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Peach Season

Peach Pie


Gastro Obscura – Hubbell – This Depression-Era Science Trick Transforms Water Into Pie

2022 CTHS Alberta Sale Catalogue

Toronto Sun – Kryk – SPECIAL REPORT, PART 1: Questionable ways Hockey Canada handled 2018 gang-rape allegation ‘bother’ board governance expert

Toronto Sun – Kryk – SPECIAL REPORT, PART 2: Concerns mount surrounding Hockey Canada’s handling of alleged 2018 gang-rape

Toronto Sun – Kryk – SPECIAL REPORT, Part 3: Nothing wrong with existence of Hockey Canada’s unfairly described ‘slush fund’ but …

Garden and Gun – 11th Annual Keeneland Cocktail Brunch

Diageo Unveils Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey -

ESPN – Major League Baseball passes significant rules changes including pitch clock, banning defensive shifts

Sal says that if the intent of MLB was to speed up the games and make them more exciting, the pitch clock is a fine idea that is easily enforceable, but the rules banning defensive shifts could very easily become counter-productive. If the umpiring crew is constantly reviewing plays to ensure that there wasn’t an improper shift on a play that’s going to eat up any time gained with the pitch clock and require more manpower to police.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

Yogi Berra

FiveThirtyEight – O’Connell – Aaron Judge’s Historic Season Keeps Rolling — Even When His Teammates Fall Flat

Rabble – Darling – Sex work: a contemporary identity rooted in labour

Vulture – The Best Books of 2022 (So Far)

Sexual assault among players, concussions, or —God forbid — politics? It’s not that the NFL has completely ignored any of these problems, but that they know their fans are equally eager as the league to move on from them.

But having survived all of those intact, NFL has learned not to take any new mess too seriously. After all, there’s always something.


Goodell deployed his usual strategy: Look grave, be vaguely apologetic, say things like “there is work to do,” and run out the clock. 

I’ll confess: I find myself less angry about this than I used to be. I’ve sort of come to terms with the fact that the league can get away with murder, perhaps literally — and that there may be no way to hold it to account. 

Football is as American as cold beer and hot dogs. And no one wants to know how hot dogs are made. They just want to eat them.

The Intelligencer – Leitch – The NFL Is America’s Best Crisis-Management Company

Sports Business Journal – NFL Season Preview

Arizona Republic – Romero – Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill set for father’s Ring of Honor ceremony, sportsbook opening

Paulick Report – Back Ring – September 10, 2022 – Keeneland September Yearling Sale Preview

Front Office Sports – McCarthy – ESPN Expands Betting Content With Eye Toward Own Sportsbook

National Post – What about the King of hockey? With the death of the Queen, what to put on our coins?

Sal says the solutions simple – stick with tradition and put the new King on or else we’ll be debating this ad infinitum.

The Cut – Petrarca – The Queen Sure Did Love to Color-Coordinate

TDN – Colonial Downs Meeting Shatters Records

Little Demon

Sympathy For The Devil

DRF – Goulding – Greek Geek, Regal Max square off in Breeders’ on Alberta Fall Classic Day

Esquire – Shaw – The Eighty-Yard Run

Music fathoms the sky.

Charles Baudelaire

Under Pressure

Spin – Whitaker – The Struts Open Up About Taylor Hawkins Tributes and New Music on ‘Lipps Service’

Yahoo!news – Green – Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was ‘last of a dying breed’, says friend

Sports Business Journal – NFL season kicks off to fanfare at SoFi Stadium

LA Rams – Plaschke – Column: Rams left humbled as Super Bowl repeat quest begins with an ugly whimper

The Ringer – Nora, Ben and Steven – Bills Make a Statement on Opening Night

The Ringer – Josh Allen’s Incredible Accuracy Makes the Bills Unstoppable

Cincinnati Enquirer – DeLetter – Wanna bet? Cincinnati Reds approved for Ohio sports betting license, Bengals still pending

Sal says that with the 2022- 23 NFL, NHL and NBA seasons featuring many more states and provinces offering both in person and online sports betting and many more opening up in the next few months it will be interesting to see if there’s any negative impact on the North American thoroughbred handle.

Horse racing must remember that it is competing for the gambling $$$$ against an ever increasing set of competitors and the same old set of competitors with new twists.

CTV News – Arsenych – New Lotto 6/49 draw starts next week and these are the rules

Sports Illustrated – Selbe – MLB to Vote on Rule Changes That Could Change Game Pace, per Reports

Sports Illustrated – Verducci – Everything You Need to Know About MLB’s Rule Changes

Sal says that the major and minor tracks across North America need to start working together to deal with the timing of races so that you don’t have 3 tracks at post at the same instant.

Front Office Sports – Gentrup – NFL Dominates World’s Most Valuable Sports Team Rankings

Canadian Gaming Business- – iGaming Ontario releases long-awaited Ontario market report

Canadian Gaming Business – More than half of Ontario sports bettors used grey-market apps pre-legalization

Sal says that the UCP leadership candidates should be providing the province with details about how they’re going to ensure that sports and other online gambling tax revenue remains in the province of Alberta rather than some Quebecois copycat sovereignty scheme that’s destined to fail in Alberta.

In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in failure.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Athletic – Vardon – 50 years after Americans refused medals in protest, some are still missing

Sportsnet – Flames’ Nazem Kadri makes $1 million donation to hometown hospital

Bloodhorse – McIngvale Among Five to be Honored by NTWAB

Bloodhorse – Angst – CDI, FanDuel Announce Multi-Year Content Agreement


Metro Southeast: Beaumont to Edmonton via 50 Street, Mill Woods Transit Centre, and south terminus of the future Valley Line LRT. Runs every 30 minutes at peaks, hourly for mid-day. Adds trips in the morning and evening to Edmonton International Airport.

Metro South Airport/Metro South: Connects Century Park Transit Station to Highway 2 in South Edmonton. Airport service every 30 minutes 4 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily. A second route runs during morning peaks from EIA to Leduc to Century Park, and with direct service from Century Park to Leduc in the evening.

Edmonton Journal – Boothby – Edmonton would pay $7.2 million annually for regional transit with 11 routes starting next year

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

John Kenneth Galbraith

TDN – Keeneland September to Offer VR 360 Experience

Canada’s National Observer – Bulowski – How Pierre Poilievre rose to front-runner status in the Conservative leadership race

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken


Southern Living – Overdeep – Remembering Queen Elizabeth’s 2007 Kentucky Derby Visit

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Muscat – Thanks ma’am: celebrating Her Majesty’s 70-year reign as racing’s number one supporter

Bloodhorse – Racing Post – Sexton – QE II Leaves Significant Thoroughbred Breeding Legacy

Bloodhorse – Buckingham Palace Announces Death of Queen Elizabeth II

National Post – CP – ‘A constant presence’: Trudeau says Canadians will remember the Queen’s wisdom and warmth

The Guardian – Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96

It’s The Time of the Season

The Athletic – McIndoe – Let’s build some all-time NHL rosters in the two-digit jersey number game

Sal says that McIndoe must have spent a lot of time in his parents’ backseat on long boring road trips.


Smells Like Teen Spirit

The Bitter Southerner – Guess – The Path of Resistance

National Post – Chris Selley: Why wasn’t Myles Sanderson in jail?

Los Angeles Times – Solis – When it comes to fighting climate change, California says consider the beaver

Canadian Beaver


The Man Who Sold The World

The Ringer – Baker – Everything You Wanted to Know About the Drama-Filled ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Press Tour (but Were Afraid to Ask)

Vox – Abad-Santos – The many scandals of Don’t Worry Darling, explained

National Post – Dawson – Exclusive: Jordan Peterson hits back at director Olivia Wilde over ‘this insane man’ comments

Sal says that Peterson may be ticked by Wilde calling him insane to pump up her show’s ratings but he probably doesn’t mind the extra publicity selling more of his books and tickets on his ranting tour.

Oh Darling

Sal says that Frank probably borrows more from JR than Peterson.

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.

Hunter S. Thompson

Los Angeles Times – Saad – Harry Styles himself joins the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ spit joke bandwagon

Southern Living – 36 Easy Recipes You Can Make with Rotisserie Chicken

Sal says that if you make a recipe with Rotisserie Chicken you’re defeating the purpose of buying a Rotisserie Chicken in the first place – convenience.

Why did the lawyer’s chicken cross the road?

He had an easement.

The New Yorker – Max – Killing Invasive Species Is Now a Competitive Sport

All Apologies

Sal says that this song seems to be Number 1 with a bullet today.

Sal says that that every time Sal sees one of the Nirvana MTV unplugged videos he has to check to see if that’s really Dave Grohl mellowing out on drums.

TMX – Dave Grohl Plays His Heart Out on Drums … At Taylor Hawkins Show

Hawthorne Sal

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