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Bloodhorse – Angst – Economist: Breeding Decline Tied to Wagering Decline

Paulick Report – Voss: The Round Table Archives Teach Us That The More Things Change In Racing, The More They Stay The Same

Jockey Club Round Table

Bloodhorse – Angst – Lazarus Calls for Unity as HISA Continues Rollout

Paulick Report – Voss – Round Table: Lazarus Announces More Transparency, Input From Horsemen Coming To HISA

Paulick Report – Voss – Round Table: Scandinavian Racing Let Go Of The Riding Crop; Here’s What Happened Next

Horse Racing Alberta 2021 Annual Report

CBC – Hudson’s Bay to resurrect discount retail chain Zellers


The writing on the wall is only easy to read in hindsight. At the time, it’s all a blur. I approach the wiliest of pop provocateurs, Bill Drummond of the KLF, an act that, at the height of their success in 1992, disbanded and then deleted their entire back catalogue with the sole intent of swiftly disappearing up their own fundament. When I ask him what an artist should do once the spotlight swings elsewhere, he writes me a play – or rather, two, “in case the first one’s shite”, he helpfully explains. The plays reference Prince and 80s hitmaker Nik Kershaw, and the way both leaned on the public’s endless appetite for nostalgia in order to stretch out their careers. Drummond prefers a more flamboyant gesture: the very moment any singer fails to crack the Top 40, they should offer themselves up for sacrifice. “The failed pop singer will be given the choice of a noose hanging from a gallows or a razor-sharp guillotine,” he writes.

The Guardian – Duerden – ‘That’s it? It’s over? I was 30. What a brutal business’: pop stars on life after the spotlight moves on

I Don’t Like Mondays

Sports Illustrated – Beck – The Special Bond Between Bill Russell and Adam Silver

CTV News – Canadian Derby goes Saturday

In The Air Tonight

TSN – Hockey Canada: Summer, increased scrutiny to blame for small crowds at world juniors

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Escobar Request to Stay Delaware Suspension is Denied

I Shall Be Released

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Sandpit: nothing less than a four-legged Robert Redford

TDN – Thornton – HISA Appeal to be Argued Aug. 30; Judge Denies Contempt Motion

Paulick Report – ‘This Is What I Love To Do’: Andie Biancone Pulling Double Duty At Del Mar

Southern Living – Southern Rice Pudding Deserves a Comeback

The Ringer – Baumann – When Will We See the Next American Formula One Driver?

The Ringer – McAtee – The ‘House of the Dragon’ Cheat Sheet

Immigrant Song


Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.

George Orwell

Past The Wire – Game of Silks, the update


ESPN – Rothstein – Refugee to role model: Ramla Ali is fighting to make an impact — and make history

Bloodhorse – Cash – Lukas Helps Holy Cow Stable Climb to New Heights

Past The Wire – Strong works from Travers Probables 

“I think one thing people miss when we talk about field size and the foal crop is to step back and recognize that there is an owners shortage,” Rogers said. “The breeders will supply the product if the demand is there, so this all starts with needing owners to want the horses.”

Horse Racing Nation – DeRosa – Historically low July field size prompts recruit discussion

Bloodhorse – Angst – Economist: Breeding Decline Tied to Wagering Decline

Bloodhorse – Genaro and Cash – Arrogate Colt Tops F-T NY Sale, Breaking Records

TDN – Martini – Son of Arrogate Stars As More Records Fall in Saratoga

Canadian Thoroughbred – QP22 Breeder Profile: Borders Racing Stable and Rondure

Bloodhorse – Del Mar Has Strong Gains at Halfway Point

Paulick Report – Voss – Barn Buddies Presented By Dapple Up: I Went To Saratoga And Met Johnny Depp

National Post – Rodriguez – ‘A challenging time’: Alberta Liberals call off leadership race due to lack of candidates

Alberta Report – Green – WATCH: Smith vows free speech media a priority for future of Alberta

Former BC premier Christy Clark was blunt in her assessment of the act Sunday, saying it amounts to a sovereignty referendum. “I think that is bats—t crazy,” Clark said, prompting the crowd to burst into laughter.

She was speaking at a conservative conference in Edmonton.

CTV – Mustaqeem – Danielle Smith fires back at Kenney following criticism of proposed sovereignty act

One of Danielle Smith’s campaign spots says that Justin Trudeau is coming for our free speech, yet when Jason Kenney comments on Smith’s Sovereignty Act Smith tries to muzzle him. Guess that in Smith’s UCP world speech is only free if agrees with Smith’s philosophy. Smith is just another one of the right wing nut politicians who spew hate to cover the fact that their campaign is utterly devoid of any policy or plan.

Sal says that those voting for the next UCP leader should see if at least one of the candidates has a better platform than Justin Trudeau’s bad for Alberta and Rachel Notley’s worse.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

George Orwell

Global News – Archer – UCP candidate Leela Aheer helps bull rider to safety at Strathmore Stampede

Paulick Report – ‘Much-Needed Ray Of Sunshine’: Former Dual Group 1-Winning Racehorse Pays Visit To Local Hospice

Garden and Gun – Gomez-Misserian The Fascinating Way Dolphins Dine in Charleston

The Bitter Southerner – Upholt – Down To The Tide Line

Canada’s National Observer – Fawcett-Atkinson – Why Anjali Appadurai is running a ‘crazy and audacious’ campaign to be B.C.’s next premier

SportsNet – AP – Brittney Griner appeals nine-year sentence in Russia

TDN – Martini – Fireworks For Hard Spun Colt As Momentum Continues Into Fasig-Tipton NY-Bred Sale

Paulick Report – Queen’s Plate Breeder Profile: Hunt Master A Return To Roots For Rasmussen

The Ringer- Kram – Five Reasons the Book Behind ‘House of the Dragon’ is Even Harder to Adapt Than the Books Behind ‘Game of Thrones’

Front Office Sports – Greenberg – Tickets to Commanders Preseason Opener Selling as Low as $1

Sports Business Journal – Weekend Rap – Deshaun Watson issues first apology to accusers

Sports Illustrated – NBA Decides Five Christmas Day Matchups, per Report

Sports Illustrated – McDaniel – Former Red Sox Closer Claims He Has Best Entrance Music in MLB History

Wild Thing

Paulick Report – Fourteen HBPA Affiliates, Four Tracks Seek To Join HISA Lawsuit

TDN – Thornton – Industry Will Pay Twice For HISA Litigation

The Atlantic – Pinsker – The Economic Principle That Helps Me Order at Restaurants

Southern Living – 8 Life Skills Every Southerner Learned at Camp

Camp Granada

BookRiot – Hobbs – 20 of the Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

America is an empire. I hope you know that now. All empires, by definition, are bumbling, shambolic, bullying, bureaucratic affairs, as certain of the rightness of their cause in infancy, as they are corrupted by power in their dotage.

Felix Dennis

Hawthorne Sal

  One Response to “Jockey Club Round Table on Racing and other Sundre News”


    Shocked to see the 2021 HRA annual report posted and true to their governance model, they buried it in their website.

    Pages 8 / 9 are the meat of the report with declining handle and slot revenues. Hopefully with covid restrictions being lifted in 2022,things should improve.

    HOLYBULL has posted report near the top of the blog, looking in Horse Racing Alberta website click on 3 bars top left , then about, then documents and scroll to annual report. Cleaning a stall would be quicker than navigating a 4 field search!!

    HRA governance 400k governance study model, is a joke, when nothing has happened a year later,at least it’s posted in August and not usual November.

    For the dozen racing participants that might click and read it,same old.

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