Oct 212022

Recruitment Postings

Horse Racing Alberta



  One Response to “Recruitment Postings – Horse Racing Alberta – PUBLIC MEMBER for BOARD”

  1. HRA transparency takes another hit with the public member opening with a tbd?? closing, as the recycle bin finds a candidate that won’t rock the boat.

    Oversight of HRA adminstration management of operational/business
    affairs already has over 400 blog hits for a apathetic industry group.

    Just wondering how pre-covid slot revenue of 26 mil in 2020 goes to a budget 2022 forecast of 38 million, 40%+, only 40 mil in 2023 and 42 mil in 2024,even with 40% to 50% takeout, century 3rd qtr earning report comes Nov 5/2022.

    Mutuel increase from 81 mil/2021 to budgeted 110 mil/2022 a 40% increase?

    Based on budgeted 40% in slot and parimutuel increases was crown royal whisky or Jameson Irish Whiskey factored in these ridiculous projections??

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