Nov 012022

HRA pleased to announce rule change process now open

  One Response to “HRA pleased to announce rule change process now open”

  1. HRA rule change format with all 19 sections required to be filled out is rather cumbersome, was suppose to be a new Dawn of transparency, seems they missed the memo.

    MINISTER TOEWS constituency office emails me back within 10 minutes to a request about 30 month delay in posting required board member expenses.

    Review of the minister qtr expense filing shows a Sept 6 th filing from a Sept 1 period, Clark Kent feeble excuse last time was transition of new cfo!!

    CENTURY 3rd qtr earnings out Nov 5, will it show a +40%, per HRA budget?

    TRACK 2 slots opened last Friday, the old saying of a picture is worth a thousand words. Empty 80 slot area,at 6:09 pm per facebook pic, AGLC stated lowest 10% in revenue with comparable 8 vlts, another missed $$ projection.

    And the Bear Hills full casino just a few kms up QEII will be opening in a couple of years.

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