Mar 242023

HRA Licensees – Get Respect Certified for Free!

Workplace Violence & Harassment



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  1. Bill C-65 was enacted on Jan 1, 2021 for prevention of workplace harassment. The free online course that takes 90 minutes to complete, should be compensated by HRA as it is not part of 2023 licensing agreement.

    MINISTER TOEWS departure of the minister responsible for horse racing will impact future political gifts to HRA. Correspondence #55101 from Dec 21/22 stated “HRA has assured me that all active expense reports are and will be continue to be reported”. None posted since July 2022, is the board in recess, and when will CLARK KENT’S 3k vacation / symposium appear from December 2022?

    BUDGET for 2023 looks shaky, Century Alberta 4th qtr revenues up only 71k usa. Century Downs drop in revenue was -8% in both 3rd / 4th qtrs 2022, with filings quote that “AGLC relocation of casino 8 miles south of the downs,competitor that close will have a negative effect on revenues”.


    over 20k 72/596 12%
    15k to 20k 128/596 25%
    10k to 15k 197/596 33%
    5k to 10k. 311/596 50%
    0k to 5k. 285/596 48%

    Purses were 5.6 million Canada, with only 25% making 15k or over, using 15k as a break even point for year round expenses for thoroughbred race horse

    CENTURY MILE swag shirts are impressive, where is HRA’s fashion line per recent podcast to grow revenues??

    UCP ministerial order to appoint Tenile as chairman of HRA tribunal appeal board is just around the corner with a April 15/2023 deadline.

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