Jan 272023

Horse Racing Alberta 2023 – 2025 Business Plan

Minister Travis Toews should be ashamed and should wear a paper bag over his head for allowing Horse Racing Alberta to get away with the bullshit they keep perpetuating. Either Toews’ office didn’t compare the fluff that HRA call its Business Plan with the actual results or Toews’ office compared the fluff that HRA call its Business Plan with the actual results and did not take HRA to task for continually failing to meet the projections that HRA makes. Neither of those scenarios is acceptable and Toews should be replaced.

Sal says that Phil sent him a question:

What ever happened to fiscal accountability.

Toews and the rest of the UCP clowns keep fanning the Flames of fear of the socialist NDP, but in reality are creating more and more bureaucracy and filling it with cronies like Preston Manning. That is pork barreling not fiscal responsibility.

Sal loves the irony of the Washington NFL team’s fans’ Hogs Haven.

Sal says that Phil sent him a question:

What’s the performance measure for looking out the window.

Sal says that if you took the HRA Business Plan to any financial institution in Alberta to get some financing the manager would tell you to be careful that the door didn’t hit out in the ass on the way out. And that includes BDC and ATB.

Sal says that NFL teams have bigger less efficient bureaucracies than any government and any bank and the NHL and NBA aren’t far behind.

Sports Illustrated – Selbie – Cowboys Fire Five Assistant Coaches in Wake of Playoff Ouster

Sal says that over at HRA Clark Kent has been super busy building a larger less efficient bureaucracy than anything ever seen in this world. On the Alberta taxpayers’ dime under the unwatchful eye of the UCPs.

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Hawthorne Sal

  One Response to “Horse Racing Alberta Started and Perpetuates a Joke”

  1. Minister Toews in response to document #55101 correspondence has given ministerial approval to release this business plan?? (3 months early)

    Pages 11/17 are the important numbers the rest is a bureaucratic paste sham.

    HRA continues to bury racing participants pertinent info, plan under the fields of regulatory, then about, then documents, transparency failure again.

    Parimutuels handles projected suddenly drop from 111 million to 94 million in 2022, did the abacus break, it’s a pity their HRA Executive compensation didn’t drop 20%.

    JASON TEAGUE reappears as harness judge, giving his family financial stability in these tough economic times, while a business plan only pushes the owners with about 50% horses making less than 5k, towards tossing in saddle cloths.

    POSITIVE news, the harness judges call in 10 drivers for not being on the gate at least we start in the gate.TAP judges even called in a driver jf when the announcer remarks he is steppy going to gate nearly breaking stride, for being off the gate, hearing tests or eye exams not hra required.

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