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2023 Belmont Stakes  Saturday June 10, 2023

2023 Acorn Friday June 9, 2023

Paulick Report – NYRA, Day Chaser Cocktails Announce $50 Ticket Package To Celebrate Secretariat’s 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary of Secretariat’s 1973 Triple Crown

Kentucky Derby 150

Kentucky Derby 150 – Derby of A Lifetime Contest

Vote early and vote often. 

Al Capone


Montreal Gazette – Josh Freed: Wait! There were pictures in my passport?

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary = Dennis – Reports of its demise are always exaggerated … but an open goal has been missed this year’ – Steve Dennis on the Derby

The Ringer – O’Connor – Why Is LeBron James Threatening Retirement?

Phil has a question:

Does Lebron James know about the barn by Stony Plain that needs painting every fall.

Forever Young

Paulick Report – ‘Lack Of Answers’: White Abarrio Transferred From Saffie Joseph To Rick Dutrow For Remainder Of 2023

Canadian Thoroughbred – Season 66 Underway at Assiniboia Downs

National Post – Frank Stronach: Profit sharing would be a boon to the working class and spur economic activity

Phil has a question:

How much profit did Frank ever share with his employees.

The Ringer – The 40 Best TV Finales of the 21st Century, Ranked

Someday soon you’re gonna have families of your own, and if you’re lucky, you’ll remember the little moments like this that were good.

Tony Soprano

In The End

Bloodhorse – Precious – NYSGC Sets New Testing Timetable After Pletcher Case

TDN – New Venture to Bring Team Concept to Horse Racing, Launch Labor Day Weekend

Paulick Report – ‘Uncomplicated’ Blazing Sevens Nearly Gave De Meric A Classic Training Grad In Preakness Stakes

Paulick Report – Graham Motion Earns $50,000 Preakness Weekend Trainer’s Bonus

Bloodhorse – Gash – Mendelssohn Filly Headlines Day 1 of Fasig-Tipton Sale

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Guardian – Michael Sun – Foo Fighters announce Josh Freese as new drummer after Taylor Hawkins’ death

The Ringer – Siegel – This Is the End

Nowhere Special


USA Today – Dragon – Animal rights groups condemn Bob Baffert, call for change after another racehorse dies

Phil has a question:

What does PETA want horse racing to do.

What does PETA consider ethical treatment of animals – a glass of water for the hog on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Garden and Gun – Cooper – Out of the Box: Chef Chip Ulbrich Prefers This Classic Cornbread Mix

Front Office Sports – Rumsey – NBA Playoffs Providing Showcase For League’s Next Media Rights Deal

DRF – Gierkink – Assiniboia opens 2023 meet with betting incentives

SportsNet – Francis – Why Flames got it right by choosing Conroy as next general manager

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Graham Clark – Frankie Dettori going into final Epsom Derby with ‘great chance’ on Arrest

Los Angeles Times – Plaschke – Column: How did this happen again? USC and Carol Folt are responsible for the Mike Bohn mess

Brisnet – Get to know the 2023 Belmont Stakes contenders

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – 2-Year-Old Champ Forte Targeting Belmont Stakes

Paulick Report – Champion Forte Breezes In Preparation For Belmont Bid

Paulick Report – National Treasure Possible For Belmont As Baffert Ponders Colt’s Immediate Future

Paulick Report – Mage To Be Aimed For Travers After ‘A Little Vacation’

Bloodhorse – Joe Peraz – Baffert Balancing Emotions After Preakness Win

DRF – Russo – National Treasure brings quite the crowd to Preakness winner’s circle

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Quality Road Lands First American Classic Winner

Bloodhorse – Gash – National Treasure Comes From Familiar Connections

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – National Treasure’s Owners Can Justify Success

Bloodhorse – Mulvihill – Velazquez At Last Adds Preakness to Expansive Resume

When I first started racing, my father said, “Win the race as slow as you can.

Richard Petty

Paulick Report – 1 ST/Racing Issues Statement On Havnameltdown’s Fatal Breakdown

TDN – Dan Ross – Lisa Lazarus Talks HISA On Eve Of Drug Program Launch

The Athletic – Dana O’Neil – Horse racing shows its majesty and heartbreak — with Bob Baffert in the middle

Front Office Sports – Lee – National Treasure Takes Preakness, Giving Baffert A Grand Return

ESPN – AP – National Treasure gives Bob Baffert eighth Preakness win

TDN – National Treasure Outgames Blazing Sevens In Preakness 148

If you have to choose between power and speed and it often turns out you have to make that choice, you’ve got to go for speed.

Sparky Anderson


Bloodhorse – Ehalt – National Treasure Edges Blazing Sevens in Preakness

DRF – Illman – 148th Preakness: National Treasure turns back Blazing Sevens; Mage finishes third

Paulick Report – Paulick – National Treasure Outduels Blazing Sevens In 148th Preakness; Derby Winner Mage Third

DRF – Hersh – Preakness: Mage lost position, couldn’t catch up to National Treasure, Blazing Sevens

Adam Ference and Bill Dory’s Chase the Chaos (Astern {Aus}) requited himself quite well in the GI Preakness for trainer Ed Moger Jr. picking up a cheque for $49,500.00US. That buys a lot of crabcakes.

Faidley Seafood

Pappas Seafood

Paulick Report – Explanations And Excuses: 2023 Preakness Stakes Connections React In The Race’s Aftermath

Phil has a loaded question:

When a trainer has a horse that is a closer and there is no pace in a race which is the better strategy – run the horse’s normal race and hope it can make up ground late or change running style and run the horse closer to the pace and hope it has enough left in tank at the end.

DRF – Hegarty – Total Preakness betting takes plunge compared to last year

Los Angeles Times – Arellano – Column: Dodgers shouldn’t side with homophobic Catholics — invite the drag nuns

Phil has a question:

Aren’t DINKs the main initials that the sports teams are interested in.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

There is no doubt about precisely when folks began racing each other in automobiles. It was the day they built the second automobile.

Richard Petty

DRF – Grening – Arcangelo not definite for Belmont Stakes despite Peter Pan win

ESPN – Fletcher – Kentucky Derby, Preakness obscure death in horse racing

Phil has a question:

Why doesn’t PETA protest the number of dogs and cats that die from neglect ever day.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Corey Nakatani: People apply a stigma to racing that it is cruel to horses – it’s not

DRF – Illman – Nagirroc sets track record with speedy Murphy Stakes triumph

SportsNet – Quick Shifts: Who will be the Maple Leafs’ next GM?

Do It Again

Speaking of Maple Leafs Phil noticed that Tim Horton’s has replaced their change jar for charity with a Tap a Toonie for charity.

Phil has a question:

How long before the homeless and the panhandlers start carrying a Tap a Toonie.

The Athletic – Mirtle: With Kyle Dubas gone, prepare for more Maple Leafs front-office fallout

Phil has a question:

Why not hire one of the Monday morning couch potato hindsight QBs from the comments section.

Are you as tired as Phil is of the touts who always knew it was a 1-7 Exacta in the Preakness, but never tell you until after the race and never show you their winning ticket.

With Joe Biden in the White House and Martha Stewart on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue can the Leafs entice Glen Sather.

This Mess We’re In

Trade a player a year too early rather than a year too late.

Branch Rickey

Texas Monthly – Cruz Watch: The Senator Calls for an Investigation Into Bud Light for Some Reason

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.

Nikita Khrushchev

Study Finds – Naughton – What your taste in wine reveals about your personality, hobbies and career

That’s the biggest gap in sports, the difference between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl.

John Madden

Me and Julio Down By The School Yard

Bloodhorse – Joe Perez – Straight No Chaser Dominates Field in Maryland Sprint

DRF – Hersh – Straight No Chaser sets Maryland Sprint Stakes time record

Phil has a question:

How many people use a straw to drink good whiskey straight.

The Boxer

So the pie isn’t perfect? Cut it into wedges. Stay in control, and never panic.

Martha Stewart

Inverse – Mushrooms’ Remarkable Properties Can Build a New Era Of Sustainable Design

Bon Appetit – Jampel – I’m Always Ready to Eat These Ready-to-Eat Beans

Adversity is the state in which man most easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free of admirers then. 

John Wooden

Paulick Report – Comebacking Beer Can Man Up In Time To Take Jim McKay Turf Sprint

DRF – Illman – Cheetara upsets Skipat; Beer Can Man gets up in McKay Turf Sprint

USA Today – Nothaft – Is honey good for you? Learn about the buzz here.

ESPN – ‘Air Bud’ to ‘Space Jam’: Basketball movie fantasy rosters

Paulick Report – Whitebeam Scores First U.S. Win In Gallorette On Pimlico Turf

DRF – Illman – Whitebeam takes Gallorette in second North American start

Washington Post – Aycock – The largely forgotten book ban case that went up to the Supreme Court

TDN – Street Sense’s Never Explain Proves Hungriest In Dinner Party

Paulick Report – Nevills – Never Explain Clocks New Track Record In Upset Dinner Party Stakes Score

Bloodhorse – Ehalt –   Never Explain Springs 15-1 Upset in Dinner Party

I Never Explain Anything.

Mary Poppins

Le Jazz Hot

Bon Appetit – Goldstein – Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated Cover Shouldn’t Surprise Real Martha Heads

Phil has a question:

Can they find a role for Martha in the reboot of Slap Shot.

That’s A Piecrust Promise. Easily Made, Easily Broken.

Mary Poppins

Bloodhorse – Joe Perez – Tragedy Overshadows Ryvit’s Chick Lang Triumph

Paulick Report – Ryvit Wins Chick Lang; Favorite Havnameltdown Suffers Fatal Breakdown

The three blind mice stewards should be immediately suspended for failing to call an enquiry into the start of the race.  Were they waiting for Luis Saez to complain from the back of an ambulance.

Despite the defensive chatter from Asmussen and Gaffalione, Ryvit broke in and bumped Havnameltdown.  Whether that bump led to the fatal injury or not is not relevant. If thoroughbred racing wants the general public to believe that it is doing everything it can in the interest of the horse then it has to walk the walk. By failing to call an enquiry into the start the stewards spoke loud and clear to the general public that thoroughbred racing does not care one iota for the welfare of the horse and that it’s far more important to sweep bad news under the rug and make sure that the show carries on.

The enquiry may have served no other purpose than showing the general public that the stewards are watching and policing the races, but that is one hell of a purpose that these stewards are too fucking stupid to realize.

It is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”.

Lord Hewart

Hold Me Like A Grudge

Los Angeles Times – Dylan Hernandez – Column: Lakers appear beyond saving, especially by LeBron James

Bloodhorse -Gash – Arabian Lion Roars in Sir Barton Stakes

Inverse – Inside the Existential Struggle to Make a Perfect Paper Drinking Straw

Phil has a question:

How many people do you see drinking beer or wine with a straw.

How many people do you see drinking coffee with a straw.

How quickly would the straw problem disappear if you charged an extra quarter per straw if you wanted a straw to drink a beverage from a glass or a cup.

Dance, Dance

Brisnet – Hanson – Taxed springs 11-1 upset in Black-Eyed Susan

Bloodhorse –  Taxed, Hoosier Philly 1-2 in Black-Eyed Susan

TDN – Bossinakis – Taxed Leads Home Grey Exacta in Black-Eyed Susan

Son, what kind of pitch would you like to miss.

Dizzy DEan

TDN – Bossinakis – Maple Leaf Mel Crowned ‘Miss Preakness’ in Baltimore

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – Maple Leaf Mel Takes Miss Preakness for Namesake

Brisnet – Scully – Maple Leaf Mel rolls in Miss Preakness; Aspray, Train to Artemus win Pimlico stakes

It’s a lot easier to get a suit than it is to get a coach. 

John Madden

The Hockey News – Stephens – Opinion: The Maple Leafs are More Disorganized Than Ever

Liar, Liar

Don’t tell your problems to people: eighty percent don’t care; and the other twenty percent are glad you have them.

Lou Holtz

Bloodhorse – Joe Perez – Rattle N Roll Prevails By a Nose in Pimlico Special

Brisnet – Reilly – Rattle N Roll denies Speed Bias in Pimlico Special

The Hockey News – Schram – What Hockey Gains from Staying the Course in Arizona

It was easy to figure our Mr. Rickey’s thinking about contracts. He had both players and money-and just didn’t like to see the two of them mix.  

Chuck Connors

TDN – Aspray Remains Perfect In Hilltop S.

Front Office Sports – A.J. Perez – Brian Davis’ Firm Files $500B Lawsuit Over Commanders’ Sale

Phil has a questions:

When you see these wealthy bastards suing each other for millions and billions don’t higher marginal rates of taxation start to make more sense.

Lithub – Temple – The 25 Most Iconic Book Covers in History

The future ain’t what it used to be. 

Yogi Berra

Lithub – Luis Jaramillo – Enjoy Your Bread! On the Unlikely Discovery of an Old Family Recipe

Make It With You

Too few people understand a really good sandwich.

James Beard

Groovy History – Shelton – Slap Shot: How The Hanson Brothers Hijacked Paul Newman’s Hockey Classic

With so many remakes, sequels and prequels being made today Phil thinks it’s high time for a revival of Slap Shot. But here’s the conundrum: would the Hanson brothers have playoff beards or would their forte be yanking the other players’ beards.

Bloodhorse – Gash and Joe Perez – Mage Gets Stitches, Good for Preakness

Phil has a question:

When they do the reboot of Slap Shot can they find a role for a horse who runs with a stitch and sew.

The Ringer – Goldberg – The Untold Story of Jimmy Butler’s Dreadlocks

A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.

James Beard

TDN – Congressman Demands Investigation Into Derby Week Fatalities

Brisnet – Reilly – Interstatedaydream game in Allaire du Pont

Front Office Sports – A.J. Perez – Senators Sale ‘Down to Just a Couple’ Groups

You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.

Anne Lamott

Phil will be reducing the frequency and content of posts post Kentucky Derby and will further reduce the frequency post Belmont Stakes.

Going, Going Gone

Phil M Stockmen

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