Aug 292022

SportsNet – Hockey Canada’s board of directors says it supports CEO Scott Smith

Sal says that the entire Board and all of the executive of Hockey Canada need to be swept out right now. Next time some kid takes an opponents head off with a stick the mea culpa will be if the Board and Executive of Hockey Canada aren’t responsible for their actions why should I be.

Time for some accountability.

Asking the current Board and Executive to investigate themselves and rebuild an organization that Canadians will trust is liking asking Clifford Olsen to babysit your kids.

SportsNet – CP – Sheldon Kennedy repeats call for resignations after Hockey Canada’s board supports Smith

SportsNet – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians have lost faith in Hockey Canada

Sal says that the structure of Hockey Canada insulates Hockey Canada from direct Federal government intervention.

As The Baffert Zedan Medina Spirit Appeal Turns

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Medina Spirit Hearing Concludes After Closing Arguments

Who Am I

TDN – Petrunyak – Baffert Returns to Stand for Sixth and Final DQ Appeal Session

Horse Racing Nation – Baffert hearing: Zedan, Hall of Fame trainer are final 2 witnesses

TDN – Petrunyak – Route of Administration Argument Continues in Day 5 of Derby DQ Appeal

Horse Racing Nation – Flatter – Baffert hearing: Scientists spar Monday; trainer is on deck

Horse Racing Nation – Flatter – Baffert hearing: Trainer could be on the stand again Monday

Edmonton Sun – Johnson – Alberta’s Lt. Gov. says she’s willing to toss Smith’s sovereignty act if unconstitutional

While the government of day had no way to counter the powers of reservation held by the Lieutenant Governor, it did control services provided to Government House, which served as official residence to Alberta’s first six vice-regal representatives. In the spring of 1938, the Committee of Supply of the Alberta Legislature eliminated all funds for the upkeep of Government House and Lieutenant Governor Bowen was informed that he and his family would have to vacate the residence by May 3. Lieutenant Governor Bowen refused to leave without an Order-in-Council while Premier Aberhart argued that such a measure was not necessary. To end the standoff, the Premier cut off the utilities to the building and fired the staff. The Lieutenant Governor finally signed the Order-in-Council and left Government House on May 9, 1938.

Alberta’s Lieutenant Governors have never returned to live in Government House. However, the contributions Honourable John Bowen offered as a guardian of Canada’s constitutional principles are shared with visitors to the house and stand as an important chapter in the nation’s vice-regal history.

Lieutenant Governor Alberta – Lieutenant Governors and Royal Assent

Sal says to remember just how important Vice Regents are to Canadian thoroughbred breeding.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Dennis – ‘Frankel might be the equivalent’ – focus on Flightline, the ‘once-in-a-generation’ horse

Bloodhorse – Kieckhefer – War At Sea, Cabo Spirit Rematch in Del Mar Derby

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Sexton – ‘A flavour of his influence still resonates across the breed’ – John Nerud, Dr. Fager and the enduring legacy of Tartan Farms

Paulick Report – Frank Mitchell – Bloodlines: Jack Christopher’s Link To The Most Expensive Racing-Age Sale Grad In Keeneland’s History

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Millionaire Grade 1 Winner Gayego Dies at 17

Paulick Report – Grade 1 Winner, Veteran Sire Gayego Dies At Age 17

Bar None Ranches – Gayego Dies at 17

Sal says that Sal fears that Gayego may not be replaced.

Bar None Ranches

Psycho Killer

Paulick Report – Nevills – Cairo Prince Colt Leads Gains At CTHS Ontario Canadian Premier Yearling Sale

Paulick Report – Hoyt – Oaklawn Will Offer ‘Stay Until May’ Trainer’s Bonus Money

ESPN – Maine – Serena Williams works magic again at US Open, upsets No. 2 seed Anett Kontaveit in Round 2

Sports Business Journal – Serena wins again before record U.S. Open crowd

To wear your heart on your sleeve isn’t a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best.

Margaret Thatcher

TDN – Report: Brown Hearing Postponed Two Weeks


TDN – Sherack – APBs: Forbidden Kingdom Gearing Up for Santa Anita Sprint Championship

Garden and Gun – Kornegay – What It’s Like to Run a Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, Right Now

Sal says that low and no tax states sound good in theory, but when there’s no money for proper infrastructure average Joe Citizen bears the brunt.

FiveThirtyEight – Nerkar – Which Basketball Schools Are Pretending To Be Football Schools?

It feels callous to point this out, but is there any doubt that if Gruden had won the AFC West at 13–3 in 2020 and was 5–0 before the news of his leaked emails became public last year, that there’d be some team trying to tap dance its way into bringing him on board in ’22 once said club felt like people didn’t care as much anymore? If Gruden’s tenure wasn’t pock-marked with puzzling drafts and mammoth whifs in veteran free agency, wouldn’t there be some owner out there forcing his public relations manager to pen a hollow statement about contrition and the opportunity to create meaningful change through this acquisition?

Sports Illustrated – Orr – Jon Gruden Ignoring Reality Won’t Get Him Back Into Coaching

Sal says that the slime bucket in Cleveland comes to mind.

Front Office Sports – Perez – How ‘Punt God’ Matt Araiza Avoided Scrutiny For Months

The Ringer – In the Game of Streaming, You Either Win or You Die

The Athletic – ESPN’s Leah Hextall on her ‘very difficult’ first NHL season and the need for change in hockey

Sal says that he’s never heard or heard of Leah Hextall before this article and always turns the sound down and listens to tunes rather than the babbling of the obsequious sports commentators.

Sal says that the comments on this article raise interesting points. A number of them claim that Leah Hextall receives the criticism she does because she’s brutal and not making efforts to improve, not because she’s a woman. Some of them raise the interesting point that political correctness has swung so far that one can’t criticize a brutal incompetent person for fear of being called a racist or misogynist. And the majority of the comments are just fucking stupid or ignorant.

Burning Down the House

Chefs Table: Pizza

NPR – McCabe – Against the odds: How Blondie shattered the conventions of punk and pop

Liar, Liar

Wired – Burgis – The Three-City Problem of Modern Life

DRF – Privman – Erik Johnson will enjoy day with Stanley Cup at Del Mar

Modern Farmer – Swenson – The Great American Chestnut Tree Revival

Sal says that Sal hopes the GMO chestnuts will roast over an open fire.

Horse Racing Nation – Jay Privman of DRF will retire at the end of Del Mar summer meet

The Hockey News – Proteau – Three Ways to Improve the NHL

Bloodhorse – THA’s Open Letter on the Launch of HISA

Sal says that Alphabet Soup was a more prolific sire than we knew.

Devil Does Your Dog Bite

Paulick Report – ‘Flaw In The System’: Under HISA Whip Rule, One Extra Strike Costs Drafted’s Owners $26,000

Once In A Lifetime

TDN – Thornton – Melancon Arrested On Evangeline ‘Buzzer’ Charge

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Lees – Veteran jockey Gerard Melancon arrested on ‘buzzer’ charge in Louisiana

Under The Boardwalk

Front Office Sports – CBS Sports Chairman: NFL TV Ratings Are Speeding ‘Freight Train’

Sal says that the NFL should stop patting itself on the back and give the credit for increased viewership for NFL games where it belongs – increased gambling.

Los Angeles Times – Wire – Justice Dept. challenges call for special master for Trump records, says evidence of obstruction found

National Post – Jesse Kline: Lisa LaFlamme is not necessarily the martyr you may think she is

The Ringer – Sherman – Will Bill Belichick’s Big Coaching Gamble Backfire?

The Ringer – Fader – Inside the Pain Cave

Horse Racing Nation – Pacific Classic 2022: See the field for the $1 million Grade 1

Dished – Buenahora – Dave Grohl dines with Geddy Lee and other bandmates at iconic Toronto steakhouse

Tom Sawyer

Paulick Report – Paulick – Jockey Gerard Melancon Arrested In Louisiana On Allegation Of ‘Unnatural Stimulation Of Horses’

Bloodhorse – Crosby – Grade 1 Winner Maracuja Retired

Rolling Stone – Greene – The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz Would Like a Word With the FBI

Sal has just one thing to say – The Monkees?

Holiday in Cambodia

Sal says that if the FBI has a file on the Monkees they must have an encyclopedia on the Dead Kennedys.

Vietnam song

Sal says he won’t even try to imagine what the FBI had on the Fish.

Horse Racing Nation – Greer and Ryan – First Look: Flightline return leads packed graded-stakes agenda

National Post – Frank Stronach: You can’t fence in money and talent

Healthing – Arnold – What the heck is Tommy John surgery?

Tommy John Surgery

Tommy John

Tommy John pitched for 17 years after the surgery.

Sal says that the surgery being called Tommy John surgery shows just how unfair celebrity and fame are. The surgeon perfects a technique that saves the careers of many athletes and non-athletes alike and they name it after a ballplayer.

Rocket Man

Paulick Report – Voss: Equine Caretakers Shouldn’t Need A Safety Net; We Need To Understand Why They’re Falling Through The Cracks

Bloodhorse – NYRA to Hold Fan Appreciation Week at Saratoga

Paulick Report – Rees – ‘More And More Popular Every Year’: Kentucky Downs’ 2022 Turf Meet Begins Sept. 1

Bloodhorse – HISA to Establish Horsemen’s Advisory Group

TDN – HISA Establishes Horsemen’s Advisory Group

Sal says that any horsemen with hands-on experience will tell HISA hands-off.

We are too much accustomed to attribute to a single cause that which is the product of several, and the majority of our controversies come from that.

Marcus Aurelius

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Front Office Sports – Byers – Coveted Mickey Mantle Card Sells for Record $12.6M

Restaurant Business – Maze – Little Caesars kicks off its NFL sponsorship with Matthew Stafford

Liar, Liar

Et tu Matthew.

Detroit Deep Dish Pizza

You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

The Culture Trip – Marklew – The Top 10 Places to Try Detroit Deep-Dish Pizza

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.

Yogi Berra

Buddy’s Pizza

Barstool – Buddy’s Pizza

Barstool – Little Caesars

Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around.

Anna Quindlen

Sal says that with Penn Entertainment acquiring all of Barstool Sports the pizza reviews may be up for grabs.

Barstool – Descendant Detroit

Little Caesars Chicago Style Pizza Review

Sal says that if you can’t decide between Detroit deep dish or New York thin crust this Vancouver and Edmonton chain has both.

Community Pizza


You can say Pizza Hut is terrible pizza, but they also sell more pizzas than anybody else.

Jimmy Kimmel

The Guardian – Lamont – A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world

A Day in the Life

Horse Racing Nation – Greer and Ryan – First Look: Flightline return leads packed graded-stakes agenda

Washington Post – Pannett – Be ‘Less Squeamish’ About Drinking Recycled Wastewater, British Official Says

Gimme Shelter

Paulick Report – Tyler’s Tribe Blitzes Prairie Meadows Freshman by Double-Digit Lengths, Connections Eye Breeders’ Cup

Horse Racing Nation – Macatangay – What we learned: Epicenter shows speed figures can mislead

National Post – CP – Bell CEO says Lisa LaFlamme’s departure not related to age, gender or grey hair

Sal says that this tempest in a teapot could have been avoided by sweetening LaFlamme’s exit parachute, she wanted gold they offered bronze. Maybe that’s the real discrimination issue – severance packages.

Under Pressure

FiveThirtyEight – Lundy – Serena Williams’s Unimpeachable Serve

DRF – Andersen – Dandy Warhol stepping up, stretching out in Del Mar Derby

Los Angeles – Times – Masunaga – NASA’s return to the moon is delayed after launch scrub

National Post – Brean – Artemis 1 launches a new era in interplanetary science

The Guardian – Smith – ‘He’s got that beast in him’: the difficult legacy of Mike Tyson

Daily Telegraph – Byrnes – Woman posing as Rothschild heiress infiltrated Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home

Rolling Stone – Rawnsley and Suebsaeng – Trump Bragged He Had ‘Intelligence’ on Macron’s Sex Life

Sal says that Sal’s amazed that the demented Twittler wasn’t whacked by a foreign intelligence agency or American intelligence agencies.

Fox News – Blitzer, Gibson and Spunt – Justice Department tells judge it already reviewed Trump documents

Canada’s National Observer – Fawcett – The nasty verbal assault on Chrystia Freeland tells us a lot about rage in Canadian politics

I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left. 

Margaret Thatcher

FiveThirtyEight – Rogers and Mithani – Why People Fall For Conspiracy Theories

Sal says that if you’re a gambler and especially a horse player be thankful for those who bet with the stomach rather than their brain.

Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.

Julius Caesar

National Post – Australia enlists Shaquille O’Neal on Indigenous reform

ESPN – Scarborough – Take note, Lincoln Riley: How Pete Carroll made USC college football magic again

Southern Living – 70 Football Party Food Recipes Made for Game Day

Hawthorne Sal

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