affairs, as certain of the rightness of their cause in infancy, as they are corrupted by power in their dotage.

Felix Dennis


Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Laffit Pincay Jr: I could always count on Affirmed

TDN – Thornton – $800k Sales Grad at Center of Delaware ‘Neglect’ Ruling

TDN – Bolts Gallore in Best Pal

Sports Business Journal – Bill King – SBJ Betting: Latest earnings hint at path to profitability

Sports Illustrated – Verducci – Fernando Tatis Jr.’s Steroid Suspension Costs the Padres Their Dream Season

The Adversary

The Takeout – Dale – The Lasting Cultural Impact of the American Jewish Deli

Sports Business Journal – Digital Harry Caray impresses MLB observers, but some find it off-putting

Deadspin – Fels – They could have at least made ‘Hologram Harry’ drunk off his ass

The Takeout – Wallen – Beer Is Becoming an Increasingly Precious Resource

Washington Post – Heil and Carman – Craft brewers’ latest challenge: Carbon dioxide shortage

Sal says that if North American governments are paying Kazillions of taxpayer dollars to capture CO2 and store it underground how can there be a shortage of CO2 for the brewing industry.

Paulick Report – Paulick – Del Mar Summer: Sadler’s Life In The Fast Lane With Flightline

TDN – McGrath – This Side Up: Oasis or Mirage?

TSN – CP – Padres’ Tatis Jr. suspended 80 games for violating MLB’s drug policy

Sal says that when Tatis Jr. was in grade school five’ll get you ten that his dog used to eat his homework.

Paulick Report – Charvat – ‘I Always Wanted To Be Like My Dad’: Juan Hernandez Riding High Atop Del Mar’s Standings

Bloodhorse – Horseracing Integrity & Welfare Unit Makes Appointments


Deadspin – Losing is preferable to this, Cleveland

The Star – Dobby – OLG quietly transformed dozens of bingo halls into de facto casinos, despite slot machine ban

Standardbred Canada – Ontario’s Bingo Halls Getting ‘Slot-Like’ Machines?

Sal says that the difference between a slot machine, Video Lottery Terminal and a historic racing machine is a fictional government definition created to circumvent a law.

Sal says that Phil sent him a question:

Do the slot players in the bingo halls tell the caller to shut the fuck up.

Do It Again

The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly, the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of liberty.

Abraham Lincoln

San Jose Inside – Becker – Newsom Unveils Long-term Strategy to Bolster California Water Supply

Sal says that instead of continually railing at Justin Trudeau the UCP and its leadership candidates should start to plan to protect Alberta’s resources including the land, forests and water.

Sloop John B

The Athletic – Kurz – How the epic 1992 Eric Lindros trade happened, as remembered by former Flyers exec Jay Snider

Sal says that’s a reminder that prima donnas asking for a trade is not a recent phenomenon and was just as messy back then.

The Ringer – Devine – The Seven Most Intriguing Under-the-Radar Deals in NBA Free Agency

The Ringer – O-Connor – Should LeBron Request a Trade?


CBC – Anchan – Alberta agricultural society objects to relocating casino from Camrose to Edmonton citing legal concerns

TDN – Bill Finley – Georgia Legislator Renews Effort to Legalize Horse Racing in State

After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say ‘I want to see the manager.’

William S. Burroughs


DRF – Grening – Romping winners Gulfport, Damon’s Mound face off in Saratoga Special

TDN – NYRA Acquires 49% Interest in United Tote

Paulick Report – Voss: Lovers Of Good News Stories, Rejoice

Paulick Report – Schnell and Gunderson – The Horse Comes 1/ST Presented By 1/ST Racing: Gunderson Has Done It All, And Shows OTTBs Can, Too

The consciousness-expanding drugs – the hallucinogens, such as cannabis, mescaline, LSD, Psylocybin – I think are useful to a writer up to a certain point. That is, they open psychic areas that would not otherwise be available to the writer. But I feel that once these areas have been opened and the writer has reached them, he is able to get back there in the future without the drug.

William S. Burroughs

Sports Illustrated – Kliegman – What Do Athletes Get From Ayahuasca, Mushrooms and Ecstasy?

Eight Miles High

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.

Hunter S. Thompson

Sal says that yage allegedly has telepathic powers. Maybe Rogers was hoping that he could call an inaudible audible. Didn’t work with the field goal call.

Healthing – Hawthorne – Vegan meal on Air Canada is water and a napkin

Sal says he’ll let the author borrow his name.

Eater – Saxena – It’s Time to Put Actual Veggies Back Into Veggie Burgers

Grub Street – Paetzhold – A Big Sloppy Vegan Hero – Behold the meat-free sub from Williamsburg’s new Garden Carver.

Speaking of vegans Sal says that Sal stopped for a couple of pints at the pizza chain named for a large east coast city while handicapping this weekend’s races. Their menu has a section called vegan pizza choices with 2 pizza choices listed, the first featuring Parmesan and the second mozzarella.

Eater – Makilintal – The Best Pasta Shape Is Fusilli Corti Bucati

Spending with Pennies – 3 Cheese Scoobi Doo

Vegan Sunday Sauce

Soprano’s Sunday Gravy (Spaghetti Sauce)

Sal says that he tried that vegan fake mozzarella stuff one time or as Sal’s friend Fritz would say 2 times – first and last. It didn’t melt it coagulated and tasted like nothing.

DRF – Privman – Tyler Baze will have to appear before stewards after no-show Thursday

I Can See For Miles

Bloodhorse – Wilkin – Numbers Up Midway Through Saratoga Meet

Sports Business Journal – Field of Dreams game heavy on baseball nostalgia

Sloop John B

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

Lao Tzu

National Post – AP – Trump calls for ‘immediate’ release of documents on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

Do you think that if all the MAGA supporters brains were hooked up in series they would catch the irony of the person who hides everything, refuses to answer subpoenas and takes the fifth demanding immediate release of documents.

Maybe they’d have to try parallel.

The people are the most important element in a nation; the spirits of the land and grain are the next; the sovereign is the least.


Marine Stakes (Gr. 3) winner Rondure is also among the 11 likely starters. The Katerina Vassilieva trainee has turned in strong efforts in both of his starts this season and was the top ranked Plate contender prior to being bumped down to second after Moira’s dominant Oaks win.

TSN – Queen’s Plate probable starters released

Southern Living – 77 Fresh Tomato Recipes To Make All Summer Long

Hawthorne Sal

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