Nov 292022

Bloodhorse – Angst – Through CDI Deal, DraftKings Adds Horse Racing Wagering

Paulick Report – DK Horse: DraftKings, Churchill Downs Partner To Release New Wagering App

Santa Anita Park Opening Day December 26, 2022 Tickets now On Sale

CTV News – Mulcahy – This dog got a job at an Edmonton office, thanks to a Reddit post

Sully the Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix looks out the window of his Edmonton office. (Credit: Stephanie Reddecliff)

Sal says that it looks like this dog got a job at Horse Racing Alberta.

The Ringer – Walker – 25 Days of Bingemas, Day 2: ‘The Noel Diary’

TDN – Pataki, Mack Continue Support of Ukraine

Front Office Sports – Bally Sports Networks Is Losing Subscribers

The Ringer – Sherman – Deshaun Watson’s Return Is Not an Excuse to Forget

Paulick Report – Pegasus: Proxy, Simplification, Double Crown Among Early Hopefuls For $3 Million Race

Paulick Report – Yates – Fully Recovered From Double Knee Replacement Surgery, Lynn Chleborad Looks To Hold Oaklawn Title

FiveThirtyEight – Skelley – How Americans Feel About Qatar Hosting The World Cup

Southern Living – What Are Moon Drop Grapes?

The Globe and Mail – Subdhan – Alberta’s sovereignty act has been introduced by Premier Danielle Smith. Here’s what you need to know

Sal says that what you need to know is that the Sovereignty Act is just a smoke screen to hide the Smith UCP’s total lack of governing ability and keep the right wing wackos happy. Sal says just have a look at that vapid gaze she always has.

The Ringer – Walker – 25 Days of Bingemas, Day 1: ‘Ghosts of Christmas Always’

Sports Illustrated – Rosenberg – Deshaun Watson’s Return and the Danger of Pitting Cleveland Against Survivors of Sexual Violence

Front Office Sports – Poindexter – ESPN Taps Brakes on DraftKings Tie-Up

Canada’s National Observer – Fawcett-Atkinson – Where are Canada’s moose?

TDN – Lowe – Letter to the Editor: Sport of Kings vs. King of Sports

The Ringer – Tedder – Christine McVie Made Fleetwood Mac Fun

Los Angeles Times – In a band of tempestuous geniuses, Christine McVie was every bit their equal, minus the drama

Hold Me

The Bitter Southerner – Hirsch – Long Live the Queen of Bourbon Street

Paulick Report – Roses On His Bucket List: Frankie Dettori At Santa Anita Hoping To ‘Stumble Into A Very Good 3-Year-Old’


Bloodhorse – Gantz – East Coast Trainers Invade for Hollywood Derby

Bloodhorse – Zandon, White Abarrio Face Their Elders in Cigar Mile

Sports Business Journal – Top Rank leans on social media to connect with Gen Z audience

ESPN – McMenamin – LeBron James ‘disappointed’ by lack of questions about 1957 Jerry Jones photo, says media were ‘quick to ask’ about Kyrie Irving

Andscape – Evans – Jerry Jones was not innocent, then or now

Bloodhorse – Triple Crown Alum Barber Road Nearing Return at Oaklawn

Sal says that Sal heard a rumour that Gonzalo Anderson will be moving back into the training ranks at Century Mile for the 2023 racing season. Sal says that with Gonzalo and Crystal Kates leading the owners parade at Century Mile in 2022 Gonzalo should have a fairly decent start.

Edmonton Journal – Issawi – Snowboard jump built into Commonwealth Stadium for Big Air World Cup in Edmonton

FIS-Ski – Edmonton Style Experience big air World Cup to be first of 2022/23 “Shred the North” series in Canada 

Standardbred Canada – Poulton Inducted To PEI Sports Hall of Fame

Los Angeles Times – Holland – Black and Latino residents burned out of Palm Springs seek city reparations

Paulick Report – Knox – Horseshoe Indianapolis: 2022 Season Shows Handle Increase Of 5.2 Percent Despite Difficult Weather

TDN – Wagering Up at Horseshoe Indianapolis

Sal says that Phil sent a question:

If Horseshoe Indianapolis and every other track can get their handle figures posted within days of the meet end where are the Century Mile handle figures.

Is the Horse Racing Alberta abacus broken.

Is this the kind of transparency that Albertans can expect from the Smith UCP government.

Kenney, never one to shy away from some political analysis, added that he was “concerned that our democratic life is veering away from ordinary prudential debate towards a polarization that undermines our bedrock institutions and principles.

“From the far-left we see efforts to cancel our history, delegitimize our historically grounded institutions and customs, and divide society dangerously along identity lines,” he wrote.

“And from the far-right we see a vengeful anger and toxic cynicism which often seeks to tear things down, rather than build up and improve our imperfect institutions.”

The Star – Leavitt – Jason Kenney resigns after Danielle Smith introduces her sovereignty act

Front Office Sports – World Cup Bets Expected to Hit $35B

TDN – Thornton – HISA Opponents Spar On Fifth Circuit’s Unconstitutionality Ruling

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Woodbine Leading Jockey Kimura to Ride at Santa Anita

TDN – Ross – Hollendorfer Writs Denied in CHRB Case

TDN – Horse Racing Women’s Summit Digital Tickets Now Available

Front Office Sports – Perez and McCarthy – Disney Pays $900M for MLB’s Stake in Its Streaming Tech

Sal says that Phil who’s feeling less deflated these days sent Sal a question:

Will the Mighty Ducks be returning to the big screen.

With Watson fresh off his 11-game suspension and still facing two active civil suits, Buzbee told The Athletic that he will attend the game with “bells and whistles on.” He invited the 25 women, though some have said they won’t attend. But the message those attending reportedly want to send Watson is, “You think you put us behind you, but we are still here.”

Sports Illustrated – Coleman – Plaintiffs Plan to Attend Deshaun Watson’s Return in Houston, per Report

Sal says that the hockey fans in Calgary are the dumbest fucks in the world to give the Turtle a standing ovation after he and Johnny Schmockey gave the city the middle finger last summer after being no-shows in their playoff defeat by the Oilers. Let’s hope that the Houston fans remember that Deshaun gave them the middle finger a couple of years ago and boo the bastard every chance they get.

Sal says that the Houston fans may be conflicted as they know their team’s tanking for a higher daft choice.

Nation’s Restaurant News – Kelso – McDonald’s is offering the chance to win its VIP McGold Card

Sports Business Journal – Tempe sends Coyotes arena project to ballot

Sports Illustrated – Selbe – Charles Barkley Explains Origin of Rift With Michael Jordan

Sports Business Journal – Michael Smith – Mark Emmert: NCAA Lightning Rod

Aeon – Lubey – The honesty of pornography

Sports Illustrated – Chavkin – Iran Threatens to Torture Players’ Families Ahead of USMNT Match, per Report

Edmonton Journal – Brehaut – How what we eat on Mars could determine the future of food on Earth

Pizza Guy

Rocket Man

TDN – TAA Launches Holiday Giving Campaign

Paulick Report – Charvat – Collmus Call For CARMA: Fans Can Join Larry Collmus In Announcer’s Booth At Del Mar

Bloodhorse – Emerald Downs Announces 2023 Live Racing Season

Paulick Report – Charvat – ‘I Want To Show That It Can Be Done’: Hall of Famer Desormeaux Back Race Riding, Taking Initiative To Stay Sober

Sports Illustrated – Houston Takes Over No. 1 in Men’s AP Poll After UNC’s Losses

Sal says that if you listen closely you can hear the rumblings of a March Madness of Free Furniture.

Fortune – AP and – Trump dines at Mar-a-Lago with Ye and white nationalist Holocaust denier amid antisemitism storm

The Ringer – Moore – What’s Behind the Exploding Prices of Pro Sports Franchises?

Front Office Sports – Gentrup – Liverpool Has Two More Interested Buyers

Southern Living – Why You Should Always Plant Flowers With Your Vegetables

Fortune – Taylor – Bob Iger quotes Hamilton to boost Disney staff morale as he paves the way for job cuts and Disney+ price hikes

The Ringer – Nayman – ‘White Noise’ Is the Sound of Disappointment

TSN – AP – Qatar says worker deaths for World Cup ‘between 400 and 500’

National Post – Frank Stronach: The 500-pound gorilla of government bureaucracy on our backs

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

In 1994, the former Reform party used its first filibuster to hold up passage of a vote to kill a process to redraw boundaries every 10 years. At the time, Harper, then a Reform MP, attacked the move and said that the Liberal government should at least cap the number of MPs at 295.

National Post – Press – House of Commons votes to add 30 more MPs to Parliament Hill

Canadians and Albertans need to remember that it was the turncoat, Stephen Harper, who added 30 unnecessary hogs to the House of Commons feed trough.

Nation’s Restaurant News – Fantozzi – How Little Caesars is leveraging tech investment and development to gain a foothold in the pizza wars

Little Caesars

Sal says that Little Caesars should invest in product improvement.

Hawthorne Sal

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