Nov 122022

Paulick Report

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of commentaries, all of which will begin under the premise of “The problem with …” Rather than to complain, however, as the introductory phrase might suggest, the purpose of these articles will be to present the big picture of a major racing issue and create a dialogue about what is best for the sport’s future.

Paulick Report – Jonathan Horowitz – Commentary: The Problem With … The Race To The Breeding Shed

Paulick Report – The Friday Show Presented By Woodbine: An Unsolvable Problem?

Hawthorne Sal

  2 Responses to “Paulick Report – The Problem With …”

    Within 2 weeks of advising Minister TOEWS that HRA had not fulfilled their requirements to post Board expenses they were posted.
    It appears that Minister Toews acted in having HRA post regulatory required board expenses.
    CLARK KENT and his band of merry people scramble for receipts, as another example of their dysfunctional HRA governance showing a total embarrassment of not following their own agency regulations.

  2. The Problem With … The Alberta Horse Racing Governance Model is that it doesn’t work and nobody cares.

    Just wondering what happened to the $400k spent for a report in April 2021 to change things. Has anything happened other than the spending of $400k, more bureaucracy and podcasts??

    HRA suggesting to grow revenue by selling merchandise and swag: hilarious!

    HRA did try to implement rule changes under Dr REID, nice 30 minute meeting at their office, at least got playing of craps out of rulebook, rule copies to all!

    POSITIVE rule change suggestions have merit and implementation.

    My suggestion of ACCOUNTABILITY to have rule 10.2 amended to have audited annual reports reviewed by minister and posting immediately instead of 4- 6 month delay. KPMG report may 13/22 posted mid sept/(2021 annual) and April 16/21 posted nov/(2020 annual), seems like tribunal delay appeals.

    NIXON interim minister did quietly amend rule 23.3 to term on tribunal appeal from 6 years to 12 years in June 2022, with the stroke of a pen.

    MINISTER TOEWS did get my concerns, nice to see the new supervisor of regulatory, we have a old mutual friend of PETER PICK at EPS.

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