Apr 232023

We’re resurfacing this piece, written when the A’s and Oakland were in negotiations for a new ballpark in the city, after the news that the A’s have reached an agreement to move the team to Las Vegas and build a new ballpark there. In response, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao said the city is ceasing negotiations with the team. It appears to be official: Three years after the Raiders left for Vegas and four years after the Warriors hopped across the Bay to San Francisco, Oakland has lost its final remaining major pro team.

The Ringer – Moore – What Do Cities Lose When They Lose Pro Sports?

Ooh Las Vegas

In my heart, I am always a Raider.

Hunter S. Thompson

Sports Business Journal – Fisher, A’s may get Vegas ballpark, but was on-field success sacrificed?

Sports Illustrated – Apstein – A’s Owner Must Be on a Mission to Alienate Everyone in Oakland

Wild Thing

Front Office Sports – Poindexter – A’s Want $500M from Nevada by June 5


Front Office Sports – Cohen – Former MLB Exec: A’s Could Stay In Oakland, Vegas Not Done Deal

The Oakland/California Seals survived in the NHL only from 1967-76. That club was such a disaster it folded operations two years after relocating to Cleveland, as the Barons.

Toronto Sun – Kryk – Goodbye Oakland, hello Las Vegas — A’s baseball team on the move

Phil has a question:

Which is worse – to lose a sports franchise or to have a franchise since 1970 that has never toured the Cup with the same name as the Park through the Park

Sports Net – Fox – White skates, orange pucks & nudity: The California Golden Seals Story

St.Louis – Toler – 5 Reasons Why the Rams Want to Leave St. Louis

Reuters – Respaut – With NFL Rams gone, St. Louis still stuck with stadium debt

Phil has a question:

Has St. Louis ever heard of Tim Reid.

ESPN – Thanks for the memories

Paulick Report – RIP Hollywood Park: Land ‘Simply Has a Higher and Better Use’

The Raiders of old were vicious and crazy and cruel. Hanging around their locker room was like hanging around the weight room at Folsom Prison.

Hunter S. Thompson

Los Angeles Times – Cherwa – Horse racing newsletter: We’ll miss you, Arlington Park


The point of cities is multiplicity of choice.

Jane Jacobs

Hollywood Park

Sometime After Midnight

Shuttered U.S. Racetracks (Since 2000)

Phil’s Drink ‘n a Flick

Mai Tai

Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Good Vibrations

ola "Tt is my understanding that the gentleman ordered both the pasta and the antipasta."

Bon Appetit – Sommelier Pairs Wine With 5 Classic Pasta Dishes

No Races this week on the Road to the 2023 Kentucky Derby 149

Brisnet – Get to know the 2023 Kentucky Derby contenders

Horse Racing Nation – Flatter – Meet the trainers who will compete in Kentucky Derby 2023

Kentucky Derby 150

Kentucky Derby 150 – Derby of A Lifetime Contest

Vote early and vote often. 

Al Capone

2023 Preakness 148 Saturday May 20, 2023

DRF – Russo – Some Kentucky Derby hopefuls now setting their sights on Preakness

Bill Dory & Adam Ference’s Chase the Chaos the El Camino Real Derby winner with a guaranteed spot in the Preakness has been nominated to the California Derby at Golden Gate Fields on Saturday April 29, 2023.

Angel From Montgomery

TDN – Preakness 148 Offers Limited Edition Ale

2023 Belmont Stakes  Saturday June 10, 2023

Win the Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party!

Plan the Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party!

Kentucky Derby 149 Contest

Opening Day/Kentucky Derby Party Experience

Vector sold out an impression of a seal or stamp with scuffs grunge style

Alberta horse trainer Rod Cone to receive Ken Cohoe Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming Night of Champions.

With 987 wins and over $9.8 million in earnings, Rod is a multiple graded stakes winning trainer, including three Canadian Derby wins.

Join us on Friday, May 5th, at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino.

Book your tickets before April 28th. Contact CTHS office at 403-229-3609 or visit www.cthsalta.com for tickets and more information.

What Needs To Be Done if Thoroughbred Racing wants to remain relevant

Phil’s adding the new and reprising the old articles:

Never insult anyone by accident. 

Robert A. Heinlein

TDN – Liebman – Letter to the Editor: Computer Assisted Wagering

There is always room for losers in the football business. They are the mother’s milk of gambling, and why not? Somebody has to do it, or there won’t be any winners.

Hunter S. Thompson

Phil has a question:

What happens to horse racing when you run out of mother’s milk.


Front Office Sports – Greenberg – Sports Betting Giant Selling Its U.S. Operations

Officials believe they must cater to whales to protect betting handle that’s been virtually flat for decades, never mind keeping pace with inflation. What they fail to grasp is that if rank and file players continue walking away, today’s precious purses will be unsustainable.


Michele Fischer, vice president of the United States division of SIS Content Services, which is the largest distributor of horse racing content to global wagering operators, said fixed-odds wagering on U.S. horse racing would be an attractive addition to sports betting platforms. She said there’s still time for the industry to make the move but the clock is ticking.

“We have to look at the industry five years from now, 10 years from now,” Fischer said. “We are getting left behind—and I’d say this for other equestrian sports—we’re becoming niche—very niche—very quickly,” Fischer said. She predicted that the day is soon coming when sports without a direct presence on sports betting sites will lose traction with the mainstream audience. 

“There’s always going to be people that want to come to the racetrack and they’re going to want to bet on horse racing. That’s a small group,” Fischer said. “But (fixed-odds sports betting) is a huge opportunity for this entire industry to get out with all these other sports.”

Bloodhorse – Angst – Opportunity for Racing as Sports Betting Eyes Content

Phil has a question:

How can anyone in Alberta expect the fucking jokers over at Horse Racing Alberta to be able to meet the challenges alluded to by Fischer and Pricci when all they can do is cash their paycheques and gaze out the windows while the one real performance metric they publish – handle declines year after year.

TDN – Ross – When Do CAWs Help And Hurt California Racing?

Phil has a question:

If you asked any of the minions at Horse Racing Alberta what they understand about CAWs would their response involve crows.

In all of the articles about CAWS why is there no mention of the actual dollar amounts of the rebates and how those amounts impact what the tracks receive and what ends up dwindling down to the horsemen.

… the number of people betting on sports and the volume of wagering across the United States quickly surpassed horse racing’s totals and continues to grow.

Paulick Report – The Friday Show Presented By Icon Global: Merging Sports Betting With Horse Racing

How will horse racing attract new customers when a new customer looks at sports betting and sees a fairly level wagering field with fixed odds with a small vig (takeout) and then looks at horse racing where the tracks themselves provide better information and easier ways to bet for a preferred class of customers, the  CAWs, the takeout is usurious and the CAWS get a rebate that’s pretty close to the vig in sports betting.

To quote Craig Bernick – Good luck.

There is always room for losers in the football business. They are the mother’s milk of gambling, and why not? Somebody has to do it, or there won’t be any winners.

Hunter S. Thompson

Phil has a question:

When will Alberta have sports betting terminals in every lounge that has VLTs.

When will the sports betting terminals in every lounge that has VLTs have horse racing available.

What does the Undertaker do besides gaze out his window.

Phil’s not archaic. Phil understands that most people in Alberta sports bars bet on their phone, tablet or laptop on a grey area site that pays nary a nickel of taxes to the province of Alberta.

According to Cummings’s research, in the past two decades, adjusting for inflation, total betting on US horseracing from the general public decreased 63 per cent. Betting from CAWs, meanwhile, increased 150 per cent. Cummings called Gulfstream Park, the track I went to with McKeever, “ground zero” for the computer groups. “Horseracing is not in a position to reject customers. Yet we have accepted and embraced these whales, with little to no consideration of the damage that they do if left unchecked,” Cummings told me. “It’s not a good thing to be losing Joe Q Horseplayer, and we’ve lost a lot of them.”

McKeever, for his part, sees himself on Joe Q Horseplayer’s side. His team of 13 full-time employees and contractors at EquinEdge wanted to do its own CAW wagering. But McKeever refused. “I am for the small guy, that’s what I’m pushing for,” he told me. “I give them every bit of information that I have, everything we develop, all of our technology. Everything I do is for the little guy. The big guy thinks he knows it already. It’s the little guy I want to take care of.”

Financial Times – Roeder – I used AI to bet on horse-racing. Here’s what happened

Phil has a question:

Are McKeever and the rest of the CAWs willing to give their rebates to the little guys.

How will horse racing attract new customers when a new customer looks at sports betting and sees a fairly level wagering field with fixed odds with a small vig (takeout) and then looks at horse racing where the tracks themselves provide better information and easier ways to bet for a preferred class of customers, the  CAWs, the takeout is usurious and the CAWS get a rebate that’s pretty close to the vig in sports betting.

Paulick Report – The Friday Show Presented By Icon Global: Merging Sports Betting With Horse Racing

To quote Craig Bernick – Good luck.

There is always room for losers in the football business. They are the mother’s milk of gambling, and why not? Somebody has to do it, or there won’t be any winners.

Hunter S. Thompson


No business can change what it does not measure. Racing’s public measurement of support, via wagering, hides serious issues.

TDN – Letter To The Editor: Craig Bernick

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.

Aldous Huxley

50th Anniversary of Secretariat’s 1973 Triple Crown

Ragged Branch Secretariat Reserve Straight Bourbon

Ragged Branch to Release Secretariat-Inspired Bourbon

Ragged Branch Secretariat Reserve was made from a mash bill of corn, rye, and malted barley. Aged for over five years and Bottled-in-Bond, the bourbon is priced at $99.99 MSRP. It will launch on April 22nd in Virginia ABC stores and at the Ragged Branch Distillery, with limited availability to follow in several mid-Atlantic markets and a few select, online retailers. The commemorative bottle features unique art by New York based artist Eric Helvie. Concurrent with the bourbon’s debut, a new larger-than-life-size statue of Secretariat will be erected in Ashland, Va., following a “Triple Crown Tour” that will bring it to racecourses throughout the 2023 season.

Updated Kentucky Derby Leaderboard

XBTV – Triple Crown Trail

Haskin’s Derby Rankings: April 17, 2023 – Week 13

DRF – Derby Watch

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Forte Continues Reign Atop Derby Dozen

TDN – Thornton – TTDN Derby Top 20: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

XBTV – Jeff Siegel’s Kentucky Derby Deluxe Dozen (updated 4/14/23)

Paulick Report – Champagne – The Derby Bubble Presented By Kentucky-Breds: The Waiting Game Begins

Horse Racing Nation – Kentucky Derby 2023 Contenders

Horse Racing Nation – Shifman – Kentucky Derby 2023: Early full-field odds and analysis

Kentucky Derby Leader Board as at April 12, 2023

Horse Points Trainer Probable Jockey Odds
1 Forte 190 Todd Pletcher Irad Ortiz Jr.
2 Practical Move 160 Tim Yakteen Ramon Vasquez
3 Angel of Empire 154 Brad H Cox Flavien Prat
4 Tapit Trice 150 Todd Pletcher Luiz Saez
5 Two Phil’s 123 Larry Rivelli Jareth  Loveberry
6 Lord Miles 105 Joseph A Saffie Jr. Paco Lopez
7 Derma Sotogake (JPN) 100 Hidetaka Otonashi Christophe Lemaire
8 Kingsbarns 100 Todd Pletcher
9 Raise Cain 64 Ben Colebrook
10 Rocket Can 60 William Mott Junior Alvarado
11 Hit Show 60 Brad H Cox Manuel Franco
12 Confidence Game 57 Keith Desormeaux James Graham
13 Verifying 54 Brad H Cox Tyler Gaffalione
14 Sun Thunder 54 Ken McPeek Brian Hernandez Jr.
15 Wild On Ice 50 Joel Marr Kenneth Tohill
16 Mage 50 Gustavo Delgado Javier Castellano
Blazing Sevens 46 Chad Brown
17 Disarm 46 Steve Assmussen Joel Rosario
18 Reincarnate 45 Tim Yakteen John R Velazquez
19 Jace’s Road 45 Brad H Cox Florent Geroux
20 Continuar JRD Yoshito Yahagi Ryusei Sakai
AE Skinner 45 John Shirreffs Victor Espinoza
AE Cyclone Mischief 45 Dale Romans
AE Major Dude 40 Todd Pletcher
AE Mandarin Hero 40 Terunobu Fujita Kimura Kazushi
AE King Russell 40 Ron Moquett Raphael Bejarano
AE Arctic Arrogance 36 Linda Rice Jose Lezcano
AE Instant Coffee 32 Brad H Cox
AE Continuar (JPN) 30 Yoshito Yahagi
AE Funtastic Again 30 Wesley Ward Gerrado Corrales
AE Dreamlike 30 Todd Pletcher

That previous deal was “built around a 50-50 cost split between” Calgary Sports & Entertainment Corp. and the city, but the new agreement “sees the bulk of costs covered by the municipal and provincial governments.”

Sports Business Journal – Flames strike deal with city, province for new arena

Phil has a question:

Are the UCP going to change their party colours to red and white with Danielle Smith playing pre-election Santa Claus.

If Calgary is the big business free enterprise city it boasts about why the fuck does it come running to the province to pay for a new arena.

Front Office Sports – McCarthy – Nate Silver Leads List Of Execs Laid Off By Disney and ESPN

Canada’s National Observer – Fawcett-Atkinson – Meet the man turning mushrooms into meat

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – ‘The Grand National is more than just a horse race’ – Julian Muscat considers the Aintree protests

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Consultant Passero Retained to Evaluate Laurel Safety

Paulick Report – Freeman: Dettori’s Finale Is Going So Well – Is It Really The End?

Paulick Report – Kentucky Derby, Oaks Morning Workouts Open To Public Beginning April 27

Bloodhorse – Byron King – PA Official: ADMC Program Delayed Until May 22

Phil has a question:

Does anyone know what HISA’s role in racing is other than to collect money and pay salaries.

TDN – Martini and Bossinakis – $1.45-Million Arrogate Colt Leads The Way At OBS Spring Opener

Bloodhorse – Gash – OBS Spring Sale Off The Blocks for Day 1

TDN – Letter to the Editor: John Sikura

TDN – Anderson: Woodbine’s ‘Bully Tactics’ Could Result In ‘Mass Exodus’ Of Ontario-Breds

Canada’s National Observer – Jackson Todd – What Tucker Carlson’s call to ‘Liberate Canada’ tells us about the growing U.S.-Canada far-right

Bloodhorse – J. Keeler Johnson – 13 Trends to Know Before Betting on 2023 Kentucky Derby

Dirty Horse Club –THE 2023 Kentucky Derby ANALYSIS

Paulick Report – ‘Laid-Back’ Mage Makes First Appearance At Churchill; Javier Castellano To Ride In Kentucky Derby

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Castellano to Ride Mage in Kentucky Derby

The Ringer – Kelly – The Ringer’s 2023 NFL Draft Guide

The Ringer – Ruiz – The “I Can Fix Him” Era of QB Scouting Is Alive and Well—Especially in This Draft Class

Bloodhorse – California Chrome, Arrogate to Hall of Fame Together

DRF – Grening – Nakatani, Arrogate, California Chrome, Songbird top 2023 Hall of Fame class

TDN – Thornton – HISA’s Medication Control Program Reportedly Delayed Again

CityNews – Casaletto – Hot-dog-eating legend Chestnut throwing 1st pitch for Blue Jays’ Loonie Dogs Night

Phil has a question:

Do Century Mile or Century Downs ever have Loonie Dogs Night.

Bloodhorse – Kentucky Derby Post Positions by the Numbers

ESPN – Barnwell – Aaron Rodgers trade: Super Bowl or bust for the Jets? What’s next

Sports Business Journal – USA Today – Dozier – NFL gambling suspensions criticized given league’s ties to industry

Sports Illustrated – Verederame – The NFL’s Gambling Policy: Explaining How It Works

Front Office Sports – Poindexter – Fantasy Sports Giant Yahoo Acquires Sports Betting App


Paulick Report – Sports Media Personality Trio To Experience 2023 Kentucky Derby As Minority Owners Of Jace’s Road

DRF – Grening – Broken hand will keep Lezcano out of action at least another month

Los Angeles Times – Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson?

TDN – Bill Finley – Progress At Laurel: Horsemen, Management Nearing Deal To Allow Passero To Examine Track

Bloodhorse – MRC Meeting Could be Lively Affair

Paulick Report – HISA Conducting Review Of Laurel Park Fatalities, Racetrack Surface

The Ringer – Murdock – Kevin Durant Is Content Being a Basketball Nomad

LitHub – “No Bees, No Food.” How Insects Help Farmers With Their Harvest

Study Finds – Here’s how sunflowers could save bumblebees from extinction

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

William Gibson

Flight of the Bumble Bee

The Ringer – Clark – Aaron Rodgers Gives Jets Fans a Reason to Dream—and the Team a Legitimate Chance

ESPN – Cimini and Demovsky – Sources: Packers trade Aaron Rodgers to Jets for multiple picks

Los Angeles Times – Battaglio – Tucker Carlson departs Fox News, pushed out by Rupert Murdoch

DRF – Welsch – 2023 Kentucky Derby Clocker Report: Disarm drills serious five furlongs

Bloodhorse – Rollins – Derby Hopeful Disarm Blazes Five Furlongs at Churchill

CTV News – Chini – Most Canadians oppose recognizing King Charles as head of state: survey

Scientific American – Bartels – Surprising Creatures Lurk in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ringer – Kapadia – Here’s How Every Pick of the NFL Draft’s First Round Will Go Down

Front Office Sports – Cohen – Cleveland Mayor Won’t Provide Funds for Browns’ Stadium

LItHub – Montefiore – What are the greatest songs about history? Simon Sebag Montefiore has some ideas.

Phil has a question:

Does that fat fucking orange tinged straw topped liar have the slightest fucking clue about the meaning of music.

Do the fucking stoopid LGBTQIA+? hating MAGATS know that many of the songs that the fat fucking orange tinged straw topped liar misappropriates are written or performed by LGBTQIA+? artists.

Sympathy for the Devil

Bloodhorse – Warren – Delta Downs Named Best Horse Racing Track by 10Best

10best – Grass, dirt and turf: 10 best horse racing tracks in the US

Garden and Gun – Mint Julep Month: Carthusian Julep

Garden and Gun – It’s Time for a Mint Julep

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Dennis – Living the American Dream all the way to the Kentucky Derby – interview with Tim Yakteen

TDN – Petrunyak – Both New and Familiar Connections with Japanese Derby Contenders

Dancing in the Dark

TDN – McGrath – From Great Lakes Downs to the Derby

“It’s a hard thing to pass on when you have those highly sought-after points,” Brown told DRF. “(Owners) John and Carla Capek are clients who have been in the game three years, they’re wonderful to deal with and in speaking with them they want to put the horse first, which I love.”

DRF – Grening – No Derby for Blazing Sevens, no Oaks for Shidabhuti, Brown says

Bloodhorse – Blazing Sevens Out of Derby, Shidabhuti Skipping Oaks

DRF – Welsch – 2023 Kentucky Derby Clocker Report: A day after breezing, Forte turns in a spirited gallop

Bloodhorse – Mage, Reincarnate Breeze Preparing for Kentucky Derby

TDN – Mage, Reincarnate Top Quiet Day on the Derby Worktab

Paulick Report – Ryan – Reincarnate Works In Company For Kentucky Derby

Paulick Report – Mage Breezes At Gulfstream For Kentucky Derby, Ships To Churchill Downs Sunday

Phil has a question:

Will Frankie go to Louisville


Bloodhorse – Rocket Can Records Penultimate Breeze at Churchill

TDN – Rocket Can on Track for Derby

Bloodhorse – Skinner Works Towards Potential Start in Kentucky Derby

DRF – Andersen – Espinoza, Skinner in waiting game for Kentucky Derby berth

I don’t think nostalgia is a healthy modality. But nostalgia and a sense of history are not the same thing. Nostalgia is a dysfunction of the historical impulse, or a corruption of the historical impulse.

William Gibson

Killer Queen

Paulick Report – Shaping Up: Horses Qualified For Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, And Also-Eligibles

Bloodhorse – Capsule Looks at Contenders for the 2023 Kentucky Derby

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.

Alfred Hitchcock

Great Escape March

Paulick Report – Maryland Racing Commission Sets Special Meeting To Discuss Laurel Surface

TDN – Bill Finley – Laurel Horsemen Call Track Issues a “Catastrophic Emergency”

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Racing at Laurel Park Canceled April 27 Amid Conflict

Paulick Report – MJC Statement: Experts’ Battery Of Tests On Laurel Surface Show Track Is Safe To Race, Train

TDN – MJC Issues New Statement on Laurel, Racing will Resume

Phil has a question:

Did MJC use the same phantom track consultants as they do in Alberta.

Did MJC’s phantom consultants perform a lab test and cat scan.

DRF – Rampellini – Red Route One in Preakness not sure thing, Asmussen says

Brisnet – Kelly – Red Route One up in time to snatch Preakness ticket in Bath House Row

Bloodhorse – Red Route One Earns Preakness Entry in Bath House Row

TDN – Red Route One Stamps His Preakness Ticket With Victory In Bath House Row S.

Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.

Robert A. Heinlein

Global News – de Castillo – More concerns raised about Preston Manning’s role as chair of Alberta COVID panel

CTV News – Calgary – ‘Bizarre’ fictional COVID-19 report, penned by Preston Manning, resurfaces on social media

Phil has a question:

Is Alberta so flush with cash that the UCPs can line their cronies’ pockets with million taxpayer dollars.

CTV News Edmonton – Alberta appoints former United Conservative Party leadership candidate to AIMCo board

Phil has a question:

Is the March of the Cronies the UCP’s favourite song.

ESPN – AP – Del Mar to host Breeders’ Cup races for third time in 2024

ESPN – Miller – 2023 NFL mock draft: Matt Miller’s seven-round predictions, picks

Why don’t men like to stop and ask directions? This question, which I first addressed in my 1990 book ‘You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation’, garnered perhaps the most attention of any issue or insight in that book.

Deborah Tannen

Paulick Report – Philip My Dear, Velocitor Among 124 Nominees For Canadian Triple Crown

We can’t even celebrate Ja Morant’s epic 45-point performance—including 24 in the fourth—because all that stands out from Game 3 is how Memphis thoroughly, unequivocally failed to back up all of its trash talk even in the slightest.

Sports Illustrated – Nadkarni – Grizzlies Should Be Embarrassed After Game 3, But They’re Not Done

If you don’t think too good, don’t think too much.

Ted Williams

TDN – Thornton – Anderson: Woodbine’s ‘Bully Tactics’ Could Result In ‘Mass Exodus’ Of Ontario-Breds

Bloodhorse – Capsule Looks at Contenders for the 2023 Kentucky Derby

Paulick Report – ‘He’s Growing Physically But Has A Great Mind’: Likely Favorite Forte Leads Friday’s Derby Workers

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Favorites Forte, Tapit Trice Breeze Toward KY Derby

Paulick Report – Ryan – Practical Move Breezes For Yakteen At Santa Anita, Will Work Once More Before Flying To Louisville

Bloodhorse – Hovdey – Derby Story Lines Beginning to Take Odd Shapes

Bloodhorse – Angst – The Road: New Points System Rewards Active Horses

SportsNet – AP – NFL suspends five players including Lions’ Williams for violating gambling policy

The shift from a grey market to a regulated one has brought with it a great deal of opportunity for sportsbooks to tap into and grow their customer base.

But opportunity also breeds competition, leading some observers to conclude that supply is now higher than the demand.

“The focus at STX is not only on bringing a new demographic of day trader into the world of sports betting, but also providing a better experience for every potential customer from recreational to professional,” Deutsch explained. “Our team takes immense pride in creating unique and engaging customer experiences with white glove customer service. Retention will be key to our success. Loyalty is scarce in this industry and we believe that is a function of lack of product innovation and swift response to customer needs, both things we will provide at the highest level.”

Canadian Gambling Business – STX is ready to revolutionize the industry with Ontario’s first sports betting exchange

Phil has a question:

When are the UCP going to get rid of AGLC’s abacus and give AGLC a new Atari.

Why is the UCP allowing so many millions of tax dollars to go offshore.

Do you believe that any of the minions over at Horse Racing Alberta can comprehend what STX is doing.

Canadian Gaming Business – Gateway casinos in Ontario to remain closed for ‘coming days’ after cyber attack

CTV News – Nick Nurse fired as Toronto Raptors head coach

ESPN – Nick Nurse out as Raptors coach, sources say

Sixteen Tonnes

Phil M Stockmen

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