Nov 232022

Edmonton Journal – Issawi – ‘Not the right move’: AGLC tosses plan to move Camrose casino to Edmonton

Global News – Swensrude – Application to relocate Camrose Casino to south Edmonton denied following community opposition

CBC – Anchan – Alberta gaming regulator denies relocation of casino from Camrose to Edmonton

CTV News – AGLC says no to Camrose casino relocation to south Edmonton


… and a whopping 40-foot TV wall in the casino’s Sports Bar.

CDC Gaming Reports – Calgary’s massive new casino is opening this week and here’s what to know

Sal says that it sounds like they’re getting ready for a sportsbooks at their casino. If AGLC gets off its ass and allows sports books will they be allowed at the RECs.

The Star – Dobby – Insider alleges Ontario gambling VIP programs aim to stop high-spenders from quitting — even when they want to

Forever Young

Casinos weren’t built on people winning money.

Oscar Goodman, Former Mayor of Las Vegas

Canada’s National Observer – Logan – Atlantic fishing countries band together to protect bluefin tuna

Front Office Sports – Byers – Houston Astros Pocket Record Payouts With Title

Sal’s amending his idea to stop tanking and make the major sports leagues more competitive. “The team had a total postseason share that reached a record $516,347.” $516,347 is peanuts when you compare it to the average MLB contract. 25% of all players’ contracts should be added into the pool for post season compensation. Then the players would have more incentive.

TDN – Advance Ticket Sales Ahead of Dec. 26 Santa Anita Classic Meet Opener

CNBC – Brewer – FanDuel to new rivals: Good luck with sports betting − you’re going to need it

Paulick Report – Voss – A Note Of Thanks From Our Editor

TDN – Arizona’s RTIP Global Symposium to be Streamed Online

Sal says that you never see anyone from Horse Racing Alberta presenting at these types of symposiums.

Paulick Report – Frank Mitchell – Bloodlines: The Foundation Sires And The Genetic Lottery

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Dennis – From the worst of times to the best of times – with Eric Reed and Rich Strike

Canada’s National Thanksgiving – Lu – Animals bred in captivity develop physical changes that may hinder survival in the wild

Sports Illustrated – Orr – NFL Thanksgiving 2022: What Every Team Should be Thankful for

Gizmodo – Schultz – Why Do We Love the Music We Love?

Farout – Taylor – Swerving censors with absurdity: Why is China’s underground music scene so weird?

Bulls On Parade

Edmonton Journal – Las Vegas icon Wayne Newton to play Edmonton’s River Cree casino March 2

Danke Schoen

The Guardian – Bradshaw – White Noise review – Don DeLillo adaptation is a blackly comic blast

Sometime Around Midnight

Barstool Sports – Kate – Budweiser Announces The World Cup Winning Country Will Get All The Beers Qatar Rejected

Home Made Pizza Pro – One Bite Frozen Pizza: Find Everything You Need to Know

Pin-Up Pizza

Sal says that you gotta be fucking stupid to pay $11.00US for a slice of pizza.

Front Office Sports – Perez – Major Betting Sites Fortifying Security After Scammers Steal Thousands

CDC Gaming – Pennsylvania: Philly teams’ success helped drive new retail betting records

Sports Business Journal – New Titans stadium design shows smaller seating capacity, questions loom about larger events

Paulick Report – Voss – In The New Era Of Medication Rules, There Will Be No Withdrawal Times

TDN – Thornton – No Matter Which Way HISA Goes, CHRB Confident on Rules Consistency

Paulick Report – Migliore: New York Stewards ‘Need To Really Crack Down And Lay Down The Law’ On Dangerous Riding

Bloodhorse – McCroskey – Perfect Flight Lands First Stakes Win in Zia Park Derby


Bloodhorse – Perez – NM Trainer Banned 16 Years for Multiple Drug Violations

The Star – AP – Sisak – On stand, accountant confirms Trump claimed huge tax losses

Canada’s National Observer – McKenzie – There’s a showdown in Dixie Valley

The Athletic – Kaplan – Inside the Evander Kane bankruptcy: ‘A vicious cycle of loan after loan’

Sal says that there’s no sympathetic side amongst a bunch of shylocks lending money through brokers who’s vig is more than the bookies and the guy who’s taking the money and spending it. When you see banks lend money to athletes and horse owners like Zayat with only a bag of subway tokens for security makes you wonder.

Vox – Volpe – Holiday traditions aren’t set in stone. You can update them.

Sal says that a family fight during the holidays is probably the most prevelant and time honoured tradition of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving. We’ll be a small group: all Southerners aside from one Midwesterner to whom we’ve granted a non-transferable day-pass. It will be a star-studded casserole affair. Crackers will be crushed, fried onions will dance, cheese and butter will feature prominently throughout every course. And there in the middle of it all, center stage and surrounded by her brethren, my Pineapple Yum will reclaim her spot on the Thanksgiving throne.

Garden and Gun – Parrish – Don’t Yuck My (Pineapple) Yum

My Haitian Divorce

You know why divorces are so expensive? They’re worth it.

Willie Nelson

Hawthorne Sal

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  1. CENTURY HORSE RACING CLUB at the recent Keeneland horses of racing age sale purchased a stake placed horse for $20k US, with the appropriate name of CREDIBILTY that is totally lacking at HRA/HBPA for nondisclosure!!

    Credibility Equibase Profile

    Credibility Bloodhorse Profile

    CASH CASINO gala this weekend with 10k in cash giveaways will certainly start to put a dent in the DOWNS bottom line.

    HRA budgeted 40% gain in slot revenue. With a projected 20% drop based on historical data will Clark Kent finally junk Tenile’s abacus for a new years resolution.

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